Industrial pollution


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  • It may increase a country’s economic growth at the same time these large scale industries cause pollution of land,water,air,noise,thermal,and many other and results in degradation of environment.
  • High Proportion of undesirablegases, such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • In many five year plans, measures are taken to reduce pollution.Some were successful while some where not.
  • Refer TEXTBOOKShorten it-Amongst the guiding principles, adopted in the document, are the company's proactive approach to environment, optimum utilisation of equipment, adoption of latest technologies and continual environment improvement. The policy also envisages efficient utilisation of resources, thereby minimising waste, maximising ash utilisation and providing green belt all around the plant for maintaining ecological balance.NTPC's environment-friendly approach to power has already begun to show results in conservation of natural resources such as water and fuel (coal, oil & gas) as well as control of environmental pollution. NTPC has chalked out a set of well-defined activities that are envisaged right from the project conceptualisation stage.Performance enhancement and upgradation measures are undertaken by the organisation during the post operational stage of the stations. These activities have greatly helped to minimise the impact on environment and preserve the ecology in and around its power projects. These measures have been enumerated as follows.
  • Industrial pollution

    2. 2. DEFINITION OF POLLUTION• When Harmful Substances Contaminate the Environment it is Called Pollution.• Pollution refers to the very bad condition of environment in terms of quantity and quality .
    3. 3. Industrial Pollution & Environmental Degradation• Since the industrial revolution, pollution has been a major problem affected with the same.
    4. 4. Types of PollutionThere are Five types of Pollution• Air Pollution• Water Pollution• Noise Pollution• Thermal Pollution• Radio Active Pollution
    5. 5. Air Pollution• Air Pollution is a pollution that spreads very fast and spreads in the air and causes SKIN & LUNGS diseases.
    6. 6. Causes & Effects Causes Effects• Industries • Ecosystems• Automobiles and • Health of humans, Domestic fuels animals, plants• High Proportion of • The atmosphere as a undesirable gases. whole
    7. 7. Prevention• Treating Effluents before leaving it into the atmosphere• Anticipate unexpected emissions and take proactive action to prevent their release
    8. 8. Water God’s Valuable Gift
    9. 9. Water Pollution• It is the introduction of chemical, biological & physical matter into large bodies of water that degrade the quality of life that lives in it & consumes it.
    10. 10. Causes & Effects Causes Effects• Effluents discharged into • Disturbs ecosystems rivers. • Loss of aquatic life• Oil spills, garbage, • Spread of Diseases sewage water
    11. 11. Prevention• Minimising use of water by reusing and recycling in two or more stages• Harvesting of rain water to meet water requirements• Treating effluents before releasing
    12. 12. Water Pollution Pictures
    13. 13. What is NOISE???? Noise can be simply defined as unwanted sound. The sound is pleasant or not depends upon its loudness, duration, rhythm and the mood of the person.
    14. 14. Causes & Effects Causes Effects• Industries, Factory • Hearing Loss Equipment, Generators • High BP, Stress• Construction and civil • Sleep Disturbances engineering works.
    15. 15. Prevention• The Government should ensure the new machines that Should be noise proof.• Industries should be setup outside residential area and not near schools.
    17. 17. Radio Active Pollution Pollution caused by the resultant substances from nuclear reactors and other radioactive substances.
    18. 18. Causes & Effects Causes Effects• Nuclear Power Plants, • Cancer Weapons • Swelling of Bone Joints• Disposal of nuclear waste • Eye Problems• Uranium Mining
    19. 19. Prevention• Avoid Constructing Nuclear Power Plants• Avoid Using Nuclear Weapon• Have Proper Treatment for Nuclear Waste• Avoid mining for Uranium to a minimal
    20. 20. Measures taken by Government Many schemes were introduced by the government to reduce pollution. Some of them were specific while some were general.
    21. 21. Work of NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is a major power providing corporation that has a pro-active approach for preserving the natural environment. In November 1995, NTPC became the first public utility to bring out a comprehensive document entitled "NTPC Environment Policy and Environment Management System".