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How to launch The Other Baby Book using social media
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How to launch The Other Baby Book using social media


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  • like biography, pictures and background info
  • so that when people key in ”Green parenting" ours is rising to the top
  • “Nobodies” are the new somebodies in the flattened, social networking world
  • Write Better HeadlinesYour headlines need to be interesting and feed people’s curiosity, not simply focused on keyword density and repetitions. Good titling boosts clicks, especially from social networks like Twitter where users won’t see a blurb or image.For example, print publishers like Cosmo have known for years that people love lists. This translates to digital, too: “The 9 Reasons We Love Fatty Foods” will pull in audiences, even if you’re boxed out on Google for the keyword “foods.” (Interesting tidbit: Research on the publishers in my company’s network indicate that odd-numbered lists will net you a 20% increase in headline click-through rates vs. even numbers.)2. Make It VisualAdd an engaging thumbnail image representing your story. Just as photos draw people into content in newspapers and magazines, a great image goes a long way online. Now that sites like Facebook automatically pull in your thumbnail when people share your story, it’s more important than ever to designate engaging images in your page structure in order to capture audience attention from outside and within your site. At my company, we find that when we add thumbnail images as part of an article headline, we see a 27% increase in click engagement and content discovery.3. Hold On to the Readers You HaveUse your page’s real estate wisely. We tend to focus on tactics for drawing new audiences into our content, but it’s equally important to think about how to ensure those people quickly find additional great reading material once they arrive. This means analyzing the real value you’re getting from each navigational device on the page. Are people using them and clicking deeper into your site? Or are you simply cluttering the page with links that have diminishing returns? Avoid the notion that you can spray paint your way to a work of art. If you’re not getting at least 1% engagement on a navigational module, junk it and keep the page clean.4. Create the Best Possible Content in the First PlaceWrite great, original pieces. Easier said than done, of course. But now that content discovery is moving more and more into the hands of real people who are sharing it, recommending it and reading more of it once they come to your site, there’s a limit to how far you can get through repurposed or aggregated content.The tactics used to optimize for overall content discovery continue to evolve. While making sure your content is well represented in search will always play a role, SEO should be seen as just one piece in a much larger puzzle. It’s now more important than ever to design your content for humans, not just crawlers.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Launch using Social Media
      The Other Baby Book
    • 2. Current social media & Web presence
      The Other Baby Book website
      (About the authors, Chapters, Blog, Links to Facebook and Twitter)
      The Other Baby Blog
      (Monthly giveaways, relevant information)
      Facebook: 156 followers (Generate online conversations, Links to blog posts)
      Twitter: 56 followers (@ Replies, Follow other mom’s blog)
    • 3. Website: The Other Baby Book
    • 4. A Peek Inside The Other Baby Book
    • 5. Blog: Monthly Giveaway
    • 6. Facebook
    • 7. Twitter
    • 8.
    • 9. Learn from Guy Kawasaki & Kathleen Gage
      One of the best known marketers
      Author of ten books (Rules of Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, & the New York Times Best Seller: Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions)
      Internet marketing advisor who help people who are ready to turn their information into money making products and services
      Best known for her expertise with online bestseller book launches, information product development and continuity programs.
    • 10. Learn from Hub Spot & Marketing Voices (Podcast)
      "From Prospect to Evangelist: Optimizing Relationships with Social Media.”
      Marketing Voices: Using Social Media tools to launch a book, World of mouth marketing expert, Perspectives from Guy Kawasaki on Twitter
    • 11. Marketing Voices: Using Social Media Tools to launch a Book
    • 12. Have a social media Goal
      Who the audiences are we are trying to reach
      Social Media Goal = Business Goal
    • 13. How can
      The Other Baby Book
      better market itself?
    • 14. Website: The Other Baby Book
      Make it easy for readers to find information
      Facebookdoesn’t have all the people
      Get better search engine optimization (consistent keywords)
    • 15. Tweetdeck
    • 16. Engage Fans on Twitter
      Be concise
      Tweet as a person, not a brand
      Be responsive
      Allow followers to get involved
    • 17. Get more followers on Facebook
      Offered a PDF version of some chapters for anyone who liked the Facebook page
      Build an Online Community
      Feed the blog with great posts that have our keywords
    • 18. Facebook engagement has three peaks: early morning (7 a.m.)after work (5 p.m.) and late at night (11 p.m.)
    • 19.
    • 20.
    • 21. Send out review copies
      Target a different review audience (not just the recognized book reviewers)
      Offer a free copy to active bloggers no matter what their blog topic
      Identify key social media bloggers & tap into their audiences
      Get reviews in a spectrum of blogs
    • 22. Why
      Create the overwhelming impression that reluctance to read the book was futile.
      You never know who’s going to make your product “tip”
    • 23. Optimize Content for social discoveryBe found
      Create as many highways into the site as possible
      Inbound Marketing: allow people to find solutions that we offer
      Write better headlines, Make it visual, Hold on the Readers we have, CONTENT
    • 24. Join online community
      The key to online promotion success is having lots of conversations with lots of people online
      It's not enough to just have to get active and have something to say
      Connect with people: find out what is relevant for them, what is their input
    • 25. Parent communities:
    • 26. Photo Contest
    • 27. Generate Awareness
      Enable people to submit pictures (relevant to our chapters), and vote for the finalists
      Easy, inexpensive way to build buzz
    • 28. QUIZZES: Determine if you should read The Other Baby Book
    • 29. Infographicso that bloggers can embed it
    • 30. Conclusion
      Because The Other Baby Book is just beginning to tap into groundswell and the authors are very flexible and open about new ideas and opinions, a comprehensive social media marketing strategy plan that reaches out to various platforms would be very effective.
    • 31. Works Cited
      Goundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff
    • 32. Twitter: @Candyyau28
      Like us on Faceboo