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  1. 1. m a r i c o uncommon sense By: Yash SuranaBy: Yash Surana
  3. 3. H I S T O R YH I S T O R Y  1862 - Kanji Morarji, started a small trading business in Mumbai  Bombay Oil Industries Ltd (BOIL) in 1948  Manufacturing Facilities - coconut oil extraction plant, vegetable oil refinery and a chemical plant  1990 - marketing division was hived off into a separate company in Marico Industries Ltd (MIL)  Marketing - coconut oil, edible oil, instant starch, fruit jams etc including the brands Saffola and Parachute  Marico's brands and their extensions have occupied leadership positions with significant market shares in all categories- Coconut Oil, Hair Oils, Anti-lice Treatment, Premium Refined Edible Oils, Fabric Care etc.
  4. 4.  the philosophy that will build the culture to drive business growth  an organization - which is flat with only five levels of reporting between the Managing Director and an operator on the shop floor  Marico's structure is dynamic and constantly evolving  Business ModelBusiness Model  heightened sensitivity to consumer needsheightened sensitivity to consumer needs  setting new standards in the delivery and quality of products and servicessetting new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services through processes of continuous learning and improvementthrough processes of continuous learning and improvement  model ensures that Marico is present in unique / ethnic Indian Product ormodel ensures that Marico is present in unique / ethnic Indian Product or Services categories where typical MNCs would not be strongServices categories where typical MNCs would not be strong M A N A G E M E N T
  5. 5. Mr. Harsh Mariwala Chairman & Managing Director (Promoter) Mr. Rajeev Bakshi Non-Executive and Independent Mr. Atul Choksey Non-Executive and Independent Mr. Nikhil Khattau Non-Executive and Independent Mr. Jacob Kurian Non-Executive and Independent Mr. Rajen Mariwala Non–Executive (Promoter) Ms. Hema Ravichandar Non-Executive and Independent Mr. Bipin Shah Non-Executive and Independent M A N A G E M E N T
  6. 6.  safe and effective procedures - enhance the look and feel of the skin  scientific, unisex dermatological procedures  US FDA approved technology P R O D U C T S
  7. 7.  line of luxury Ayurvedic skin care products  super-premium outlets, specialty stores, Spa channels, internet  winner of Fashion Group International Award in 2001 P R O D U C T S
  8. 8.  premium edible grade oil  positioning – purity  loosely available commodity to a path-breaking brand  communication has evolved over time to appeal to different consumer sets P R O D U C T S
  9. 9.  concern today is the occurrence of heart disease with every fourth Indian being under the threat  fortified with natural vitamin E - preserves the stability of oil, increases its shelf-life, retard aging and prevents heart disease P R O D U C T S
  10. 10.  a three-decade-old brand - acquired from Procter & Gamble, in July 1999, in the shampoo format  treating lice  primary target - mothers of school-going children (urban/rural) P R O D U C T S
  11. 11.  post wash hair conditioner  primary target - female between 18-34 yrs, SEC AB  prevalent in the urban sections, single use, single use sachet pack - rural marketsachet pack - rural market P R O D U C T S
  12. 12.  instant Cold Water Starchinstant Cold Water Starch  the ONLY product of its kindthe ONLY product of its kind  created a market for Instant starch, whencreated a market for Instant starch, when there was nonethere was none P R O D U C T S
  13. 13.  pleasantly perfumed non-sticky hair oilpleasantly perfumed non-sticky hair oil  positioning - the lightest perfumed hair oil offeringpositioning - the lightest perfumed hair oil offering both “Style & Nourishment”both “Style & Nourishment”  enriched with “Herbal Proteins” which areenriched with “Herbal Proteins” which are extracted from Neem & Tulsi, a process patentedextracted from Neem & Tulsi, a process patented by Maricoby Marico P R O D U C T S
  14. 14.  Refined Sunflower OilRefined Sunflower Oil  positioning - as a 88% saturated, fat-freepositioning - as a 88% saturated, fat-free oil with Low Absorb propertiesoil with Low Absorb properties  primary target has been housewives (ageprimary target has been housewives (age 25 +)25 +) P R O D U C T S
  15. 15.  wide range of great tasting products suchwide range of great tasting products such as Jams, Sauces, Baked Beans, Chineseas Jams, Sauces, Baked Beans, Chinese Vinegar, Sweet Corn Soup, MayonnaiseVinegar, Sweet Corn Soup, Mayonnaise  No.2 brand in the Jams categoryNo.2 brand in the Jams category P R O D U C T S
  16. 16.  premium quality edible grade coconut oilpremium quality edible grade coconut oil  brand is one of Marico's recent acquisitions,brand is one of Marico's recent acquisitions, having been bought in November 1999having been bought in November 1999  consumer franchise spans women of all ageconsumer franchise spans women of all age groupsgroups  strong rural presencestrong rural presence P R O D U C T S
  17. 17.  launched on the platform of “Goodnesslaunched on the platform of “Goodness of Badam with Amla”of Badam with Amla”  positioning – value for moneypositioning – value for money P R O D U C T S
  18. 18.  making over Marico from a closely held familymaking over Marico from a closely held family managed firm to a highly professionallymanaged firm to a highly professionally managed organization – Harsh Mariwalamanaged organization – Harsh Mariwala  Mediker, a brand acquired from Procter &Mediker, a brand acquired from Procter & Gamble for Rs. 10 croreGamble for Rs. 10 crore  scale economies and a well-thought out pricingscale economies and a well-thought out pricing strategy in 2000 - 01strategy in 2000 - 01 T U R N I N G P O I N T I N H I S T O R Y O F C O M P A N Y
  19. 19. F I N A N C I A L P E R F O R M A N C E Period ending (months) 31-Mar-2006 (12) 31-Mar-2005 (12) 31-Mar-2004 (12) Net sales 10449.10 9373.70 8365.65 Other Income 37.10 10.20 66.22 Total Income 10486.20 9383.90 8431.88 Cost of goods sold 9058.10 8536.50 7679.35 OPBDIT 1428.10 847.40 752.53 PAT 988.60 737.90 579.98 Gross Block - 1614.30 1448.97 Equity capital - 580.00 290.00 EPS (Rs.) - 12.72 20.00 DPS (Rs.) - 5.35 8.50 BV (Rs.) - 37.46 61.96 P/E range (x) - 0.0 - 0.0 0.0 - 0.0 Debt / Equity (x) - 0.24 0.05 Operating margin (% of OI) 13.6 9.0 8.9 Net margin (% of OI) 9.4 7.9 6.9
  20. 20. F I N A N C I A L P E R F O R M A N C E THE STOCK EXCHANGE MUMBAI (BSE) QUARTER ENDED HIGH * LOW * CLOSING * MARKET CAPITALISATION ** AVG. VOLUMES PER DAY *** Mar. 31 2004 301 210 260 7540 199 Mar. 31 2005 259 161 243 14094 424 Mar. 31 2006 578 366 539.75 3132 255 * In Rupees per share of Rs. 10 each ** In INR Million *** Number of shares ('00) # The price adjusted for dividends and splits.
  21. 21. C O M P E T I T O R S Amar Remedies Limited Amarshiv Opticals Limited Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited Dabur India Limited Fem Care Pharma Limited Gillette India Limited Godrej Consumer Products Limited Godrej Industries Limited Gujarat Meditech Limited Henkel India Limited Henkel Spic India Limited Hindustan Lever Limited Hipolin Limited Ideal Optics Limited J L Morison (India) Limited Jyoti Cosmetics (Exim) Limited Muller & Phipps (India) Limited My Fair Lady Limited Nirma Limited Paramount Cosmetics (India) Limited Parikh Herbals Limited Pee Cee Cosma Sope Limited Procter & Gamble Hygiene And Health Care Limited Reckitt Benckiser (India) Limited Shikhar Leasing and Trading Limited Shri Niranjan Ayurved Bhavan Limited Swastik Surfactants Limited VEL Software Limited Vashisti Detergents Limited
  22. 22. F U T U R E MARICO YESTERDAY (1991) MARICO TODAY (2005) A sales turnover of Rs. 1059 million A sales turnover of Rs. 10128 million Profit after tax of Rs. 24 million Profit after tax of Rs. 701 million Net worth of Rs.33 million Net worth of Rs.2169 million Two products with brand names - Parachute and Saffola 12 Brands, 3 of which are Market Leaders Two factories - a coconut oil plant 7 Factories and sub - contract facilities Around 400 employees A total strength of around 1000 members
  23. 23.  The immediate plan is to expand business in a focused, de-risked manner by using newer channels of distribution and launching new skin care treatments and products.  With its continuous efforts to move up the value chain, Marico has been contemplating entering the hair wash segment through Parachute Shampoo.  Re-launch existing brands such as Parachute, Shanti Amla and Mediker  Parachute came in a new pack  Mediker was incorporated with natural ingredients such as neem, camphor and coconut oil to fight lice F U T U R E
  24. 24. T H A N K Y O U