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Understanding Copenhagen Accord
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Understanding Copenhagen Accord


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After represented Indonesian Youth in COP15 Climate Change Conference, Yangki Suara give a presentation in Padjadjaran University about Copenhagen Accord.

After represented Indonesian Youth in COP15 Climate Change Conference, Yangki Suara give a presentation in Padjadjaran University about Copenhagen Accord.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. UnderstandingCopenhagen Accord
    23 Feb 2010
  • 2. Participating in COP15, Copenhagen, Denmark as Global South Youth Delegation (GSYD) under Taking IT Global Delegation (Canada) and part of International Youth Climate Movement (IYCM) / Youth Non-Governmental Organization (YOUNGO) Constituency
    On Progress : Final Thesis about Environmental Economics
  • 3. Samuelson & Nordhaus, 2005Economics, 18th edition p.377
    Of all the environmental issues, none is so worrisome to scientist as the threat of global warming from the greenhouse effect. Climatologist and other scientists warn that the accumulation of gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) largely produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, is likely to lead to global warming and other significant climatic changes over the next century.
  • 4. Becoming A Delegate for the UNFCCC Meeting
  • 5. Becoming A Delegate for the UNFCCC Meeting
    Registration as Global South Youth Delegation (GSYD)
    Form, Essay, Letter of Recommendation (ECO Indonesia)
    Apply to European Youth Jenuesse (European Youth Forum)
    Accreditation Letter, Greenpeace, WWF, Walhi, TakingITGlobal, etc
    Fund Raising
    Families, Colleagues, Company, Organization, etc
    Document Preparation
    Ticket, Visa, Insurance, Registration for side event, COY, etc
    UNFCCC Meeting
    COY, COP, Side Event, Networking, etc
  • 6. COP15 @ Copenhagen, Denmark
    COY5, 5-6 Dec 2009
    COP15, 7-18 Dec 2009
    Wrap Up Event, 19-20 Dec 2009
  • 7. A day at the UNFCCC
    • Formal negotiations
    • 8. Other activities
    8am AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States) / other block meetings
    9am G77 and CHINA
    10am – 11.30am Negotiations
    contact groups, plenary, informal groups
    11.30am – 1pm Negotiations
    1pm CfRN (Coalition for Rainforest Nations)/ LDCs / Other block meetings
    2pm G77
    3pm – 4.30pm Negotiations
    4.30pm – 6pm Negotiations
    6pm AOSIS / other block meetings
    Late – meetings of various groups
    Source : IYCM Daily Agenda
    Youth meetings
    Side events
    Invitational dinners / lunches
    Delegation meetings
    Media briefings
    NGO meetings
    Corridor meetings
    Bilaterals / Multilaterals
  • 9. What I’m Doing
    Dec 7-18 Meeting, Meeting and Meeting
    Participating in COY5, COP15
    Dec 12 Long March Event
    Lunch with Dutch Ministry (GSYD)
    Cocktail Party with EDF & another 15 youth climate leader (IYCN, UKYCC, AYCC, SustainUS, Vietnam, Kenya, Canada, etc)
    Dinner with European Climate Parliament Member
    Participating in Side Event & Wrap-Up Event
    Involved in Bottom Lining Team, Global South Youth, SEA & EA Youth, Media & Communication Team, Youth Forest Group, COY6 Organizer (YOUNGO)
    Visiting 4 cities in 4 countries with 4 different languages & currencies.
  • 10. Copenhagen Accord Flash Back
    • Friday Morning (Dec 18)
    • 11. Saturday (19 Dec)
  • Copenhagen Accord
    Friday Morning, December 18, 2009, heads of state arrived in Copenhagen for the scheduled final day of the UN Climate Change Conference. After two weeks of work, negotiators had reached minor agreements on some items, but were still far from consensus on the most difficult issues.
    December 19. Copenhagen Accord Release after 13 hours meeting among the parties.
  • 12. Copenhagen Accord
    The accord call for all the nations to reduce emissions, invest in clean energy technology and practices, and help people adapt to the effects of climate change. The accord also, for the first time, acknowledges that staying below 2 degrees Celsius may not be sufficient and includes a review in 2015 of the need to potentially aim for staying below 1.5 degrees Celsius, or an atmospheric C02 concentration of 350 ppm.
  • 13. Six Most Critical Aspect in Accord
    Reducing emission below 2 degrees
    Deadline for submitting emissions commitments (31 Jan 2010)
    Verifying emission reduction
    Commitment to Short and Long-Term Finance
    Scientific Assessment
    Continue negotiations under the UNFCCC
  • 14. Copenhagen Accord Commitment
    Deadline for submitting emissions commitments has passed (31 Jan 2010). Press Release by UNFCCC.
    100 countries, including the 27-member EU, are likely to or have engaged with the accord (80.9% of global emissions)*
    4 countries will not engage with the accord (0.58% of global emissions)*(Cuba, Ecuador, Kuwait & Nauru)
    * World Resources Institute, Climate Analysis Indicator Tool (CAIT). 2005, includes land-use change & forestry.
  • 15. Reported Reaction after Jan 31, 2010
    • Source : UNFCCC Final Report on Copenhagen Accord
  • Next UNFCCC Event
    2-5 Mar - Technical Workshop @ Apia, Samoa
    31 May – 11 Jun – Bonn Climate Change Talk (1st Round) @ Bonn, Germany
    8 – 19 Nov – 2nd Round of Talk @ Cancun, Mexico
    27-28 Nov - COY6 @ Cancun, Mexico
    29 Nov – 10 Dec - COP16 @ Cancun, Mexico
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19.
    • 20.
    • 21.
  • COP15 Snapshot
  • 22. You will not get smarter if you don’t ask (Orin Langelle, KlimaForum09, 9 Dec 09, Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (Steve Jobs, CEO Apple)