Social media marketing examples


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A few successful examples of Social Media Marketing

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  • SONY Bravia – Color Tokyo BURGER KING: Whopper Sacrifice FRANKFURT TAXI: Piss Screen Queensland Tourism: The Best Job in the World AXE: Wake-up Service
  • Brand: Frankfurt Taxi company Solution: Call it guerilla, integrated or whatever. It‘s not online, but a video game controlled by piss promoting Frankfurt taxi is something. Imagine you come to the toilet at a Frankfurt bar, club or café. As soon as the pee begins, the game similar to Need for Speed automatically starts. The clue is that you would have a terrible crash into the oncoming-traffic if your reaction was too slow. After the crash the brand message is shown: "Too pissed to drive? Take a Taxi instead!” Results: More than 200 000 site visitors during the first three days, 2.4 million search results on Google. Messages appeared on “Pro7” TV, newspapers (not only German), blogs, including itself. Link:
  • Brand: Axe (at Japan) Solution: If your deodorant could also be an alarm-clock? Crazy. But actually, AXE did that in Japan. You come to the website, type in your phone number and receive a video call from an AXE girl, asking when you need to wake up. That‘s only a video recording, but it looks like that this girl is calling you real time as the voice from your phone and the view match perfectly.   By the way, where is the deodorant? In the morning after hearing cheerful ”Good morning!“ on your mobile phone, of course you hear an even more cheerful ”Don‘t forget to spray with AXE!“ Results: According to the agency, viral effect exceeded expectations. Link:
  • Brand: Burger King “Whopper” What: Facebook app How it works? People who struggle by thinking, “who are these people on my friend list” can relax now. For every 10 deleted friends you get a free burger (you can get only one promotional code during whole campaign). Results: More then 230 thousand “friends” were sacrificed in less than a week. That means that almost 22 thousand people are eating their free Whoppers. That’s not a big surprise, because it was covered in the news in all major lifestyle blogs and websites (simply check Google results ) P.S.: Facebook objected to the de-friending notification on the grounds that it would disrupt users' privacy expectations. However, Burger King decided to pull the campaign rather than continue the application with restrictions. The Whopper Sacrifice website now reads: "Whopper Sacrifice has been sacrificed." 
  • Social media marketing examples

    1. 1. Social Media – e-Marketing
    2. 2. Niche Market Creative Interesting Successful
    3. 3. Examples SONY BRAVIA - Color Tokyo FRANKFURT TAXI: Piss Screen AXE: Wake-up Service BURGER KING: Whopper Sacrifice Queensland Tourism: The Best Job in the World
    4. 4. SONY BRAVIA: Color Tokyo! What : site to change the lighting of Sony building Results : Website access sky-rocketed, causing it to be shut down! Over 100,000 comments were left on WebNews, i.e. Yahoo! News, and Blogs. It made headlines on TV, Internet and newspapers for great publicity
    5. 5. FRANKFURT TAXI: Piss Screen What : video game controlled by piss, ending in "Too pissed to drive? Take a Taxi instead!” Results : was on Pro7 TV/newspapers/blogs
    6. 6. Pressure-sensitive inlay set within urinals More than 200 000 site visitors during the first three days, 2.4 million search results on Google. Messages appeared on “Pro7” TV, newspapers (not only German), blogs, including itself.
    7. 7. AXE: Wake-up Service What : online/mobile wake-up call Results : exceeded expectations 20,000 participants & over 1,000,000 page visits in 2 weeks earning it considerable PR. The site was awarded a bronze Cyber Lion.
    8. 8. BURGER KING: Whopper Sacrifice What : Facebook app Results : 230 000+ friends sacrificed in 6 days Now is the time to put your fair-weather Web friendships to the test. Install Whopper Sacrifice on your Facebook profile, and we'll reward you with a free flame-broiled Whopper when you sacrifice 10 of your friends.
    9. 11. The Best Job in the World What: Promotion of Queensland as a holiday destination globally. Results: Overall PR value: AUD$398million; Campaign reach: 3 billion via Over 8,465,280 website visits Global news coverage, including CNN, BBC, Time magazine, Private Eye
    10. 12. Social Media – If used properly, would provide benefits at the cheapest cost