Mobile banking: new horizons for a mobile operator


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Mobile Horizons - Istanbul, June 4, 2013

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Mobile banking: new horizons for a mobile operator

  1. 1. 1MTS Bank and MTS Money:New Horizons for a Mobile Operator
  2. 2. От доли в медиа (деньги) ккоординированное направлениевнимания (интереса)2voice is dead
  3. 3. Revenue from mobile data in USA,billions of USDData is a big thing for now…Voice ARPU and Data ARPU in USA, USDPeople get more and more used to receiving voice services for free. The loss inrevenue is compensated by dramatic growth of data revenues.VoiceData
  4. 4. …but what next?.. Serve as data transport only Sell access to internet Provide the reason WHY Leverage current network Sell not only access to internet but alsoVAS, content and other services (own orin partnership) which require this access4Dumb Pipe Smart PipeForecast: Pure technology and investment race Hard to differentiate No potential for ARPU in the futureForecast: Sustainable ARPU growth Higher loyalty and lower churn Better grounds for differentiation
  5. 5. Mobile Financeone of the most promisingsmart pipe solutions5
  6. 6. UbiquityTrustSynergy6123Why mobile finance?
  7. 7. Ubiquity: Penetration of mobileis far ahead of (traditional) bankinghave a bankingaccount in Russia745% 98%vshave a mobile phoneand account in Russia
  8. 8. Trust: People trust mobile operators more than banksInternational bankswhich are active on theRussian market areperceived less reliablethan government banksMobile operators areperceived as reliable andaccessible as the best banksMTS is perceived better thancompetitionLow accessibility High accessibilityLowreliabilityHighreliability
  9. 9. Synergy: Winning components9Strong &reliablebrandVast retailpresence(3500 stores)70 mlnexistingcustomers1 2 3+Three times more reliable unified scoring systemSustainable ARPU growth potentialAttractive loyalty program MTS Bonus
  10. 10. MTS Bank Launch Advertising Campaignvideo case study
  11. 11. MTS Bank Launch Advertising Campaignvideo case study
  12. 12. What next? The strategic vision is to unify customers’ banking and mobile accounts toattain the maximum synergy, build a stronger eco-system and open upmore business opportunities12Mobile MoneyUnification of mobileand bankingaccountsMicro CreditIntermediary solutionfor m-commerce andm-bankingNano CreditOperator services forzero mobile balancesituationsvisioncurrentbasicInstant credit to yourmobile account
  13. 13. Credit product line from a mobile operator13Nano CreditMicro CreditMTS MoneyCustomer can only spend this creditmoney on the operator servicesEasy Payment (rent, phone, internet, etc)Cash withdrawal at operator storesPayment on the MTS web storeTransfers to other numbersVirtual cardNFCTraditional plasticPayment at MTS RetailUnification of banking and mobileaccounts in the futureGrowthofLoyaltyandARPU
  14. 14. Virtual banking cardNFC card for use withyour SIM cardUnified mobile andbanking accountMobile POS terminalUniversal banking cardMTS MoneyPOS and Mobile CreditsGift banking cardEasy Payment (web siteand application)Full banking product line from a mobile operator
  15. 15. “The best way to predictthe future is to create it”Abraham Lincoln
  16. 16. 16Yaroslav Smirnov“New Horizons for a Mobile Operator” you!