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  1. 1. CinéasteThe quiz where we like to mov(i)e it ! Mov(i)e it !! Quizmasters Avaneendra Bhargav Rohan Jain
  2. 2. 1The name of the film literally means"Sand woman," it is directed by HiroshiTeshigahara. The surreal and, at times,absurd nature of The film has beencompared to existentialist works such asSartres No Exit and Becketts Happy Days.Aside from its intriguing premise, this filmis notable for the life that Teshigaharabrings to the ever-shifting sand, whichalmost becomes a character in its ownright. Which film ?
  3. 3. 1The Woman in the Dunes
  4. 4. 2New techniques currently being developed ininteractive movies, introduce an extradimension into the experience of viewingmovies, by allowing the viewer to change thecourse of the movie. In traditional linearmovies, the author can carefully construct theplot, roles, and characters to achieve a specificeffect on the audience. Interactive movies,introduce an extra dimension into theexperience of viewing movies, by allowing theviewer to change the course of the movie.Where is this concept predominantly used ?
  5. 5. 2Video games
  6. 6. 3In his review of the film, X said ‘Its justscience fiction, so its allowed to besilly, and childish, and stupid. Its justscience fiction, so it doesnt have to makesense. Its just science fiction, so you mustask nothing more of it than loud noisesand flashing lights. Thats the harm ofClose Encounters; that it convinces tens ofmillions that thats what just sciencefiction is’. His review was titled "TheReluctant Critic“ Who is X ?
  7. 7. 3Isaac Asimov
  8. 8. 4‘Twenty One’ scandal revealed thatthe quiz was rigged which isdepicted in 1994 film ‘Quiz Show’.Contestant Herb Stempel testifiedthat he had been ordered byproducers to answer incorrectly toquestion ‘Who won the academyaward for Best Picture in 1955?’, heanswered “On TheWaterfront”, which was wronganswer. What’s the right answer?
  9. 9. 4Marty
  10. 10. 5Connect (exhaustive)
  11. 11. 5Films which beat Indian films at oscars.Nights of Cabiria – 1957 – Mother IndiaPelle The Conqueror – 1988 – Salaam BombayNo Man’s Land – 2002 - Lagaan
  12. 12. 6This law is legislated by some states in the US.Colloquially known as "Make My Day Law“,which comes from the reference to a lineuttered by Clint Eastwoods character HarryCallahan in the 1983 film Sudden Impact, "Goahead, make my day”. What is its official name.
  13. 13. 6Castle Doctrine
  14. 14. 7This character was first played by BrianCox but for the sequel DustinHoffman, Robert De Niro and SeanConnery were approached but they allturned down the role. X accepted it andwon his only Academy award for thesame role. Which character ?
  15. 15. 7Hannibal LectorX is Anthony Hopkins
  16. 16. 8After watching the unconventional, off-centercamera techniques of his film, X praised "youngY," saying "Hes the first one of us who doesntsee the proscenium arch." Or, to paraphrase, hewas the first mainstream director to thinkoutside the visual dynamics of the theater. X andY?
  17. 17. 8X – Alfred HitchcockY – Steven SpielbergThe movie in question was Jaws
  18. 18. 9• Robert Rich won the Oscar for ‘The Brave One’ in 1956 but was presented with a statuette in 1975.• Ian Mclellan Hunter won the award in 1953 for Roman Holiday but in 1993 a statuette was awarded to someone else. Why ?
  19. 19. 9• Dalton Trumbo.• Robert Rich was a fictional and Ian Mclellan Hunter was a front.
  20. 20. 10In the movie Hanna Tom Hollander is seen whistling this tune throughout the movie, why ? Composer and the song ?
  21. 21. 10Devil Is In The Detail By ChemicalBrothers. Song was especiallycomposed for the film “Hanna”
  22. 22. 11John Houston planned to make thefilm with Humphrey Bogart & ClarkGable. Then he thought of BurtLancaster & Kirk Douglas, he laterapproached Paul Newman & RobertRedford but Newman suggested X &Y. This is the only film in which X & Yacted together and the only film inwhich Y has appeared with his wifewho portrayed the character ofRoxanne.
  23. 23. 11X – Sean ConneryY – Michael Caine (wife is ShakiraCaine)
  24. 24. 12Dogme 95 is an avant-gardefilmmaking movement started in1995 by the Danish directorsThomas Vinterberg & X. Thismovement focuses on to createfilms based on the traditional valuesof story, acting and theme, excludingthe use of elaborate special effectsor technology. Who is X ?
  25. 25. 12Lars Von Trier
  26. 26. 13This is the only film in the Academy awardshistory to be a nominee in two separate non-consecutive years. It was a Best Foreign FilmNominee for 1966 and then a nominee for BestScreenplay and Direction in 1968. Name thefilm.
  27. 27. 13The Battle of Algiers
  28. 28. 14This film theory derived in part fromMarxist film theory, semiotics &psychoanalysis was predominantduring 1970s. It maintains thatcinema is by nature ideologicalbecause its mechanicsrepresentation are ideological. Itfollows an institutional model ofspectatorship. Which theory ?
  29. 29. 14The Apparatus Theory
  30. 30. 15She comes from the oldest family of Bollywood.But she is being launched as an actor in KaranJohars upcoming film Student Of The Year andnot by anyone in her family. Who is she or whichfamily does she belong to ?
  31. 31. 15Alia Bhatt
  32. 32. 16Salman Rushdie calls X ‘a sci-fi masterpiece’ & hasargued that this exploration of unreliability of thereality & the power of human unconsciousness, thisgreat examination of the limits of rationalism & theperverse power of even most ill-fated love, needs to beseen as widely as possible before it is transformed bySteven Soderberg and James Cameroon into what theyludicrously threaten will be ‘2001 meets Last Tango inParis’, What? Sex in space with floating butter ? Y mustbe turning over in his grave.
  33. 33. 16X – SolarisY – Andrei Tarkovsky
  34. 34. 17A term was coined to describe a British culturalmovement theatre, art, novels, film and televisionplays, whose heroes usually could be described asangry young men. It used a style of social realism,which often depicted the domestic situations ofworking class Britons living in rented accommodationand spending their off-hours drinking in grimy pubs, toexplore social issues and political controversies. Mostnotable examples are Room At The Top, Billy Liar andAlfie (1966).
  35. 35. 17Kitchen Sink Realism
  36. 36. 18Aamir Khan apart from being an actor and adirector is a writer as well, but so far he haswritten only one screenplay. Which film ?
  37. 37. 18Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke
  38. 38. 19Sergio Corbucci was an Italian film director. He isbest known for his very violent yet intelligentspaghetti westerns. He was for a long timeconsidered an exploitation director, but has nowattained a vast following and is easily compared toSam Peckinpah or Sergio Leone. He was knowbetter in the industry by his nickname, what was it?
  39. 39. 19‘The Other Sergio’
  40. 40. 20 Which film is being shot ?
  41. 41. 20Siegfried by Fritz Lang
  42. 42. 21X is a motion picture process in 1916 & mostwidely used in Hollywood from 1922 to 1952 forspecial purposes. It was most commonly usedfor filming musicals, costume pictures &animated films. The downfall of this processbegan in 1950s because of the new processcreated by Y. X and Y ?
  43. 43. 21Eastman ColorTechnicolor
  44. 44. 22Lyrics of this song were written by X but he felt uncomfortable while writing the english lyrics so he asked Y and Z to do it. X,Y and Z please ?
  45. 45. 22X – Javed AkhtarY – Farhan AZ – Zoya A
  46. 46. 23 Connect.
  47. 47. 23Entire cast nominated for AcademyAwards.Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton,George Segal, Sandy Dennis - whosafraid of virginia woolfLaurence Olivier, Michael Caine –SleuthJames Whitmore - Giveem HellHarry
  48. 48. 24-------- Cinema was a documentary film movementthat emerged in England in the mid-1950s. Theterm referred to an absence of propagandisedintent or deliberate box office appeal. Co-foundedby Lindsay Anderson, films were ‘----- in the sensethat they were made outside the confines of thefilm industry and were distinguished by their styleand attitude and the conditions of production.FITB (one word)
  49. 49. 24Free Cinema