Service analysis


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Service analysis

  1. 1. Service Analysis Mechanical- a/c, Fire Fighting Electrical Water supply and sanitations Vertical Transportation- lifts, escalators, conveyors Waste disposal
  2. 2. MECHANICAL • There are 15 fire extinguishers in ground floor. i. Two in store room(in packing room and other in raw material room). ii. One near the main entrance. iii. One in office cabin (HR room). iv. One near the staircase. v. Rest of them were located along the wall in working space at regular intervals.
  3. 3. • There are 6 emergency exits in ground floor. • There are fire extinguishers and fire alarms installed near each emergency exit. • The emergency exit circulation is shown in the given plan. • There are two air conditioners installed in conference room as it is a closed hall which requires some privacy.
  4. 4. ELECTRICAL • There are lights above each working counter as the intensity of natural lighting is not sufficient for the workers to carry out their work comfortably. • There are emergency lights on the emergency exit way. • Since the factory is located in outskirts of city(near hilly region), it experiences quite a good amount of cool breeze, thereby reducing the demand of artificial cooling. • There are two air conditioners installed in conference room as it is a closed hall which requires some privacy.
  5. 5. • Keeping in view the safety of the workers, no running wires were placed carelessly. • For every lane of work counters separate wiring system(well laid in insulated metal pipes) is provided. • Hence reducing the probability of any accidents. • There are 4 power units on ground floor and 3 on first floor.
  6. 6. • In first floor o For each row of work counter there are separate circuit breakers. o Three on left were connected to one junction and the rest three on right were connected to junction on right. o All sewing machines worked on electricity and hence each work counter had individual socket.
  7. 7. WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION • There were three separate toilet chambers in the ground floor, differentiated as staff toilet, ladies toilet and gents toilet. • Whereas on the first floor, the factory had a separate toilet complex consisting of ladies and gents toilet. • A central water tank is situated near the first floor toilet complex. So the water supply to the toilets is carried out directly from the tank.
  8. 8. VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION • There are two staircases for vertical transportation • One in front which is near by the administrative area. • Second is at the rear end (12’ x 10’). • This staircase is through the store room leading to tailors working space. • There is no mechanical mode of vertical transportation.
  9. 9. WASTE DISPOSAL • Considering a garment factory, the amount of organic waste is in quite a good amount. • On enquiring about the waste disposal, we inferred that the waste is been sold to some local traders. • No other waste is produced as such.