How to Do Keyword Research for Your New SEO Project


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If you are going to launch a new website and you have passion and basic knowledge of search engine optimization, then the Keyword Research and Analysis is very first and major factor to perform smartly. All your SEO activities will be revolve around it.

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  • How to Do Keyword Research for Your New SEO Project

    1. 1. Keyword Research Basics
    2. 2. What is a Keyword • Keyword research is an extremely important part of marketing your online business • Keyword Research = Knowing Your Customer • Keywords are terms people use on search engines to find information about a particular topic.
    3. 3. Search Matters • 92% of internet users use Search Engines • 59% say they do so at least once a day • 175 Billion Global Searches Conducted Each Month • 115 Billion From GOOGLE ALONE
    4. 4. Quick Questions to Ask • Does that Keyword “make sense” • What would I search for? • What do others search for?
    5. 5. Learn Everything About Your Customer • Define your target market. Who is going to use your product? • What problems will your product, service or website solve? • What kind of questions do they post at discussion forums? • How do they explain their problems? • If you get emails from prospective customers, what words do they use to express their problems?
    6. 6. User Query Modes • Normal State • Research Mode • Buying Mode Face wrinkles, Beauty tips, How to look good Botox before and after Botox Side Effects Botox injection in Dubai Botox Treatment Cost
    7. 7. Relationship #ofmonthly searches # of Keywords NormalState Research Buying
    8. 8. Analysis Of Results • Let’s assume you rank 5th place on page 1 for a specific keyword with an average monthly search volume of 1,600. Here is the average click through rate of each position; • 1st – 33% 2nd – 17% 3rd – 11% 4th – 8% 5th – 6% etc…. 10th – 2% - END OF PAGE 1 RESULTS… • Even at 5th place (ON PAGE 1) your click through rate (on average) will be 6% of 1,600 or 96 potential clicks, and that is if you make page 1. Imagine the results for page 2, or page 3.
    9. 9. Long Tail Keywords • Long tail keywords = low volume of searches but high conversion rate. Short tail keywords = high volume of searches but low conversion rate. • You decide what type of keyword to go after.
    10. 10. Learn to Analyze
    11. 11. SEO MOZ Research
    12. 12. Keywords Research Resources • Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool • Google Insights for Search • Google Trends Keyword Demand Prediction • Microsoft Advertising Intelligence • Word Tracker's Free Basic Keyword Demand
    13. 13. Extract Keywords • Botox Dubai (SV 1000) • Botox in Dubai (SV 800) • Botox Treatment (SV 300) • Botox Injections (SV 800) • Botox Injections Dubai (SV 100) • Botox for Wrinkles (SV 500) • Botox for Face (SV 300) • Botox for Headache (SV 450) • Botox for Migraine (SV 100) • Botox Pain (SV 100) • Botox Hair (SV 100)
    14. 14. Pick the Best Title • Botox in Dubai | Botox Treatment & Injections in Dubai • Botox Treatment in Dubai | Botox Injections | Botox for Wrinkles • Botox Dubai for Wrinkles Treatment with Injections • Botox Injections for Wrinkle Treatment in Dubai • Botox in Dubai | Botox Treatment & Injections
    15. 15. Pick the Best Meta Description • At Botox in Dubai we offer Botox Treatment with injections to get rid of face wrinkles, headache, muscle pain and armpit sweating. Consult our medical specialist now. • At Botox in Dubai we offer Botox Treatment, Injections for face Wrinkles, headache, muscles, pain, armpit sweating, migraine, hair etc. Consult our medical specialist now.
    16. 16. Keyword Placement Here is a list of places where you should try to use your main keywords. • Keywords in the <title> tag(s). • Keywords in the <meta name="description"> • Keywords in the <meta name="keyword"> • Keywords in <h1> or other headline tags. • Keywords in the <a href="">keywords</a> link tags. • Keywords in the body copy. • Keywords in alt tags.
    17. 17. Recommended Tools • Google Adwords Keyword Planner • Google Insight • Google Suggestions
    18. 18. What is Word Stemming? • Google uses word stemming. Word stemming allows all forms of the word - singular, plural, verb form as well as similar words to be returned for a given search query. • So if someone types in "house plans", not only will pages that are optimized for that phrase be returned, but so will pages that contain all variations of that phrase, for example: "house plan", "house planning", "house planer".
    19. 19. Creating Titles – Best Practice • Each page should have a unique title. • Begin the title of your home page with your Primary Keyword Phrase, followed by your best Secondary Keyword Phrases. • If you must include your company name, put it at the end of the title. • Don't overdo it - don't repeat your keywords more than 1 time in the title • Make sure the <title> tag is the first element in the <head> section of your page - this makes it easier to find by Google
    20. 20. All Men are Not Equal Not all Keyword are equal. Some Keyword are able to drive traffic to your website and also convert. Therefore a good Keyword must pass the following test. 1. Relevancy 2. Volume 3. Competition
    21. 21. Keyword Competition Choosing a keyword that is highly COMPETITIVE is not a brilliant idea if you just starting out. You need to choose keywords with low or medium competition to gain a competitive edge.
    22. 22. Adwords Keyword Planner • Open Keyword Planner . • Click “Search for keyword and ad group ideas”.
    23. 23. Keyword Geo Targeting • By specifying all the mentioned criteria, you will define your target audience.
    24. 24. Avoid Over Optimization • Open this Link Search Hair Transplant in Dubai Open Highlighted Text Link
    25. 25. Avoid Over Optimization Cont. • Get Back to Sitemap Link Again • Search -> Evaluating Hair Transplant • Search -> What is FUE Hair • Search -> FUE Hair Transplant
    26. 26. QA Session
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