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How do the moringa oleifera cure the constipation
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How do the moringa oleifera cure the constipation


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. How does the Moringa oleifera cure constipation ? Yanielis Rodriguez Ramirez UPR Cayey RISE
  • 2. Title How does the Moringa oleifera cure constipation ?
  • 3. Abstract  Nowadays we talk about how Moringa olfeira has multiple healing properties,treating diseases such as High Cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, Alzeihmer, among others. Through this research proposal I plan on observing the effects of this plants in treating constipation problems.
  • 4. Background  The moringa oleifera is native of the foothills of the Himalaya.  Genus: Moringa and family: Moringaceae  Synonymous: Moringa pterygosperma  Also know as clarifier tree, horseradish tree, drumstick tree and mother’s best friend
  • 5. Background (continue) Moringa Inmature seed pods leaves Mature seeds Oil pressed from the mature seeds Roots
  • 6. Hypothesis  The moringa oleifera will not cure the constipation of the lab rat and will cause other serious synthoms.
  • 7. Objectives  Prove if moringa oleifera effectively cures constipation.  Find if moringa oleifera causes other synthoms.
  • 8. Significance  This natural medicine is being used for alternative medicine and has not yet been FDA (U. S. Food and Drug Administration) approved to treat cancer, diabetes, HIV, high cholesterol, Alzheimer, constipation and many other diseases Moringa oleifera says the treat.  It is of great interest to know the properties of this tree.
  • 9. Methods  First of all, I will select ten (10) laboratory rats and feed them with a low fiber diet to make them constipate and ten (10) more without the constipation.  Of the ten (10) constipated laboratory rats, five (5) of them will be treated with Moringa oleifera and the other five (5) will be used as an intermidate control group.
  • 10. Methods (continue)  Of the ten (10) laboratory rats that are not constipated, five (5) of them will be not threated with Moringa oleifera and the other five (5) will be threated with Moringa oleifera.  After that, the defecates of the laboratory rats will be monitored daily during two (2) weeks.
  • 11. Expected Results  The Moringa oleifera will not cure the rat’s constipation and instead of that, it will cause secondary synthoms.
  • 12. Future Studies  Test the Moringa olfiera in other diseases to investigate if it cures the diseases or causes more sympthoms.