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Dos and donts of world
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Dos and donts of world


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  • 1. TRAVEL Dos & Don’ts OfWorld Travel"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." -- St. Augustine
  • 2. TRAVELT raveling is one of the most enjoyable way to learn, explore and discover. In today’sworld, traveling has become expensive and difficult. But through an extensive researchof travel catalogs, airline promotions and the right attitude, it’s possible to see all thefamous destinations around the world. But before you embark on a journey, itsnecessary to know the customs, traditions & norms of the places where you are headingto. Though we don’t want you to get bogged down in dos and donts, but bear in mindthe overarching purpose of good etiquette . Etiquette, is really a combination of certainprinciples (respect, honesty, consideration), while manners are "the tools we use toarticulate those principles." Manners change from country to country, but the principles are universal andtimeless. So while it may be acceptable at some point in time to smooch a movie star inIndia or rub down a head of state during a meeting, making someone uncomfortablehas and always will be a faux pas.Here we offer a quick guide to the do’s and don’ts of the most fre-quently visited destinations around the world:China refrain from exaggerated gesticulations Bowing from the shoulders is a and overtly emotive or strange facialwell-known way of meeting and greeting China. You should be aware that you When attending a dinner in China, beare not always expected to bow or nod. prepared for some markedly differentHandshakes are accepted but it is cultural practices. Contrary to Westernprobably best to wait to see if your etiquette, talking with your mouth fullChinese associate initiates the handshake. when eating is perfectly acceptable inYou may notice that the Chinese don’t use China. Slurping food is also common andtheir hands to emphasize words or a point shouldn’t be met with any disdain.when talking. So when conversing, Fervent burping is actually considered to be a sign of gratitude and satisfaction. It is common to be served tea with your meal. Your host will usually top up your teacup, and the proper etiquette is to tap your index and middle finger of your right hand on the table. This indicates respect and gratitude for the host’s gesture. Don’t ever give a Chinese person a clock as a gift – this would be seen as a very sinister action as clocks are
  • 3. TRAVELindicative of death and funerals. Scissors that a stranger visiting at an unappointedand knives also make bad gifts in China, time must be given the highest form ofas they represent the cutting off a respect, the belief being that their Lordfriendship. can come in any form, at any time. You should be aware that some colors Another point to remember is that whenare very symbolic in China – for instance visiting most Indian households, shoeswhite is associated with death, and black should be removed either before enteringhas connotations of disaster, so never use a home or removed just after entering thethese colors to wrap a gift. Red however is foyer.considered a sign of good luck, as are It is not impolite to be curious ineven numbers, especially 6 and 8.While India, and in fact to ask extremelythe number 8 is considered lucky, the personal questions. You may benumber 4 is unlucky. questioned about your own lifestyle quite rigorously. If unmarried, you may elicit aIndia certain amount of pity! Do not feel offended if they stare at you. It is just Many customs and points of etiquette curiosity on their part. Most of the peoplewithin the Indian culture are based on the will also go out of the way to help touriststwo ideas of humility and purity. For and properly guide them.instance Indians do not shake hands as in While shopping,always rememberthe West, but as a symbol of humility, that the price you see in the first place iswhen meeting, clasp their own hands not the price that you have to pay. Do nottogether, and nod or bow to the person feel guilty when you ask for discount as itthey are greeting. is customary and very common in India When visiting an Indian household, it to bargain. Carry proper maps of places you intend to visit in India as signboards are often absent. Leather articles are forbidden to be carried in Hindu & Jain temples. Do not wear black clothes while visiting a Jain temple. France France has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations for all the tourists coming from different parts of the world. The scenery, climate, coastlines,is customary to take sweets or flowers mountains and culinary offerings haveand, when receiving visitors, Indians will ensured this popularity for manyalways offer refreshment comprising of decades.drink and food. Within some Indian France might be a favorite destinationcultures, notably Hinduism, it is believed for English-speaking tourists, but when
  • 4. TRAVEL “Monsieur Agnes”. “Mademoiselle” is reserved for unmarried young women or girls, as older unmarried women can be referred to as “Madame”. When meeting and speaking to someone in France, even if they are your peer, you should start by referring to them with “vous” (you). This implies formality and respect, as “tu” (you) is used amongst friends and family. “France is well known for its fineattempting to converse in France, be it cuisine. When dining out, if you need towith a shopkeeper, waiter, and policeman request the bill, you should never snapor local, you should as least make a your fingers .The best way to ask for thecertified and respectable attempt to speak bill is to catch the attention of the waitersome elementary conversational French. or waitress’s by making a writing motion, However, if you are still not confident as well as saying “L’addition s’il vousof your French-speaking abilities, after at plait”.least attempting a few phrases, if you and You should always use your foodyour French acquaintance are still utensils when eating, even in fast foodstruggling, you could politely ask if they restaurants. Although eating with yourspeak English - “parlez-vous Anglais?” If fingers is fine in very informalthe answer is yes, it might be considered surroundings and situations, generallypolite if you still interject what French eating with your fingers, or eating on theyou know into your sentences. street is considered to be quite uncouth The French tend to be very direct in and should be avoided.the way that they speak. They haverelatively little reserve in showing Italy Image and the building of personalemotion, and will often articulate and relationships are very important toaccompany their speech with large Italians. A central concept and populargesticulations. In some cases, especially idiom of Italian culture is that of “bellawhen engaged in discussion or debate, figura” – it literally translates to “cutting athis spirited emotiveness may come fine/good figure”, and refers to the wayacross as insistent or slightly aggressive, in which you look and project yourself. Itbut usually is not meant as such at all. is the basis for much of Italian socialYou should try and maintain eye contact etiquette. For this reason, when in Italywhen in conversation or being introduced you should always try to dress well, andto a French person. You should always conduct yourself with a degree of quietbegin by addressing your French confidence.counterparts by their title and surname, Italians are well known for their open,for example “Madame Chabert” or bold, passionate and vivacious
  • 5. TRAVEL other way round” is not really an issue. Germany Germany is a popular holiday destination for many people who love tranquility and natural scenery. In German, there are two distinct forms of address – ‘Sie’ and ‘du’. Basically, the use of “Sie” is reserved for professional and unfamiliar acquaintances, senior figures and those in a superior social or businesscommunicative style. When greeting an standing. Generally, if a person refers toItalian, it is good manners to make sure themselves as Mr. (Herr) or Mrs. (Frau)that you retain eye contact whilst shaking followed by their family name, you willhands or engaging in conversation. This then know that it is appropriate to use theshows that you are alert and interested in more formal “Sie” form of address.what is being said. Your handshake Once you become more friendly andshould be firm and enthusiastic, anddon’t be surprised if it is combined withhugging, or a shoulder slap for men orcheek kissing for women. When introducing a group of peopleyourself, it is proper etiquette tointroduce the most senior members of thegroup first, followed by the women, andthen any other members present. Formsof address are Signore (Mr) and Signora(Mrs) followed by the family name. Eating and dining is an integral part well-acquainted with a German person,of Italian culture. When shown to your your friendship may develop into aplace at a dinner table, you should wait first-name basis. This is often anfor your hostess to seat herself before you indication that the use of “du” is nowdo. Once seated, you should avoid appropriate – however it might be best topropping yourself up and leaning on your see if your German friend initiates thiselbows at the table especially when gesture.eating. Also make sure that during the You may be aware of the stereotypingmeal, your hands are always visible. It is of German people as being overtlythought to be bad manners to rest them punctual and efficient. Thisout of sight on your lap. generalization may actually have some The style of eating is ‘Continental’ – bearing, as punctuality is considered to bethat is, a fork is held in the left hand and very important in regards to mostthe knife in the right, although eating “the
  • 6. TRAVELGerman people’s idea of ‘proper’ social quick lightetiquette! For this reason, when in grasping ofGermany you should always retain your hands and eyepunctuality, whether you are convening contact with awith others on a tourist outing, attending smile tends toa dinner party, or making an appointment suffice. Menwith a professional. should not Make sure that you give plenty of shake handsnotice if you intend to call on a German with womenperson at home or in business. Merely unless theturning up on someone’s doorstep is woman initiatesconsidered to be very bad manners. the handshake. It is extremelyUAE important remember that to The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is you should onlyone of the most popular tourist ever shake hands with your right hand.destinations for Pakistanis.UAE is Whether youre shaking hands, eating,recognized by for its hot climate, beautiful offering or taking something, the properbeaches, oasis, mountain ranges and etiquette is to always use your right handduty-free shopping opportunities. only. The UAE is generally a very tolerant If traveling as a tourist, unless in asociety, realizing the wants and needs of hotel resort, in public you should make antourists and travelers from different effort to dress moderately. For men thiscultures, backgrounds and other faiths. means avoiding walking around topless,But drunken, outlandish behavior is seen as well as avoiding wearing sleevelessas extremely poor etiquette, especially in t-shirts and shorts. For women, thepublic places. Any unreasonable behavior proper etiquette is to try and cover up aswill be dealt with very quickly, and you much as you can. Skimpy tops and shortmay be subject to a type of public order skirts are not very appropriate - it is bestoffence. to at least cover your shoulders and the UAE citizens are well renowned for tops of your arms.their politeness, particularly between the Traveling is an experience thatdifferent sexes, so it is therefore important teaches you what travelogues, moviesthat you are attributed with the same and TV shows never can. It’s a first handquality. For men, handshakes are the experience of a world that is entirelymost common form of greeting. However, different from our own. As Benjaminalthough a firm handshake is Disraeli said "Like all great travelers, Icommonplace and seen as a sign of have seen more than I remember, andfriendliness and trust in the West, in the remember more than I have seen."UAE a handshake is more genteel. A Bon Voyage!