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Adjectives followed by a preposition teacher's resource

Adjectives followed by a preposition teacher's resource






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    Adjectives followed by a preposition teacher's resource Adjectives followed by a preposition teacher's resource Presentation Transcript

    • Example sentences
    • AT
    • FOR
    • TO
    • ABOUT
    • OF
    • WITH
    • FROM
    • ONdependent onintent onkeen on
    • IN(in)experienced ininterested in
    • ABOUT-angry / annoyed / furious about somethingExample: Im really angry about our losses onthe stock market!-excited about somethingExample: Hes excited about his birthdayparty next week.
    • ABOUT-worried / upset about somethingExample: Hes worried about his upcomingexaminations.-sorry about somethingExample: Im very sorry about losing yourbook.
    • AT-good / excellent / brilliant at something OR atdoing somethingExample: They are excellent at planning funparties.-bad / hopeless at something OR at doingsomethingExample: Unfortunately, Im hopeless at being ontime
    • AT / BYamazed / astonished / shocked /-surprised at OR by somethingExample: I was amazed at hissuccess.
    • FOR-angry with someone for somethingExample: Im really angry with John for his total lack ofresponsibility.-famous for somethingExample: Shes famous for her watercolor paintings.-responsible for somethingExample: Youll have to speak to John, hes responsible forcustomer complaints.
    • FOR-sorry for doing somethingExample: He says hes sorry for shouting atyou.-(to feel or be) sorry for someoneExample: I really feel sorry for Pam.
    • FROM-different from somone / somethingExample: His photographs are very different fromhis paintings.
    • OFnice / kind / good / generous of someone (to do something)Example: It was very nice of him to buy me a present.mean of someone (to do something)Example: It was very mean of Susan to say that to Tom.stupid / silly of someone (to do something)Example: Im afraid it was stupid of me to come.
    • OFpolite of someone (to do something)Example: It was very polite of Peter to invite my sister to the party.impolite / rude of someone (to do something)Example: I cant believe how rude it was of Jack to shout at his daughterin front of all those people.unreasonable of someone (to do something)Example: Dont be so hard on yourself! Its unreasonable of you to expectto understand everything immediately.
    • OFproud of something or someoneExample: Im very proud of my daughters wonderfulprogress in school.ashamed of someone or somethingExample: Shes ashamed of her bad grades.jealous / envious of someone or somethingExample: Shes really envious of her sisters wealth.
    • OFcapable / incapable of somethingExample: Peter is quite capable of conducting the meetingon his own.fond of someone or somethingExample: She is so fond of her niece.intelligent / clever / sensible of someone (to dosomething)Example: That was quite sensible of Tom.
    • OFaware / conscious of somethingExample: Teens are often overly conscious of skinblemishes.short of somethingExample: Im afraid Im short of cash tonight.tired of somethingExample: Im tired of your complaining!
    • ONto be keen on somethingExample: She is very keen onhorses.
    • TOmarried / engaged to someoneExample: Jack is engaged to Jill.nice / kind / good / generous to someoneExample: She was very generous to me when I was staying with her.mean / impolite / rude / unpleasant / unfriendly / cruel to someoneExample: How can you be so unfriendly to your neighbors?similar to somethingExample: His painting is similar to Van Gough.
    • WITHangry / annoyed / furious with someone for somethingExample: Im furious with my brother for having lied to me!delighted / pleased / satisfied with somethingExample: He is quite satisfied with his results.disappointed with somethingExample: Shes really disappointed with her new car.
    • WITHbored / fed up with somethingExample: Lets go. Im fed up with this party.crowded with (people, tourists, etc.)Example: Disneyland is crowded withtourists in July.