2010 Women in Leadership Summit


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2010 Women in Leadership Summit - San Francisco, CA (November 8th - 10th)

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2010 Women in Leadership Summit

  1. 1. Keynote presenters November 8–10, 2010 • SaN FraNciSco, ca Louann Brizendine Register by September 18th to save 10%! Julie Gilbert Power. Influence. Impact. Glenda Hatchett Lisa Ling 781.402.5555 www.linkageinc.com/WIL Selena Rezvani Kedibone Letlaka- Rennert Summit chair Platinum corporate sponsor Frances Hesselbein
  2. 2. Contents about the Summit .......... 3 Power. Influence. Impact. Summit agenda ................. 4 November 8–10, 2010 The Fairmont San Francisco • San Francisco, ca Keynote presenters ........ 6 Keynote panels .................. 8 The Frances Summit mission Hesselbein our annual two and a half-day summit equips excellence in women with the skills and strategies to lead ef- Leadership award ........... 9 fectively. rising female leaders will learn to drive Senior Leader circle ...... 9 change, produce sustainable results and achieve their personal and professional best. Learning teams ............... 10 Learning tracks ............... 12 2010 Theme The Time is Now to develop yourself and your Post-Summit high potential women into globally minded business workshops ........................ 18 leaders; to grow the skills and passion to take your leadership to the next level; and for both men and Sponsors and women to invest in creating a pipeline of strong partners.............................. 19 future female leaders. Follow us online: Twitter.com/LinkageWiL Facebook.com/LinkageWiL www.linkageinc.com/YouTube “Very relevant and much needed with the current rake of the economy. I especially enjoyed the networking and connecting with women in many fields and the diversity of geography as well. The content was excellent, and I loved the variety of speakers and topics.” —Linda Lockyer VP, Strategic Accounts, Cardinal Health 2 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  3. 3. About the Summit Why attend? How will you benefit? Learn from best-in-class practitioners, • World-class, inspirational keynote develop business and personal skills that you speakers can apply immediately, and network with a community of peers that inspires, motivates, • Strategy and skill-building breakout renews and helps you move forward in your sessions career. • best practice presentations on develop- ing female leaders Who should attend? • Networking and community building The Summit attracts over 600 female leaders • Learning Teams—small peer work and managers each year from across indus- groups designed to help participants tries and around the world. if you are focused process information and develop action on developing and honing your leadership plans to apply to their workplace goals capabilities or those of females in your orga- and challenges nization, you will find value in this transforma- tional learning opportunity. • The Senior Leader circle—an oppor- tunity for senior executives from large companies to network in an intimate setting How do organizations benefit? • Develop high potential, emerging and cur- • ongoing learning community—exclu- rent women leaders sive access to leadership development resources through our participant • recognize and reward high performing website, blog, articles and webinars managers and leaders • bring leadership competencies and best practices back to your organization 781.402.5555 3
  4. 4. Summit agenda DAY ONE: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2010 7:30 – 8:30am continental breakfast and registration 8:30 – 8:45am opening welcome 8:45 – 9:45am Keynote address: Julie Gilbert Learning tracks Track 1: Track 2: Track 3: Strategic Self Communicating for Taking Your Business Management Impact Skills to the Next Level 10:00 – 11:30am creating Your Legacy: The Power of Facing the Leadership Leadership brand Leading with Presence challenge: Women at and Soul the Helm—From chaos to clarity 11:30am – 1:00Pm Lunch and exposition 1:00 – 2:30PM Unwritten rules: What L.e.a.D—Leverage, Leading change You Don’t Know can empower, achieve and Hurt Your career Deliver! 2:45 – 4:30PM Learning teams 4:45 – 5:45PM Keynote panel—can We all Just Get along: Four Generations in the Workplace 5:45 – 7:00PM Grand networking reception DAY TWO:TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2010 7:30 – 8:30am continental breakfast 8:30 – 9:30am Keynote address: Glenda Hatchett 9:30 – 10:45am Keynote panel: The Frances Hesselbein excellence in Leadership award & Panel 11:00am – 12:30Pm High Potential Women The art of the ask: meeting Your customers Tell it Like it is Negotiating with Where They are: Using confidence Feedback to innovate 12:30 – 1:45PM Lunch and exposition 1:45 – 3:45PM Learning teams 4:00 – 5:00PM Keynote panel—it’s a Woman’s World: a Panel of Global Women Leaders DAY THREE: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2010 7:30 – 8:30am continental breakfast 8:30 – 9:30am Keynote address: Dr. Louann brizendine 9:45 – 11:15am Work-Life-me!- communicating for Powering Leadership integration credibility and impact Potential: connect, Learn and inspire exceptional Performance 11:30am – 12:30Pm Keynote address: Lisa Ling 4 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  5. 5. Track 4: Track 5: Track 6: Senior Leader Circle The Unmentionables Leading Locally and Best Practices in (SLC) that Can Sabotage Your Globally Developing Female Career Leaders Unleashing ambition: business for a better Significant Financial Women, Work and the World Growth: Unleashing Leadership Gap change in Perspecticves and voices SLc The corporate card Participation as activism Women as buyers Game—3 rules for Winning in corporate america SLc Women Supporting Leading in a Global The retention and other Women environment advancement of Women Leaders SLc acknowledging Gender When Peace Was Winning in the Differences and What a Secret—business marketplace—enhancing You can Do about it Leadership in the New the roi on Your Gender World Leadership initiatives 781.402.5555 5
  6. 6. Keynote presenters Monday, November 8 • 8:45 – 9:45AM Julie Gilbert is the founder and ceo of WoLF means business and the former SvP of retail Training and innova- tion at best buy. She built several industry-changing businesses from ideation to scale during her very successful careers at best buy and at Deloitte. She is best known for the inception and development of a progressive transformation strategy called WoLF, an innovative approach directly engaging employ- ees and consumers to make best buy the place for women to work and shop. During the time she led WoLF at best buy, the company increased female market share by more than $4.4 billion and re- duced female employee turnover by more than 5% each year. This year, PINK magazine named her one of the Top 15 Women in business in the U.S. She serves on the board of directors for the Harvard business Kennedy School Women’s board and The White House Project. Tuesday, November 9 • 8:30 – 9:30AM Glenda Hatchett is the first african-american to be appointed chief Presiding Judge of Fulton county, a state court in Georgia and one of the largest juvenile court systems in the country. She began her career as the highest-ranking african-american woman at Delta airlines, serving in dual roles as a senior attorney, litigating cases in federal courts throughout the country and manager of public relations, supervis- ing global crisis management and media relations worldwide. She authored the national bestseller, Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say, and is most proud of her ability to have a positive impact on the lives of troubled youth and their families, as evidenced by her popular, award-winning nationally syndicated television series, Judge Hatchett. 6 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  7. 7. Wednesday, November 10 • 8:30 – 9:30AM Louann brizendine is a diplomate of the american board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the National board of medi- cal examiners, and an endowed clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of california, San Francisco (UcSF). She is founder and director of the Women’s mood and Hormone clinic, as well as the author of the bestselling books The Female Brain and The Male Brain. after receiving her degree in neurobiology at University of california, berke- ley, and her medical degree from Yale University School of medicine, she completed an internship and residency in psychiatry at Harvard medical School. She has served as faculty at both Harvard and UcSF. She sits on the boards of peer reviewed journals and is the recipient of numerous honors and awards. Wednesday, November 10 • 11:30AM – 12:30PM Lisa Ling is an internationally known journalist, the first woman host of National Geographic Explorer, and special correspondent for the Oprah Winfrey Show and cNN. She is a former co-host of abc’s The View and former reporter on channel one News. She reports on stories and topics that mainstream media outlets choose to ignore and works to bring people and organizations that are doing good things into the news. Since her start in journalism over two decades ago as one of the youngest reporters on channel one News, she has covered war-torn iraq, female suicide bombers, hidden cultures inside prisons, and hosted a series for the oxygen Net- work on the challenges that girls face worldwide called Who Cares About Girls. She recently co- authored a book titled Mother, Daughter, Sister, Bride: Ritual of Womanhood. Sponsored by 781.402.5555 7
  8. 8. Keynote panels Monday, November 8 • 4:45 – 5:45PM Can We All Just Get Along: Four Generations in the Workplace moderator-led, this panel will feature leading women from each of the four generations currently in the workforce. The panelists will discuss the common and differing issues they face in the cor- porate world and the challenges and opportunities of working, managing and leading across four generations. Moderator: Selena rezvani is a recognized speaker and consultant on women and leadership and author of the book, The Next Generation of Women Leaders: What You Need to Lead but Won’t Learn in Business School. She is a frequent resource for news media, serving as a regular commentator on NPr’s nationally syndicated The 51% Perspective and writing a bi-weekly column on women and leadership for The Washington Post. Panelists: Female managers and leaders who have dealt with generational differences and issues, either from an individual contribu- tor standpoint or a leader/manager perspective, will be selected for this panel. They will speak openly and be transparent about the frustrations they have faced across their industries. Tuesday, November 9 • 4:00 – 5:00PM It’s a Woman’s World: A Panel of Global Women Leaders moderator-led, this panel will feature high-level female leaders from around the world. The panel- ists will discuss the challenges that they face as global leaders, the current issues and advances around women in leadership in their region and how to build a global pipeline of women leaders. Moderator: Kedibone Letlaka-rennert, Ph.D., is the international monetary Fund’s Diversity advisor. a clinical psychologist, she has extensive Hr management and consulting experience in both South africa and the United States. Panelists: iris mangelschots is the President of X-rite asia, a color management software company. She reports to the ceo and serves as a member of the executive management Team. Prior to this role, she was the Senior vice President of Sales and marketing for X-rite inc. iris has extensive management, market- ing and leadership experience in asia, europe and the United States. rafiah Salim is the Director of the Non-alligned movement’s institute for the empowerment of Women (NieW). Prior to this role, she was the first female vice-chancellor in malaysia, posted to University malaya. Previously, she held the positions of executive Director at international centre for Leadership in Finance, assistant Secretary General assistant Secretary General for Human resource management for the United Nations, assistant Governor of bank Negara and Hr General manager at malayan banking berhad in malaysia. alison maitland is a writer, speaker and conference moderator who specializes in leadership, women in business and the changing world of work. a former Financial Times journalist, she is co-author of the bestselling Why Women Mean Business. She directs The conference board’s european council for Diversity in business, and is a Senior visiting Fellow at cass business School, London. 8 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  9. 9. The Frances Hesselbein Excellence in Leadership Award and Panel Tuesday, November 9 • 9:30 – 10:45AM Since its inception in 2006, The Frances Hesselbein excellence in Leader- ship award has been given to honor women who have ignited real change through their leadership in corporate america and the world. The award presentation will be followed by a moderator-led interview. During this year’s panel, Frances Hesselbein, moderator Gloria burgess, and the award winner(s) will discuss this year’s Summit theme, The Time is Now and what it means to lead in today’s business world and create a meaningful legacy for the future. Frances Hesselbein is the Founding President and chair of the board of Governors of the Leader to Leader institute, formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit manage- ment. She served as ceo of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.a. from 1976 to 1990, is the co-editor of twenty books in twenty-eight languages, the most recent of which is The Leader of the Future 2, and editor-in-chief of Leader to Leader journal. award winners will be announced at the Summit. Moderator: Dr. Gloria burgess is President and ceo of Jazz, inc., her consulting and coaching firm. She enjoys building bridges across cultures and helping leaders and their organizations do the same. Her latest book, Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside, teaches us how to transform ourselves and build bridges across cultures. Senior Leader Circle* Monday, November 8 • 11:30AM – 1:00PM, 2:45 – 4:30PM Tuesday, November 9 • 1:45 – 3:45PM The Senior Leader circle (SLc) is an opportunity for senior executives from large companies to learn from and share with peers in a dialogue driven setting. The SLc is a safe place for senior level women leaders to discuss hard issues and share ideas and solutions with each other. Senior executives are not looking for skill development and tried and true “programs.” They need the best practices and freshest ideas from a group of their peers. enrollment is limited to senior leaders from public or privately owned companies, as well as from select nonprofit organizations. Selection criteria will include years of experience, record of achievement and span of responsibility. in general, participants should be in positions within two levels of the ceo of a Fortune 1000 company or a privately held company of comparable size. Facilitator: rayona Sharpnack founded the institute for Women’s Leadership in 1991—an organization renown for its work in United States, australia, and canada. Drawing from her careers in education, professional sports, and business, rayona has become an inspirational teacher, coach, and mentor for executives. She is chairwoman of the mentoring and Leadership Development committee at the Kennedy School’s Women’s Leadership board at Harvard, and the author of Trade Up: 5 Skills for Redesigning Your Leadership & Life from the Inside Out. *To apply for participation, visit www.linkageinc.com/SLC. 781.402.5555 9
  10. 10. Learning teams • reflect upon, process and share key learnings • Get to know fellow Summit participants • create a plan to transform participant learnings into action • engage in deep dialogue with peers who are interested in a similar topic/theme Monday, November 8 • 2:45 – 4:30PM Dr. alice adams, common Ground con- Tuesday, November 9 • 1:45 – 3:45PM sulting’s vP and gender expert, has been working to maximize the effectiveness and understanding of gender for over What is a learning team? 17 years. She is the author of Playing to Strengths—Leveraging Gender @ Work. Learning teams are facilitator-led small groups Pat baillie is the associate Director of for peers to discuss common issues and Training and Professional Development challenges in an open environment. They are for out & equal. She has spent her designed to help participants process infor- career in training, adult education and mation and develop action plans to apply to activism. Now, she is putting her skills their workplace goals and challenges. to use to make a difference for those in the workplace. She has worked as a spokesperson and educator for the issue of sexual freedom and on national grass How it works: roots campaigns. Summit participants will be placed into Trish barron is the President of barron groups based on a pre-Summit assessment and associates, a consultancy that spe- designed to determine their level of experi- cializes in leadership development, group ence, key challenges, similar goals and learning facilitation, team development, conflict objectives. Teams of 15–20 peers will meet resolution, executive coaching and com- for a total of 3.75 hours during the event. munication and speech training. During this time, they will form a strong sup- michelle m. boos-Stone is the Founder port network and develop an action plan for and Principal of Gecko Graphics, a global implementing key learnings from the Summit consultancy dedicated to leader educa- to their day-to-day work. tion and growth, executive coaching, meaningful organizational consulting and training and powerful culture change. 10 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  11. 11. Susan brady, m.ed., is President and culture initiatives, and conducting orga- ceo of the relational Life institute. She nizational and educational research. She has worked with executives, theorists, enjoys using her skills for efforts which and thought leaders on leadership support and promote women’s leader- development, business communication, ship, professional development, networks relationship management and negotia- and entrepreneurial endeavors. tion. She is a contributing author to the elaine millam is a Senior organizational book: Enlightened Power: How Women Are consultant and executive coach who Transforming the Path to Leadership. helps leaders maximize their effective- Joanne brem is an executive coach who ness and facilitate organizational well- brings seasoned, hands-on expertise to being. She has over 30 years of leader- the field of organizational leadership ship experience in the private, public development and education. She focuses and non-profit sectors in leadership and on helping her clients cultivate the organizational effectiveness. leadership mindset and develop the skills barbara mintzer-mcmahon is the manag- and strategies needed to sustain peak ing Director for the alexcel Group’s levels of creativity, innovation and pro- Women in Leadership consulting divi- ductivity while effectively driving needed sion. She is an organizational consul- changes in their organizations. tant, executive coach and trainer who Karen Wilhelm buckley is Founder and specializes in leadership development, Principal of communicore consult- team building, change management and ing and co-director of the Wisdom building strategic partnerships. connection. She has partnered with meryl Natchez is Founder of TechProse, leaders in corporate, government and a company that helps organizations inte- non-profit organizations as a leadership grate technology and processes through coach and consultant since 1979. Karen technical writing and corporate com- is a published author in the fields of munications. She also founded opportu- organizational change and leadership. nity Junction, a non-profit that provides Linda casotti is a Product owner at low-income residents with technology, SunGard Higher education. She has literacy and life skills. spent 20 years demonstrating leadership vic Passion is the Director of consulting through her involvement with an honor- Services for TechProse. She has over 20 ary academic student service organiza- years of experience in consulting, pro- tion, volunteering in local community viding project management, instructional service programs that inspire young design, communications and change women to make a difference outside the management solutions to customers. classroom. Lois Phillips, Ph.D., is an organiza- Linda Kennedy is the Principal and tional communications consultant Founder of Linda Kennedy & associates, with a practice that includes executive a leadership coaching and organization coaching, strategic planning, manage- development firm focusing on moving ment training and public speaking. She leaders from intentions to results. teaches negotiation skills to law students, carmen Lamar is President of Summit women’s groups and clients. She has a Learning Partners, LLc. She has over special interest in gender issues in the 17 years of experience in consulting, workplace and particularly in ways orga- coaching, competitive strategy, leadership nizations can identify and cultivate talent. development and strategic change. For Leslie Traub is President and chief the past ten years, carmen has served executive officer of cook ross inc. as a Learning Team Leader and execu- With more than 25 years of experience tive coach at Linkage’s Global Institute for leading diversity, inclusion and change Leadership Development (GILD). management initiatives, Leslie creates Lucy mcGregor is the vice chancellor sustainable systems of change that yield for Strategic initiatives for the Texas greater performance, profit and pos- State Technical college System. She is sibility. responsible for the coordination and implementation of organizational change, 781.402.5555 11
  12. 12. Track 1: Strategic Self Management Monday, November 8 • 10:00 – 11:30AM Tuesday, November 9 • 11:00AM – 12:30PM Creating Your Leadership Brand High Potential Women Tell It Like It Is oprah, Suze orman, Donald Trump, madonna— We often hear the words “high potential” thrown like or dislike them, each has created a distinct around when describing that special something leadership brand which defines who they are and that a superstar employee has, but what does it what they stand for. identifying your authentic, rel- mean to be identified as a HiPo? Join a panel evant and effective self is crucial as you build your discussion of high potential women from mcKes- leadership brand and your career. by defining the son corporation, a Fortune 20 company, who were core elements that you need to create a leader- chosen for the company’s highly selective Leaders ship brand, you will set yourself apart and realize Teaching Leaders program. your strengths. They will explore: in this session, you will: • what they learned in the course of the nine- • choose or create a leadership brand that sets month long process you apart and brings your strengths to light • how they were changed and challenged both • align, analyze and integrate your personal personally and professionally leadership brand with the brand of your • what advice they give to women with ambi- organization tion to grow in their careers • learn how to sell and savor your personal brand Moderator: Laura Swapp is the Senior Director of rosalyn Taylor o’Neale is the vice President Diversity and inclusion for mcKesson of Diversity for The campbell Soup com- corporation. She is accountable for the pany. She has more than 17 years of global integration of diversity throughout the diversity experience as a corporate leader, company’s business operations and work- consultant and author. force initiatives. Monday, November 8 • 1:00 – 2:30PM Wednesday, November 10 • 9:45 – 11:15AM Unwritten Rules: What You Don’t Know Work-Life-ME!-Integration Can Hurt Your Career as women, we develop survival tactics and strate- imagine the vision you had for your career when gies that involve high speed, superhuman endur- you graduated or held your first job offer in your ance and attention to a mind bending variety of hand. You likely pictured that your hard work concurrent and often conflicting priorities nearly and excellent performance would lead to great every minute of every day. achievements in your career. are you seeing the advancement you had hoped for? in this session, you will: in this session, you will learn how to: • work on your “list” and prioritization of “me” together with a supportive community of • understand the barriers to advancement that women to identify self-care strategies that may be holding you back work for you • uncover the unwritten rules in your organiza- • learn how to make intentional choices and tion commit to self preservation and care • gain insight into key behaviors executives • consider how to leverage silence, reflection wish in hindsight they had known and lever- and other often untapped tools for re- aged energizing mary N. boughton manages catalyst’s corey L. Jamison is President of The Kaleel Western region office. She recruits, devel- Jamison consulting Group, inc. as a consul- ops and supports catalyst member orga- tant, she is responsible for partnering with nizations, organizing and conducting events organizations to develop the system-wide on topics related to catalyst research. leadership techniques for change. 12 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  13. 13. Track 2: Communicating for Impact Monday, November 8 • 10:00 – 11:30AM Tuesday, November 9 • 11:00AM – 12:30PM Legacy:The Power of Leading with The Art of the Ask: Negotiating with Presence and Soul Confidence as leaders the greatest gift we can give to others Women negotiate all day every day, often without is to be intentional about how we show up each even realizing they are in a bargaining situation. day—our leadership presence—for this is the Whether the negotiation is a small, everyday mat- legacy we will leave behind. Devoted to service ter, or a bigger, more structured deal, making the and stewardship, legacy leaders are grounded in most of these conversations is imperative. the present while keeping their eyes focused on in this session, you will: the future. • identify what your negotiation tendencies are in this session, you will: • learn to flex your style based on the topic or • identify the distinguishing qualities of legacy person with whom you are negotiating • explore your authentic leadership presence • prepare for a negotiation from both informa- to align what you say with what you do tional and emotional perspectives • discover what it takes to become a legacy • maneuver through negotiation using verbal leader and non-verbal communication, making • draw on your leadership presence to create a concessions, managing tradeoffs and closing better future the deal Dr. Gloria burgess is Founder and Principal Selena rezvani is a recognized speaker and of Jazz, inc. Her latest book, Dare to Wear consultant on women and leadership and Your Soul on the Outside, is recommended author of The Next Generation of Women by leadership scholar Dr. Warren bennis as Leaders: What You Need to Lead but Won’t “required reading for leadership students.” Learn in Business School. Monday, November 8 • 1:00 – 2:30PM Wednesday, November 10 • 9:45 – 11:15AM L.E.A.D.—Leverage, Empower, Achieve & Communicating for Credibility and Impact Deliver! Gaining credibility and communicating for impact Do the 24-hour messages broadcast by your are crucial to success in any organization. in this image abcs (appearance, behavior and session, learn practical techniques designed to communication) empower you—or silently enable you to develop a personal communication undermine your leadership? in this intensive strategy for maximum effectiveness. session, you will gain a clear and effective blueprint in this session, you will learn: for greater success with a new mastery of the image abcs. • strategic communication design in this session, you will learn how to: • how to use powerful language • inspire confidence and respect while repre- • how to channel emotions when senting your personal and corporate brand communicating • leverage verbal and body language to build • how to manage conflict when it arises relationships • 10 commandments of communication • take control of the visual impact of your excellence professional presence and stand apart from competitors madelyn Yucht is a Principal consultant at Linkage. She has 20 years of experience • be a highly visible leader who understands working with organizations, teams and lead- modern business etiquette and protocol ers to create high performance workforces and implement change initiatives. Sarah Hathorn is the Founder of illustra image consulting. She partners with Fortune 1000 companies to provide leading-edge image and brand strategies especially de- signed for high achieving executive women. 781.402.5555 13
  14. 14. Track 3: Taking Your Business Skills to the Next Level Monday, November 8 • 10:00 – 11:30AM Tuesday, November 9 • 11:00AM – 12:30PM Facing the Leadership Challenge: Women Meeting Your Customers Where They Are: at the Helm—From Chaos to Clarity Using Feedback to Innovate Do you find yourself pulled in numerous direc- ensuring that customers have an easy and effective tions? Do you ever wish you could have a greater way to give input and that their needs are being impact? You are not alone. Participants will share heard will increase customer satisfaction and drive personal experiences, address real-time problem- an organization to continuously improve. Never solving and develop personal action plans. has this been more relevant than now, as business communities continue to operate across networks, During this session, you will learn: time zones and cultures. • common attributes that strong women lead- in this session, you will learn how to: ers throughout history share • listen to your customers and understand their • how to identify the personal blind spots that needs can make or break the best leader • learn from customers and meet them “where • how to formulate your personal action plan they are” Linda L. Glessner is the Senior associate • use customer feedback effectively and realisti- Dean of continuing and innovative educa- cally tion at The University of Texas at austin. • translate your customer needs into products and services Stacy L. mccracken is the chief Develop- ment officer of continuing and innovative Secil Tabli Watson is a Senior vice President education at The University of Texas at of Wells Fargo internet and mobile banking, austin. and is responsible for customer experience, money movement and retail mobile banking. Monday, November 8 • 1:00 – 2:30PM Wednesday, November 10 • 9:45 – 11:15AM Leading Change Powering Leadership Potential: Connect, Learn and Inspire for Exceptional The success or failure of programs, initiatives, and Performance ultimately individuals, comes down to whether an individual is able to effectively drive change within Powering your leadership potential is necessary for a particular organizational context. shifting the culture of organizations today. by learn- ing to lead through renewing and discovering your in this session, you will learn how to: passion, power and potential, a new path of direc- • create a compelling mission, vision and tion and focus is created to engage employees. bHaG—a big hairy audacious goal in this session, you will: • establish cross-functional, horizontal teams • connect to a vision for exceptional perfor- with clear accountability for results mance • effectively communicate at all levels of the • learn to reframe beliefs about individual organization potential • find internal champions and learn how to fully • inspire and lead through value stories utilize them • invite participation throughout your organiza- Lisa a. clayton is the President of Source tion Potential, inc., and author of Returning to Your Source: The First Guided Path to Passion, Power and Potential, due for release in the Lynelle cameron is the Director of Sustain- fall of 2010. ability at autodesk, where she leads the company’s global sustainability programs. in christine French is the Founder of Global this role, she has a track record of setting Diversity consulting. She works with global sustainability best practices for autodesk. companies to create diversity strategies and charters. 14 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  15. 15. Track 4: The Unmentionables that Can Sabotage Your Career Monday, November 8 • 10:00 – 11:30AM Tuesday, November 9 • 11:00AM – 12:30PM Unleashing Ambition: Women, Work and Women Supporting Other Women the Leadership Gap Do you feel that you have been sabotaged or have We often think of ambition as a trait people seen women not supporting other women? by the are born with and then bring to the workplace. end of 2010, women will make up a majority of However, research demonstrates that ambition is the workplace. Yet, we still do not hold a majority developed through a much more dynamic process. of the executive and management level positions. While there are many things that influence some- Women need to support each other to move us one’s aspirations—family background, personality, all forward in our organizations. talents and experiences, among others—gender is in this session, you will: a significant factor. • dialogue openly about barriers to supporting in this session, you will: other women in the workplace • examine your own ambitions and how they • identify benefits and potential outcomes have changed over time derived from supporting other women • explore the differences in how men and • learn a model for supporting women through women express ambition mentorship, coaching, sponsoring and advo- • become a more “gender intelligent” coach cacy • discuss corporate best practices that foster • develop critical strategies for becoming a role women’s ambitions model for other women Jennifer allyn is a managing Director at Jennifer brown is ceo and Founder of Pricewaterhousecoopers, where she is Jennifer brown consulting. She works with responsible for retaining, developing and corporate, government and non-profit advancing diverse professionals. organizations to transform their workplaces by harnessing leadership and diversity. Monday, November 8 • 1:00 – 2:30PM Wednesday, November 10 • 9:45 – 11:15AM The Corporate Card Game—3 Rules for Acknowledging Gender Differences and Winning in Corporate America What You Can Do About It it’s not who you know, but what they know (and men and women have different brain realities— say) about you! Yes, you’re in the game. We all are. women are designed to talk, bond and notice but have you positioned yourself to win? details. men are designed to sense threats from afar. While we both have the same brain areas and The corporate card Game will teach you to: we manufacture the same hormones, each brain is • identify your company’s card tables and key like one half of a complete system. The new brain players—learn where career decisions are is two brains working together as one—and the really made and who’s making them new leader is one who can understand both the male and female brains, and use them together to • deal your cards—find out how to get your lead his or her organization. name into important conversations in this session, you will learn: • work on your personal game—learn how to manage your brand and reputation • to identify the different female/male brain realities candi castleberry-Singleton is the chief • how you can use these realities to benefit inclusion and Diversity officer at UPmc, an $8 billion, 20-hospital global health system both your career and home life and heath plan. • how to work and lead more effectively Dr. Louann brizendine is the author of the best-selling books The Female Brain and The Male Brain and a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of california, San Francisco. 781.402.5555 15
  16. 16. Track 5: Leading Locally and Globally Monday, November 8 • 10:00 – 11:30am Tuesday, November 9 • 11:00AM – 12:30PM Business for a Better World Leading in a Global Environment innovative, leading companies are driving a move- a mounting volume of research and empirical ment that has business at the center of a global evidence is now available which demonstrates shift to economic, social and environmental sus- that women are a vital force necessary for global tainability. The economic recession and environ- growth, good governance, social progress and mental disasters have only fueled this exiting global long-term economic prosperity and stability. How- transformation in business models, consumer ever, little has been done to strategically develop expectations and investment strategies. women’s leadership potential. in this session, you will explore: in this session, you will learn: • the global systemic driver of sustainable busi- • the Women’s Self-empowerment Leadership ness as a strategic business decision model—which shows how psychological con- structs are key to realizing the full potential of • the exciting and powerful advances in women’s leadership blended value business • why this model has achieved success on the • how creativity and design are fueling the international level sustainable movement • strategies for leading both internally/exter- • the most important leadership competencies nally and locally/globally in the marketplace for an emerging sustainable organization Dr. Kedibone Letlaka-rennert, Ph.D. is the Pamela Wilhelms, an organizational consul- international monetary Fund’s diversity tant, executive coach and facilitator is lead advisor. a clinical psychologist, she has architect for WcG, a company she founded extensive Hr management and consulting in 1986. WcG focuses at the intersection experience in South africa and the U.S. of organizational strategy, leadership and culture to develop the capacity for innovation and enter- prise health on multiple dimensions. Monday, November 8 • 1:00 – 2:30PM Wednesday, November 10 • 9:45 – 11:15AM Participation as Activism When Peace was a Secret—Business Leadership in the New World We are all busy. Work, family and other obligations usually take up all of our time, rarely leaving us a Peter Drucker, the business management pioneer chance for a leisurely latte with a friend, let alone said, “the best way to predict the future is to invent volunteering. changing the world for the better it.” because business is the most influential leader is not a big, abstract ideal—it can be part of the on the planet, business leaders play a strategic role fabric of your daily life that enriches you as well as in what the new world looks like. your community. in this session, you will learn: in this session, you will learn how to: • the importance of leadership now and why • identify where and how to spend your energy women are uniquely suited for it in your community • what “The Gold Standard” for companies is • set realistic goals and measurement criteria to today and how you can help your company achieve success get there • build a team to support your goals • a five-minute daily practice that will help you accomplish your goals and lead more • find a way to transition responsibility as ap- effectively propriate marilyn King is a two-time olympian in the meryl Natchez is Founder of TechProse, a grueling five-event Pentathlon and an ex- company that helps organizations integrate pert in the field of exceptional human per- technology and processes through technical formance. Her work is a powerful example writing and corporate communications. of applying skills learned through sports to She also founded opportunity Junction, three specific areas: business, education and peace. a non-profit that provides low-income residents with technology, literacy and life skills. 16 www.linkageinc.com/wil
  17. 17. Track 6: Best Practices in Developing Female Leaders Monday, November 8 • 10:00 – 11:30AM Tuesday, November 9 • 11:00AM – 12:30PM Significant Financial Growth: Unleashing The Retention and Advancement of Change in Perspectives and Voices Women Leaders During challenging economic times, as well as There are many barriers to the retention and in boom times, growth can often be created by advancement of women in business. There are also focusing on what is right in front of you—in voices proven solutions that organizations and individuals that have yet to be heard, and in perspectives not can engage in to make a difference. realized—internal and external stakeholders. in this session, you will gain: in this session, you will learn: • an understanding of the business reasons • proven methodologies that will allow you to organizations target the advancement of realize incremental female revenue women leaders • how to increase the pipeline of women lead- • information on the barriers and success fac- ers and decrease turnover tors essential for the advancement of women • how to transform your organizational culture • proven strategies to address barriers and build success factors • to think strategically and create best practices that will engage customers and employees • information on customizing proven solutions and result in financial success for your current scenario Julie Gilbert is the founder and ceo of mary bennett is a partner at crowe Hor- WoLF means business and the former SvP wath LLP. She recently founded mLbennett of innovation, WoLF and retail Training/ consulting where she works with profes- Learning at best buy. sional services firms and other organiza- tions in organizational Development. Monday, November 8 • 1:00 – 2:30PM Wednesday, November 10 • 9:45 – 11:15AM Women as Buyers Winning in the Marketplace—Enhancing Deloitte developed half-day Women as buyers the ROI on your Gender Leadership (Wab) workshops to give their professionals a Initiatives better understanding of how women executives Forward thinking companies have been investing make corporate buying decisions. although they in building women leaders through leadership initially developed Wab to deepen the under- development programs. more often than not, the standing of women executives and give Deloitte companies’ investment leaves due to the structures a competitive advantage, the workshops deliv- and systems not changing. or the training is cen- ered other benefits: a greater appreciation for tered on having women learn how to lead more women colleagues and more men supporting their like men, thus compromising the unique value women’s initiative. proposition that women leaders can bring in terms in this session, you will: of inclusion, vision and relationship-based cultures. • get an overview of Deloitte’s women’s initia- in this session, you will learn: tive and discuss specific learnings • strategies for growing and keeping women leaders and shifting organizational culture • understand why an organization should en- gage male professionals in women’s initiatives • how to include men as allies, addressing • learn why this program was developed and unconscious bias genders how it is used • how to build organizational leadership capa- bility by serving as faculty Paul H. Silverglate is the National Director of the initiative for the advancement and Leslie Traub is President & chief executive retention of Women (WiN) at Deloitte officer of cook ross inc. With more than & Touche LLP. He is the first male national 25 years of experience leading diversity, in- director of Deloitte’s Women’s initiative. clusion, and change management initiatives, Leslie creates sustainable systems of change. 781.402.5555 17
  18. 18. Post-Summit workshops Wednesday, November 10 • 1:00 – 5:00PM Getting Smart on Social Media From the Briefing to the Pitch! 7 Strategies for Becoming a Dynamic Speaker comfort with social media tools and strategy is no longer optional for anyone whose job entails en- research about gender and rhetoric shows that hancing collaboration, managing change and grow- women need to be more strategic when gaining cred- ing professional “personal” brands. Today’s leader ibility as the voice of authority. Participants will learn will need to understand which social media tools the key skills necessary to make successful presenta- best suit which purpose, from sharing thought tions that are memorable, whether speaking to inves- leadership to career visibility to network-building. tors, boards, teams, groups or in conference settings. This workshop is designed for women executives, Participants will learn how to effectively and strate- professionals and managers who present technical gically position themselves and others in the social information or complex ideas. Participants will leave media space via hands-on training using Twitter, with action plans and outlines for presentations based video, social networking sites and other techniques. on actual speaking situations. in this workshop, you will learn: in this session, you will learn: • a better understanding of social media as a • how to manage yourself and your material on a personal and organization business tool short timeline • how to effectively leverage social media to • the minefields of PowerPoint presentations complete initiatives and engage clients/cus- tomers • how to capture a listener using stories, anec- dotes, visual aids and current events • how to strengthen your brand through social media • techniques for managing Q&a when material is complex or controversial • best practices to benefit both your organiza- tional and personal profiles Lois Phillips, Ph.D., is an organization communi- cations consultant with a practice that includes Jennifer brown is ceo and Founder of coaching, strategic planning, management train- Jennifer brown consulting. She is a career ing and public speaking. She teaches negotiation and social media expert who works with skills to law students, women’s groups and clients on crafting their personal brand in clients. an online world. 1 ½ Day Post-Summit Workshops Wednesday, November 10 • 1:00–5:00PM Thursday, November 11 • 8:00AM–5:00PM Maximizing Your Influence: Designed for Women Leaders everyone can feel frustrated by their inability to be heard by others. Yet women cite this inability as an acute problem, which is a consistent and systemic feature of organizational life. Not being heard on equal footing with your male counterparts can impact their effectiveness and limit your ability to influence others. in this workshop, you will identify your preferred influence styles and strategies, while maintaining your authenticity and integrity. in this session, you will learn how to: • determine your preferred influence style, strengths and development opportunities • interpret common communication patterns of men and women • use techniques to build credibility in one-to-one and group interactions madelyn Yucht is a Principal consultant at Linkage. She has over twenty years of experience working with organizations, teams and women leaders to create high-performance workforces and implement major change initiatives. 18 www.linkageinc.com/wil
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