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Voici une partie de ma présentation "Innovation Collaborative & Crowdsourcing" faite le 19 mars 2014 chez BEL Group. Il ne s'agit que d'extraits car je réserve l'ensemble de la présentation aux personnes présentes à ce jour.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour des présentations similaires au sein de votre entreprise. Envoyez-moi un mail ou rendez-vous sur

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  • Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone have been created out of Mini Babybel cheese by miniature artist Aidan Campbell
  • Lebraty, J.-F. (2009). Externalisation ouverte et pérennité. Une nouvelle étape de la vie des organisations. Revue Française de Gestion, 192, 151–165
  • The rise of café culture has redefined the benchmark for a quality cup of coffee and influenced the launch of more premium coffee solutions for in-home consumptionsuch as coffee machines. This resulted in a dip in sales for instant coffee.Nescafé challenged the eYeka community: how do you reinvent instant coffee to match the quality you get in a coffee shop while keeping the convenience of "instant", at home?
  • The winning ideas were not published, as the brand wanted to keep them confidential, but the identity of the winners was of course revealed:- kleww (from France) with her/his idea "Nescafé: mix and drink"- Morsy (from France) with her/his idea "Nescafe"- Phixel (from Algeria) with her/his idea "Nescage Mix-It-Free"
  • ResultsMost entries successfully weaved dynamism, premiumness and desirability into the essence of Volvic’s DNA – its naturality and volcanic origin. The speed of execution, quality of entries and attention to details helped Volvic's design team visualize potential routes and arrive at an agreement on which direction to follow much quicker than with a traditional packaging design process. As an added benefit, the analysis of entries uncovered several secondary unique attributes of the brand and built on the project' scope with additional logo redesign proposals and brand positioning ideas.
  • PepsiCo's First "Crash The Super Bowl" ContestFor Super Bowl XLI in February 2007, Doritos launched the "Crash the Super Bowl" contest to allow consumers to create their own Doritos commercialIn the fall of 2006 Frito-Lay (with the help of their ad agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) launched the first "Crash the Super Bowl" contest. Consumers were asked to create 30-second commercials for Doritos products. The strategic challenge was to regain relevance and build awareness within their target ("young adults ages 16-24, who are inclusive, connected and informed"), and the business objectives were to increase sales volume growth by 4% during the program, to generate $ 5million in PR value and... to receive 200 entries.In all, 1,065 consumer-made ads were submitted and displayed on the contest site, (even though there were a lot of duplicates and repeats, as "Beardy" from notes). From those entries, five ads were selected as finalists. The director of each selected ad received a cash prize of $10,000 and a trip for two to Detroit during Super Bowl XLI in February 2007. The five finalist ads were posted to the contest web site for a month long public vote. The commercial that received the most votes, "Live the Flavor" aired during the 2007 Super Bowl.- Live the Flavor by Five Points Productions of Cary, NC. (WINNER: Aired during the Super Bowl)- Check Out Girl by Kristin C. Dehnert of Los Angeles, CA. (Also aired during the 2007 Super Bowl)- Mouse Trap by Billy Federighi of Beverly Hills, CA. (Aired during the 2008 Super Bowl)- Chip Lover’s Dream by Jared Cicon of Claremont, CA.- Duct Tape by Joe Herbert of Batesville, IN.Though the five 2006-2007 finalists were flown to Detroit, they did not actually attend the Super Bowl. Instead, they watched the game from a private party near the stadium. In a move that has since become a Crash the Super Bowl tradition, no one, not even the finalists, knew which commercials would air before the game. "Live the Flavor" was the first consumer-generated ad to ever air during the Super Bowl and was ranked the #4 best commercial of the game on the USA Today Ad Meter poll. Later in the game, Frito-Lay surprised the finalists by also airing a second Crash the Super Bowl ad, "Check Out Girl."In December 2007 named "Live the Flavor" the 9th best commercial of the year. Frito-Lay's PR company, Ketchum won a Golden World Award from the International Public Relations Association for their work on the 2006-2007 Crash the Super Bowl contest. According to the IPRA, the competition led to a 12% increase in sales of Doritos in January, 2007 and nearly one million people visited the Crash The Super Bowl website to view the submissions and vote for the finalists. In the months following the Super Bowl, Frito-Lay chose to air all five commercials that had made the Crash the Super Bowl finals.
  • To promote Activia, Danone was looking for stories around Activia's brand promise ("Activia is the brand that makes you take care of your tummy"). Activia said it would only select entries that start from the brand’s image and tell a full authentic and inspiring story. There were 5,000 € in total for the 5 best creations!The winners of the contest came from all over the world:- 1st Prize of 1,000€ went to lilikedves (Italy)- 2nd Prize of 1,000€ went to chintami (Indonesia)- 3rd Prize of 1,000€ went to andres_wirsch (Argentina)- 4th Prize of 1,000€ went to gregork (United States of America)- 5th Prize of 1,000€ went to nastasi (Russian Federation)
  • LA VACHE QUI RIT has selected three winners for its 90th anniversary graphic design competition, organized in collaboration with designboomdesignboom is proud to announce the winners of our recent ‘LAUGHING COW 90th anniversary’ graphic design competition, organized in collaboration with LA VACHE QUI RIT.the competition asked participants to design a new, contemporary image for the brand, that will be used for an anniversary collection of silkscreened posters, T-shirts, and bags. the three winning designs will be put into production alongside the works of seven internationally renowned artists. view the complete call for entries.982 designers from 77 countries participated, and first, second, and third place prizes were awarded.the jury was composed of:jean charles de castelbajac, fashion designerolivierbriois, head of merchandising for bel grouplabel dalbin, contemporary creative agencysee all shortlisted submissionsand the winning designs are…1st place: ‘frenchyvache qui rit’ by ségolènehuet from france2nd place: ‘leines’ design by : nikolokerimovfrom finland3rd place: ‘the laughing cow anniversary’ design by : aurore brunet from france
  • Innovation Collaborative & Crowdsourcing

    1. 1. INNOVATION COLLABORATIVE & CROWDSOURCING Yannig Roth Doctorant, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne Chargé de Recherche, eYeka
    2. 2. Gilles Babinet Cinq mutations qui vont changer le monde : • La connaissance et les gains d’opportunité • Connaissance collective • Crowd et co-création • Crowdfunding • L’éducation • La santé • L’industrialisation et la production • L’Etat
    3. 3. Gilles Babinet « Dans le domaine du marketing, des services comme permettent de faire collaborer des groupes voulant relever des défis d’innovation sur lesquels les entreprises buttent, parfois, depuis des années » (p. 85)
    4. 4. 1% Créateurs 9% Enthousiastes 90% Spectateurs La pyramide de la participation « Les utilisateurs constituent une pyramide d’engagements, c’est-à- dire que la très grande majorité des utilisateurs […] se contentent de prendre l’information qui les intéresse, une petite minorité va s’engager plus activement, tandis qu’une encore plus faible fraction prendra une part très active » (p. 83)
    5. 5. Qu’est-ce que la co-création? C.K. Prahalad (Distinguished Professor , University of Michigan) « La co-création est un processus actif, créatif et social, basé sur la collaboration entre les producteurs et les utilisateurs, initié par l’entreprise pour générer de la valeur pour les clients »
    6. 6. Le crowdsourcing JF Lebraty (IAE Lyon) «Le crowdsourcing signifie l’externalisation par une organisation, via un site web, d’une activité auprès d’un grand nombre d’individus dont l’identité est le plus souvent anonyme »
    7. 7. R. Divard (IAE Bretagne Occidentale, 2010) « Processus d'organisation du travail par lequel une entreprise propose une tâche réalisée (ou réalisable) en interne à une population souvent composée d'internautes, en offrant en général une rémunération à ceux qui auront réalisé le mieux la tâche demandée » Qu’est-ce que le crowdsourcing?
    8. 8. Le crowdsourcing (innovation & marketing)
    9. 9. Le crowdsourcing (innovation & marketing)
    10. 10. Le crowdsourcing (innovation & marketing)
    11. 11. • Gartner sees a massive shift toward applications of crowdsourcing: - “By 2017, more than half of consumer goods manufacturers will receive 75% of their consumer innovation and R&D capabilities from crowdsourced solutions” - “Consumer goods companies that employ crowdsourced solutions in marketing campaigns or new product development will enjoy a 1 percent revenue boost over noncrowdsourced competitors by 2015” Gartner Inc. - Octobre 2013 Le crowdsourcing (innovation & marketing) • Deloitte sees crowdsourcing as one major Tech Trend 2014: • « Today, technology makes crowdsourcing possible on an industrial scale, with potentially disruptive impacts on both cost and innovation » Deloitte – February 2014
    12. 12. Valeur du crowdsourcing? FreshEfficient Authentic
    13. 13. Comment solliciter la créativité des internautes… pour l’innovation?
    14. 14. Qu’est-ce que la co-innovation? E. Le Nagard (Professeur de Marketing, ESSEC) « ll s’agit, au cours du processus de développement de produits ou services, de faire appel à la créativité des clients (et non à leur seule réactivité) face à un projet élaboré par l’entreprise »
    15. 15. "Reinvent Instant Coffee" Contest How could we reinvent instant coffee, prepared at home to keep the category relevant and attractive? Expected ROI Insights and ideas that will inspire Nescafé R&D and marketing teams.
    16. 16. "Reinvent Instant Coffee" Contest “Our partnership with eYeka will enable new thinking and a fresh approach taking our existing consumers, and using their ideas and their voice, to shape our brands for the future” Michael Sergeant, Marketing Manager, Nescafé Australia
    17. 17. “Chocolate Lovers" Contest
    18. 18. “Restyle Volvic’s 50-cl Bottle" Contest Refresh the 50cl Volvic bottle design as an iconic bottle, which conveys status and desire while getting more presence on the shelves especially when it is placed alongside soft drinks. Expected ROI Implementable packaging design ideas.
    19. 19. “Restyle Volvic’s 50-cl Bottle" Contest “We have used eYeka because we were stuck. It gave us freshness, originality and different angles to tackle problems with our design agency.” Christine Jean, MRCI Director Danone Water
    20. 20. Coca-Cola “Design+" Award
    21. 21. Coca-Cola “Design+" Award
    22. 22. Coca-Cola “Design+" Award « This is the future because we live in a reality of more transparency and connectivity than ever before. What we’re doing in Germany is indicative of the future, it is part of how we will operate going forward » David Butler, VP Design, Coca-Cola
    23. 23. Comment solliciter la créativité des internautes… pour la communication?
    24. 24. “Crash The Super Bowl" Contest
    25. 25. “Dannon Oikos" Projects
    26. 26. “Activia Visual" Contest
    27. 27. “Energizing Refreshment" Contest
    28. 28. “LVQR" Contest & Event
    29. 29. “Introducing Mini Oreo" Contest Exploring potential positioning and communication platforms for Mini-Oreo in the context of a broader review of what the Oreo brand could offer to consumers. Expected ROI A winning positioning idea that will be tested with consumers and could be used for Mini-Oreo and the Oreo brand.
    30. 30. “Introducing Mini Oreo" Contest
    31. 31. “Introducing Mini Oreo" Contest “Just for me” “Family relationships”“Little inspirations” “Fun resized” “Energy” “Small connections”
    32. 32. “Introducing Mini Oreo" Contest "Both in term of number of proposals and quality of execution, the community gave us a lot of insights in terms of how to position our Mini- Oreo.” – Brand Director at Kraft Foods A father and daughter fairytale “Bonding Moment” in a TVC, UK, 2012.
    33. 33. “Live Brilliant" Contest How do we express our global brand campaign “live brilliant” with fresh creative expressions that show that a car can create special experiences beyond transportation? Expected ROI 1 creative idea that can inspire a global campaign.
    34. 34. Besides taking you from A to B, what role could a car play in your life? What special memories, unique experiences or great moments could happen with a car? Hyundai believes that cars have a special place in people's lives and can bring you brilliant experiences, beyond being just... cars. What do you think? Tell us an original, unique and engaging story where people have a brilliant, memorable experience with a car. “Live Brilliant" Contest
    35. 35. “Live Brilliant" Contest 5 weeks, 233 entries (videos and print) (Top 5 countries France, USA, Indonesia, China, Spain)
    36. 36. “Live Brilliant" Contest
    37. 37. “Live Brilliant" Contest
    38. 38. “Live Brilliant" Contest
    39. 39. “Live Brilliant" Contest *This ad was inspired by ideas that consumers shared for the Hyundai co-creation contest at eYeka.
    40. 40. Valeur du crowdsourcing FreshEfficient Authentic
    41. 41. Avez-vous des questions? Yannig Roth @YannigRoth
    42. 42. Qui sont les consommateurs créatifs?
    43. 43. Pourquoi participent-ils?
    44. 44. Les médias en parlent
    45. 45. Les médias en parlent