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Poster List - The University of Toledo :
Poster List - The University of Toledo :
Poster List - The University of Toledo :
Poster List - The University of Toledo :
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Poster List - The University of Toledo :


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. COM Research Day Posters March 27, 2010 FINAL COPY Principal Investigator Title Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases Marilyn Borst,M.D. Development of a patient specific neural network model: prediction of glucose levels in a trauma patient K-V Chin,Ph.D. Novel pharmacotherapy for obesity Jennifer Hill,Ph.D. Nutritional infertility Bina Joe, Ph.D. Genes as biomarkers for complex diseases-hypertension Cynthia Smas, Ph.D. Control of Lipid DropletSize by Fat Specific Protein 27 (FSP27) Bashar Kahaleh,M.D. Decrease expression of bone morphogenic protein type II receptor in scleroderma endothelial cells JiangLiu, Ph.D. Salt-loadingmediates differential endocytosis of Na+/K+-ATPase and NHE3 in the renal proximal tubules of Dahl salt-sensitiveand salt-resistantrats Joseph Shapiro,M.D. MBG induces cardiacfibrosisin a PCK and Fli-1 dependent process Guillermo Vazquez, Ph.D. Transientreceptor potential canonical channels: novel players in atherogenesis XiaodongWang, Ph.D. Membrane protein biogenesis and related human diseases Deepak Malhotra,M.D., Ph.D. Hypertension and Na+-K+ ATPase inhibitors DongHyun Kim, Ph.D. Stem cells of adiposedepots, inflammation and insulin resistance:roleof lipid metabolisms Eric Morgan, Ph.D. A rolefor carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule1(CEACAM1) in the development of metabolic syndrome and regulation of cardiac metabolism Tamara Castaneda,Ph.D. Regulation of energy balanceby insulin metabolism Meenakshi Kaw, Ph.D. CEACAM1- A molecular link between obesity, NASH and cancer Nader Abraham, Ph.D. Stem cells therapy for the treatment of acute kidney injury George Cicila,Ph.D. Genetics of longevity and cardiovasculardisease Andrea Kalinoski,Ph.D. Neointimal hyperplasiaand vasoreactivity arecontrolled by genetic elements on rat chromosome 3 Lijun Liu, Ph.D. Digitalisinduced cardiac Na/K-ATPasesignalingin vivo SandrinePierre, Ph.D. Cardiac Na,K-ATPasein ischemia-reperfusion injury Zijian Xie,Ph.D. Discovery of Na/K-ATPase signalosomefor new drug development Larisa Fedorova,Ph.D. Mitocondrila dysfunction in the ratmodel of renal failureand hypertension Edith Mensah-Osman,M.D., Ph.D. Menin in metabolic syndrome Thomas Schwann, M.D. Sequential radial artery grafts for multivessel coronary artery disease:12 years survival and angiography resultsin 532 consecutivepatients Nikolai Modyanov,Ph.D. BetaM – A uniqueskeletal and heart muscle-specific regulator of gene expression in placental mammals Neurosciences Thomas Fine, M.A. The Kaptur Combat Mental Health Initiative:A prospective10 year study of risk and resiliencefactors for combat-related posttraumatic psychopathology and post- combat adjustment in the Ohio National Guard Joshua Park,Ph.D. Snapin plays a key roleas an adaptor for CPE cytoplasmic tail Kimberly Wilson,MSW,LSW The associationsof civilian trauma with posttraumatic stress disorder and other psychopathology in combat veterans of the Ohio National Guard Marthe Howard, Ph.D. Mechanisms regulatingdifferentiation of autonomic neurons in health and disease
  • 2. Principal Investigator Title Donald Godfrey, Ph.D. Changes of glutamate concentration in relation to neuron density in the chinchilla anteroventral cochlear nucleus followingcochlearablation Shan Abbas,M.D. Acute hyperammonemic encephalopathy associated with topiramate and valproate combination therapy Robert Mrak, M.D., Ph.D. Neuroinflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease Victoria Steiner, Ph.D. The impactof a yearlong,web-based caregiver intervention on healthcareservice use for persons with stroke Nicolas Chiaia,Ph.D. Methamphetamine, serotonin,and neocortical development David Giovannucci,Ph.D. Visualizingneuroendocrinetumor formation in organ sliceculture John Kane, M.D. Do cortical changes occur after limb amputation? An MRI study Richard Lane, Ph.D. Functional rearrangements of sensorycortex after limp removal in neonatal rats Joseph Margiotta, Ph.D. Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulatingnicotinic signaling Andrew Meszaros,Ph.D. Understandingsensorimotor interactions of movement: exercise-induced fatigue and other neuromuscular models Anna Moszczynska,Ph.D. Methamphetamine neurotoxicity and the ubiquitin proteasomesystem John Wall,Ph.D. Does your cerebral cortex structurally changefrom week to week? Brian Yamamoto, Ph.D. Psychostimulantdrugs of abuseand brain injury Elysia James,M.D. An interestingcaseof non-convulsivestatus epilepticus initially diagnosed as depressiveepisode with catatonic features Kenneth Hensley, Ph.D. Research into neuroinflammatory mechanisms of neurodegradation Orthopaedic/Biomedical Engineering Mohammad Elahinia,Ph.D. Universal minimally invasiveblood clotremoval device Charles Armstrong, Ph.D. Achievingvariablestiffness with Nitinol Sanghita Bhattacharya,M.D. Comparison of the wear pattern of an artificial cervical disc and discplaced in motion segment – a finite element based study Ali Kiapour,Ph.D. Biomechanical effectof a pediclelengthening screw for treatment of spinal stenosis Jason Levine, M.D. Multifaceted approach to modelingACL injury mechanisms Nicolas Chiaia,Ph.D. In vitro evaluation of chitosan beads for drug delivery applications David Sohn, M.D. Orthopaedic sports medicineresearch Hossein Elgafy,M.D. Orthopaedic spineresearch Beata Lecka-Czernik, Ph.D. Bone, fat, and sugar: improving safety of anti-diabetic therapies on bone SaritB. Bhaduri,Ph.D. Development of electrosprayed PLA/CDHA coatings on biomedical implants Ashok Biyani,Ph.D. Shape memory alloy based expandableintervertebral cagefor fusion of the spine Mehdi Oiyrazadt,Ph.D. FEA modeling of Nitinol medical devices Abdul-Majeed Azad, Ph.D. Antimicrobial titania nanomats and coatingsfor infection mitigation Mohamed Hefzy, Ph.D. The effects of radial coredecompression on wristkinematics Dean Demetropoulos, Ph.D. Use of force coupletesting system to determine the underlying mechanismof ACL injuries in young female athletes A. Champa Jayasuriya,Ph.D. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of ratstem cell seeded hybrid organic/inorganic microparticles Mechanical evaluation of subscapularisrepair after total shoulder arthroplasty Primary design of a shapememory alloy expandableinsertto enhance pediclescrew performance Organ positioners Wrightproject: Nitinol commercialization accelerator Cancer Biology Steven Selman, M.D. Cobra toxin – taking a bite out of your prostate Paul Erhardt,Ph.D. UT Center for Drug Design and Development: breast and prostate anticancer programs Ewa Skrzypczak-Jankun, Ph.D. Can lipoxygenasebea prognostic marker in renal cancer? Kathryn Eisenmann,Ph.D. Unconventional forms of cancer cell invasion drivingmetastasis: the roleof cortical actin cytoskeleton dynamics Jerzy Jankun, Ph.D. Anticancer activity of plasminogen activator inhibitor with very longhalf life(VLHL PAI-1); from protein structure analysisto the future drug
  • 3. Principal Investigator Title Steve Patrick,Ph.D. Enhancingcisplatin efficacy in cancer Manohar Ratnam, Ph.D. Understandinghow breastand prostate cancers become resistantto long term treatment James Willey,M.D. Validation of a multi-gene test for lungcancer risk KandaceWilliams,Ph.D. Cancer chemotherapy and tumor resistance Kam Yeung, Ph.D. A microRNA component of the senescent transcription network Divya Vijendra,M.D. Outlier example of glioblastoma multiforme Colette Glynn Gaba, M.P.H. Genetic epidemiology of lung cancer project atThe University of Toledo Medical Center David Allison,M.D., Ph.D. The aneuploid phenotype may be selected in response to random genetic damage Ivana de la Serna,Ph.D. Chromatin remodeling in the tanningresponse WilliamMaltese,Ph.D. Induction of a new form of cell death in brain tumor cells Arunan Nadarajah,Ph.D. Biomarker detection with molecular imprinting Jean Overmeyer, Ph.D. Induction of a new form of cell death in brain tumor cells Robert Trumbly, Ph.D. Bioinformatic analysisof novel transcriptional regulation by nuclear receptors Infection, Immunity & Transplantation Robert Blumenthal, Ph.D. Control and spread of bacterial genes Viviana Ferreira,Ph.D., DVM Immunobiology of the complement system Mark Wooten, Ph.D. Host-pathogen interactions in the development of Lyme diseaseand melioidosis Randall Worth,Ph.D. Biology of IgG receptor FcgRIIA Akira Takashima,M.D., Ph.D. Dendritic cell engineering Deepa Mukundan, M.D. Understandinginfectivity and virulenceof methicillin resistantStaphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Hironori Matsushima,Ph.D. Direct visualization of cytokineproduction in inflammatory skin Kevin Pan,M.D., Ph.D. Synergistic induction of inflammation by bacterial products:An important microbial pathogenic mechanism Nancy Collins,Ph.D. Stem cells and cell processing for regenerative medicine research and clinical trials Isabel Novella,Ph.D. Experimental viral evolution:fromtesting Darwin to treating cancer JulieWesterink, M.D. Translational Immunology Thea Sawicki,Ph.D. Replication of plus-stranded RNA viruses and the control of double-stranded RNA Michael Rees, M.D. Clinical results of kidney paired donation Wenhao Chen, Ph.D. Neonatal tolerance Stan Stepkowski, Ph.D. Induction of immune tolerance Other Scientific and Clinical Areas John Turner, Jr., Ph.D. Project 1 - Bioindicatorsof chronic environmental stress Project 2 - Long-term controlled-releasecontraceptivevaccines Mhd Adnan Alsaka,M.D. Acute symptomatic dilutional hyponatremia in end stage renal diseasepatient JiangTian,Ph.D. Renal ischemia regulates marinobufagenin releasein humans Sadik Khuder, Ph.D., DDS Finingcommon autoimmune diseasegenese by combiningmicroarray experiments Nauman Khurshid,M.D. Changes and successes in femaleinterval sterilization atthe University of Toledo Medical Center after the introduction of ESSURE Catherine Marco,M.D. Access to careamong Emergency Department (ED) patients in an urban center David Pearson,Ph.D. Dosimetric comparison of three multi-lumen brachytherapy applicators with the original MammoSite® balloon used in partial breastirradiation (PBI) Paul Rega, M.D. Usingan H1N1 vaccination drive-through to introduce healthcarestudents and their faculty to disaster medicine Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D. The evolution of genomic sequence mid-range in homogeneity Stephen Roberts, Ph.D. Health promotion in the Emergency Department Brian Harrington,Ph.D., MPH Attempts to stain trichomonas vaginalisin clinical specimens with the fluorescent brighteners calcofluorwhiteand uvitex 2B Sheryl Milz,Ph.D. Monitoringagricultural sewagesludge – epidemiology Christopher Bork, Ph.D. Clinicians' knowledgeabout botulism Brian Fink,Ph.D. Analysis of the relationship between diet and exercise FarhangAkbar, Ph.D. Carcinogenic CrystallineSilica DustExposurein Construction Industry
  • 4. Principal Investigator Title John Feldmeier, D.O. A novel applicator systemfor 3D volumetric dosemetry for HDR treatment of endometrial and cervical cancer Vivian Moynihan,M.D., MPH Interprofessional awarenessatUTMC Diana Shyvdka,Ph.D. Thin filmCdTe photovoltaic detector performance under diagnostic X-ray beams Imtiazuddin Shaik,M.D. Delayed cerebrospinal fluid leak after stab injury to the sacrum: a casereport and review of the literature Ishmael Parsai,Ph.D. A newly developed radioactiveseed capableof concurrent brachytherapy and hyperthermia treatments in solid tumors:design considerations and thermal properties Wayne Jaggernauth, Ph.D. Commissioningthe 3D-linemMC in the pinnacleTPS Kurtis Stewart, M.D. Resuscitation with ketones improves survival over lactated ringers in a ratshock model Kristopher Brickman,M.D. Sticker shock:Emergency Department clinicians’knowledgeof prescription medication charges Murthy Gokula,M.D. IAIMS - identify, assess,implement, modify, spread/surveillanceto reduce catheter associated urinary tractinfections (CAUTIs) in hospitalized patients atthe University of Toledo Medical Center by implementing FIRM protocol Ronald Mellgren, Ph.D. New insights in plasma membrane repair Husam Semaan, M.D. Cardiac FDGuptake, an indicator of responseto therapy in cancer patients Cost of care: knowledge among ED physiciansof laboratory and imagingstudies Mohsin Jamali,Ph.D. High performance computing usingmulticoreand GPUs Carlos Baptista,Ph.D. Plastination in education and research