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1 grow asia_china_strategy_frank_appel_11072012

1 grow asia_china_strategy_frank_appel_11072012






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    1 grow asia_china_strategy_frank_appel_11072012 1 grow asia_china_strategy_frank_appel_11072012 Presentation Transcript

    • DHL Asia Pacific and China StrategyFrank AppelShanghai, 11 July 2012
    • Asia: Most dynamic global growth regionFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 2
    • Asia Pacific: An important growth engine for global GDP …Asia Pacific:A major driver Population: ~ 56% (3,871 mn) of the world GDP: ~ 30% (EUR 14.77 trillion) Export: ~ 33% (EUR 4.84 trillion) Dom. demand: ~ 30% (EUR 14.43 trillion) Asia Pacific: Asia Pacific: Strong and stable growth rates Fastest global growth region GDP growth (real) in % (yoy) Share of absolute GDP growth (2010-2015) 10 Forecast 9.8% APAC 5 13.7% Americas 48.8% 0 Europe 27.7% 2012F 2013F 2014F 2015F 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Other Source: IHS Global Insight (Deutschland) GmbH, 2012 Frank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 3
    • … in the centre of gravity for global trade Example: Air Cargo & Containerized Ocean Freight Intra<->Asia Trade 32% of total trade (2015) CAGR 7.4% *) Latin America<->Asia 5% of total trade (2015) CAGR 11.2% *) Middle East-Africa<->Asia 9% of total trade (2015) CAGR 7.6% *) More than 40% of global trade expected to originate from three triangles of trade around Asia by 2015Source: Seabury Cargo 2012; Air Cargo & Containerized Ocean Freight in Metric Tons*) CAGR 2010-2015; for information: Europe<->Asia: 13% of total trade (2015), CAGR 6.4%; North America<->Asia: 13% of total trade (2015); CAGR 6.4% 2010-2015Frank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 4
    • DHL Asia: A strong contributor to the Group Revenue 20111)2): Asia Pacific 19% EUR 38.9bn Others Revenue 20111): Revenue 20111): Revenue 20111): EUR 11.4bn EUR 10.9bn Asia Pacific EUR 13.1bn Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 9% 30% 26% Others Others Others Clear market leadership in No. 1 in air freight, No. 2 Market leader in contract Asian TDI in ocean freight logistics in Asia1) External revenue = revenue generated by the divisions from non-Group third parties; 2) incl. DHL FreightFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 5
    • We are pioneers in Asia, continuously expanding operations NOT EXHAUSTIVE1980 2000 2004DHL entered China through Central Asia Hub DHL acquires 68% Todayan agency agreement with (Hong Kong) stake in Blue DartSinotrans begins operations (India) New openings 1991 2003 2009 DHL Danzas Air & Ocean started DHL acquires DHL opens domestic North Asia Hub, from a representative office stake in Sinotrans transportation hub (supply Shanghai chain) in Shanghai (Express) DHL established presence in DHL expanded into global forwarding DHL established presence in Future China through Int’l Express and contract logistics segments dom. transportation services Investments 1980 1990 2000 2005 2010 1986 2002 2007 DHL established JV DHL acquires stake in Air DHL first int’l provider MegaHub, with Sinotrans Hong Kong of dom. airfreight Hong Kong services in China (Supply Chain) 1998 2005 Danzas Z.F. Freight Agency DHL inaugurates Oceania Co. established as a JV Hub at Sydney Airport Source: DHL, “DHL Business Strategy in China” (ICFAI Center for Management Research, 2004) Frank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 6
    • Key growth levers in Asia Improving connectivity, facilitating trade growth Next day delivered everywhere in EU North Asia Hub for Early bird Overnight Europe EXPRESS in Shanghai from Pearl River Delta DHL is the most reliable and fastest Express services provider in Asia GoWest Trans Pacific Flights Following growth westward Intra-Asia andTrans-Pacific routesFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 7
    • Continuously expanding in Asia New projects in Asia in 20121) New openings in China EXEMPLARY July 2012 Mumbai Shanghai Distribution center for Life DHL Door-to-More direct Sciences & Healthcare North Asia Hub distribution solution from Jun. 2012 Asia to Europe Hong Kong (Global Forwarding) Supply Chain Round-the-world-flight, Jun. 2012 MegaHub linking Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Leipzig Shenzhen2) Hong Kong Mar. 2012 DHL Integrated New International Service Center Logistics Center Jakarta May 2012 New multi-user warehouse December 2012 Jun. 2012 Hong Kong Shanghai Direct flights from Hong Korea Airfreight Kong to Chengdu and Ho LCL global forwarding hub bonded facility Chi Minh City Aug. 2012 (planned) expansion June 20121) Multitude of other investment projects ongoing, for example upgrade and enhance capacity & capability of AFR/OFR/RFR/multimodal products/facilities in Mid-West China, furthermore upcoming launch of multi-national LCL gateway in Korea; 2) Shenzhen Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port AreaFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 8
    • China: Global hub and dynamic domestic marketFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 9
    • China will remain the engine of the global economy until 2025 Real GDP Growth Origin of Growth 2010 – 2025 (Indexed 2010 = 100%) Origin of Absolute GDP Growth 300 (EUR bn) China 9,719 250 4,616 200 4,408 4,519 APAC w/o China 3,664 World 5,103 150 North America (China) Europe 0 Europe RoW North APAC 2010 2015 2020 2025 AmericaSource: Copyright © IHS Global Insight (Deutschland) GmbH, 2012Frank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 10
    • The China of tomorrow China in 2025 • 5 million buildings – Half of the world’s buildings constructed until 2025 • 50,000 skyscrapers – The equivalent to constructing up to 10 New York cities • 5 billion square meters of road will be paved – Today it’s only half of it and even less than in Germany • China’s urban population increase by 350 m – More than the population of today’s United States • 221 cities with more than one million people – Europe has 35 todaySource: McKinsey Global Institute “Preparing for China’s urban billion”, 2009Frank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 11
    • Logistics has a key role to play in China’s development As China continues on a path of globalization, logistics has a key role to play: • Help China integrate stronger with the global economy by facilitating international and domestic trade flows • Help accelerate the pace of innovation with intelligent logistics solutions • Help international players to be successful in China and support Chinese „heroes“ in their quest for internationalization • Support shift to environmentally conscious business practices with green logistics solutions • Offer efficient logistics solutions as key enabler of growthFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 12
    • DHL Express in China:First foreign express company to enter China in 1980 Key strategic growth levers High Potential Regions: Southwest (Chengdu & Chongqing), central (DHL – Sinotrans) cities (Wuhan & Zhengzhou, Northeast Region (Dalian, Qingdao, Jilin, Shenyang) • >30 years of experience in China • Covering >400 cities in China • >110,000 customers Emerging industries: • Appr. 6,000 employees Consumer electronics, Automotive, Healthcare, • >30% market share in time definite Engineering & Manufacturing, Fashion international Specific Initiatives: Growth initiatives targeted at specific industry sub-segments at city or provincial level, e.g. Wedding Gowns from SuzhouFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 13
    • DHL Global Forwarding in China:No. 1 Freight Forwarder in the market Key strategic growth levers Continuous sector development: Maintain strength in Hi-Tech and further expand into Fashion & Luxury, Automotive, • First foreign logistics company to Life Sciences, Energy, Retail and Engineering & enter China domestic airfreight Manufacturing market • >35,000 customers Expand customer portfolio: • Around 3,000 employees From global multi-nationals to fast-growing enterprises and local small- and medium-sized • Appr. 400,000 sqm of warehouse enterprises space Deliver operational excellence: Enhance exception management and complaint handling through one-touch initiativeFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 14
    • DHL Supply Chain in China:Integrated logistics solutions for key industries Key strategic growth levers Sector-focused business development Leverage on global solutions with adaptation to • >25 years experience with domestic local requirements transportation and distribution in China • >4,000 employees Focus on operational excellence and quality • Around 200 customers Continuous investment in IT applications and • >600,000 sqm of warehouse and warehouse footprint cross docking space 1) Talent & people development Consultative selling and key account management 1) including Hong Kong and TaiwanFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 15
    • Recent investment: New North Asia Hub in Shanghai Opening ceremony: 12 July 2012 Regional Express Hubs North Asia Hub Shanghai in Asia Pacific at Pudong International (PVG) Central Asia Hub Hongkong Seoul North Asia Beijing Hub Shanghai Delhi Taipei Manila • First-class Express hub Bangalore Bangkok Singapore • Part of multi-hub strategy in Asia Pacific Sydney • Investment of US$ 175m Auckland • New capacity, greater flexibility and Hubs reliability for guaranteed time-definite Regional Hubs delivery Commercial Air HubsFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 16
    • Outlook for Logistics Service Providers in China There is enormous potential for logistics services in China. But some key challenges remain: Economy still growing faster than China’s logistics 1 infrastructure 2 Reliable policy framework for logistics 3 Market fragmentation 4 Stringent regulations for licensing, transport, customs 5 Strong demand for talentFrank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 17
    • Our DHL strategy in a nutshell:Continuously increasing our strength in China and beyond The importance of China and its growth potential is huge (>25% of global GDP growth between 2010 and 2015). DHL is a pioneer in China and leading logistics provider in the market (e.g. 40% market share in international express). We continue expanding our presence in China by investing in infrastructure, service excellence and sector management. The new North Asia Hub in Express is an important milestone, strengthening our leading position in the region substantially.Frank Appel | Shanghai | 11 July 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 18
    • DHL Asia Pacific and China StrategyFrank AppelShanghai, 11 July 2012