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2.emporkommen snap shot

  1. 1. The objective behind starting an organization like Emporkommen lies behind the meaning of the word. “Emporkommen” is a German word which means “to rise”.We believe in empowering employability, awakening, developing, and rewarding the greatness of a Companys Human Resource Capital through Innovative initiatives.
  2. 2. HR EMPORKOMMEN – An Snap ShotEmporkommen – A Talent Management CompanyHuman Capital Process Re- Engineering Specialist www.emporkommen.com
  3. 3. HR Emporkommen Mission - To provide tailor-madesolutions in the area of Talent Management , Assessment and Development.
  4. 4.  Talent Management Consultancy HR Capacity Building Executive Coaching Employee Counseling Competency Mapping Assessment Centers Psychometric Testing
  5. 5.  Talent is the key differentiating factor between an average and a high performing organization. We at LRC provide extensive research based personalized solutions to talent identification, talent development and talent retention; thus, helping organization to be competitive and outperform the market.
  6. 6.  We not only provide high quality products and services to manage the talent but we equally help the organizations in building HR competence required to manage high talented staff. Our HR Mentorship program helps HR and Line Managers develop impeccable people management skills and enables them to create a high performance organizational culture.
  7. 7.  We provide executive coaching for middle and top management level executives to maximize their effectiveness and create a high performing work culture in their organization. Our executive coaching model is based on positive psychology concepts and focuses on leveraging the strengths and bridging the gaps rather than managing around weaknesses.
  8. 8.  We provide employee counseling for junior and middle level employees who are having some behavioral or stress related issues which are affecting their work. We provide counselors on deputation who does counseling sessions with the employee.
  9. 9.  We undertake end to end assignments of identifying the key competencies of the organization, develop competency maps, conduct assessment centers using ‘multi-trait-multi- method’ approach and help HR people of the organization to develop competency based selection system, competency based performance management system, competency based appraisals and career develop systems
  10. 10.  Tailor-made assessments : Psychometric Assessment is one of the key areas of activity of HR EMPORKOMMEN. We develop tests to assess intelligence, aptitude, work-values, occupational interest, personality, leadership characteristics and competencies. Our strength is in providing high quality assessments as per the specific client need. As on date we are providing more than 100 tailor-made assessments to our clients.
  11. 11.  In our online assessment platform, Emporkommen has more than 100 psychometric tests catering to different assessment needs of companies, educational institutes and corporates. These tools can be categorized into 4 categories given below.
  12. 12.  MATManagerial Aptitude Test (40-50 questions, 30 minutes)Customizable test assessing cognitive and behavioural aspects of managerial aptitude viz. Verbal, numerical and logical reasoning; decision making, organizing and prioritizing skills. The test comes in different forms depending upon industry and levels. This test is used by our clients in Managerial Hiring and Promotions. CLATClerical Aptitude Test (60 questions, 20 minutes)Measures verbal, numerical and logical abilities along with speed & accuracy, form perception, error checking and working memory. This test is most suitable for Banks, BPOs, KPOs and process orientation organizations where clerical abilities are a crucial factor in performance. This test is used by our clients for entry level hiring and training need analysis. MECMechanical Aptitude Test (40 questions, 15 minutes)Measures aptitude towards mechanics by way of presenting mechanical problems with varied level of complexity. This test is used by our clients for entry level hiring and induction of fresh graduate engineers.
  13. 13.  CRT Critical Reasoning Test (20 questions, 40 minutes) Measures critical reasoning ability of the candidate through the use of situations and scenarios. This test is most suitable for positions which involve lots of cognitive work (e.g. marketing, auditing, research and analysis, finance etc.). Our clients use this test for hiring and training of their staff. IQ-CORP Corporate IQ Test (60 questions, 40 minutes) IQ test specially designed to be used in business settings. Evaluates the applied intelligence of the test taker and provide global IQ score along with three facet scores viz. Verbal, numerical and logical ability. This test is most suitable for entry level hiring and selection. TST Thinking Skills Test (40 questions, 60 minutes)Measures 4 core thinking skills – Logical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking and Analytical Thinking – and gives assessment on 4 core plus 2 composite thinking skills viz. Strategic Thinking and Systems Thinking. This test is most suitable for mid to senior level positions involved in planning and implementation of business plans. Our clients use this test for selection and training of their middle and senior level staff.
  14. 14.  WPI-ProWorkplace Personality Inventory for Professionals (72 questions, 45 minutes) Comprehensive work personality assessment tool based on trait theory of personality. Provides assessment on 20 core factors of personality grouped into 4 functional categories named ‘people management’, ‘task management’, ‘self management’ and ‘change management’. Also provides derivative assessment on 82 competencies. Comes in two alternative forms and with several customizable reports. This test is suitable for hiring, training, promotion, and manpower audit and performance appraisal of managerial cadre across levels and functions. Our clients use this test as the most comprehensive assessment of their staff for all managerial levels for the purpose of selection and promotion. TRPTeam Role Profiler (24 questions, 15 minutes) Based on Belbin`s concept of team roles, this test provides assessment on 9 team roles and points to the preferred team role of the test taker. This test is used by our clients for team-formation and team building. CSIConflict Style Inventory (40 questions, 15 minutes) a conflict style assessment tool similar to Thomas Kilmann`s conflict mode instrument. Provides the natural and adapted conflict management style of the test taker. This test is used by our clients for team-building and MDPs for middle to senior level professionals. PTIPersonality Type Inventory (90 questions, 20 minutes)based on Carl Jung`s model of personality types this test gives assessment on 16 personality types along with the preference clarity index (same as MBTI). The test comes with 2 different reports – feedback report, teamwork and leadership report. It is most suitable for professional development programs within organization to promote better teamwork, problem solving, creativity and strong bonding between different departments. Our clients use this tool as part of professional development program.
  15. 15.  EQiPEmotional Quotient Inventory for Professionals (120 questions, 20 minutes) it measures 14 dimensions of emotional intelligence and provides one global EQ score, 4 facet scores – ‘understanding self’, ‘managing self’, ‘understanding others’, ‘managing others’ and 14 factor scores to give a comprehensive and detailed profile. The test is most suitable for management development programs to create more successful organizations. This test is used by our clients for middle to senior level hiring and professional development. OIIOccupational Interest Inventory (OII) (54 questions, 15 minutes) based on John Holland`s theory of occupational types, this test gives assessment on 12 factors of occupational interests which were identified by our research into RIASEC model. An assessment on 6 factors of RIASEC is also provided by this test. This test is mostly used by clients at the time of graduate hiring and results are used to allocate roles to the new hires taking into consideration their occupational interest. BIG5+Big-Five Plus Personality Inventory – (120 questions, 20 minutes)Based on HEXACO model of personality and measures 6 core personality traits – Honesty-humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness - and provides a detailed report with personalized comments on assessment on each factor. This test is most suitable for screening and entry level hiring in organizations.
  16. 16.  Sales Aptitude Test (20 questions, 10 minutes)Scenario based sales aptitude test. Measures the potential of the candidate to be high performing sales professional. This test is used by our clients to screen the candidates applying for sales position in the organization. SP-3DThree Dimensional Sales Profile (120 questions, 40 minutes) Three dimensional assessment of sales people on cognitive, behavioural and personality aspects. The most comprehensive assessment for sales people available in the market, this test has proven effectiveness in selecting the best sales people and developing personalized training plan for them. This test is used by our clients for selection and promotion. SCSSales Competency Survey (80-90 questions, 30 minutes) This is a competency based sales test for experienced sales people which provides assessment on the competency of the candidate with regard to 8 steps of sales process and 8 behavioural characterises of high performing sales people. This test is used by our client to do the performance audit and competency assessment of their sales people. MSIManagement Style Inventory (60 questions, 20 minutes) Provides assessment on natural as well as adapted managerial style of the candidate. Most suitable for coaching and professional development programs. CSOTCustomer Service Orientation Test (100 questions, 30 minutes) assesses 8 key factors of customer service. Useful for those jobs which require direct customer interaction.
  17. 17.  CPCompetency Profiler, (82 configurable tests) scenario based competency assessment system with 82 competency scales. Just pick and choose the desired competencies and your customized test will be created and made available in your online testing account. CSTCommunication Skills Test (20 questions, 15 minutes) Scenario based communication skills test designed to measure the ability to communicate in an effective manner. NSTNegotiation Skills Test (24 questions, 30 minutes) Scenario based negotiation skills test designed to measure the ability to negotiate and close the deals. Note: All the above tests are available in multiple languages (English, Hindi). We do the adaptation to different languages on client demand.
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  19. 19. Padma OrugantyYateesh Prahlad Mail id: padma@emporkommen.comMail id: yateesh@emporkommen.com Mobile : 9901188100Mobile : 9901199300 /8904211071Prasanna Shobha ManmohanMobile : 8861208254 Mobile : 9483777762 Emporkommen – A Talent Management Company Human Capital Process Re- Engineering Specialist www.emporkommen.com blog: http://emporkommen.blogspot.in