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Mapeh 102

  2. 2. Playing FieldThe playing fields for baseball and softball are similar, butsoftball fields are smaller. The baselines in baseball form asquare with 90-foot edges, while the baselines in softballrange from 60 to 65 feet, depending on the age of theparticipants. Young baseball players often play on softball-sized diamonds.
  3. 3. Baseball and softball players use the same type ofequipment, but baseball players use a smaller ball thansoftball players. Baseballs are about 9 inches incircumference and weigh about 5 oz., while softballs aretypically 12 inches in circumference and weigh between6.25 and 7 oz. Additionally, baseball players can use batsup to 42 inches long with a 2.61-inch diameter, whilesoftball players can use bats up to only 34 inches longwith a 2.25-inch diameter.
  4. 4. While the objective for baseball and softballpitchers is the same, the rules for pitching aredifferent. Most notably, softball pitchers mustthrow underhanded, while baseball pitchers areallowed to throw overhand, and most do. Softballpitchers must start their motion with both feet onthe pitching rubber, while baseball pitchers canleave their glove-side foot off the rubber in boththe wind-up and set starting positions.
  5. 5. The general rules for baseball and softballbatters are virtually identical. Batters muststand inside the batters box, usuallymarked by chalk lines in the dirt. For eachpitch, they have the option of letting theball go or trying to hit it in play by swingingthe bat or bunting. In both games, threestrikes and the batter is out.
  6. 6. Most of the base-running rules for baseball and softballare the same. Base runners are always out if a defensiveplayer tags them with the ball. They must advance to thenext base on ground balls hit in fair territory if they are onfirst base or if they are on second or third base and thebases behind them are occupied. In that case, a baserunner is also out if a defensive player holding the balltouches the base to which she is running before shetouches the base with any part of her body.
  7. 7. The size of home plate is the same for baseballand softball, so the horizontal strike zone is thesame for both sports. However, according to MajorLeague Baseball and the International SoftballFederation, the vertical strike zone differs slightly.The baseball strike zone runs from between thebatters shoulders and waist on top to just belowhis knee cap on the bottom. The softball strikezone is slightly larger, running from the battersarmpits to the top of his knees.
  8. 8. Quiz 1.Baseball and softball players use the same type of equipment? Yes No
  9. 9. For each pitch, they have the option of letting the ball go or trying to hit it in play by swinging the bat or bunting. Strike Balls Foul Ball Take a walk
  10. 10. Baseball & Softball RulesSize of home plate A. 60 feetPlaying fields for baseball B. DiamondStrike zone C. BatterDefensive player D. GlovesBase running E. BatRange from 60 to 65 feet F. SoftballBaseball strike zone G. above the knee42 inc. long w/ a 2.61-in F. BaseballUse by offensive player G. 40 feetNumbers of softball player H.9