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Quantified Self and the Self-tracking Patient (Body Media)
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Quantified Self and the Self-tracking Patient (Body Media)


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  • Thank you _____I would like to show you a “day in the life” of a BodyMedia Fit user as a way to show you how we will continue to give users real information…in real time.Imagine you are wearing our BMF armband and want to see how you are progressing with your activity and calorie burn for the day before you decide if you are going to have dessert, add a workout, or both!First you can glance at your ‘dashboard” which is a quick visual summary of your day
  • Then, given we read 5000 data points/minute off the body we have a great deal of detail allowing you ton see how you did with your activity levels throughout the day. Not bad for a morning workout – maybe I’ll skip the workout for the evening!
  • …but the food logging feature returns some great detail on the composition of what you ate. After reviewing this for a quick minute – I decide to take a pass on the cheesecake today. I want to stay ahead of the game and on track to lose weight.
  • We also realize that staying motivated beyond our rich data is important. That is why this past spring we launched a Data API that now opens up the richness and depth of our data to develop new and engaging applications. I might select something like this Trakkerz game that takes me on a journey and allows me to activate treasures based on my continued activity achievements.
  • Some days, when I am not so energetic in the morning I do a workout video when I get home. We have an app embedded in a Panasonic TV that allows me to stay motivated during my workout with stats off to the right. I can even compete with my family members - 2 users can stream their data simultaneously. A little friendly competition is always healthy!
  • I can also display my information in real time when I am in range of the TV, while I run back and forth keeping my kids going, and endlessly picking up after them!
  • While what I have just shown you is meant to be simple and timely throughout the day to help users make real decisions…there is more!At the end of the day I may want to dig a little deeper:see my sleep profilesSee a summary of the past 7 daysShare my great day with a push to my FB pagePrint reports AND in November we will use the rich information we have on each user to give them personal feedback to help them get on track, stay on track, and feel rewarded. Bodymedia.. Know your body. Change your life.
  • Quantified Self and the Self-tracking Patient (Body Media)

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