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Newsletter of Egypt Tourism - June2009

  1. 1. Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth June 2009 Issue # 1Sharm El SheikhThe City that never sleeps Flash News Tourism Field Workers’ Training Program “Continuous investment in skills development and sustainable training of human resources in the field of tourism, is the backbone for better standard of services, which in turn, will give us an edge over competitors in the same field, in order to attract tourists to Egypt”, stated H.E. Minister of Tourism Zoheir Garanah, in a speech delivered during the signing of an agreement between the Egyptian Tourism Federation and AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational and Training Services Institute) to provide courses in the English language to workers in the tourism Sharm El Sheikh - the City of Peace - is where tourists from all around the sector. world come to spend an unforgettable vacation of their dreams. The agreement is comprised into three training programs over aShar m El Sheikh is strategically and every taste. span of three years, to providelocated at the southern edge of the better customer service andSinai Peninsula, where the two gulfs Hotels improving guest satisfaction. Theof Aqaba and Suez meet with the Sharm has wide a range of hotels that programs are fully financed by theRed Sea; thus considered a meeting are lined up along Sharm Peace Road Ministry of Tourism:point between both Asia and Africa. and different bays; most of them areA recreation, residential and business at a walking distance from the main 1. Amideast will be providingresort. Ne’ama bay. If you are looking for the courses in the English language for more than 100,000 employees hustle and bustle, then you should opt in the following sectors: FrontSharm, the City for a hotel there, or for those at a walk- Desk, Food and Beverage andThe city is endowed with a moderate ing distance from the bay, like Marriott, Housekeeping, to 3 and 4 star hotelsunny weather, almost all year long, Hilton and Sofitel. However, if you are employees, starting with hotels incharming turquoise water, coral reefs searching for a peaceful holiday, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghadaand distinctive types of fish. Besides a where you can enjoy the beach, the resorts.variety of land and water sports, visitors hotel’s facilities and sports such as golfcan just lie down and enjoy the warm and tennis - Maritim Jolie Ville Golf and 2. The second program will trainsun on the fine white sand beaches Resort is around 10 minutes by taxi from around 3,000 employees ator hotel swimming pools. From Sharm, Ne’ama bay. It is one of many recom- airports, taxi drivers, waiters andyou can embark on sea excursions to mended hotels. Most other hotels are retail shops salespeople and others who have direct contact withany of the nearby protectorates, or on located not far from the bay by taxi. tourists, in basic English languagea desert safari excursion. Sharm boasts conversation courses.of a large number of hotels and res- Excursions & Aqua Sportstaurants that cater nearly to all kinds Sharm El Sheikh is home to many water 3. The third program will provideof budgets; it is a fascinating, recre- sports and marine related activities. courses in hospitality to hotelational and night life city that never Many diving centers offer boat trips management staff.sleeps, offering a lot to its visitors, and to explore the wonders of the sea.there is basically everything for each The National Park in Ras Mohammed INSIDE Sharm El Sheikh | Nabq Protectorate | Revealing an Ottoman Mosque What’s On This Month | Directory June . 2009 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterlocated on the very tip of the Sinai Pangaea Night Club Sharm is a hub for divers and diving clothes and beach wear.Peninsula probably represents some centers. In every corner, all around The three main shopping areas areof the most famous diving sites in the the city or even in your hotel, you will in Ne’ama Bay Promenade, the OldRed Sea with 800-metre (2,600 ft) find one. Centers usually provide train- Market and El Mercato, next to Ritzdeep reef walls and pounding current ing for beginners or amateurs as well Carlton Hotel on Sharm Elysee Road.and coral gardens. Other great div- as training certificates. Ask your hotel As you are strolling on Ne’ama Bay,ing sites include, Ras Om El Sid, Tiran concierge for the best and well-known take a look at Aladin art gallery. YouIsland, the Straits of Tiranand wrecks centers in the vicinity. will marvel at its exquisite and uniquelylike the Thistlegorm and Dunraven. displayed collection offered at mod-An interesting place is El Fanar, an Recreation and Entertainment erate prices. Aladin displays a largeecological diving site all surrounded Aqua Park- El Hadaba collection of distinctive Egyptian arts Na’ema Bayby the sea, located in Ras Um El Sid. Cleo Park is the first pharoanic-themed and crafts, from 100% hand-wovenAny kind of aquatic sports is available water park to open in Sharm. It is Egyptian items, leather bags, to fusedin Sharm, from Snorkeling and Scuba located in the heart of Ne’ama Bay. glass items and hand made desertDiving, wakeboarding, waterskiing, You can purchase your tickets at the style jewelry and accessories. Kenoozwindsurfing, para-sailing and canoe- door. Antique Shop is for antique, to glass bottom boats to explore Opening hours: daily from 10:00 am Although the shop is very small and El Mercatothe marine life of the red sea with- until sunset. packed with items in a disorganizedout getting wet. Diving centers are and chaotic manner, yet it is worth the The Desert’s Spiceslocated everywhere, at Ne’ama Bay, 3D Cinema stop. Baraka Carpets has seventeen drink. Also, don’t miss Little Buddha giftEl Hadaba, Nab’q Bay The only 3D movie experience in Sharm years experience in carpet-making shop located next door. ReservationsIt is advisable to check various excur- The Ice Bar that will introduce you to the Red Sea and it is clearly demonstrated in this are highly recommended. El Fishawaysions and reserve with your tour life, without having to go through a shop. Even those who are not even Café is another popular place to visit,operator prior to your arrival, or the real diving experience. The show is for considering one, will probably end up for a Shisha and their famous hotconcierge at your hotel can assist you around 45 minutes. You can make your buying one of those little Bedouin style find a reliable tour agency, or you reservations at the Jolie Ville Golf and pillow covers or small wool Bedouin kil- At Soho Square, located next to thecan check with the tour agency at Resort desk or from the main office. ims. If you go to El Mercato, keep an Savoy hotel and not far from the air-your hotel, if any. Operating hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, eye on the man who has an open dis- port, you will find anything your heartYou can also enjoy an exciting camel 4:00 pm- 10:00 pm play of all kinds of trinkets that you can desires, among which are Pangaea orride in the desert, or a dining experi- pack in your suitcase such as old wine Caligula Night Clubs, and the Ice Bar,ence with a Bedouin family, where you United Submarine jugs, old doorknockers, and other flea where you will literally be seated on icecan get introduced to their different Sharm by night Explore the Red Sea life with United market types of items. stools, surrounded by ice everywhere. Ifcustoms and traditions. A desert safari Submarines. You can reserve from the At the Old Market, you will love the col- you haven’t packed your snow jacket,in a 4WD Jeep, and hike up the col- Savoy Hotel, Soho Square or from their orful display of souvenirs, beachwear, don’t worry, you will be provided withorful rocky mountains in the colored address at Hadabet Um El Sid. The trip Egyptian crafts and brics and bracs, one by the staff.canyon, which is located at a distance lasts for around an hour and a half. that you will want to take back home Terrazzina Beach Party is on everyof around 240 kilometers from Sharm, with you. Of course, a belly dancers’ Friday. Displaying the best beachnearby Noweiba, is another exciting Soho Square outfit displayed in many shops, should music from 1 pm until late at night. Flea Market Style antiquesand unique activity. This area is an entertainment of its be on your list too. own. Visitors will love the ice skating CasinosDiving Centers rink, where professionals are there to Bars and Nightlife Several casinos are located all over help you. Open daily from 7 pm to There are lots of venues where you can Sharm, one of the most famous and midnight. The Bowling Alley is the first of hang out. If you only stroll the Ne’ama attracting is Sinai Sharm Grand Casino, its kind, with its disco style phosphoric Bay promenade, you will find all types located on the main road- Peace lanes, bowling pins and lanes. Open of authentic restaurants, ice cream Road. from 7 pm to midnight. The Culturama shops, nightclubs, and fast food out- is an interesting and fun way to know lets. It is a bustling place that almost Dining Experience more about the whole of Egypt’s never sleeps. Hard Rock Café and Fish lovers shouldn’t miss Fares – a local history through a 180 degree, nine Sanafir are among the popular places restaurant at the old market (souk). It panoramic screens, then you have an there. Little Buddha restaurant, sushi is around 10- 15 minutes away by taxi entire mile of fun shopping, and for the bar and lounge, is the sister venue of from Ne’ama bay. The restaurant is kids, there is a special arcade reserved the Buddha Bar - Paris. The restaurant on the go, day and night. Choose for them. opens from 3:00 pm- 2:30 am, offering your fish and shrimps fresh from the an assortment of Asian dishes. The bar net and enjoy dining in their modest Shopping opens from 1:00 am- 4:00 am, while the and inexpensive restaurant. No reser- There are shopping malls galore in lounge opens daily from 11:30 pm with vation is required. El Masreen is also in Sharm. Visitors will find all sorts, from an entrance fee of around US$25. Girls old souk and serves Kebab and Kofta, Egyptian crafts such as hand woven shouldn’t miss the girls’ night out every the aroma of the grilled lamb meat will rugs, kilims, hand-blown glass, desert Wednesday (for the moment), which make you pay a second visit. Dananeer Bombay Indian Restaurant style jewellery and accessories, to includes free entrance and one free is a first category restaurant in Sharm 2 June . 2009 June . 2009 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letteras per www. web- show you the home of your dreams, the Sinai green tea, mixed with desert Nabq Protectorate:site. A reasonably priced seafood and perched around the city. herbs of habuck and marmaraya.steak house restaurant. The restauranthas a unique arabesque setting, with Transportation The wilderness at your footsteps Soho Squarewooden chairs and tables inlaid with Taxis (white and blue) are your bestmother of pearl, as well as Mashrabeya transport. You will have to negotiatestyle windows enabling the guest to the price first, but it is approximatelylook over the Ne’ama promenade. It 10 dollars more or less from one site tois recommended to reserve if the num- another, and drivers accept any kindber is 10 or more. of currency.Abou El Sid is known for its assortment Free Shuttle Buses: Usually hotels pro-of appetizers, such as tahini, hummus, vide a free shuttle bus service from thecold vine leaves stuffed with rice, hotel to Ne’ama Bay and back as wellkobeba (lamb meatballs) besides as airport pickups and transfer.typical Egyptian dishes. Zaman, the Rent a Car: The concierge at yourLebanese restaurant, serves an authen- hotel can connect you with nearbytic cuisine. Open buffet is only on car rental service agencies, or youWednesdays. It is located at the Jolie can check the car rental service desk Zen Chinese RestaurantVille Royal Club/ Jolie Ville Golf and at your hotel.Resort. Dine whilst enjoying a remark-able view of the hotel’s golf course. How to get thereReservation is highly recommended. By land from Cairo is around a five toSoho Square’s Indian restaurant, six hours drive, or by air, since SharmBombay and Savoy’s Rosmarino are has an international airport attractinga little on the expensive side, but are both internal and international charterhighly recommended. A new Steak flights. Sharm El Sheikh is the capital of the into trees, Nabq is an ideal place for Protectorate is great place to haveHouse opened called La Parrila Steak Red Sea Riviera, a quintessential resort bird watching. Located right on sev- fun; lest we forget that it is a fragilehouse is under Italian management The booming Nabq Bay City town that caters to about everything eral species migration route, some stop ecosystem that we have decided to Aladin Galleryand offers pasta specialties, grilled Nabq bay stands out; it is a tranquil you might think of. It will certainly leave for a break, while others call the place safeguard and protect. Such a notiondishes, hamburgers and a variety of bay 20 minutes away from the bustling you breathless. But what if you want to home. Grab your binoculars and look has to be carefully regarded when wesandwiches. Take-away and catering Ne’ama bay. It is highly recommended gasp some fresh air, away from the out for herons, plovers, gulls, terns and pay the place a visit. Take as muchservice is available. Another Italian for families and seekers of a peaceful crowded beaches and the hip night- the Red Sea endemic White-Eyed Gull as you want of photographs, butrestaurant that opens from noon to and relaxing vacation. At Nabq, you life? Nabq is your long pursued quest. with its vibrant yellow legs, blood red bill please leave only footprints behind.midnight is Da Maria is unique as it is can enjoy a nice stroll at La Strada Located just 25km north of Sharm El and a crescent-like white ring around Haphazard littering and trashing canperched on a terrace on a reef over- and the nearby El Khan promenade. Sheikh, it doesn’t take more than ten the eyes. Tired of staring through your have a devastating impact on thelooking the Red Sea. You can also enjoy a relaxing morning minutes to reach the natural protec- binoculars? Get in your diving suit and ecology. Equally destroying can beMethod of payment at most of the coffee at Starbucks (El Khan, infront torate of Nabq. The 600 km² marine take a plunge; the reefs are mind-bog- your own four-wheel drive; driving out-restaurants is in Egyptian and foreign of Beach Resort Laguna Vista Squash reserve offers a unique opportunity to gling to say the least, especially those side the designated areas and trackscurrency, as well as, credit cards and Tennis). El Khan has its unique style experience Mother Nature at its best. at Ras Tantur and Nakhlet el-Tal. And can squash plants and blossoms. of hut-shaped buildings denoting a With varying terrain, Nabq interiors are if your still waiting for your PADI open Locals are part of the grand ecosys-Conventional Tourism charming ambience on the site. dotted with high chain mountains while water certificate, put on your snor- tem as well, and in Nabq there areSharm is equipped with different con- Nabq is equipped with different facili- its coast plays host to a five kilometre kelling gear; there are a plethora of two main permanent Bedouin settle-ference centers, and most hotels are ties such as supermarkets, one of which stretch of mangrove; the most northerly underwater life to behold without get- ments; the villages of Khereiza and Elspecially equipped with ballrooms is METRO next to Oriental Resort and One of many Conference centres in the Red Sea. Mangrove is not just an ting too deep. And after all said and Gharqanah. Please be respectful toand meeting places for conference in front of La Strada shopping arcade. atypical tree that grows out of the sea! done, if you still feel the urge for some their conservative culture and don’tsettings. Among the many are the For any emergencies, El Ezzaby phara- It plays a pivotal role for the surrounding good adrenaline pumping activity, no flash your camera before asking forSavoy Conference Center, Egypt Hall macy operates 24/7 and is located at ecology; acting as a natural nursery for need to worry; certain areas are desig- permission first.and The Maritim Jolie Ville International El Khan entrance promenade, infront small fish and crustaceans, providing nated for quad biking and four-wheel Reaching Nabq from Sharm El SheikhCongress Center on Peace Road next of Laguna Vista Hotel. nestling locations for birds and forming off-roading. Enjoy the thrill as you bash is straightforward; just follow the airportto Jolie Ville Hotel. Do not miss La Strada free bus ser- natural tsunami wave breakers. Put on through the roving dunes. Thinking out road heading north. The tarmac ends vice, a good way to get an overview your sneakers and go mangrove wad- of the box, Nabq Natural Protectorate right before the protectorate mainReal Estate of the whole area. Check its pick up ing, it is spectacular. In one particular is not all about enjoying nature and entrance gate. From there it is dirt trackSharm’s real estate is booming, as and drop points with your hotel. If you Zaman, Lebanese location, El Gharqanah The Drowned, the great outdoors, it can also make all the way; hence, it is much advisablemany tousists find the city a resort to opt to purchase some spices to take Restaurant you can have a peaceful stroll, or up for a good team building activity to have your 4X4 in mint conditionreturn to, more than once. Home val- back home, you will find what you are rather a wade, midst the mangrove playground; especially if you are hav- before you venture. Inside the protec-ues are excellent for investment, also looking for at the Nubian Beauty shop trees, and all the way to a nearby ing your company’s year-end meeting torate there is a rather small rest houserenting an apartment or family chalets at La Strada. The shop has a nice col- shipwreck. No need to bring your div- held in one of Sharm El Sheikh copi- that offers soft drinks and a limited vari-can be as little as LE 1,000 or US$500 lection of spices, herbs, olive oil and ing gear, the walk is waist-deep and ous hotels. A Summer Camp at Nabq ety of sandwiches. Grab a light lunch- 600 a month. There are many repu- natural products. You should try and the shipwreck is visible from the shore. sounds enticing as well. with you; after all it is a picnic into thetable real estate agencies that can take back home at least 250 grams of If you are a nature lover but not that Without a doubt Nabq Natural wilderness at your footsteps. 4 June . 2009 June . 2009 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterDiscovery Visit:Revealing an Ottoman Mosque Tourism News Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort Opens Its DoorsSulayman Pasha El –Khadim - Sariyat El Gabal Solely and invisibly positioned in a Proceed towards the mosque, Egypt receives first placeserene and tranquil area within the ascend the flight of steps up and pass In a poll conducted by theconfines of Salah Al-Din citadel, and through a plain façade and a small organizing committee of theparticularly at the very far eastern end portal carried on a half dome with London International Dive Show,of the northern enclosure, exists an stalactites. The simplicity observed on Egypt received first place as theextraordinary Ottoman style mosque the outside does not give any impli- first tourist destination for diving- the mosque of Sulayman Pasha El cation of the extravagance to be and water sports of the year.Khadim, remarkably known by Sariyat El witnessed in the interior, and princi- The award was received by Mr.Gabal. Years before the construction of pally the prayer hall, which takes the Hesham Gabr, Chaiman of thethe citadel as a fortress and a residence shape of an inverse T with a marble Egyptian Chamber of Diving &for the rulers and their garrisons in the mihrab impressively located in the Water Sports. The award is an assurance of the12th century, Prince El Mortadi Magd stem of the T. The hall is covered by continuous efforts conducted by theEl Khalaafa Abu Mansur Kesta El Aamiri a central cupola surrounded by three Ministry of Tourism, in cooperationbuilt the first marks of the current mosque semi-cupolas similar to the neighboring with the Federation, to monitorin AD 1141, which was dedicated to Sidi Muhammad Ali mosque. The cupolas and upgrade the level of servicesSarayyah, a companion of the prophet are covered with green ceramic and of the Diving Centres in Egypt, andwhose shrine is incorporated within the inscribed with various verses from the in particular the high performancemosque. In AD 1528 Sulayman Pasha El- Kuran. Smaller medallions interrupting standards of the workers whileKhadim – a court eunuch who became the inscription, incorporate the names Jaz Hotels, Resorts and Cruises announced the opening of its latest abiding to the international addition to the extensive Jaz portfolio, Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort, outdoor sports standards. Thewali or governor for the janissary corps of God, Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Umar, located in Ain Sokhna. exhibition is held yearly in Greatof the Ottoman army that were quar- Uthman and Ali, which is a typical fea-tered in the northern enclosure of the ture of Ottoman mosques. Domes in This Golf Resort encompasses 120 pleasantly furnished guest rooms, all Britain and is attended by a large number of Aquatic sports lovers,citadel restored the mosque; thus con- Ottoman mosques were used to cover with a balcony or a terrace overlooking the beach, golf course and pool, in representative from tourism andsidered the first Ottoman mosque to be the whole sanctuary of the mosque addition to the standard modern day amenities. Having numerous culinary sports media.erected in Egypt. and not just the mausoleum or the part choices such as two restaurants, three bars and a pub, guests will surely be The award confirmed that Egypt A visit to the mosque is highly recom- in front of the mihrab. Certainly, more spoilt for choice. Additional facilities include wireless internet connectivity is making a huge effort in keepingmended and it is advisable to take a time will be spent in this hall than the throughout the hotel, two swimming pools and a fully equipped health club. good standards in this field andcab, as parking is a major issue. Upon rest of the mosque just to admire the A banquet room is also available and well appointed to cater to a full array its strong presence in specializedarrival stroll up the ramp leading to exquisite and intricate decoration of of events. Moreover, an international 9-hole golf course, fitness center, kids exhibitions, quality standardthe citadel from the street level, stop the ceiling with its surrounding cupolas. club and an outlet offering live entertainment is due to open soon after. of display at the exhibitionsto purchase your ticket for around LE Among the other elements is the mar- For further information kindly visit and excellent presentations50 for tourists. ble pulpit or the minbar decorated by at seminars, in addition to the Pass through the security check point geometric motifs based on stars and intensive training courses to accredit snorkeling guides.and enjoy a short stride surrounded polygonal forms and has a pointed Six Senses Spa opened atby the citadel walls and towers until top just like the minaret, which is a true InterContinental Hotels Group inyou reach the tourism police office Ottoman characteristic. Attached toon your right hand side and the stairs the upper part of the wall facing the Port Ghalib - Egyptleading to the magnificent mosque prayer niche- mihrab and reached by Egypt’s first Six Senses Spa has openedof Muhammad Ali on your left; stop an inner staircase is positioned, a nicely at InterContinental The Palace Portfor a marvelous photo shooting that painted and decorated Dekket El Ghalib Resort, in Marsa Alam, Egypt.shows the entire mosque. Continue Mobaligh or the so called The Podium The Six Senses Spa will service the threeon the adjacent ramp till you find the of the orator. A door in the western wall resorts located at Port Ghalib Resort.mosque of Al Nasir Muhammad, turn leads to the courtyard, surrounded by The uniquely designed spa occupiesright around the mosque and left until an arcade covered by shallow domes 1,700 square metres, comprising sixteen treatment areas including two Thaiyou encounter the military museum; once covered with green tiles. To the treatment rooms, and one wet treatment room with classically designed stoneconsequently take another right and left of the entrance on the south wall beds. The spa includes a sauna, steam room, changing rooms, fully equipped The Minister of Tourism, Mr. Zoheirproceed till you find the royal carriage of the sanctuary lies the minaret, a tall gym, and traditional hammams. A separate wet room offers a steam room Garanah has advised all tourismmuseum on your right. It’s then when and slender shaft with a pointed top and shower, plus a state-of-the-art ice room. agencies to inform the Ministry ofyou gaze to your left and pause for that used to be covered with green The Six Senses Spa at Port Ghalib is located just five minutes from Marsa Alam Health with a list of visitors comingminutes to marvel at such a unique tiles typical of the traditional Ottoman International Airport on the Red Sea and is only two and a half hours by road, from countries where there is a highand unbelievable example of the style. On the western side of the court- with cenotaphs covered with various from the Valley of the Kings. It is an ideal destination for guests looking for a rate of HINI flu outbreak. He alsoearly sixteenth century, which from yard incorporated in the architecture types of turbans in marble. On the unique and enriching wellness experience to balance the senses, ensuring a requested the Tourism Federationthe first glance you will sense some sort of the mosque and covered by a northern side of the courtyard a door positive impact on their well-being. to report any cases of the fluof similarity between it and the near dome larger than those around the leads to another courtyard incorpo- Six Senses Spa: Tel: 065 336 0000/25. Ext. 7117 among tourists, during their visit toby Muhammad Ali mosque; yet on a courtyard is the shrine of Sidi Sariyyah rating a building, which is probably a Open 11 am - 9 pm Egypt, to the Ministry of Health.smaller scale. as well as tombs of Ottoman officials Kuttab. 6 June . 2009 June . 2009 7
  5. 5. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterCaLENDERJune 10th Anniversary of the Egyptian International EL-Sawy Cultural Wheel 25th of June: Dialogue Dance Co. (Russia) Gomhouria Theater EgyptWhat’s On This Month The Exhibition Complex (Hall 1,2,3,4) GSM : 0111711132, Website: www. Modern Dance 27th of June: Dialogue Dance Co.Monday 1ST Thursday 18th – Monday 22nd E-mail: conference@mediapharmaexpo.Art Stock (Paintings & Sculptures) org, Festival (Russia) Sayed Darwish Theater (Alexandria) Exhibition Organizer: Massive Conferences and June 16th to July 6th at variousuntil October 8th Inter Build Exhibition for Building and Trade Fairs 26th of June: Fadwa AL-Hanady (Egypt)Featuring works by veteran artists: Adam Construction Cairo International Conference Centre cultural centres Small Hall, Cairo Opera HouseairoHenein, Adel el Siwi, Ahmed Nosseir, Fathy Egypt) Tel.:+20-2-330-50898 – +20-2-3303-7257Afifi, Hamed Abdallah, Omar El Fayoumi This year, the International Modern Fax.:+20-2-3304-6007 26th of June: Mohamed Habib (Egypt)and othersDowntown Gallery, Karim Francis Website :, Cairo News: Dance Festival will be a huge event in EL-Sawy Cultural WheelContemporary Art Gallery, 1 El Sherifein E-mail Organizer: Arab Group for Development Downtown Cairo to become a both Cairo and Alexandria with many 27th of June: (Turkey)St. off Kasr El Nil. 2nd floor. Cairo International Conference Centre : tourist attraction area well-known international dance compa- Gomhouria TheaterTel: +20 -16 -849 -3509 nies participating. The performances All CICC except Cheops hall Cairo’s local council started this year are of the highest standards 29th of June: (Turkey) efforts to renovate the downtown and not to be missed.Tuesday 2nd Friday 26 th area of Cairo. The festival is organized byLebanese Sayed Darwish TheaterMusic and Song concert Music Concert Renovations will include wash- Spain artistic director Walid Aouni who has 28th of June: Wanted Posse Co.Cubanason Band - Jirtik Band - Ahmed Sharhabiel ing down the buildings, re-painting dedicated years in finding the Egyptian (France)Latino & Modern songs and friends at 9 pm historical heritage buildings, and Modern Dance Company and creatingRiver Hall, Sawy Cultural Wheel, end 26 Cairo Opera Houes (Out Door Theater) Afro beat and Reggae closing down a shopping mall in one of the best, not only in Egypt but hasJuly St. Zamalek. Tel: + 20-2-2736-8881 Azhar Park, Geneina Theatre, Salah the center of downtown, which also been recognized internationally. 29th of June: Salah AL-Brogy (Egypt) Salem St. Aouni has produced several shows thatClassic Music Tel: +20-2- 2362 5057 causes traffic jams. In the plan to Small Hall, Cairo Opera Houseairo have landed favourably with the critics. Opera HouseCairo Symphony Orchestra at 9 pm restore the buildings to their originalWeber: “Oberon” Overture, Beethoven: This year, the Festival will honour several 29th of June: Mohamed Fowzy (Egypt) heydays, the local council is plan-Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.3 Saturday 27th artists in different fields, among which EL-Sawy Cultural Wheel ning to review all encroachmentsSchumann: Symphony No.3, Soloist: Egyptian Modern Songs are Minister of Culture, Dr. Farouk HosniMohamed Saleh, Conductor: Hisham and illegal rentals. Also public and veteran novelist Youssef Idris. FranceGabr 3G band and Khaled Youssef transportation within the down- 30th of June: TERENCE LEWIS River Hall, Sawy Cultural Wheel, end 26 CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANYCairo Opera House, Small Hall town area will be re-routed. July St. Zamalek. Tel: +20-2- 2736 8881 The program is as follows: (TLCDC) India All this will be in junction with 16th of June: Othello Gomhouria TheaterThursday 4th – Monday 8th Saturday 27th – Monday 29th the completion of a four-storey Cairo Opera House / Main HallExhibition parking garage in Tahrir Square, 2nd of July: Kareem Khaleel (Egypt) Conference and Exhibition where another shopping mall 20th of June: Walid Aouni for the EL-Sawy Cultural WheelFurnex Exhibition International Conference and will be removed to make way for Egyptian Modern Dance Company – 3rd of July: TERENCE LEWISFurniture Exhibition Exhibition of Medical and smoother traffic flow. Opening Event CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANYTel.: +2(02)5271010, Fax.: +20-2-2527-015 Veterinary Sciences Sayed Darwish Theater (Alexandria) (TLCDC) IndiaOrganizer: Expolink Egypt, www.expolink. Don’t Miss This While in Cairo France Tel.: +2-02-2454-5313 – +20-02-2452-8528, Walid Aouni for the Egyptian Modernorg Sayed Darwish Theater (Alexandria) Fax.: +20-2-2256-6653 One of the very traditional songCairo International Conference Centre : Dance Company (EGYPT) opening website:, E-mail: and music places to visit and toall halls except Cheops hall Event 3rd of July: Sareyyet Ramallah Troupe witness the true colors of folkloric Organizer: Massive Co. for Conference for Music and DanceThursday 4th – Sunday 7th and Exhibition Egyptian music is at Makan. 17th of June: Adham Hafes (Egypt) (Palestine)Ballet Cairo International Conference Centre :: Set in a heritage home, visitors EL-Sawy Cultural Wheel Gomhouria Theater Mycerinos Hall - Salon 600/800 can be seated on chairs, or better“Odysseus - Hero of Troy at 9 pmCairo Opera Ballet Company Conference still, on pillows and kilims. A very 18th of June: Nacera Belaza Co. 4th of July: Mohamed AL-SayadiMain Hall, Cairo Opera House. International Conference for casual setting, while sipping hot (France) (Egypt) GreeceTel: + 20-2-2736-1043 sugared tea. The concerts are held Small Hall Theater- Cairo Opera House Health and Beauty - HEBEX EL-Sawy Cultural Wheel Tel.: +20-2-2393-9193 – +20-2-2393-9895, every Tuesday and Wednesday ofTuesday 9th – Friday 12th Fax.: +20-2-2393-6530 the week starting at 9 pm. 19th of June: Plan B Co. (Spain) 5th of July: Sareyyet Ramallah TroupeBallet (Canada) website:, Gomhouria Theater for Music and Dance E-mail: You will enjoy listening to MazaherLes Grands Ballets Canadiens Troupe, (Palestine) Organizer: Green Line Fairs Co. ensemble, Mawawil Baladi, Jaafra 20th of June: Kamal Rabeea, (Egypt)presenting TooT and Noces Sayed Darwish Theater (Alexandria)Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Cairo International Conference Centre :: (Arabic tribes from Aswan), Nubian El Sawy Cultural Wheel, Zamalek The Gallery - Chefren hall music & songs, zikr & Sufi songs, Conference 5th of July: (America)Friday 12th Sunday 14th Sudanese music & songs). 21st of June: Aerites Dance Co. Gomhouria Theatre Global Research Conference For MakAn: Saad Zaghloul Street, (Greece) RussiaExhibition Medicine, Sera Vaccines All performances start at 9.00 p.m 11461, El Dawaween, Cairo. (on the Gomhouria Theater Tickets at: Cairo Opera House /Employment and Training Fair - & Pharmaceutical Sciences DrugBank Exhibition corner of across Saad Zaghloul and Gomhouria Theater (Cairo) industries, Vaccine Production, 23rd of June: Aerites Dance Co.Tel.:+20-2-2273-2237, Fax.:+20-2-2273-2055 Mansour street)E-mail: makan@ EL-Sawy Cultural Wheel)) Information: Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics (Greece)Website : Tel: +20-2-2792- 739 81 44 - 739 81 32 Sayed DarwishE-mail :, Organizer: Art Supplies Trade Show Sayed Darwish Theater, Alexandriaia) 0878. Theater (Alexandria)) Information: 03line Plateau Co. (Medipharma Expo 2009) Tel. : +20-2-2452-8528 – +20-2-2450-1591, 4800138 – 4865106Cairo International Conference Centre : 24th of June: Mirette Mechail (Egypt) Fax: +20-2-2256-6653 8 June . 2009 June . 2009 9
  6. 6. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterDirectory• Aladin Art Gallery Fax: +20-69-360-4499 • Soho Square, for reservations atThe shop opens daily from 7:00 am +20-11-666-6167 all outlets, call: Royal Savoy Hotel,– 2:00 am, which is one of the few +20-11-666-6168 White Knight Beach, Sharm Elshops to open that early. Location: E-mail: reservation@3dplanet-eg. Sheikh. Tel: +20-69- 360 2777In front of the Pacha Club, Ne’ama com or at the Jolie Ville Golf andBay. Sharm El Sheikh. Resort • Jolie Ville Golf Resort, Sharm ElShop Cellular: +20-10-094-6454. SheikhE-mail: • United Submarine • Tel: +20-69-3600 630/1/2 Ticket prices: US$35. There are• Baraka Carpets: different prices for European Union • Kan Zaman Restaurant,• Sharm Mall, Opposite Pacha and British citizens Na’ama Bay. Sharm El SheikhClub, Ne’ ama Bay, just next door to For reservation contact: • Tel: +20-69- 360 4488 &Sharm El Sheikh Real Estate. • +20-10-131 9021Tel:+20-12-218-1597 or Website: www.unitedsubmarines.+20-12-372-2540 com • Azhar Park, Geneina Theatre, Address: Villa #220, Ard El Mazad, Salah Salem St. Cairo• Little Buddha Bar Hadabet Um El Sid. Sharm El Sheikh Tel: +20-2- 2362-5057Contact Information Tel:+20-10-005-9512;+20-12-778-Sharm El Sheikh Naama Bay Hotel 4638; +20-69-366-2252 • Cairo Opera HouseTel: +20-69- 360-1030 Gezira, CairoFax: +20-69- 360-1588 • La Parilla Steak House, Dahab Tel: +20-2- 2739-0132E-mail: reservation@littlebuddha- Mall 35, Hadaba. Sharm El Tel: 019 489 8288 SuperJet Bus Service Tel: +20-2-2290-9017Website: • Terrazzina Beach, Sharm El Maya, West Delta Bus Service beside Iberotel Palace, Tel: +20-2-2415-6597• Dananeer Restaurant: Sharm El SheikhShamandura Mall, King of Bahrin St, For information call: +20-10-500 EgyptairNe’ama Bay. Sharm El Sheikh 6621 Tel: +20-2-2393-0381Tel: +20-69- 360-0321 Tel: +20-2-3347-5193 • Da Maria Hadaba Sharm El• Abou El Seid: right behind hard sheikh. Salah Taher St left of East Delta Bus Servicerock café on the upper floor. Sharm Anphoras Hotel. Tel: +20-2-2574-2814El Sheikh. • Call: +20-10-008 9496 or• Operates daily from 12:00 pm- • +20-10-259 81082:00 am. Reservation is highlyrecommended Tel:+20-12-406-1260 • Metro Supermarket at Nabq Bay,or +20-69-360-3910 Sharm El Sheikh Call: +20-19619 or +20-69-371-0597• Sharm El Sheikh Real Estate5 El Guindy Mall, Opposite Pacha Club • El Ezaby Pharmacy. Sharm ElPresident: Mr. Tarek El Saadi SheikhTel:+20-12-767-6650 Call: +20-19600 or +20-12-161 6190Fax: +20-69-360-0926Mobile:+20-12-216-6101 • Amanda Beach Garden Hotel.E-mail: tarek@ Sharm El Tel: +20-10-426 3088.Website: www. • Cleo Aqua Park- Peace Road• 3D Cinema Tickets Sharm El Sheikh214 A El Salam Road (Sunny Lakes), Ticket prices: Adults US$35, ChildrenSharm El Sheikh US$20, Children 0-4 years old areTicket prices: $15 for adults, $10 free.for children Prices for entrance and park usageOperating hours: only10:00 am – 12:00 pm +20-69-360-4400, www.cleopark.4:00 pm- 10:00 pm netTel: +20-69-360-450010 June . 2009