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  • 1. The House of Parliament
    • Пикулина Светлана, ученица 8А класса.
    • МОУ Красноткацкая СОШ
  • 2. Цель исследования
    • Показать историю и современность одной из главных достопримечательностей Лондона -зданий Парламента.
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  • 4. The House of Parliament, called officially the Palace of Westminster were built during the reign of Edward the Confessor in 1066.The Palace was the royal residence and also the country’s main court. Soon it became the seat of government and until the 16 th century it was used both as a royal residence and as a parliament house. The Parliament met here since the 16 th till the 19 th century.
  • 5. The present Houses of Parliament were built after the fire in the Palace of Westminster in 1834.The modern Houses of Parliament, a symbol of London, spread magnificently on the north bank of the Thames. The British Parliament consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
  • 6. Big Ben
    • At the two corners of the building there are two great towers. One of them, St. Stephen’s Tower, or the clock Tower, contains the famous Big Ben. It is the huge bell known all over the world, called so after the name of the Chief Commissioner of Works Benjamin Hall. Big Ben, the voice of London has been telling the time to the second since 1859.Thirteen and a half ton bell was mounted on the 96 m. clock faces, which each measure seven m. in diameter.
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  • 8. Вывод
    • Богатая история, архитектурная ценность и живая современность делают это здание одной из жемчужин Лондона, привлекающей миллионы туристов со всего мира. Это поистине символ Лондона.
  • 9. Список литературы
    • Английский язык. 600 устных тем для школьников и поступающих в вузы/ И.Ю. Бакланова и др.- М.: Дрофа, 1999.- 608 с.
    • Голицынский Ю.Б. Великобритания: Пособие по страноведению-СПб.: КАРО, 2008-480с., ил.
    •   Страноведение: Великобритания/ В. А. Радовель.– Ростов-на–Дону: Феникс, 2005.– 320 с. 
    • Сушкевич А.С., Маглыш М.А. Английский язык: Устные темы с упражнениями.- Мн.: ООО «Аверсэв», 1998.- 256 с.
    •   http:// фото-28.03.2010, 29.03.2010, 30.03.2010