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    Interdisciplinario Interdisciplinario Presentation Transcript

    • GERENERAL GERENT (Armado GonzàlezVirto) Public Law Humans Grafic Dising Marketing Production Relantionships Administration ResourcesJacqueline Salas Daniela Salgado Rabadán & Natalia de Jesús Armando Gabriela Latabán Gabriela Latabán Loyo & Génesis Montserrat Ríos Bermúdez Gómez González Virto Olvera Olvera López Villanueva Navarro
    • At the beginning of the semester the college La Salle suggested toall third year a interdisciplinary project that integrates all thematerials for one purpose, to use our developed skills and the skillsacquired in a practical, applicable to our social reality in short, toshow that not only us to lodge the appropriate skills, but also showwhat we do with them, we know how to apply them in work anddaily life.La Salle High School has proposed to develop our interdisciplinaryproject around the figure of soap. In our case, the school"humanistic-social" specifically, the creation of a small businessdedicated to the production and sale of soap, and their respectiveadvertising campaign to promote it to consumers.Our team has developed the first and second stage of the project ina progressive manner, efficient, and above all innovative.
    • We propose a product with special characteristics, "Soapure"is the name of our soap, making it distinguishable from therest of the soaps is the quality that not produce foam,making it the only soap that also meets environmental andwith cleaning needs.One of the main problems in our society today isenvironmental pollution, especially water pollution, and it isthe foam soaps and detergents major cause of environmentalpollution.Faced with this problem we decided to propose analternative to the public through this soap helps to care fornature.Our company is called “Jabones del Pacífico SA de CV" and isresponsible for the production, sale and distribution of soapsoapure.
    • In the same way we have given the task of conducting the relevantmarket to assess the impact that could cause the features of our soapin the population, as well as realize what are the essential propertiesand more demands by consumers.Finally we have given the task of using the media to promote ourproduct advertising.In the specific case of the English subject our project has evolvedinto the development of an advertising poster, a brochure and atelevision commercial that will promote our product in the English-speaking consumers, internationalized and thus allow the exportand foreign capital investment.
    • The whole project itself is connected to all subjects in ourcase focused on the application by the humanities and socialmatters.Law and Economy as a whole have allowed the student toknow the procedures and requirements necessary for thecreation of the company, both in the legal field, as aprosecutor. In Economics is also a study of market based onsupply and demand of soap, but also to investigate consumerpreferences, which was supplemented exercise psychologyalso contributed to the achievement of this market research.In the field of economy we have also conducted a marketstudy. Performing in surveys on consumer preferences, aswell as what is the status of the soap market in Acapulco,demand and supply of it.
    •  For market research is important to be aware of how it affects the structure of our present capitalist society the operation of a private company that brought us know the subject of sociology. In sociology also conduct an investigation into the soap market in todays globalized world, and analyze how globalization affects our market. Psychology present the foundation with an investigation, the reason for our product, do we need organic soap and benefits offered. For which we had to conduct an investigation of the effects produced soap scum in the water and how pollution affects the environment. Communications is where we have dealt with the advertising part of our product. In the first part of the project conducted an investigation that allowed us to fully distinguish the difference between propaganda and advertising, and characteristics of each, and the techniques employed in each. Now in the field of communications we have applied our knowledge in the creation of a radio commercial. Now we use the same communications skills learned in English. First we learned last semester we applied in the creation of our lineup, and now we use our knowledge in advertising and mass media to create this TV commercial.
    •  Throughout what has been developed as the project has gradually been becoming interdisciplinary. Each area reaching from the science has contributed to the creation of this project, and students have been exploiting and using the knowledge gained in the various fields that exist for the creation of this company, whether the legal framework for creation, analysis economic and productive, the merits of the product, or advertising it. So we work together using our generic powers and apply all knowledge learned in our subjects with only one aim and purpose. The subjects were merged and complemented each other, allowing to develop this unique project from all possible areas. The project truly integrates all disciplines, allowing us to use them together to make possible the completion and full of everything you need to move this company dedicated to producing and selling soap.
    • SOAPURE It doesn’tRevolutionary contaminate soap the water The best The best and ingredients thin grasses It doesn’t To take care generate of your skin foam
    • 1. ecological and 2 The best natural natural recipe 3. All kinds of public 5. Classicpresentation 4. Ingredients totally natural Milk of coconut,sage & rosemary
    • Hard water form salts producing components that pollute water. It can be insolublesSlow separating of changing to be components. precipitated components. The soap used drag It forms emulsions. the rest of dirty
    • Is a style life and take cares of the planet. Biodegradable Know the productingredients help to to learn about it preserve the and how we can environment use it.
    • Foam affect the sedimentation containingimpurities that slowly it separate thiscomponents that cause pollution.It’s produced for a chemistry reaction of apolar side that can disolve in water andanother that catch impurities.Actually, to take care of the water is sodifficult for us for the growth of people.
    • Developing The preserve products that Our ideal. of have natural environment. propieties Good Our company alternative to Human is named take care ofhealthy and “Jabones del environmentenvironment Pacífico S.A. de and take care healthy. C.V.” of the people skin.
    •  To make an “Identity of product” and can do an publicity company was needest the created of many visual elements.
    •  POSTER
    • INFORMATIVE PROSSUREThe publicity of productWas design like it wasAtractive for all ages, butEspecially for young people.
    • POSTER
    • POSTER
    • HOW TO ACHIEVE A GOOD PREFERENCEON OUR PRODUCT?What used to take the public consumption of ourproduct?
    • FIRST HAVE TO KNOW THAT WE NEED ASTRATEGY.. As a good strategy will indicate the way to following.. What is the approval and quality of our product to the consumer. Causing a satisfaction in honor to his name.
    •  Totake our product to the market, we based on what most of the people use to do daily .. like hearing the radio, watching the tv, read flyers. thats the way that we can let us know
    • In the commercial radio talking about our soap so as to hear the slogan, feel that feeling of freshness Building on the consumer want to try this product.So to work the consumersmind of what the product. SoaPure the Purity made soap. Creating and looking done in 2 languages , English and preference Spanish in Mexico not only produce but also outside the country.
    • In our Commercial spot showed the benefit not only consumers also the environment. With a lower price, Using less foam saving money Getting a betterPreventing water skin care withpollution natural products for persuade the public and reach a degree of belief in the good quality of our product.
    • 100%90%80%70%60% 10 pesos50% 12 pesos 6 pesos40% 7 pesos30%20%10% 0% PRECIOS
    • 35%30%25%20% Buen aroma Piel limpia15% Humectación Otros10%5%0% BUSCAN
    • 60%50%40% Piel suave30% Piel limpia Buen aroma otros20%10%0% LES DEJA…
    • •The enterprise,Knowledge products, serviceof what we and personalare selling. values.
    •  Strenghts and weaknesses need to be determinated in fuction of the competition.
    • Gathering information about the client.Economic situation, level of knowladge about the offered products and level of aspiration and needs in relation with the offert.
    • MARKETING For the publicity of our product we did use of the TV & Radio
    • PHYLOSOPHY OF THE COMPANY “Jabones del Pacífico S.A. de C.V.” is a company for the sale and production of organic soap “Soapure”. Is a company of “Christian insipration”, and for this reason that its company its direct to status put for the Magistery of the Church its Social doctriny. The organic phylosophy of Soapure is inspirated in the “Equilibrated Development” teached for the Holy Magistery. The relationships beetwen employeers and direct its develop of a christian and human way.
    • EMPRESARIAL ETHIC So, our ethic is referent and the Magistery of Holy Church. The Creation of God is reflected of the power of the Lord, the human was elected for his administration and care, NOT FOR HIS DESTRUCTION.
    • Development of this project Strategies and basesSociety inthe future Methods During our training, both academically and personally
    • we become think about the To be sociallyaware of the consequences responsible great harm about consequences pollution. To be more Causing realisticIn entire the To reflect aboutenvironment our actions