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We help companies break into the multichannel marketing and help franchises and associations implement marketing portals.

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  • Why – because as we stated earlier – the media mix is changingPrint is not dying – it is in a slow, precipitous decline – run-lengths are going down – number of jobs and amount of personalization is going up!Print is being redefined every day to be more targeted and personalizedAll digital media is on the rise
  • Omnilynx

    2. 2. Marketers are voting with their Dollars
    3. 3. Growth in Advertising and Marketing Spend: 2010 Mobile 30% 28% Online Video/ Social 20% 20% Email 17% Mass 2010 Growth Rate 10% Online Direct Search Mail 4% Telephone 3% 0% 0% Broadcast Online -3% Display -10% Yellow News- papers -5% Direct Pages -9% Magazine -10% -11% -20%Source: DMA Statistical Fact Book, 2010
    4. 4. Volume Projection USPS
    5. 5. Average Number of Media Types Used in a Direct Marketing CampaignHow many different types of media does your company use for a typical direct marketingcampaign? Mean = 3N = 518Source: Capturing the Cross Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010
    6. 6. Increase in Response Rate over Print Only 40% 34% 30% 28% 20% 19% 10% 0% Print & Print & Web Print & Web email Landing Page, email and Landing Page Mobile MarketingN = 217 marketersSource: Multi-Channel Communications Measurement & Benchmarking. InfoTrends, 2008
    7. 7. Overview • Corporate Headquarters has complete control over marketing collateral – Set Business Rules • Franchises or Local offices can modify based on business rules – Images – Offers – List • Responses tracked to the individual location levels.
    8. 8. Profile• SAAS Cloud Platform• Campaign Management• Easy to use Platform• Affiliate Portal
    9. 9. Omni Campaign Manager • OmniEmail • OmniTXT Messaging • OmnipURLS • OmniSocial Media • OmniDirect Mail • OmniPrint
    10. 10. OmniEmail • Portal For Corporate Management • Wysiwig Editor • HTML Editior • Gallery of Samples • Real Time Reporting • List Management • Gallery of Images
    11. 11. Omni TXT Messaging • Portal for Corporate Management • Double Opt in Management • Real Time Reporting
    12. 12. OmnipURLS • Wysiwig Editor • HTML Editior • Personalized URL for every recipient. • Real Time Reporting
    13. 13. Omni Direct Mail • List Managements – List Upload – List Purchase • Sample Gallery • Ability to Modify templates • Presort Software Integration
    14. 14. Omni Print • IndesignPlugin • Products – Window Clings – Banners – Menus – Postcards – Letterhead – Posters – Business Cards – Newspaper Ads – Yellow Page ads
    15. 15. Omni Campaign Manager • Schedule entire Campaign – Email, TXT PURL, Direct Mail, Print • Reporting – Response – Delivery – Financial /ROI – Across Channel – Across Campaigns
    16. 16. Portal Process Franchisee ReviewsFranchisor uploads and Orders Collateral Franchisor Approves Collateral From Local Vendor or Centralized Location Franchisee Makes Franchisor Sets Changes based on the Business Rules Mail/Printer Produces rules defined by the Franchisor Franchisor Franchisee Reviewsdetermines who can the selects the see the collateral Collateral
    17. 17. Types of Collateral Specialty Direct Mail PURLS POS/POP Emails Text Messages QR Codes Products•Buy or Upload •Personalized •Window Clings •HTML •Ages 25-34 •Mobile Apps •Hats a list Urls •Stickers •Open Rates are more likely •T-Shirts•Select a •Ask Questions •Menus •Click Rates to respond to •Golf Balls mailing piece •Get feedback a text message •Table Tents •Pens•Save 17 Days rather than a •Reporting of work email
    18. 18. The OmniLYNXproduct suite2/15/2011 2
    19. 19. product highlights– W2P•Deploy Unlimited •Dynamic quoting &storefronts Submission•Multi-level and budget •Flight Checking via PitStopapproval Server•SAP, Aribia, Oracle •Support for discount &integration promotion codes 2/15/2011 2
    20. 20. product highlights- marketing•Deploy complete print, PURL, email & mobile campaigns•Real-time CASS certification and list acquisition•Generate unique QR codes for better targeting•Ability for end users todeploy campaigns in minutes•Integration into social mediasuch as Twitter 2/15/2011 2
    21. 21. product highlights - marketing•Multi-variant targeting forincrease response rates•Mid campaign self-correctingoptimization •Multi-drop support allows for true drip marketing 2/15/2011 2
    22. 22. OmniLynxvs.competitionvendor overview weaknesses  Offers only a SaaS delivery model Offers web-to-print  Pricing model involves both high storefronts with VDP and start-up costs plus high monthly costs offline cross media.  Cross media functionality is not available online. Offers product through a  Branding and retail functionality is SaaS hosted model. extremely limited.  Has no online design tool. Offers web-to-print  Web-to-print storefront & cross storefronts with VDP and media are in different platforms. cross media.  No job submission or pre-flighting  Requires proprietary desktop Offers product through a software licenses to build templates. SaaS or self-hosted model.  Cross media campaigns can only be launched by admin users.
    23. 23. OmniLYNXvs.competition vendor overview weaknesses Offers primarily cross media  Full version requires self-hosting. functionality although does  Pricing model involves both high have more basic storefront licensing costs plus dedicated ongoing capability. IT resources required. Offers product mainly  Cross media campaigns can only be through a self hosted model launched by admin users. but has a light-weight SaaS.  Weak storefront capabilities. Offers web-to-print  Has no cross media functionality. storefronts with VDP.  Pricing model involves both high start-up costs plus high monthly costs Offers product through  Branding and retail functionality is Digital both a SaaS & hosted extremely limited.Storefront model.  Has no online design tool.  User workflow is extremely rigid.
    24. 24. product positioningProduct Scope– Only product that provides solutions for everyinteraction a commercial printer has with their client.User launched Campaigns– Only product that allows usersto launch full cross media campaigns (platform can be pusheddeeperBranding & Workflow Flexibility– Allows for extensivechanges to both the look and feel as well as the user flow.A Size to fit All– Allowing both a hosted or self hosted plus themodule approach to pricing allows OmniLynxto be a fit for printorganizations of all sizes.
    25. 25. OmniLynx Call us at 214-934-4911 Or visit of Website at www.marcomlynx.comThe Industry Solution to Integration