windowsdoorconferenceroombar(Finlandia)companyinformation(Conmio)product showcase(Northern Oddities)food(Nordic Breads)mus...
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  1. 1. windowsdoorconferenceroombar(Finlandia)companyinformation(Conmio)product showcase(Northern Oddities)food(Nordic Breads)music(PlayMySong)trading cards(Nuppu Labs)projected films(Ivana Helsinki)Northern OdditiesrepresentativesBYO consultingrepresentativeConmiorepresentativebartenderFINNISH DESIGN + TECHNOLOGY: A PARTYDesigning an engaging and informative experience for our guestsGUEST ORIENTATION PROCESS:Making sure that our guests felt comfortable and well-oriented was a guiding principle aswe designed the experience of this event.1. Guests arrive and wait in line outside building.2. Guests are checked in by Eventbrite workers who refer to RSVP list. If the guest has a starnext to their name they are given a wooden heart token and advised to find staff memberswearing a matching pin in order to receive a special gift bag.3. Eventbrite workers release VIP guests into the party immediately and release generaladmission guests into the party as advised by BYO consulting staff in order to keep thespace from becoming overcrowded.4. When guests walk into the door, they are given a didactic card that provides informationto the featured pieces in the space.5. VIP guests find representative(s) with token pin and are given gift bag.(didactic card)1234567When guests enter the party, they are given a didacticcard and can choose to go in multiple directions.your guide toFINNISH DESIGN + TECHNOLOGYIndustrial // Northern Oddities“Northern Oddities - Design Collection from Finland” is a joy-ful manifesto for the Finnish eccentric lifestyle and its pureform of design. It is a story of eight curious Finnish designbrands on their crusade to New York City. For all of them, thisContinent.Fashion // Ivana HelsinkiIvana Helsinki is an independent art, fashion & cinema brand,delicately mending Slavic rough melancholy and pure Scan-dinavian moods. The balancing between white arctic summernights and endless winter sadness. Eerie hovering isolationand intense starkness. Ivana Helsinki collections are likesmall ballads with charming, soulful and savvy tones.Food // Nordic BreadsEver since the Stone Age, Rye has been a vital componentthe Finns for it’s fantastic taste and healthy qualities. Accord-ing to Finnish folklore, “Ruis gives power to the wrists”. Todaythe Finnish Ruis bread is more sophisticated way to enjoy thepower of rye.Drinks // Finlandia VodkaIn the late 1960’s, an esteemed group of Finnish visionar-ies desired to create a vodka brand that embodied the bestofferings of Finland. The challenge was to design the perfectborn from the untouched and pristine nature of their home-land and share with as many people around the world aspossible. They succeeded.Technology // Nuppu LabsNuppu Labs is a full-service web & mobile development col-lective comprised of New York City strategists and Finnishdesigners and developers -- bringing together the best talentfrom both countries.Mobile // ConmioConmio leads the way providing mobile services. We strive todeliver the best mobile services, ensuring your customers willreceive the ultimate mobile experience, both now and in thefuture. Every month, hundreds of millions of global consum-ers browse the mobile services that are powered by Conmio’stechnology .Music // PlaymysongPlaymysong has reinvented the jukebox for the smartphoneera. Playmysong’s app turns every smartphone into a mobileremote control for music in bars, parties, homes and events.This event was lovingly designed by BYO consulting.slideshow ofFinnish design