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Read about El Gouna Resort & Taba Heights, Mu’izzli-Din Allah Street, First Kenyan Restaurant Opens in Cairo

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Newsletter of Egypt Tourism - May2009

  1. 1. Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth May 2009 Issue # 0Destination of the MonthEl Gouna Resort Tourism News Training Courses for Tourism Personnel Egyptian Tourism Minister, Zuhair Garana, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish Institute CSHG, the Organisation for the Education and Development of Upper Egypt and the Egyptian Tourism Federation, to develop training courses in the city of Korkass in Minya for the workers in the tourism sector. Minya is considered to be one of the important locations in Egypt for the recruitment of personnel to the tourism field. Training courses will start in the room service, kitchen and housekeeping sectors, with a capacity of 20 to 25 trainees for a period of 3 to 6 months.El Gouna is a self-contained resort town on the Red Sea with sandy beaches As part of the Ministry of Tourism’sand ideal temperature. As an internationally recognized environmentally strategy for the development of servicesfriendly destination, it is home to a multi-cultural international community. in tourism, a contract was also signedThe resort offers all the services required for a hassle-free vacation or per- with the Austrian TTI Organisation, a well-manent living. In addition to 14 hotels with their facilities, there are various recognised organization specializedsports and entertainment activities, restaurants and exciting nightlife in designing and executing training centers, to establish and manage athroughout the town. model center for the training of tourist bus drivers in all aspects. An area of 80You can connect to El Gouna operator to re-route you to any destination feddans next to 6th of May City ‘s mainor provide you with the extension number: road, was chosen for the project.Tel: +2065 354 9702/3/4 bmi launches first A330 AirbusEl Gouna boasts a variety of wide ranging activities for everyone. If youare a sports lovers, there is windsurfing, kite-boarding, parasailing, fishing Service in service bmi, one of Britain’s largest airlines,safaris, wakeboarding, waterskiing, snorkeling, deep sea diving and fun launched its first ever wide-bodied Airbustubes. Even those who are not sports-oriented, will ultimately find an activ- A330 service on the Cairo-London route.ity that they will feel comfortable with in Land sports. There are countless The service was officially inaugurated byopportunities for fun, fitness and fresh air for every age group. If you are an Peter Spencer, the Managing Directoravid golf player, El Gouna Golf Club offers an 18-hole championship course of bmi, in a ceremony at Cairo Airport.with driving range, chipping and pitching area and putting greens. Rental The A330 will cater to the growing needsservices are available for clubs, trolleys and golf carts. You can also enjoy of the Egyptian business community,tennis, squash, biking, beach buggies, Go-Karts, paintball, horseback rid- travelling on the Cairo – Londoning and beach volleyball. Heathrow route. bmi’s business classIf you are in El Gouna to just relax and enjoy the sun, there are several offerings on the A330 include Chauffeur Drive services on selected fares tobeaches all around for your enjoyment, besides the hotels’ swimming pools. and from the airport in both Cairo andAfter a full day of activities, we recommend you visit one of the spa cen- London, as well as providing fully flatters including the famous Angsana Spa, a subsidiary of the Banyan Tree beds and an onboard chef. The A330 willGroup. also provide the world’s best Premium Economy cabin with 127 cm (50 inches) For sea excursions You can rent motorboats or yachts to travel from island of leg room, 30 cm (12 inches) moreto island. You can enjoy the protected Mahmeya Island located just over than offered by any other competitor. INSIDE El Gouna Resort | Taba Heights A Breathtaking Escape | Mu’izzli-Din Allah Street The Egyptian Post Office Museum | What’s On This Month | Directory May . 2009 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letteran hour from El Gouna with its beautiful Recommended Visit: Taba Heightsbeach that has been maintained trueto its natural environment while makingit the only island with services. Any of ElGouna hotels can also guide you to aday trip to the protected area of Ras A Breathtaking EscapeMohamed, where you can spend theday on one of the loveliest beachesthere. You can also have DesertSafaris and Bedouin dinners that can Located in one of the most beauti-be booked. Visitors can also arrange ful sites in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Tabatrips to Cairo, Luxor & Aswan. Heights Resort brings you a natural andYou can shop till you drop at the many magnificent setting where the beauti-varieties of stores, either under the other hotels of different categories. Beach parties with BBQ and great ful mountain ranges meet one of thearcades of downtown Kafr El Gouna music on Mangroovy Beach. The Kafr world’s richest coral seas: the Red Sea.or at the Abu Tig Marina. Dining Experience El Gouna Party, is held on Saturdays The resort’s village and luxury hotels AT the Abu Tig Marina you can stroll For a nice evening and good meal and Tuesdays from 8 pm. For a night of offer you a unique experience of lei-around the marina, day or night, and among the many recommended are fun music and karaoke go to Studio 52, sure and activities with their numerousyou will have an enjoyable time hav- Bleu Bleu, the restaurant with an ideal and The Cave with trendy disco music. a coffee with deliciously freshly location in the Marina. Seafood spe- Entrance fee is all inclusive. If you get Taba Heights is home to a full servicebaked pastries at the Seventh Star cialist El Sayadin is renowned for some a chance to go outside of Gouna, of wide ranging activities. From five-Café, a drink at one of the bars or din- of the finest seafood specialties. It do not miss Little Buddha restaurant star water sports and diving centersing at any of the ethnic restaurants. boasts a unique location overlooking located in Hurghada offering Asian offering sports like windsurfing, div- of private beaches. The resort’s Spa mountains. The pub is a friendly placeBe sure not to miss the street festival the Red Sea. For Italian cuisine you can food as well as a sushi bar and lounge. ing and sailing, to a range of spas, offers every amenity to relax and reju- to watch your favorite sport on giantheld at the Marina Every Monday & go to Kiki’s serving authentic home- It is next to Sinbad resort, Village Road. swimming pools, full-service beaches venate; different types of massage screens. For a special night, the HyattWednesday starting 8 pm. made Italian specialties and pastas. 20 minutes from El Gouna. and the 18-hole championship golf vary from Thai and Swedish to aro- Regency offers a Bedouin campsite in El Gouna has a variety of hotels For more ethnic food, Tandoori Indian course. matherapy and reflexology. Sofitel the nearby mountains for dining undercatering to all kind of needs and resturant or Marmounia Moroccoan Facilities in El Gouna Located only a short distance from Taba Heights is inspired by tradi- the stars.budgets, Ali Pasha hotel is set on srestaurant. El Gouna Hospital, Ext: 3222/42201/32201 Sinai’s cultural treasures and religious tional Oriental architecture. There areAbu Tig Marina, this quaint hotel has a provides comprehensive, integrated sites Taba Heights will enable you to six restaurants and bars to sample a Fact Sheet:swimming pool and two ethnic restau- Bars and Nightlife health care comprising of inpatient explore the wonders of the whole area mouth-watering range of cuisines. • Located 450 kilometers from Cairo,rants.Dawar el Omda in Downtown is El Gouna has several good bars like and outpatient care. Several hotels by taking desert hikes and Safaris at Hyatt Regency Taba Heights is set Taba Heights is accessed by the Sinaione of El Gouna’s signature hotels, the Peanuts Bar & Eatery, Boxers Bar and feature well-appointed rooms with the Canyon Safari, discovering the on five kilometers of a secluded beach Peninsula overland route, a six-hour tripdesign is reminiscent of Upper Egypt’s Pier 88, a Champagne bar serving a boardroom and theatre for confer- Colored Canyon, the medieval facil- and private bay. The resort features a either by private car or public bus.mansions. Sheraton Miramar designed seasonal European menu on a floating ences for up to 500 participants. El ity Castle Zaman and Mount Sinai. Day 3105 square meter seawater lagoon. • International marina, officially recog-by world-renowned architect Michael barge. For other entertainment you Gouna has also services such as ATMs, trips to other sites in Egypt are easily nized as a legal port of entry to Egypt,Graves, Movenpick Resort & Spa that can go to Aladin Casino, that has banks, pharmacies, post office, inter- arranged. Dining Experience accommodating up to 50 yachts andhas several good restaurants and all Casino games, cocktail and late net facilities, and information booths. The Taba Heights experience is made With its variety of luxurious hotels, organizing day trip excursions.Steigenberger Golf Resort and many night snack bar. You can also enjoy The library, Ext: 32589 is open to the special by nightly programming featur- Taba Heights offers an ultimate dining • Access from Taba International Airport public Saturdays to Thursdays from 10 ing local performance talent, as well experience with more than 14 restau- is 40 minutes by car and three hours by am to 6 pm. as the thrill of gaming at the 24-hour rants and bars with delightful cuisine. car from Sharm El Sheikh Airport. casino. Each hotel offers a range of Breeze Restaurant located in the Hyatt Fact Sheet: entertainment options, including: Regency, offers à la carte seafood A Day trip to St. Catherine’s Access to El Gouna takes a 4-hour nightly programs, Casino, Nubian menu. For an Oriental evening Flying A short trip from Taba Heights can flight from Europe. El Gouna is around Troupes, Bedouin experience, camel Carpet located uptown will bring you take you to St. Catherine’s Monastery. 22 km from Hurghada International rides and animation programs. the harmony of Egyptian hospital- This is located in a valley at the foot Airport and 450 kms from Cairo. In The weekly El Wekala street festival ity and warm European welcome in of Moses Mountain. It was founded and around El Gouna, regular shuttle in Uptown causes guests and residents a cozy restaurant and pub with the by the Byzantine emperor Justinian buses and boat taxis transport guests to gather in the village centre for an option of an outdoor terrace. Grotto between A.D. 527 and 547. The throughout the resort at very reason- evening of local entertainment, music, Bar & Grill in the Marriott will bring tra- Monastery was enlarged in a number able prices. There are also taxis and and good food. ditional Middle Eastern fare. Whether of different phases of construction limousine services, if you wish to explore In addition to the breathtaking set- you dine outside and listen to the over the subsequent periods. It is one outside El Gouna resort or spend an ting and ideal location, Taba Heights waterfalls flowing from the roof of the of the great destinations for Christian evening in nearby Hurghada City or a provides luxurious five-star hotels that cave or sit like a Bedouin on cushions, pilgrimages. The gallery of Icons, the full day at Soma Bay. will meet each and every one of your there is something for everyone. fountain of Moses, the well of Jethro, To access any of El Gouna’s activities, needs. For a nice evening, Pub Tandoori which is the main source of fresh water you call the operator to provide you Taba Heights Marriott Beach Resort located uptown is a Traditional English for the convent as well as the abun- with the extension number. Situated in over 44 acres of lush gar- Pub serving Indian specialties indoors dance of wealth and furnishings, are dens, 2800 square meters of pools and or outdoors with spectacular views of only examples of sites that cannot help waterfalls with over 500 square meters the resort, golf course, sea, and the but surprise the visitors. 2 May . 2009 May . 2009 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Flash NewsSpotlight: Museums of Egypt:Mu’izzli-Din Allah Street The Egyptian Post Office Museum As a legacy from the Fatimid Islamic Dynasty, recentlyrenovated Mu’izzli-Din Allah Street known as Al Mu’izz Street Cairo Tower new energylies in the heart of Islamic Cairo displaying some of the best efficient LED lightingIslamic monuments of the city. Aside from the architectural legacy of the FatimidDynasty, rulers introduced religious and non-religious cel-ebrations such as Moulid El Nabi (The Prophet’s Birthday)and Sham El Nessim. The once crowded street with vehicles is now pedestrianwith at least 25 mosques; madrassas (schools), public foun-tains and renovated monuments lighten up at night. Youwill also find a good variety of shops including gold, silverand copper stores and antique boutiques. The Egyptian Post Office Museum ing display of commemorative stamps Al M’uizz Street was the main route of the Fatimid’s walled is a prize gem of Central Cairo. The – King Farouk’s coronation and the firstcity created after the dynasty conquered the old city of doors are kept closed and electricity Egyptian stamp collection (1867-69)Fustat. The northern end of the street known as “ Bayn turned off in-between visitors but once – and local stamps with pharaonic,Al Qasrayn” “Between the two Palaces” is the setting for an entrance ticket is presented, the Islamic, and Coptic designs are sam-the first volume of famous writer Naguib Mahfouz’s moving doors swing open like curtains onto a ples of this vast collection. At the farCairo Trilogy Palace Walk. spectacular stage. Enter the world of end of the room is a stamp mosaic From Bab El Zuweila to the south, across Al Azhar Street to communication. made from 15,000 identical stamps.Bab El Futuh to the north, the two-kilometer street displays It was opened to the public in 1940 Each individual, post-marked stamparchitectural tributes to six major eras: Fatimid (969-1171), on the second floor at the Central has the same picture of the tapestryAyyubid (1171-1250), Bahareya Mamluk (1250-1390), Burgi Post Office as a stamps exhibit. Over – a pyramid and the Sphinx. The deskMamluk (1390- 1517), Ottoman (1517-1798) up to 1805 when the years, the collection grew from a and chair stationed in front of thisMohamed Ali Pasha came to Egypt. stamp exhibit to one that highlights stamp tapestry are those of the first The buildings lining the street are some of the most impor- communication from pharaonic times postmaster in Egypt, Jacob Muzzi, antant displaying unique Islamic architecture and innovations. and demonstrates the development Italian. The Cairo Tower officially openedYou will also find buildings for Sufi meditation (Khanqawat), of Egypt’s postal service through the Postal distribution is a particularly last month, after being given aguesthouses (Tekkeyat) and public drinking fountains centuries. The museum has more than important part of the museum’s new nighttime look. The stunning(Sabil plural Asbbella). The creation of public bathhouse 1200 exhibits arranged in sections – his- exhibit. Glass cases contain miniature new lighting effects are created(Hammam) was an important innovation of the period, tory of communication, transportation, scenes and models of ways by which by state-of-the-art color changingthe most popular ones on the street are the hammam of postal equipment, local and foreign messages were distributed since phar- LED technology, which is extremely energy efficient. The Tower’sMamluk Sultan Inal Al-Malatily and the hammam of Amir stamps, uniforms, postal buildings, rare aonic times to the present. The Post various facilties include:Bashtak between Bab Zuweila and the Rifaie Mosque. letters and maps. Office Museum is an off-the-beaten- Sky Garden Coffee shop on the Other interesting monuments include the seventeeth- The museum is well-preserved and path excursion that children from 60th floor, serves a wide variety ofcentury merchant’s house functioning as a cultural center exhibits are maintained with obvious five- years old to adults will enjoy. hot & cold beverages and snacks.Bayt Al Suhaymi, the complex of Qalawun, Barquq, and Al care. Leather mailbags, original postal The Post Office Museum is located The 360 Revolving RestaurantNasir north of Khan El Khalili on the left El Mu’izz Street. At uniforms, badges, seals of all shapes at the Central Post Office on Midan on the 59th floor. This restaurantthe north end of the street is the second largest mosque and sizes, and numerous letterboxes, al-Ataba.. To buy a ticket, go through serves international types of foodin Cairo of the Caliph al Hakim. You will find around Bab El three dating from 1894, are exam- the door marked “Main Post Office” to satisfy all tastes. The PanoramaFutuh the Suqq Al Futuh (Bazaar) where many things can ples of various postal paraphernalia. and purchase tickets at the commem- View: This is the highest spot inbe found in a more authentic and lower-priced setting than In rural areas of Egypt, official duties orative stamp office, on your right. Cairo with telescopes to watchin the famous Khan El Khalili bazaar. were the responsibility of the ruling Tickets cost 50 piasters for Egyptians Cairo’s beautiful landmarks from all angles. The VIP Restaurant & elder, thus letters were posted and and 2LE for foreigners. Return to the Lounge, this was newly added and Il Carnivore - First Kenyan Restaurant Opens in Cairo collected from his personal house. On display is an over-sized wooden let- sidewalk and enter the door marked “L’Organisme Nationale des Postes’. considered the pride of the Cairo One of the best 50 restaurants in the world, “Carnivore” brings to Egypt, Africa’s greatest eating experience. Tower with its luxurious furniture Guests will enjoy a panoramic view of the Nile on deck of the Trianon Nile Dragon Boat along with the best meat terbox that would have stood inside The museum is on the second floor, & elegant fine menu. The Cairo dishes prepared by a Kenyan chef. the house of the village-head. There Tower now has a spacious place Menu includes specialties such as ostrich meatballs, rump steak of beef, chicken yakitory, lamb chops and others, is a not-to-be-missed glass case of The museum is open Sunday through to hold conferences and meetings all grilled with special Kenyan Carnivore sauces. miniature statues of postal workers Thursday from 10am to 3pm. at the highest level. One of the particular distinctions of Carnivore, is that a flag is placed on the guest’s table, and as long a the flag with examples of uniforms worn in Telephone: +(202) 2391-3128. For Open:9am to midnight. Tickets: is up, the waiters keep supplying all types of dishes. Roman times to the present, as well more information about unfrequented LE 20 for Egyptians, LE 65 for A special opening offer is now available by the restaurant, where guests get soup, salad, main dish and dessert, as original postal apparel from Egypt museums in Cairo, purchase Cairo, The foreigners. For reservations, please for only LE 129 without service charge. and around the world. Valuable col- Family Guide (3rd edition), American call: +(202) 2736 5112 or (202) 2738 3790 Trianon Nile Boat, 23 Nile St. Cornich El Giza. Open for dinners For reservations, please call: +(202) 010 601 7928 lections of stamped envelopes from University in Cairo Press. foreign countries along with a sweep- 4 May . 2009 May . 2009 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterCALEnDERMay TamaraiWhat’s On This Month Francoise Hardy. A mixture of Algerian folk and rock music. Also The Percussion Musician Christian-Pierre La Marca imagined the Bach Project in response to AMERICAN BALLET LIZT ALFONSO DANCE CUBAFriday 1 st Show, The Hot Potato Project and others a challenge by Radio France. Through a series of solo violoncelle of Bach, he JAZZ/LOUNGE/ STRENGTH AND BEATRock Concert Youth Center, Gezira. Tickets sold at prepared an encounter between two NEO-SOUL SINGER May 7th and 8th Alexandria Darwish TheatreJordanian Yazan Al Rousan And Band at 9 pmAl Rousan launches his second album Virgin Mega Stores, CityStars Mall and Diwan Bookshops in Zamalek & Heliopolis different worlds, a fusion of eastern and western music to present a rythmic JULIET ANNERINO May 11th, 12th, and 13th Cairo Opera House“Autostrad” world, rock music and lyrics balance of dance music. La Marca COMES TO Egyptare inspired from Jordanian and Arabic saturday 9th on the violincello and Iranian percus- Sunday May 10th at 8.30 pmdaily life. sionist Madjid Khaladj on the Tombak Sawy Culture WheelGeneina Theatre, Azhar Park. Classic Music (an Iranian instrument)Bibliotheca Cairo Symphony Orchestra at 9 pm Thursday May 14th at 8 PmTel: +(202)2362 5057 Alexandrina, Alexandria & Mohamed Concert honoring retired members Geneina Theatre, Azhar Park Ali Palace, Manial. To obtain tickets callInternational Skeet of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra. French Cultural Center:Shooting Competition H.Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14. Tel: +(202)2795 3725 respectivelyUntil May 10th Conductor: Marcello MattadelliFor more information: www.egyptian- Main Hall, Cairo Opera Tel: +(202)2739 8127 sunday 17thShooting Club, 6th October City African TravelArt Exhibitions sunday 10th Association Annual The Company Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba is a genuine expression of theUntil May 21st - Stieglitz - The Father Of Contemporary Dance Congress mixture that characterizes Cuban culture, with its abundant rhythms, move-Photography Until Friday 22nd May Xavier Le Roy at 7 pm ments and colours.Taken between 1892 and 1935 and repro- Conrad Cairo Hotel, Tel: +(202)2580 8000 “The Rites of Spring.” In cooperation Made up only of female dancers, it shows us mixed elements of traditionalduced in limited edition. Printed from 150 with Goethe Institute Spanish flamenco, ballet and Afro-Cuban rhythms, with a repertoire full ofline screen copper plates in letterpresswith the highest quality of printing avail- Word Hall, Sawy Culture Wheel, end 26 thursday 21st strength, virtuosity and Latin sensuality. The Company includes its own musicable. Stieglitz’s most historic photographs July St. Zamalek, Cairo. Tourism Resilience group which composes the original soundtrack of the show and accompa-including “Steerage” and Venetian Boy”, Thursday 14th at Bilbiotheca Alexandrina, nies it in each performance.will now be exhibited at the Photogaphic Alexandria. Committee Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba has been acclaimed in the most important the-Gallery at the American University Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel, Garden atres of its country and in many other countries of the world such as Canada,New Campus Gallery, AUC, Gate 1, BEC thursday 14th City. Tel: +(202)2791 7000 Spain, the United States of America, France, New Zealand and others.Building, Plaza Level. Cairo. Gallery hours The Company is performing for the first time in Egypt, Music Concertsare Sunday through Thursday, 9.30 am to6 pm The Cairo Choral Society at 8 pm sunday 24th Presenting: Brahms: Liebeslieder-Walzer, Oil Painting Exhibitionsunday 3rd Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms, Vaughan Faces and Stories until June 17th Contemporary Dance of Xavier le Roy:Thomas Kalb from Williams: In Windsor Forest All Saints’ Cathedral, Zamalek. Admission Artist Mohamed Al Nasser. works on American singer/composer Juliet “Le Sacre du Printemps” the subjects which concern and touch Annerino brings her original musicGermany free. deeply the human behaviour. He has the and unique performance style, in Word Hall, Sawy Culture Wheel, end 26 July St. Zamalek Tel: +(202) 27368881Accompanied by Bibliotheca AlexandrinaChamber Orchestra Rotary International capability to bring people’s messages on a fresh, collaborative way. For this Thursday 14th May, 8 pm Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Small TheatreWorks by Arenski, Mendlssohn, Mozart, District 2450 canvas in most of his paintings. performance, as well as her otherSchostakovitsch. until May 17th Picasso Art Gallery, 30 Hassan Assem St. concerts in the Middle East, she Meaning “The Rite of Spring”Small Theatre, Bilbiotheca Alexandrinia. Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea Zamalek. Tel: 2736 7544 performs with Middle Eastern musi- or “Holy Spring”, the show isAl Shatby. Alexandria cians in the cities of her tour. Pianist, coming just in the right seasonTel: +(202) 483 9999 saturday 16th thursday 28th Hesham Galal and members of to Alexandria and Cairo! Le Classic Music Ballet his Latin Jazz band, Cocoon, will Sacre du Printemps is said to betuesday 5th Cairo Symphony Orchestra at 9 pm Pinocchio & Jeu D’echecs Ballet at 9 pm accompany Juliet. He will also act one of the most controversialBallet Performance Gamal Abdel Rehim: Variation Gomhouria Theatre, Abdeen Square. as musical director for her shows in ballets and orchestral piecesLiza Alfonso Ballet Company (Cuba) on a Folkloric Theme. B. Britten: Les Tel: +(202) 2739 0441 Cairo. of the 20th century. It was first First time in Egypt. See highlights for Illuminations, Op. 18, Song Cycle for High Juliet’s original songs from her inspired, when painter Nicholasmore information. Voice and Strings Soloist: Amira Selim Friday 29th newly released record “Scenes from Roerich shared his idea withSayed Darwish Theatre, 22 Horreya St. (soprano), Conductor: Ahmed El Saedi Lecture a Life on Fire”, ranging from retro- the ballet’s Russian composerAlexandria Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. From Khaemwas to Zahi Hawassat 7 pm jazz to neo-soul will be performed. Igor Stravinsky in 1910 about his Tel: +(202)2739 0144 Lecture by Bill Barazzuol and Ahmed A portion of the proceeds from “vision” of a young girl dancing herself to death in a pagan ritual where theFriday 8th Seddik every evening’s performance, as audience – like Stravinsky added to the idea - of elders are sitting and watch-SOS Music Festival saturday 16th & Word Hall, The Sawy Culture Wheel, well as from sales of Juliet’s new ing the death dance of the girl they chose to offer to the God of spring.Speed Caravan will participate in the festi-val with Souad Massi at 9 pm sunday 17th Zamalek. For more information contact: CD, is donated to Mercy Corps, to aid the people of Gaza. What we will get to see is the new choreography and solo work of 2007 presented by Xavier le Roy, one of the most important and controversialMassi, with her guitar tunes and angelic The Bach Project +(202)010 676 8269 innovators of contemporary dance.voice seems like the Algerian sister of Between Bach and Iran at 8.30 pm 6 May . 2009 May . 2009 7
  5. 5. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterDirectory Directory Tel.: +20 (65) 354 9702 Ext: 32285 Website: www.redseawaterworld. El Gouna Fax: +20 (65) 358 0009 comHOTELS Email: • Taba Heights Golf Resort• Dawar El Omda Hotel • Angsana Spa Tel: +20 (69) 358 0073Tel.: +20 (65) 358 0063 to 06, ext. 122 Tel.: +20 (65) 354 9702 Ext: 120 & ext. Email:golf@tabaheights.comEmail: res@dawarelomda-elgouna. 130 RESTAURANTScom • Aladin Casino • Casino Taba Heights (Open daily)• Steigenberger Golf Resort Tel: +20 (18) 300 9300 Tel/Fax: +20 (69) 358 0090 Ext: 6271Tel.: +20 (65) 358 0140 Ext. 130 • Abu Tig Marina Office • Flying CarpetFax: +20 (65) 358 0149 Tel.: +20 (65) 358 0073 Tel: +20 (12) 002 6837 Email: • Bedouin TentRESTAURANTS Website: Tel: +20 (18) 300 9300e• El Sayadin RestaurantTel.: +20 (65) 354 4501 TRANSPORTATION 24-hourFax: +20 (65) 354 5160 • Pharonic Raft Riders PharmaciesEmail: resort.elgouna@moevenpick. Tel.: +20 (18) 777 0337 Ext: 333045com • Limousine Service & Rent A Car • El Ezaby - Several branchesWebsite: www.moevenpick-hotels. (24 hr service) 9 El Kobba Stcom Tel.: +20 (65) 358 0061or Ext. 32179 Tel.:+20 (2) 19600• Bleu Bleu Fax: +20 (65) 358 0060 • Seif Pharmacies, SeveralTel.: +20 (65) 354 9702. Ext. 77928 branches• Kiki’s OUTSIDE EL GOUNA 73 Mirghany St. HeliopolisTel.: +20 (65) 354 9702. Ext.32127 • Little Buddha Bar 22 Degla St. Mohandessine• Mamounia Tel.: +20 (65) 345 0120 1 Midan Mehatta St. MaadiTel.: +20 (65) 354 9702. Ext. 77855 Tel: +20 (12) 000 1961 Tel: +20 (2) 19199• Pier 88 Website: www.littlebuddha-Tel.: +20 (12) 741 2100 Cairo Taxis• TandoorTel.: +20 (65) 354 9702. Ext. 133 Directory • Cairo International Taxi• Boxers Bar Taba Heights 3 Mohamed Karim St. Nasr CityTel.: +20 (12) 816 7845. or Ext. 34105 Tel.: +20 (2) 2267 0118/19155Website: • Information Centre • Cairo City Cab• Peanuts Bar & Eatery Tel: +20 (18) 1039965 4, Latin America St., (Isis Building),Tel.: +20 (12) 7991304 HOTELS Garden City.Website: www.kiteboarding-club. • Hyatt Regency Tel.: +20 (2) 2792 1463/16516de Tel: +20 (69) 358 0234 • Cairo Radio Cab• Studio 52 Fax: +20 (69) 358 0235 68 St. No. 104, MaadiTel: +20 (65) 354 9702. Ext: 77962 Website: Tel.: +20 (2) 2526 0086 comACTIVITIES • Marriott Taba Heights• Kiteboarding Club El Gouna Tel: +20 (69) 358 0100Tel.: +20 (12) 884 2839 Fax: +20 (69) 358 0109Website: www.kiteboarding-club. Website:• Parasailing, Wakeboarding & • Sofitel Hotels & ResortsWatrski Tel: +20 (69) 358 0800Tel.: +20 (10) 010 2952. Ext.. 77976 Fax: +20(69) 358 0808Website:www.theorangeconcept. Website: www.tabaheights.comcom• Mangroovy Beach. ACTIVITIESTel.: +20 (65) 354 9702 Ext: 32260 • WaterWorld• Mahmeya Island Tel: +20 (69) 358 0099Tel.: +20 (65) 354 9702 Ext: 32100 Fax: +20 (69) 358 0089• El Gouna Golf Club 8 May . 2009