Urban Space: The old skool interactive platform


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This is a presentation i gave at Iginte Phoenix 5, whre I has 5 minutes to present 20 slides that changed every 15 seconds.

Cities used to be social places designed for people. Now they are designed for cars and commerce. Social Media is closing this gap. It allow us to explore ways to engage with the people, stories, interpretations, and values of a specific place. This will affect how we relate, not only to each other, but to our cities and neighborhoods.

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  • Urban Space: The old skool interactive platform

    1. 1. URBAN SPACE: the old skool interactive platform julian nistea on Flickr Yuri Artibise policy wonk | placemaker | writer @Yuri Artibise
    2. 2. what is opportunity urbanism? interac tion BossBob50 on Flickr Daniel Greene on Flickr numstead on Flickr cre ati vit y www.yuriartibise.com
    3. 3. freeparking on Flickr cities used to be social places designed for people yuri.artibise@gmail.com
    4. 4. Cobalt123 on Flickr now cities are designed for transit and transactions @YuriArtibise
    5. 5. afagen on Flickr freeways have fundamentally reshaped the city www.yuriartibise.com
    6. 6. Suburbanization & gentrification Mark Strozier on Flickr have isolated people yuri.artibise@gmail.com
    7. 7. yet the urban ideal remains @YuriArtibise
    8. 8. majorbonnet on Flickr Why? connections www.yuriartibise.com
    9. 9. “the more mobile we become as a society, the more we crave a sense of rootedness, community and belonging.” nan ellin asu associate professor & planning program director yuri.artibise@gmail.com
    10. 10. place is Stu ck in C ust om so nF lick r dead... @YuriArtibise
    11. 11. ...long live place! DigitalUrban on Flickr www.yuriartibise.com
    12. 12. Plug 1 on Flickr How do we get old skool interaction back? yuri.artibise@gmail.com
    13. 13. introducing place 2.0 mistdog on Flickr @YuriArtibise
    14. 14. Zeno_ on Flickr place 2.0 = attentional urbanism www.yuriartibise.com
    15. 15. the place of social media Anger mann on Fli ckr yuri.artibise@gmail.com
    16. 16. “ the most interesting effect of new communication technologies is, perhaps, not how we use them, but how they change how we use everything else.” faris yakob talent imitates, genuis steals @YuriArtibise
    17. 17. community is not technology Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline on Flickr www.yuriartibise.com
    18. 18. but technology can facilitate community baratunde on Flickr yuri.artibise@gmail.com
    19. 19. “the geometry of the city is no longer just the skyline. it now also includes the graph of its social networks.” ben cerveny vurb.eu graphic by Linda Suffidy @YuriArtibise
    20. 20. a whole new internet urbanism Brajeshwar on Flickr www.yuriartibise.com