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Irs credential presentation 2013

  1. 1. IRS. Living research CREDENTIALS 2013
  2. 2. IRS was founded in Jan 2010 by a passionate team of consultants, researchers, and operations experts; providing a full fledged marketing research and consultancy services. IRS multidisciplinary qualifications and multicultural background is the drive behind employing the best talents with diversified exposures to decode consumer behavior, mindset, and Pulse Healthcare is the healthcare marketing research and consultancy arm of Platform Group serving the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and devices industries. Pulse Healthcare is founded and operated by a group of specialized healthcare researchers bringing together clinical, medical, methodologic al and cultural experience under one roof. Platform Group is a leading marketing services company. The Group is structured around two core lines of business FIELD SQUARE is a specialized field and tabs marketing research agency. Field Square works to deliver high quality standards in qualitative and quantitative arenas, through reliable, fast and cost effective ways of delivering data. FIELD SQUARE has an experienced fleet of research operations professionals covering the MENA region. Head office based in Cairo.
  3. 3. To be globally recognized as an authentic leader of the marketing research and consultancy industry, with boundless approach and reach; setting benchmarks for the best practices with its infinite talent. OUR VISION©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  4. 4. •Your needs guide our offerings •Our team and your team is one! •All relevant expertise is leveraged for your projects •We always look beyond our current offerings to service your account •We empower our people to deliver your projects proficiently and efficiently end to end OUR APPROACH ©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  5. 5. Open to various cultures& mindsets, open to novelties, open to life OPENNESS We constantly push our minds‟ limits to see beyond the obvious PROGRESSIVE we enthusiastically wake up every morning looking forward to this „Zest‟ feeling that we get when we do our job PASSION Outstanding Quality, Accurate Timing & Competitive Cost EFFICIENCY We create out-of- the-box approaches especially customized to match each client‟s distinctive nature INNOVATION Consistently committed to deliver value in every single task we do ACCOUNTABILITY Each project is a new born for us. We take pride in every step of the process till we deliver the final piece OWNERSHIP We walk the talk and stand true to our values INTEGRITY WHY INTELLIGENT ? ©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  6. 6. •FMCG •Telecom & technology •T&L (travel & Leisure) •Retail & distribution •Media •Social polling •Automotive •Real Estate •Financial services •B2B •Healthcare OUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE ©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  7. 7. •Segmentation research •Usage and attitudes research •Image-equity & positioning research •Bottom of the pyramid research •Shopper Insight •NLP & Semiotics •Concepts evaluation & recycling •Product testing & development •Package-Price-Promotion development & testing OUR QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE TOOLS CAN HELP YOU WITH; •Advertising-communication development & testing •Brand & advertising tracking •Pricing strategies •Brand architecture •Brand health check •Insight generation workshop •Customer experience •Call centre monitoring OUR RESEARCH SCOPE ©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  8. 8. •IRS Qualitative is all about the use of innovative research techniques and methodologies, that allow us to peer deeply into the lives of consumers and draw powerful insights that will help fuel your brand's success. •Insights on how people Feel – Think – Behave – Work – Play – Subsist – Engage – Connect and ultimately make decisions about which products they will invite into their lives. •We mine for these insights, harvest them, and apply them to your business, providing valuable and actionable direction to help you and your brand. IRS QUALITATIVE REASEARCH THAT BRINGS TO LIFE… OUR INSTRUMENTS… •Focus, Mini groups •Conflict groups •Affinity groups •In depth / paired interviews •Consumer immersions •Ethnographic Studies •In home visits •Accompanied shopping •Kitchen connect
  9. 9. Provides beyond basic quantitative market research services; it efficiently manages complex projects and strategic studies … it reaches unapproachable respondents and remote regions … it uses multiple research phases … it fully integrates secondary information with primary data to provide a holistic understanding … and it works cross-functionally with key business units leveraging from their interrelated expertise IRS QUANTITATIVE OUR INSTRUMENTS… •CLT •CATI •Door To Door •Street Intercept •Mystery shopping •Desk research •Online research
  10. 10. RESEARCH TEAM & MANAGMENT ©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  11. 11. A dedicated team of multi-disciplinary members (Sociology, anthropology, psychology, marketing, economics, political science and pharmacy). Gained cumulative knowledge about different sectors, categories, and market dynamics with thorough understanding of our clients business issues. A Committed operations team with long expertise differentiated by being fully involved throughout the entire project cycle. IRS TEAM ©2013. IRS. Intelligent Research Solutions
  12. 12. •Mohamed Kamal, CEO of Platform Group, Has a total number of 20 years of experience. •Prior to his current position, he was the Consumer Research Head of the Nielsen company. Prior to that, he was the Business development Director – North Africa in Synovate and General manager of Synovate Morocco and Algeria. • His experience encompasses leading key client accounts, overall research design, championing key research solutions and overall strategy & business development. •Mohamed is considered one of the MENA region research leading experts. He started his research career specializing in healthcare then diversified to other consumer research sectors 12 years back. Through these years, he handled clients as Unilever, PepsiCo, Kraft, Nestle, MobiNil, Pfizer, GSK, Novartis, and many others. •Mohamed is a member of the European Society of Market Research (ESOMAR). WORK EXPERIENCE Dr. MOHAMED KAMAL CEO – Platform Group Academic Background •Mohamed is an MD (Medical Doctor) and holds a Management Diploma from the American University in Cairo. •Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer
  13. 13. •A total number of 15 years of experience in the field of marketing research handling research in Middle East, North Africa & Africa. •Heading the qualitative business unit in TNS Egypt and Synovate North Africa before joining IRS. •Handled diversified management roles and responsibilities across different multinational marketing research agencies GFK, NFO and AMRB. •Handled marketing research studies across Middle East and Africa •Provided consultancy and business recommendations to key global, regional and local accounts •Moderated 2,500+ qualitative sessions across Middle East and North Africa. •Developed innovative techniques and approaches within the marketing research domain across different regions, sectors and markets. WORK EXPERIENCE SAMAR ABDELAAL Managing Director Academic Background •Master‟s Degree in Anthropology and Sociology American University in Cairo •Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Mass communication American University in Cairo •Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer
  14. 14. •Experience: 7+ years •Ahmed is specialized in business planning and new product development. His experience spans various sectors including, telecom, tourism, FMCG, retail, durables & electronics. •Prior to his current position, he was regional business development manager at Synovate MENA, senior research executive at TNS North Africa and marketing consultant at TNS Worldpanel in Paris. •Lecturing on part time in the French University in Egypt; coaching graduation projects and teaching business planning through a project management process. •Ahmed has handled several projects in different sectors which include Telecommunication, FMCG, Durables & Electronics, Aviation and Health Care. •Ahmed has also been involved with a wide variety of research types such as tracking, Consumer panel, Segmentation, Usage & Attitude, Customer Satisfaction & Retention, Pricing, Concept & Product tests, Mystery Shopping and Integrated Marketing Communication. WORK EXPERIENCE AHMED SAID Associate Director Academic Background •Ahmed holds a Masters Degree in Innovation Project Management & New Product Development from the Business Management Institute in France. •Bachelor degree in Management from Nantes University
  15. 15. •Experience: 6 years •Ahmed is specialized in Brands positioning, communication and new product development. His experience spans various sectors including, Media, FMCGs, Real Estate, Automotive and Social Polling sectors. •The Media Research Manager at Ipsos and before was the Business development manager of IRS Egypt. •Mastering research techniques across categories and markets through management of International and Global clients (PepsiCo. Americana, DANONE, LG, SODIC, Palm Hills, TMG, Press TV, BBC, OSN). •Ahmed have handled large different types of studies including: Segmentation, Brand Equity, Sequential concept development, lifestyle understanding, product/concept testing, ads evaluation, customer satisfaction studies and ethnographic research. •Have quantitative and qualitative experience with a previous advertising experience, that combined together furnishes a far-reaching direct marketing foresight. WORK EXPERIENCE AHMED ZAKI Senior Client Service Manager Academic Background •Ahmed holds a Master 1 degree from University of Poitiers-France • Bachelor degree with double Diploma from University of Poitiers-France and DGCI Department De Gestion Et De Commerce International.
  16. 16. •Experience: 6 years •Prior to her current position, Farida worked as research executive at TNS and senior research executive at Synovate. •Moderated a large number of FGD and in-depth interviews as well as other ethnographical approaches like home visits, shopping safaris and mystery shopping techniques in the local market (Cairo, Delta, Alexandria and upper Egypt) and the international market (Algeria, UAE). •Ethnographic studies, Motivational segmentation studies, concepts development, communication concept recycling, insight generation and product development studies •Handled numerous projects mainly in lifestyle understanding , real estate, education, pharmaceutical and FMCG sector covering different categories. WORK EXPERIENCE FARIDA CHARAOUI Qualitative Senior Research Manager Academic Background •Holds a bachelor degree in Management; The French University in Cairo and Université de Nantes
  17. 17. •Experience: 7 years •Nahla started as a Quantitative Data Analyst at Synovate back in Aug 2005, working on data validation, tabulation and analysis for various types of projects. • In 2008 she establishes the Smart Center that looks after IRS South Africa business from DP perspective, and heads the department for 2 years directly reporting to IRS South Africa Operations Director and IRS Egypt MD. •In Jun 2010, Nahla makes an internal move from DP to the Quantitative Research side, working on setting up Henkel Brand Health tracker in 12 countries of the region. •Beside handling Henkel account, Nahla worked on Usage & Attitude, Product & Concept Testing and Brand Health projects for Kraft, Toshiba El Arabi and Al Ahram Daily Newspaper. WORK EXPERIENCE NAHLA EL SHAARAWY Quantitative Research Manager Academic Background •Nahla holds a Bachelor degree in Management and Information Systems from Sadat Academy
  18. 18. •Experience: 2 years •Christine started as a Junior Research Executive at Synovate in September 2010, working mainly on Henkel Brand Health tracker in 12 countries of the region. • Further to Ipsos-Synovate merge in Jan 2012, Christine joined marketing department with a focus on Etisalat account. • Beside Brand Tracker studies, Christine worked on different types of researches; such as customer satisfaction, mystery shopping, concept testing, usage & attitude etc.. •Handled clients in FMCG‟s, automotive as well as telecom such as: Henkel, Etisalat, Total, Ikea, Samsung, MacDonald's, Friesland Campina, GB Auto and Ford. WORK EXPERIENCE CHRISTINE SAMY Research Executive Academic Background • Holds a bachelor degree in Management; The French University (UFE) in Cairo.
  19. 19. •Experience: 3+ years •She started her research career in Synovate MENA since she was in second year of college (2009). As a part of the “Business Development” unit. •In 2011 she handled the “Qualitative Research” of “Unilever UAE Account” in Synovate. •Then prior to her current position she was a part of “Ipsos Marketing Quantitative Team”. •She has worked on several projects in different sectors which include FMCG, Fast Food, automotive, real estate, aviation, Cement, media, and Education. •In charged of different types of research: Usage and Awareness, Mystery Shopper, tracker, product testing, and Censydiam Software tool (CCL). •She has also different country experience in: North Africa and Middle East. WORK EXPERIENCE HALA KABOUDAN Research Executive Academic Background •License and a Master 1 degree in Management and Information System from University of Nantes, France..(with HIGH Honors and placed FISRT on promotion). •Dale Carnegie Certified in; Effective Communication and High Impact Presentation.
  20. 20. •Experience: 2 years •Handled several FMCG‟s projects. •Scopes: Usage & Attitudes, and Concept testing, Market Understanding. •Handled clients like: Nestle‟, Unilever, Americana •Her Fresh start in Market Research Field was at IRS May 2011. •Her profound analytical skills and curiosity to explore and know more about the reasons behind consumer‟s behaviors are the key drivers for her passion for Qualitative research. •Her expanded exposure through her work experience and social development activities shaped her communication skills to be flexible for different reach at different projects. •Worked before as an English Language instructor at Berlitz which extended her interpersonal skills on different levels. WORK EXPERIENCE HADIL MOHAMMED NAGUIB Research Executive Academic Background •Professional Certificate in Marketing “2011” – The American University in Cairo. •BSc. in Pharmacy – Cairo University
  21. 21. •Experience: 2 years •Handled various construction, pharmaceutical, and Real Estate projects. •Scopes: Usage & Attitudes, Customer satisfaction, and Concept testing & exploration, and Ad testing. •Handled clients like: Pfizer, Cadbury, SIBIC, Smash Mgt, and Look Pavilion. •Moderated IDI‟s amd a group of mystery safaris. WORK EXPERIENCE HOSSAM SAFWAT Research Executive Academic Background •Bachelors of Commerce & Business Administration “2009” – Helwan University. •Professional Certificate in Marketing “2011” – The American University in Cairo.
  22. 22. • Experience: 2 years • Mina started as a Junior Research Executive at Synovate in July 2011, working mainly on Ahram Beverages Company, GB Auto and different ad-hocs. • Further to Ipsos-Synovate merge in Jan 2012, Mina joined the qualitative department and then moved to the Nielsen Company working on Henkel, Vodafone, Givaudan, RedBull, ABC and Johnson & Johnson . • He works heavily on qualitative research studies because of his interpersonal skills and his passion to exploring reasons behind consumers‟ behaviors. • He has moderated a number of focus groups, in depth interviews and ethnography visits covering the main geographical regions of Egypt with respondents that are representative of all SEC, and worked on some analytical reports. This experience helped him in gaining an insightful understanding of Egyptian consumers' consumption patterns, lifestyles, attitudes, habits and perceptions • Mina worked on different types of researches; segmentation studies, brand equity, concept testing, usage & attitude etc.. • Handled clients in FMCG‟s, automotive as well as telecom such as: Henkel, Vodafone, ABC ,Givaudan, Samsung, Mobinil, Friesland Campina, GB Auto, RedBull, Johnson & Johnson, etc… WORK EXPERIENCE Mina Galal Research Executive Academic Background • Mina holds a “Licence” degree in “Business Administration and Information Systems” from the French university in Egypt in 2010 and a Master 1 degree in “Sciences de Gestion” from L‟universite de Nantes in 2011.
  23. 23. •Experience: 16 years •Hossam is working at IRS as Field operations Head. •He used to head the quantitative operations in Synovate from 2007 to mid 2012 where he enhanced his experience in managing field managers, senior supervisors and supervisors between surveyed locations. •Hossam has lately managed more than 800 quantitative projects in Egypt, with primary responsibility over resources and time scheduling as well as conformance to quality standards and survey designs. •In this capacity, Hossam will lead the fieldwork team to meet the noted project quality and management objectives. •Before joining Synovate, Hossam used to work at Fedex for 10 years as Airport operations manager. WORK EXPERIENCE HOSSAM ABOULNAGA Quantitative Operations Head Academic Background •Academic background: Bachelor of Commerce. •Hossam holds certificates for Call Center Training (FedEx) /Cage Training (FedEx)/ Managerial Skills Course & Quality Awareness Course
  24. 24. THANK YOU