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Mail forwarders market analysis

Mail forwarders market analysis



Research of mail forwarding service providers for those who order goods from the US to Russia

Research of mail forwarding service providers for those who order goods from the US to Russia



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    Mail forwarders market analysis Mail forwarders market analysis Presentation Transcript

    • Mail Forwarders MarketAnalysisMay 20131
    • Mail ForwardingRegistration on the mail forwarder’swebsiteChoosing goods from different onlinestores website catalogOrdering goods from different shops tothe mail forwarder’s warehouse addressParcels arriving to the mail forwarder’swarehouseForwarding the consolidated parcel toRussia Mail Forwarding service includes forwarding parcels from thesender to the receiver using a supplementary transitionaladdress.Mail forwarder consolidating the parcels2
    • Advantages of mail forwarding Using mail forwarding service is less expensive than ordering goodsdirectly from an online store Some ebay.ru sellers and online stores don’t ship outside US Mail forwarding service usually includes creating supportingdocuments for the parcel Mail forwarders usually provide insurance for parcel loss or damage3
    • Mail forwarders4
    • DescriptionWarehouse OregonExpress delivery USPSPayment methods Credit cards, bank transfer, GoogleWallet*Stores More than 105*Commission fee is charged for every payment method (3.2% of sales price or $15 fixed fee)
    • Customer feedbackGot it in a month, even no problemswith EMS! Packaged very carefully.Additional package was removed.Got a postcard and complimentarysweets.Thаnks Banderolka for the parceldelivered and the complimetarysweets! The parcel was packagedwell, reached me with nodamage.…the parcel was a littledamaged, but Banderolka’s packageprevented the contents from beingdamaged.The only disadvantage, in myopinion, is not including thepayment system’s commission in thefinal price indicated on the website.Banderolka continues to provide highquality service, despite clientsquantity growth.6
    • ServicesServiceForwarding xConsolidation xSpecial request (taking photo of goods, additionalpackage, size check etc.)xAssisted purchase (assistance in shopping process)Storage xInsurance x7
    • RatesService Rate*Forwarding $3-8 (price of packagingmaterials)Consolidation FreeSpecial request Depends on the requestStorage 30 days free, then $10/monthInsurance $3-100*The rates are valid for testing period only8
    • Strengths and WeaknessesStrengths Weaknesses•Warehouse in a tax-free state•User-friendly interface•Efficient customer support•High quality packaging•Using only USPS for express-deliverymeans parcel delivery in Russia throughEMS only, which has very bad reputationdue to delivery delays, high parcel lossrate, careless parcel handling andinefficient delivery service and customersupport•The rates may change after the testingperiod is over•Banderolka doesn’t accept paymentsthrough Paypal system•Commission fee is charged for everypayment method9
    • DescriptionWarehouse California, Oregon, Nevada, Hong KongExpress delivery USPS, Airmail, FedEx, TNT, DHLPayment methods Credit cards, Paypal, bank transferStores All large online stores10
    • Customer feedbackVery fastThanks alotEverythingrepackedproperly and verycarefullyThe package withwrong addresssuccessfully returned!Very professionaland polite workFailed to consolidatepackages properly11
    • ServicesServiceForwarding xConsolidation xSpecial request (taking photo of goods, additionalpackage, size check etc.)xAssisted purchase (assistance in shopping process) xStorage xInsurance12
    • RatesService plan INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES VIRTUAL MAILBOXSetup fee $0 $0Monthly fee $0 $10/month or $50/yearProcessing fee per package $8.50 $2.50Fast mail out – magazineor letter$1 $1Consolidation savings NO YESConsolidation fee N/A $2 per packageFree Storage 90 days 90 daysAssisted purchase– $8.50 for 10 unique items of the purchase13
    • Strengths and weaknessesStrengths Weaknesses•Warehouses in HK and tax-free Oregon•Flexible rates•Large choice of express deliverycompanies•Relatively high rates•No insurance service14
    • DescriptionWarehouse PennsylvaniaExpress delivery USPS, ShopFans ExpressPayment methods Credit cards, Paypal, bank transferStores All large online stores15
    • Customer feedbackEverything is OK! Got the parcel!Packaged well! Got it in 6 days afterpayment!The parcel was sent on 13th, today is16th, and I’ve just had a call fromthe delivery man who said that theparcel was waiting for me. T wasdelivered in two hours. Packagedvery well, the service is veryefficient. I was delighted by thespeed of delivery.It would be very good if the delivery mancalled at least one hour before coming.No other disadvantages.A little disappointed with noinformation about the parcel locationafter its customs clearance. Everythingelse is OK.16
    • ServicesServiceForwarding xConsolidation xSpecial request (taking photo of goods, additionalpackage, size check etc.)xAssisted purchase (assistance in shopping process)Storage xInsurance x17
    • RatesService RateProcessing a package less than 3lb (1.3 kg) $3Processing a package more than 3lb (1.3 kg) $5Consolidation $0Additional package $3Photo of goods $2-5Insurance$3 for every $100 of thepackage value18
    • Strengths and weaknessesStrengths Weaknesses•No sales tax for garments and shoes inPennsylvania•Simple rates•Fast delivery due to own ShopFanExpressdelivery service•Efficient customer support•The service fees become relatively highwhen many parcels are consolidated•The clients fill in the supportingdocuments by themselves19
    • DescriptionWarehouse New JerseyExpress delivery Polar Express, DHL, Fedex, USPSPayment methods Credit cards, Western Union, MoneyGram,bank transferStores All large online stores20
    • Customer feedbackGot the parcel. Everything is OK.Packaged very well.Failed to get one of the purchasesthat was supposed to be includedin the parcel. Don’t know whosefault it is.Good rate, the parcel reachedthe destination with no problem.Got the responses to the emailsrather quickly.Sometimes I don’t get the trackingstatus change notifications.Tracking is not useful, it has onlythe “Parcel number” data now.Didn’t get the parcel for 1.5month. The customer servicewouldn’t respond, the trackingdoesn’t work.21
    • ServicesServiceForwarding xConsolidation xSpecial request (taking photo of goods, additionalpackage, size check etc.)Assisted purchase (assistance in shopping process)Storage xInsurance x22
    • RatesService RateParcel processing $1Consolidation $0Storage30 days free, then$5/purchase/monthPackaged parcel storage with «waiting for deliverypayment» status7 days free, then $10/monthPhoto of goods $1Additional package $2Insurance $0-10023
    • Strengths and weaknessesStrengths Weaknesses•Low rates•Large choice of express deliverycompanies•Delivery delays•Parcel tracking on the website doesn’tprovide information on time.24
    • DescriptionWarehouse PennsylvaniaExpress delivery USPS, MeestPayment methods Credit cards, Webmoney, RBC MoneyStores All large online stores exceptAbercrombie, Holister, Victoria’s Secret,Overstock, Sears, Kmart, JCPenny25
    • Customer feedbackVery short period of delivery,notwithstanding Russian Postdelays.Got the parcel today. Waited for itrather long due to Russian Postworkload. The parcel had beendropped several times, and its oneside was badly damaged. Thecontents itself were not damageddue to additional package.Was delighted with the service andcustomer support work.The parcel was damaged. All thegoods ordered were in the parcel.26
    • Services «Full support» service. Pochtoy.com orders goods to its USaddress, gets the parcels, consolidates them and ships theconsolidated parcel to Russia. «Virtual address» service. The customers order goods bythemselves from online stores to Pochtoy.com mailing address.The company gets the orders, consolidates them and forwardsthe consolidated parcel.27
    • RatesFull supportService RateParcel processing $1Consolidation FreePackage removal FreeVirtual addressOrder value Commissionfrom $1 to $100 $10from $101 to $500 10%from $501 to $1000 8%Additional servicesMulti-layer film $4Envelope $2Photo $328
    • Strengths and weaknessesStrengths Weaknesses•Simple rates•No tax for garments and shoes•Assisted purchase service available•Frequent special discounts•Payment through Webmoney system isavailable•No possibility to order goods fromAbercrombie, Holister, Victoria Secrets,Overstock, Sears, Kmart, JCPenny.29
    • Comparative delivery rates tableCompany Fee*Banderolka $84.3Shipito $76.72ShopFans $65.9**Polar Express $86.56Pochtoy.com $70.15*Delivery of one $200 parcel by USPS Express to Moscow**The fee becomes relatively high when shipping several parcels30
    • DescriptionWarehouse ChicagoExpress delivery USPS, DHL, FedEx, Major Service, SPSRPayment methods Credit cards, Yandex dengi, QIWI,Webmoney, bank transferStores Amazon.com, Ebay.comSpecial order from other stores is possible.The service of forwarding goods using a transitional address is alsoprovided by consolidator companies , that allow to order goods fromtheir own online catalogs.31
    • Bay.ru vs BanderolkaOtherlargestoresSpecial orderfrom otherstoresChoosing goods on Bay.ru websiteShopping cart on Bay.ruOrder to Bay.ru warehouse in the USShipment to RussiaChoosing goods on stores websitesOrdering from stores websitesDelivery to the warehouse in the USConsolidationShipment to Russia32
    • Strengths and weaknessesStrengths Weaknesses•Convenient website order interface•Many payment options•Many express delivery options•The discounts provided by online storesmay not be considered in Bay.ru catalog•There is an opportunity for secretcharges due to non-transparent final feestructure•Bay.ru directly ships from amazon.comand ebay.com only. Special order fromother stores may icrease the deliveryperiod33
    • Contact informationYana AvakyanIndependent consultantE-mail: yana.avakyan@gmail.com34