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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Robert L. Martuza, M.D. Office Address: Higgins Professor of Neurosurgery Chief, Neurosurgery Service Massachusetts General Hospital WHT502 55 Fruit Street, Boston, MA. 02114-2696 Phone: 617-726-8581 Fax: 617-726-4814 Email: Place of Birth: Wilkes-Barre, PA (USA) Date of Birth: July 1, l948 Education: 1969 B.A. Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 1973 M.D. Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA Postdoctoral Training: Internship and Residencies: 1973-1974 Intern in General Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 1975-1979 Resident in Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 1979-1980 Chief Resident in Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Research Fellowships: 1972-1973 Student Research Fellow in Virology (Tumor virology; Dr. Paul Black), Massachusetts General Hospital 1974-1975 Clinical and Research Fellow in Neurosurgery Neurosurgical Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital Licensure and Certification: 1976 Massachusetts Medical License Registration (39007; issued 1/30/76) 1983 American Board of Neurological Surgeons (Board certified, May l983) 1985 Fellow, American College of Surgeons Academic Appointments: 1
  2. 2. 1980-1981 Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School 1981-1986 Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School 1986-1991 Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School 1991-2000 Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Georgetown University 2000-present Higgins Professor of Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School Hospital Appointments: 1980-1981 Assistant in Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital 1981-1986 Assistant Visiting Neurosurgeon, Massachusetts General Hospital 1987-1991 Associate Visiting Neurosurgeon, Massachusetts General Hospital 1991-2000 Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Georgetown University Hospital 2000-present Chief, Neurosurgery Service, Massachusetts General Hospital Other Professional Positions and Major Visiting Appointments: 1980-1991 Director, Neurofibromatosis Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital 1988-1991 Co-director, MGH Brain Tumor Center 1992-2000 Director, Georgetown Brain Tumor Center 1999-2000 Associate Director for Clinical Research Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University 2000-present Director, Pappas Center for Neuro-Oncology, MGH 2005-present Board of Trustees, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, Inc. Principal Clinical and Hospital Service Responsibilities: 1980-1982 Emergency Ward Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital 1980-1983 Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit Committee Massachusetts General Hospital 1980-1983 Co-director of Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit Massachusetts General Hospital 1981-1983 Subcommittee Review for Research Proposals, Massachusetts General Hospital 1981-1991 Cancer Affairs Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital 1981-1984 CT Subcommittee, Massachusetts General Hospital 1984-1986 Chairman, Laser Safety Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital 1987-1988 Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Lasers, Massachusetts General Hospital 1989-1991 General Clinical Research Center Advisory Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital 1989-1991 MGH Laser Committee 1991-2000 Georgetown Operating Room Committee 1991-2000 Georgetown Executive Faculty Committee 1991-2000 Georgetown Executive Staff Committee 2
  3. 3. 1992 Georgetown Ophthalmology Chairman Search Committee 1993 Fiscal Affairs Committee, Georgetown Faculty Practice Group 1993 Georgetown Endocrinology Chief Search Committee 1993-1998 Georgetown Space Utilization Committee 1993-1998 Georgetown, Internal Advisory Board for The Program in Cognitive and Computational Sciences 1994 Chair, Search Committee for Chair of Neuroscience Department, Georgetown University 1994-1999 Staff Appointments Committee, Georgetown University Medical Center 1999-2000 Associate Director for Clinical Research Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University 2000 -present Managed Care Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital 2000-present Executive Committee on Research, Massachusetts General Hospital 2000-present Partners Research Council, Partners Healthcare 2001-present General Executive Committee, The Massachusetts General Hospital Corporation 2005 Member, Search Committee for Neurosurgical Chief, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 2006-present Clinical Co-Chair, MGH Vascular Center Major Committee Assignments: National and Regional: 1981-1991 Medical Advisory Board of the National Neuro-fibromatosis Foundation, New York, New York 1983 Joint Committee on Education, Congress of Neurological Surgeons and American Association of Neurological Surgeons 1984 Member of Executive Committee, Joint Section on Tumors, Congress of Neurological Surgeons, American Association of Neurological Surgeons 1985 Subcommittee on Research of Brain Tumors, Congress of Neurological Surgeons 1986-1990 Co-Chairman of Research Advisory Board, National Neurofibromatosis Foundation 1987 Joint Subcommittee on Research, Congress of Neurological Surgeons, American Association of Neurological Surgeons 1988-1991 Joint Section on Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 1989 The Academy Resident Award Committee, The American Academy of Neurological Surgery 1991 First World Health Organization Planning Conference on Neurofibromatosis, FL 1991 Planning committee for NIH Consensus Conference on Acoustic Neuroma 1991 Ethics and Human Values Committee, American Association of Neurological Surgeons 1991-1992 Co-director, Review and Update in Neurobiology for Neurosurgeons, 3
  4. 4. Woods Hole, MA 1992 Chairman, The Academy of Neurological Surgery Resident Award Committee 1993-1996 Co-Chair, Technology Assessment Committee, Society of Neurological Surgeons 1994-1997 Joint Washington Committee, Congress of Neurological Surgeons 1994-1998 Chairman, Decade of the Brain Task Force American Association of Neurological Surgeons Congress of Neurological Surgeons 1994-2000 National Cancer Advisory Board, Liaison Representative of AANS 1996 Member NIH Site Visit Team, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL 1997-present Scientific Advisory Board, MediGene, Inc, (Neurovir, Inc.). 1998 NIH Grant Reviewer for NSD-B study section meeting on Pilot Clinical Trial Grants 1998 NIH Grant Reviewer for NCI-F study section on Training Grants in Surgery 1998-present American Society of Gene Therapy, coordinating reviewer 1998-1999 Member of NIH/NINDS Brain Tumor Genome Anatomy Project 1999-present Program Committee, American Society of Gene Therapy 1999-present Board of Scientific Counselors, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) 2000-present Scientific Advisory Board, Direct Gene, Inc. 2003-present Advisory Board, CEREGENE, Inc. 2003-present Director, American Board of Neurological Surgery Professional Societies: 1980-1991 Massachusetts Medical Society 1980-present American Medical Association 1982-1991 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery 1982-present Congress of Neurological Surgery 1983-1991; 2000-present New England Neurosurgical Society 1983-1991 Massachusetts Neurosurgical Society 1983-present American Association of Neurological Surgeons 1985-present Fellow of the American College of Surgeons 1986-1991 The New York Academy of Sciences 1986-1991 Massachusetts Chapter, American College of Surgeons 1986-present Society for Neuroscience 1988-present The American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 1988-present World Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 1988-present Member, Section of Surgery, Royal Society of Medicine 1989-present American Academy of Neurological Surgeons 1991-present American College of Surgeons, Washington, D.C. Chapter 1992-present Society of Neurological Surgery 1992-present D.C. Medical Society 1992-2000 Southern Neurosurgical Society 1995-present The Charles A. Dana Foundation 1997-present American Association for Cancer Research 1998-present American Society of Gene Therapy 4
  5. 5. 2000-2003 Member, Cancer Gene Therapy Committee, American Society of Gene Therapy 2002-2003 Co-chair, Program Committee, American Society of Gene Therapy Editorial Boards: 1987-89 Assistant Clinical Editor, Neurofibromatosis Research Newsletter 1989-1999 Editorial Board, Journal of Neuro-oncology 1993-present Editorial Board, Cancer Gene Therapy 1997-present Commentator, Neurologia medico-chirurgica 1997-present Editorial Board, Brain Tumor Pathology 1998-present Editorial Board, Neoplasia 1999-2005 Editorial Board, Journal of Neurosurgery 2000-present Scientific Advisory Board, Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. Awards and Honors: 1968 Phi Beta Kappa, Bucknell University 1969 Louis Robey Award, Bucknell University 1969 Cum Laude, Chemistry, Bucknell University 1973 Alpha Omega Alpha, Harvard Medical School 1973 Magna Cum Laude (thesis in a special field), Harvard Medical School 1988 Traveling Fellowship from The Royal College of Surgeons of England 1989 Von Recklinghausen’s Award for the advancement of medical sciences in the field of neuro-fibromatosis; from the National Neuro-fibromatosis Foundation 1994 Grass Award, Society of Neurological Surgeons 1998 NF, Inc. Scholar Award Funded Grants: 1982-1987 Teacher-Investigator Development Award (NS00654) “Neurofibromatosis: Cellular features, hormonal controls” 1982 Principal Investigator, National Neurofibromatosis Foundation Research Grant 1983-1986 Physician’s Recognition Award, American Medical Association 1983-1986 Principal Investigator, National Institutes of Health Grant (RO1NS20025) “Hormonal modulation of tumors of neurofibromatosis” 1985-1988 Co-investigator, National Neurofibromatosis Research Grant “DNA transfection analysis of the tumors of neurofibromatosis” (P.I., L. Jacoby) 1986-1987 Principal Investigator, Whitaker Health Sciences Fund Grant “The combined treatment of malignant brain tumors with stereo-tactically applied photodynamic therapy, hyperthermia, and ionizing radiation” 1986-1987 Principal Investigator, National Neuro-fibromatosis Foundation Research 5
  6. 6. Grant “Melanocyte growth and modulation in neuro-fibromatosis” 1986-1987 Co-investigator, National Neurofibromatosis Foundation Research Grant, “Chromosomal alterations in tumors associated with bi-lateral acoustic neurofibromatosis: a molecular genetic approach focused on chromosome 22” (P.I., B. Seizinger) 1986-1990 Principal Investigator, renewal of RO1NS20025,”Hormonal modulation of tumors of neurofibromatosis” 1987-1990 Principal Investigator “Studies of melanocytes in neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis”. Neurogenetics Center Grant (PO1-NS24279) 1989 Principal Investigator “Evaluation of a two-wavelength laser in neurosurgery” subcontract via Abiomed,Inc. from National Institutes of Health 1990-1992 Principal Investigator “Genetic alteration of nervous system tumors”, project 2 of Neurogenetics Center Grant (l-PO1-NS24279) 1993-1996 Principal Investigator “Molecular targeting of therapy for nervous system tumors”. (P20-CA60176-01) 1994.1997 Co-Investigator, “Gene delivery to the CNS to modulate epilepsy” (S. Rabkin, PI)(R01 NS 33342) 1994-1998 Principal Investigator “National CNS Tumor Consortium - Georgetown/Lombardi Cancer Center” (U01 CA62454) 1994-1998 Principal Investigator, “Genetically engineered viruses for brain tumor therapy” (R01 NS 32677) 1994.1998 Co-investigator, “Early clinical trials of antiangiogenesis agents” M. Hawkins, PI (U01 CA62500) 1996.1999 Principal Investigator, subcontract, 3-D Aids to stereotactic brain cancer surgery (R44 NS32610-03) 1997-1999 Principal Investigator, Pre-clinical studies of G207 (Neurovir, Inc.) 1997-2002 Program Leader, Neuro-oncology, Cancer Center Support Grant, M.Lippman, PI 1998.2000 Co- Investigator, A dose escalating Phase I Study of the treatment of Malignant Gliomas with G207, a genetically engineered HSV-1 (Neurovir, Inc.) 1998-2001 Principal Investigator, “Herpes vectors for prostate cancer therapy” CaPCURE Foundation 1998-2003 Principal Investigator, “Herpes virus therapy of prostate cancer”, Dept. of Defense (DAMD17-98-1-8490) 1998-2007 Principal Investigator, “Genetically engineered viruses for brain tumor therapy” (R01 NS 32677 -12) 2001-2006 Principal Investigator, “Clinical Research Training Program in Neuro-Oncology”, National Cancer Institute, (K12-CA90354) 2004-2007 Principal Investigator, “Immunologic Approaches for Oncolytic Viral Therapy of Prostate Cancer”, Department of Defensive (Idea Development Award) (W8IXWH-04-1-0254) 2004-2007 Principal Investigator, “HSV Vector Therapy for NF2 Lesions in Mouse Models” Department of Defense (Therapeutic Development Award) (W8IXWH-04-1-0237 ) 2004-2009 Principal Investigator, “ Genetically engineered viruses for prostate 6
  7. 7. cancer therapy” (CA102139) Major Research Interests: 1. Central Nervous System Tumors: Alteration or destruction of tumor cells by genetically engineered viruses. Studies of etiology, modulation, and treatment of nervous system tumors. Use of biologic modifiers, gene and viral therapy to treat nervous system tumors. 2. Neurofibromatosis: Clinical aspects; pathogenesis of the meningeal, Schwann cell and glial tumors. Experimental therapeutics using anti-angiogenesis agents and “nerve-sparing” viral vectors. 3. Cancer Therapy with Viral Vectors: Development of HSV1-derived vectors to treat prostate and other cancers. Development of “nerve-sparing vectors” for cancer therapy and viral vectors and cell- specific vectors as oncolytic agents and as in situ anti-cancer vaccines. 4. Molecular Neurosurgery: Use of viral vectors and genetically engineered cells for gene transfer in vitro and in vivo in order to alter nervous system function and treat intrinsic nervous system and neuro- vascular diseases. Teaching Experience: 1976 Developed and directed a continuing neuro-pathology course for neurosurgery residents 1980 Instructor in Surgery for Introduction to the Clinic for Harvard Medical Students 1981-1989 Developed and instructed a lecture and dissection course in neuroanatomy and peripheral nerve surgery for neurosurgery residents 1983 Developed and directed with the National Neurofibromatosis Foundation a symposium for physicians and associated health care persons. “Neurofibromatosis: Clinical care research directions”. 1980-1990 Lecturer, MGH Neurosurgery Post-graduate Course 1990 Organizer, moderator, speaker in section on malignant brain tumors MGH Neurosurgery Post-graduate Course 1993 Lecturer, Frontiers in Medicine Georgetown Physiology Graduate Lecture Series 1995 Lecturer, Neuroscience Survey Course 1996-1999 Medical student lectures on neurosurgery, Georgetown 1998-1999 Medical student and Neurology resident lectures on CNS tumors 1998-1999 Lecturer, Neuroscience Survey Course, Georgetown University Invited Lectures and Visiting Professorships 1981 Invited lecturer “Lasers and phototherapy in Neurosurgery”, Mayo Clinic 1984 Invited lecturer, CT Stereotactic-Surgery, Sponsored by: Division of Neurosurgery, University of Utah School of Medicine 1987 Invited Guest Speaker, First LINK Conference on Neurofibromatosis, Runnymeade, England1987-1993 Invited lecturer at Woods Hole course “Review and Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons” 7
  8. 8. 1988 Visiting Professor and lecturer, The Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, England 1988 Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, The Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, England 1988 Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, The Midland Centre for Neurosurgery, Birmingham, England 1988 Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, England 1989 Invited Speaker and Session Chairman, First Meeting of the International Society on Neurocutaneous Disorders, Tokyo, Japan 1989 Invited Guest Speaker, The American Academy of Neurological Surgery, Tuscon 1989 Visiting Professor, Chicago Neurosurgical Center 1990 Visiting Professor, Dartmouth Medical School 1990 Organizer and speaker, First MGH Brain Tumor Workshop 1990 Invited Speaker, Banbury Conference on Neurofibromatosis, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 1990 Guest Speaker, American Neurological Association, Atlanta 1990 Invited Guest Speaker, 8th Nikko Brain Tumor Conference, Saga, Japan 1991 Co-director, Woods Hole course “Review and Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons” 1991 Browder Memorial Lecture, New York Neurosurgical Society 1992 Arkin Memorial Lectureship, Chicago Children’s Hospital 1992 Invited Guest Speaker, LINK Conference on Neurofibromatosis, Oxford, U.K. 1992 Invited speaker, American Academy of Neurological Surgeons 1992 Invited Guest Speaker, 5th Canadian Neuro-Oncology Meeting 1992 First Visiting Professor, Carolyn Farb Endowment Fund in Neurofibromatosis, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 1992 Invited speaker, Preuss Foundation Seminar, Miami Beach 1993 Invited speaker, Decade of the Brain Symposium “Advances in the Treatment of Brain Tumors”, Univ. Cincinnati 1993 Invited guest lecturer, Japan Neurosurgery Society, Tokyo Visiting Professor, Asian Medical Center, Seoul, Korea 1993 Galbraith Lectureship and Visiting Professor, University of Alabama 1993 Janssen Distinguished Lecturer, “Current concepts in brain tumor biology and therapy”, 21st Annual Meeting, SNACC, Washington, DC 1993 Invited speaker, Second Conference on Cancer Gene Therapy, San Diego 1993 Invited Lecturer, UCLA post-graduate update on brain tumor therapy, Los Angeles 1993 Invited speaker, Scandinavian Glioma Conference, Copenhagen 1994 Visiting Professor, Emory University 1994 Altman Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania 1994 Keith Visiting Lectureship, University of Toronto 1994 Visiting Professor and guest lecturer University of Chicago 8
  9. 9. 1994 Chairman and lecturer Decade of the Brain Symposium “Gene Therapy in the Nervous System” 1994 AANS meeting, San Diego 1994 Invited speaker, Preuss Foundation Seminar on Tumor markers for glial tumors, San Diego CA 1994 Invited speaker, Grass Award Lecture, Society of Neurological Surgeons, Charlottesville, VA 1994 Invited Lecturer, 7th Canadian Neuro-oncology Meeting, Calgary 1994 Guest speaker, Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences, St. Johns, Newfoundland 1994 Session leader and guest speaker, Therapeutic approaches to neurofibromatosis, FASEB conference on neurofibromatosis, Santa Cruz, CA 1994 Aitken Memorial Lecture, London, Ontario 1994 Invited speaker, Brain Tumor Symposium on New Therapies, Hutchinson Cancer Center, Seattle 1994 Invited speaker, Taxin Brain Tumor Symposium, Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA 1995 Neuro-oncology Lectureship Visiting Professor, Mayo Clinic 1995 Lecturer, Gene Therapy Series, National Institutes of Health 1995 Invited Speaker and Scientific Committee Member Gene Therapy for CNS Disorders, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 1995 Session Leader and invited speaker, NNFF International Consortium for Molecular Biology of NF1 and NF2, Philadelphia, PA 1995 Invited Speaker, “Development of replication competent viruses for therapy of brain tumors” at the “International Symposium of Molecular Neurosurgery Based on Gene Therapy” Nagoya, Japan 1995 Invited Speaker and Chair of Gene Therapy Session, The Eleventh International Conference on Brain Tumor Research and Therapy, Napa, California, U.S.A. 1995 Invited Speaker, Delaware Neurosurgical Society 1996 Invited Speaker, Huntsman Cancer Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 1996 Invited speaker, Preuss Conference on Gene Therapy for Brain Tumors, San Diego, CA. 1996 Visiting Professor, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA 1996 Invited lecturer, Univ. Michigan Cancer Center, Ann Arbor, MI 1996 Invited lecturer, Univ. So. Carolina, Charleston, SC 1996 Chair, AANS Decade of the Brain Symposium, “Watching the Brain Work”, Minneapolis, Minn. 1996 Invited Speaker and Moderator of section onCNS Gene Therapy, TIGR Gene Therapy Conference, Hilton Head, NC 1996 Chair, Section on Experimental Therapeutics for NF, FASEB Conference on NF, Aspen, CO 1996 Visiting Professor, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI 1996 Invited speaker, FDA/NIH conference on Gene Therapy, Bethesda, MD 1997 Pennathur Sundarum Memorial Lecturer, Herpes Virus Therapy of Cancer, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 1997 Invited Speaker, NIH Conference on Herpes Vectors 1997 Visiting Professor, Wake Forest University Medical Center (formerly 9
  10. 10. Bowman-Gray Medical School) 1997 Invited Lecturer, New York University post graduate course, “A Systems Approach to Glial Neoplasms” 1997 Speaker and symposium moderator, “State of the Art Treatment of Brain Tumors”; American Brain Tumor Association and Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, Washington, D.C. 1997 Invited speaker, Workshop on NF2: Present and Future,Bethesda, MD 1997 Invited Lecturer, Wood’s Hole RUNN course 1998 Invited speaker, AANS Tumor Satellite Meeting, Phila., PA 1998 Invited speaker, American Society of Gene Therapy, First Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. “Herpes virus targeting of glioblastoma” 1998 Invited speaker, First International Congress, Genetics in Neuroscience, Terni, Italy 1998 Invited speaker, CaPCURE Annual Research Retreat 1998 Invited Lecturer, Wood’s Hole RUNN course 1999 Chairman and speaker of session on “Neurocutaneous Syndromes”, Congress of Neurological Surgeons meeting, Seattle 1998 Invited Lecturer, New York University post graduate course, “A Systems Approach to Glial Neoplasms” 1998 Invited lecturer, Institute for Human Gene Therapy Annual Retreat, Univ. Pennsylvania 1999 Visiting Professor and Invited speaker, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Dept. Neurosurgery 1999 The First Annual Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumor Research Center Academic Lecturer, Toronto 1999 Invited speaker, Second US-Japan Gene Therapy Conference, Bethesda, MD 1999 Invited Speaker, “Conditionally replicating herpes vectors for tumor therapy”, Amer. Assoc. for Cancer Research 90th meeting, Philadelphia, PA 1999 Chair, Cancer I Session, American Society of Gene Therapy, Second Annual Meeting, Washington, DC 1999 Invited speaker, International Heresvirus Workshop, Cambridge, MA 1999 Invited Speaker, “Development of herpes vectors for cancer therapy,” National Cancer Institute Phase I Meeting, Bethesda, MD 1999 Invited presenter, CaPCURE Annual Research Retreat 1999 Visiting Professor, Saga Medical School, Saga, Japan 1999 Visiting Professor, Nagoya Medical School, Nagoya, Japan 1999 Honored Guest Speaker, 58th Japan Neurosurgical Society, Tokyo 2000 Invited Speaker, RUNN Course, Woods Hole, MA Invited Speaker, “Development of herpes vectors for abnormal prostate cancer”, CaPCURE Retreat, Lake Tahoe, Nevada 2001 Invited Speaker, Second International Symposium on Genetic Anticancer Agents, Valencia, Spain 2001 Invited speaker, CaPCURE Eighth Annual Scientific Retreat, Lake Taho, Nevada 2002 Invited Speaker, 93rd Annual Meeting, American Association for Cancer Research, San Francisco, CA 10
  11. 11. 2002 Invited Speaker and Moderator, Annual Meeting, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Chicago, Il. 2002 Invited Speaker, 53rd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery, Halle/Saale, Germany 2002 Invited Speaker, Third International Symposium on Genetic Anticancer Agents, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2002 Invited Speaker, Japan Neurosurgical Society 61st Annual Meeting, Matsumoto, Japan 2002 Keiji Sano Lectureship, Teikyo University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan 2002 Invited Speaker, Brain Tumor Forum, Nagoya Brain Tumor Society, Nagoya Japan 2003 Invited Speaker, Oncolytic Viruses as Cancer Therapeutics Conference, Banff, Alberta Canada 2003 Invited Speaker, 15th International Conference on Brain Tumor Research and Therapy, Sorrento, Italy 2003 Visiting Professor/Speaker, Departments of Medicine and Surgery and of Neurosurgery, “La Sapienza” (University of Rome), Policlinico Umberto I Hospital, Rome, Italy 2004 Invited speaker, Tenth Annual Meeting of the Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Consortium, Bend, Oregon 2004 Keynote Speaker, 5th Annual Meeting of the Japan Molecular Neurosurgical Meeting, Tokyo, Japan 2004 Frank P. Smith Visiting Professor, University of Rochester Medical School, Rochester, New York 2004 Keynote Speaker, 3rd Meeting of the Asian Society for Neuro-Oncology and 3rd Shanghai International Conference of Neurosurgery (Joint Conference), Shanghai, China 2004 Invited Speaker, Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Neurosurgical Institute, Beijing, China 2005 Keynote Speaker, Japan Neurological Society, Yokohama, Japan 2005 Keynote Speaker, RUNN Course, Woods Hole, MA 2005 Lecturer, Harvard Medical School, Course on Brain Tumors, Boston, MA Inventions and Patents 1. Inhibition of neurofibrosarcoma growth and angiogenesis (patent filed 1990; patent issued July 18, 2000; # 6,090,794) 2. Viral mediated destruction of neoplastic cells (patent filed 1990) 3. Viral targeted destruction of neoplastic cells (patent filed 1990) 4. Transfer and expression of gene sequences into central nervous system cells using herpes simplex virus mutants with deletions in genes for viral replication (patent filed 1992) 5. Replication-competent herpes simplex-1 virus mediates destruction of neoplastic cells (patent filed 1994; patent issued Dec.17, 1996; #5,585,096) 11
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