3 D Billy Yang, Water Pollution
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3 D Billy Yang, Water Pollution






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3 D Billy Yang, Water Pollution Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Water Pollution By Billy Yang (39) Class 3D
  • 2. What is polluted water?
    • Polluted water is water that is dirtied with harmful things.
    • For example:
      • Rubbish
      • Oil Spills
      • Dirt (like at construction sites)
  • 3. Why is water polluted?
    • Some more sources of water pollution are:
    • Factories dump their waste in the water.
    • In poor countries some people use the river as the toilet.
  • 4. Why is water polluted?
    • Also, many causes of water pollution, like our sewage, contain nutrients inside.
    • When there are too many nutrients, algae grows and uses the oxygen in the water.
    • Since there is no oxygen left, the fish will die. After they die, they rot and make the water dirty.
    • The water is polluted even more! 
  • 5. Why is water polluted?
    • We humans caused a lot of it.
    • For example, we throw rubbish into the water, and we create oil spills.
    • Some people are lazy to dispose of their rubbish properly so they throw it anywhere they want, including in the water.
  • 6. Why is water polluted?
    • They do not think of how important the water is.
    • They do not think of the life in the water.
    • Sometimes they have not been properly educated about how important the water is so they pollute it.
  • 7. Harmful effects
    • After the water is polluted, we cannot use it any more unless we clean it again.
    • Methods to clean water are expensive.
    • It also harms the wildlife in the water.
    • For example, turtles might think that plastic bags are food and get stuck in them.
    • They will die because they cannot breathe or eat.
  • 8. How can we help?
    • 1. Correctly dispose of harmful household products.
    • Keep harmful substances like paint out of your drains, sinks, and toilets.
    • This is so that the harmful substance will not end up in a water source like the sea.
  • 9. How can we help?
    • 2. Do not throw rubbish into the water
    • Remember, this will pollute the water.
    • Always keep in mind that you must keep the water clean!
  • 10. How can we help?
    • 3. Tell your friends too!
    • If more people know that polluting water can affect us in bad ways, then they will stop it.
    • Tell them to tell their friends to spread it too. And then their friends will tell their friends…
    • This way, more people will stop polluting water! 
  • 11. An Animation Plastic Bag One day, Tom went to a lakeside.
  • 12. Do not do this! He threw the plastic bag into the water.
  • 13. See what happens… The fish got stuck in it when they tried to eat it.
  • 14. See what happens… After a while, they died.
  • 15. See what happens… The food chain broke down and the other animals died. X X X
  • 16. Oh dear…
    • Now you see what harmful effects water pollution can have!
  • 17.
    • Any questions?
    The End! Thank you!