HCI	  Assignment	  T2/I2	  Name:	  Yang	  Huang	  Team:	  UnlockBoston	  (Team2)	  Copy	  of	  notes:	  (See	  appendix)	 ...
Complete	  filed	  notes:	  Before	  Observation	  As	   our	   project	   is	   to	   focus	   on	   people	   who	   hav...
2)      Those	  who	  sits	  and	  talks	  for	  a	  long	  time	                 a)      Talker	                         ...
for	   a	   while	   sometimes.	   However	   I	   found	   my	   thoughts	   incorrect	   as	   at	   there	   silence	  ...
They	   chatted	   and	   discussed	   over	   many	   topics,	   ranging	   from	   education	   to	       mobile	   prov...
she	  expressed	  herself	  by	  singing	  and	  dancing.	                     These	  two	  people	  seemed	  to	  be	  c...
Second	  Round	                                                                                                           ...
more	  comfortable	  gesture	  (she	  is	  facing	  to	  me	  but	  keeping	  reading	  on	  the	             table)	     ...
back	  to	  her	  laptop	  again.	  This	  was	  repeated	  several	  times.	                        Afterwards,	  she	  l...
movies,	  shopping	  and	  eating.	  He	  thought	  his	  lifestyle	  was	  not	  healthy	  enough	  and	  if	  he	   coul...
instance,	  presenting	  beautiful	  view	  spots	  advertisement.	  2. Non-­‐social	      People	   maybe	   shy	   in	  ...
5. Interested	  in	  new	  stuff	       Adding	  Augmented	  Reality	  feature	  to	  the	  application	  can	  make	  the...
HCI Assignment T2/I2
HCI Assignment T2/I2
HCI Assignment T2/I2
HCI Assignment T2/I2
HCI Assignment T2/I2
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HCI Assignment T2/I2


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HCI Assignment T2/I2

  1. 1. HCI  Assignment  T2/I2  Name:  Yang  Huang  Team:  UnlockBoston  (Team2)  Copy  of  notes:  (See  appendix)  The  five  interview  questions:    1. How  many  hours  do  you  spend  going  out  rather  than  staying  at  home  in  your   spare  time  weekly?  2. What  do  you  mostly  do  at  home  in  your  spare  time,  for  example,  reading  papers,   surfing  on  internet,  playing  games,  etc.?  3. Do  you  think  your  current  lifestyle  is  healthy  or  not?  Why?  4. What  kind  of  factors  do  you  think  would  really  motivate  or  interest  you  to  go   out?  5. What  kind  of  activities  do  you  prefer  most  when  going  out?                                
  2. 2. Complete  filed  notes:  Before  Observation  As   our   project   is   to   focus   on   people   who   have   sedentary   lifestyle,   therefore   I   first  came  up  with  the  idea  to  watch  people  who  study  in  the  library.  We  had  discussed  and  made  our  assumption  to  summarize  our  target  people  as  three  general  types,  with  minor  specifications:     1) Those  who  sits  and  reads  books  or  be  fixed  on  computer  screen  for  a  long   time.  They  might  be  either  of  the  following:   a) High  GPA  Student     This   type   of   people   might   focus   most   on   their   study   performance,   so   they   may   suffer   high   pressure   from   doing   large   bundle   of   studies   as   well   as   they   may   enjoy   this.   However,   some   might   be   introvert   or   isolated  or  non-­‐social  people.   b) Last-­‐minute  Student   This  kind  of  people  may  suffer  from  high  pressure  too  as  they  hand  in   their   homework   just   before   the   due   time.   Also   bad   sleep   and   unbalanced  routine  may  happen  on  them.   c) Self-­‐discipline  Student   Their   time   usually   well   spent.   They   will   make   sure   everything   under   their   control.   And   because   of   this,   they   may   not   prefer   adventurous   lifestyle.  They  may  also  have  a  tight-­‐schedule.  
  3. 3. 2) Those  who  sits  and  talks  for  a  long  time   a) Talker   This   type   of   people   would   like   to   talk   most   time   during   discussion.   They   sometimes   may   act   as   a   leader   in   that   they   are   active   among   other  people.  They  may  be  deemed  as  social  promoter.   b) Listener   Not   to   say   silent   is   not   a   good   virtue,   but   those   people   may   need   initiator’s  accompany  to  do  something.  But  some  may  also  be  introvert   and  isolated  people.   3) Those  who  spends  half  time  doing  study,  half  time  doing  other  stuff   This  group  of  people  is  hard  to  specify  in  minor  groups.  But  they  are   likely   to   be   diverted   by   some   other   stuff   easily.   And   they   may   be   interested   in   new   things.   Some   of   them   may   be   addictive   to   entertainment   and   some   may   be   bad   time   manager   and   suffered   disorder  routine.  About  Settings  I  chose  Tuesday  (February  05,  2013),  as  I  believed  some  people  would  come  to  the  library  for  regular  study  and  courses  preparation  and  some  people  would  craze  with  their  due-­‐day  homework.  At   the   very   beginning   I   decide   to   start   my   observation   on   the   third   floor   of   Snell  Library.  I  expected  that  people  on  this  floor  would  do  their  study  most  time  and  talk  
  4. 4. for   a   while   sometimes.   However   I   found   my   thoughts   incorrect   as   at   there   silence  dominated   large   amount   of   people.   Only   those   standing   at   the   gateway   would   talk  aloud.  Therefore  I  switched  to  the  second  floor  where  I  saw  some  groups  of  people  doing  their  jobs  quietly,  some  others  were  having  discussions  aloud.  All  the  situations  fit  what  we  expected  to  see  I  sat  on  the  red  couch  in  front  of  the  Information  Kiosk  (see  the  sketch  below)    First  Round    When  I  came  to  the  spot,  A,  B,  C,  and  D  were  already  at  their  position  for  some  time.  1. A  and  B   a) Observation   A,  a  girl,  wears  quite  casual  garment  with  boots  on.     B,  a  boy,  wears  casual  coat  but  with  sneakers.   I   asked   their   permission   for   the   seats   next   to   them,   they   both   said,   “Go   for  it”.  
  5. 5. They   chatted   and   discussed   over   many   topics,   ranging   from   education   to   mobile   provider   and   to   daily   lifestyle.   Though   hard   to   catch   what   they   were   talking  exactly,  I  still  saw  they  are  holding  an  iPad  mini  and  talking  over  a   piece  of  sheet  listing  with  several  points.   Most  time  A  was  leading  the  topics.  It  seemed  that  A  asked  B  questions   all  the  time,  and  B  just  answered  it.  But  sometimes  I  could  hear  that  B  was   also  asking  A  something.   A  combed  her  hair  once.   A  and  B  sometimes  brought  their  mobile  phones  out.  A’s  is  iPhone,  B’s  is   an  Android  phone.   A  used  gestures  in  quite  exaggerated  manners,  such  as  hitting  the  surface   of  the  couch  just  next  to  B.  (That  hit  even  scared  me)   A  and  B  sometimes  put  their  feet  on  the  table.   A   somehow   brought   her   earplugs   out,   started   to   listening   music.   She   sometimes   hummed   or   sang   out   the   song.   (At   first   I   didn’t   catch   she   was   wearing   an   earplug,   but   then   I   heard   she   singing)   At   the   same   time,   she   started  to  shake  her  body  rhythmically  like  dancing.   After  50  minutes  since  I  came,  they  left.  b) Implications   Based   on   their   actions   and   wearing,   I   can   guess   B   is   used   to   sporting   sometime.   He   might   have   an   athletic   lifestyle.   A   should   enjoy   social   life   as  
  6. 6. she  expressed  herself  by  singing  and  dancing.   These  two  people  seemed  to  be  close  friends  or  they  knew  each  other  for   some   time,   as   they   were   in   very   casual   conditions.   But   based   on   their   talking,   I   still   don’t   know   whether   they   are   classmates   trying   to   figure   out   their   homework   or   one   is   asking   another   one   question   as   performing   interview.   They   should   be   good   time   manager,   as   they   can   focus   on   their   listed   topics  one  by  one  and  finished  in  time.   c) Conclusions   This   two   people   can   be   categorized   in   second   group   in   our   assumption   (sits  and  talks  for  a  long  time).     Roughly  summarize:     A  is  Talker:  She  is  active,  social   B  is  Listener.  2. C  and  D  were  not  worth  mentioning  in  details  (due  to  the  length  of  the  report,   but  I  did  track  their  actions  and  activities),  as  they  left  after  several  minutes.            
  7. 7. Second  Round    After  the  first  round,  A,  B,  and  C  changed  to  different  people.  (X  means  some  people,  but  not  in  my  focused  observation)  1. A     a) Observation   A  is  a  girl,  wears  quite  similar  to  the  previous  A  in  first  round.   She  sat  down  and  brought  her  laptop,  setting  up  earplugs.  She  was   doing  her  homework  and  listening  to  music  at  the  same  time.   There  was  a  drink  of  Targo  Tea  beside  for  refreshing  sometimes.   She  brought  a  course  book  called  “Media  Making”  out.   She  seldom  typed  message  on  her  iPhone.   She  read  her  book  and  sunk  into  deep  thoughts  and  started  typing  on   her  laptop.   Then  she  brought  out  some  documents/paperwork.  (And  the  same  time,   I  noticed  her  handbag  was  full  of  course  books  and  documents)   She  looks  like  got  stuck  in  something.  She  rotated  her  chair  to  fit  to  a  
  8. 8. more  comfortable  gesture  (she  is  facing  to  me  but  keeping  reading  on  the   table)   She  kept  thinking  and  reading  the  paper  until  I  leave.   b) Implications   This  girl  may  be  very  hard  working,  as  we  can  see  her  fixed  on  her  jobs   all  the  time,  seldom  looked  over  other  walk-­‐around  people  or  got  diverted   by  mobile  phone.  Her  handbag  is  full  of  books!  Which  can  also  prove  the   assumption.   She  cared  about  their  physical  comfort,  as  she  rotated  the  chair  and   drank  sometimes.     c) Conclusions   This  girl  can  be  categorized  in  the  first  group  of  people  (sits  and  reads   books  or  be  fixed  on  computer  screen  for  a  long  time)   Roughly  speaking,  she  might  be  a  self-­‐discipline  student  2. B   a) Observation   B  is  a  girl,  also  worn  a  pair  of  boots.   She  was  chewing  gum,  worked  on  her  laptop  for  a  while  then  left  away.   But  soon  she  came  back.   She  started  to  talk  to  the  people  around  her.     She  always  picked  up  her  iPhone  and  texted  messages,  and  then  went  
  9. 9. back  to  her  laptop  again.  This  was  repeated  several  times.   Afterwards,  she  left  again.  But  I  caught  her  laptop  screen  showing  that   she  was  reading  something  on  it.  Soon  she  came  back.     Whenever  there  was  a  people  walking  by  or  there  was  some  sound   bursting  somewhere,  she  would  head  up  and  looked  around.     b) Implications   This  girl  might  be  hard  to  focus  on  something;  at  least  she  was  not  focus   well  on  her  jobs  on-­‐hand  at  that  time.  Her  attentions  got  diverted  easily   and  she  gave  me  a  sense  that  she  was  trying  to  catch  other’s  attentions.   She  may  suffer  a  bad  routine,  as  her  time  management  was  not  good   enough.   c) Conclusions   This  girl  can  be  categorized  as  the  third  type  of  people  (spends  half  time   doing  study,  half  time  doing  other  stuff)  3. C  is  not  worth  detailing  as  he  came  in  the  observation  period  late.  (But  I  did  jot   down  his  activities  and  actions)    About  Interview  I   chose   a   Chinese   boy   who   also   spent   lots   of   time   doing   his   homework   at   the   library  for  the  interview.  He  has  about  30  hours  weekly  of  spare  time.  But  2/3  is  spent  on  study  including  extra  reading  and  learning.  Only  1/3  is  spent  on  physical  exercises,  
  10. 10. movies,  shopping  and  eating.  He  thought  his  lifestyle  was  not  healthy  enough  and  if  he   could   has   less   homework   he   would   prefer   to   go   out   a   lot   rather   than   sitting   all  day.   But   also   he   blamed   his   situation   as   bad   time   management   and   low   efficiency.  While  going  out,  he  prefers  eating  and  watching  movies.    Another  participant  is  an  American  boy  who  said  he  seldom  come  to  the  library.  He  has  20  hours  weekly  to  spend  but  the  scale  between  sitting  and  going  out  may  vary  by  all  the  jobs  he  encountered.  He  enjoyed  surfing  the  Internet,  browsing  Facebook  and   listening   to   music.   Sometimes   he   would   text   his   friends   or   just   drops   by   their  dorm   to   ask   out   for   playing   Ping   Pong   or   other   sports.   He   deemed   his   lifestyle   as  moderate  as  healthy.  If  he  has  enough  money  or  there  are  cheap  deals  then  he  will  go   out.   Most   time   he   prefer   to   go   out   with   his   friends.   When   going   out,   he   likes  sightseeing,  walking  and  wandering  downtown  and  just  window-­‐shopping.    Implication  for  Design  As   from   the   observation,   interview   and   with   our   assumptions,   we   generalize   the  following  points  for  design  improvement.  1. High  pressure   When  suffering  on  this  symptom,  people  really  need  something  to  trigger  their   motivation  to  go  out.  Presenting  more  relaxing  and  attracting  events  or  activities   through  our  application  can  intrigue  them  to  move,  or  at  least,  want  to  move.  For  
  11. 11. instance,  presenting  beautiful  view  spots  advertisement.  2. Non-­‐social   People   maybe   shy   in   face   but   active   online   because   of   they   can   get   rid   of   the   social   responsibilities   without   revealing   their   actual   identities.   Therefore,   our   application  can  lead  them  in  two  ways:  first,  encourage  them  to  join  the  events   discussion  online  by  giving  prizes  or  gifts,  such  as  “commenting  on  xxx  can  win  a   big   prize”;   second,   lead   them   to   take   pride   in   good   social   events   which   can   fulfill   their  social  responsibilities  and  reveal  their  actual  identities  (by  making  friends),   like   asking   them   to   do   social   charity   which   others   can   compliment   their   behaviors.  3. Sedentary  lifestyle  /  bad  time  management   We   can   add   some   notification   features   to   ask   our   users   keep   going   out.   For   example,   the   system   catches   that   one   user   hasn’t   “unlocked”   Boston   for   two   weeks,  then  the  app  will  alert  him  about  this  issue,  notifying  that  it  may  concerns   their  health  problem.  4. Active  buddies  /  Inactive  buddies   For   active   type   of   people,   we   can   add   an   event   promotion   feature   to   our   application.   Those   people   can   easily   initiate   others   to   join   certain   “unlock”   activities.     For   those   inactive,   they   can   quickly   find   the   events   that   they   interest   in   and   follow  the  promoters.  
  12. 12. 5. Interested  in  new  stuff   Adding  Augmented  Reality  feature  to  the  application  can  make  the  system  more   interactive   and   intrigue   those   who   enjoy   getting   involved   with   new   stuff.   Also   with   the   newest   technology   feature,   they   can   show   off   to   their   friends   which   can   fulfill  their  social  satisfaction.                                                                
  13. 13. Appendix