Environment 3.0 from idea to implementation


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  • We paid for loyalty and it worked 2 years ago, retention bonus was a good tool, but recently one of the Clients decided to introduce retention bonus to employees, which resulted in a dismissal of the key performers
  • Environment 3.0 from idea to implementation

    1. 1. www.ciklum.netEnvironment 3.0from the idea to implementationYana Poteeva
    2. 2. Environment 3.0:People come to work…not to work 1.0 Hygiene: humans struggling for survival 2.0 Stick and Carrot 3.0. DRIVE: to learn, to create and better the world! www.ciklum.net 2
    3. 3. Ciklum in 2012 is 2000+ people170+ clients, 7 dev locations www.ciklum.net 3
    4. 4. 87 people in HR department HR Director Recruitment Manager Retention Manager PR&Motivation ManagerRecruitment Consultants Retention Consultants PR&Motivation Group CROSS–LOCATION TEAM www.ciklum.net 4
    5. 5. Best Employer 2010, 2011, 2012 Ukraine www.ciklum.net 5
    6. 6. Some numbers on Best Employer www.ciklum.net 6
    7. 7. Trends www.ciklum.net 7
    8. 8. …the world 3.0… …the world 3.0…flat connected mobile
    9. 9. …success comes to businesses via: mobility networking simplicity
    10. 10. What fuelsYour rocket? 
    11. 11. 3.0 World MOST FREQUENTLY WHAT THEY ARE MENTIONED REALLY SAYING MOTIVATORS Interesting tasks… Increase competence = MASTERY Developing real Making a difference product (used by = PURPOSE someone)… Team… Sense of belonging = AFFILIATION Opportunity to = AUTONOMY make decisions… www.ciklum.net 11
    12. 12. …individuals value: …individuals value:flat connected mobile
    13. 13. FOCUS on 3.0 DRIVERS!Motivators Hygiene factors TRUST www.ciklum.net 13
    14. 14. Development Interviews- Build on strengths- Understand, imagine, create- Power of question Positive Core
    15. 15. Event as environment creation toolIn Ciklum we have 60-100knowledge sharing and socialevents per month acrosslocations.Most of the events are free tojoin.Some events are cross-location.A lot of events are public andopen to attend!All the events are self-drivenor created with inspiration andhelp by employees. www.ciklum.net 15
    16. 16. Practice Leaders movement Self–driven Practice Leaders Movement in Ciklum (uniting both employees and clients). The idea of it is that being 20000+ IT specialists within Ciklum and 170+ clients, we could make the huge network for knowledge upgrade and sharing. By now we have 10 self-organized groups: Mobile, PHP, QA, Java Management&Communications etc. + www.ciklum.net 16
    17. 17. Speakers’ Corner eventsA Speakers Corner is an area where open-airpublic speaking, debate and discussion areallowed. The original and most noted is in thenorth-east corner of Hyde Park in London, UnitedKingdom. Adopted in Ciklum – this is 60 minutes event in Lunch format where clients, employees or external visitors speak about what’s on their mind. Clients are happy to join such events in order to better understand local people => they bring to local people better understanding on how to communicate with them. Win-Win! www.ciklum.net 17
    18. 18. Ciklum Saturdays Ciklum Saturdays (in different technologies: Mobile, .Net, Java, php, etc.). We launched in contrast to big and global events, to have smaller and more frequent gatherings with normally 6-8 speakers – both Ciklumers and outsiders, and 50-150 attendees.. www.ciklum.net 18
    19. 19. Hosting, sponsorship, participation www.ciklum.com 19
    20. 20. Social activities • Ciklum Movie Nights • Edutainment Nights • Poker Nights • Yoga • Carting • Laser-Tag • Salsa dance • Hand-made clubs • Karate classes • Table-tennis tournament • Что? Где? Когда? • Table-football tournament • Pumpkin Curving contests • The Best IT couple contest • Basketball, Football teams • Ciklum Runners team; • Ciklum Bike riders team … www.ciklum.net 20
    21. 21. IT Jam 2008-2012 www.ciklum.net 21
    22. 22. More inspiration …
    23. 23. Слайд для внимательных1. Сканируй GR код мобильным телефоном2. Авторизуйся на полученной странице3. Подарок твой! www.ciklum.net 23
    24. 24. Thank you!Questions? www.ciklum.net 24