The Future of Search in a Social World, by Alison Groves
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The Future of Search in a Social World, by Alison Groves



Alison Groves ...

Alison Groves
Y'all Connect Presented by Alabama Power
June 13, 2014
Birmingham, Alabama

Search, social, PR and all of Internet marketing are converging together in ways we never expected, and quickly. She will examine the effect they have on each other, and what it means for the future of digital marketing.



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The Future of Search in a Social World, by Alison Groves The Future of Search in a Social World, by Alison Groves Presentation Transcript

  • The Future of search in a social world SEO + Social + PR Alison Groves, Customer Champion
  • SEO
  • “The before times”
  • Stuff those keywords, son!
  • Yeah, those links are relevant. #YOURETHEWORST Resource: JCPenny SEO penalty
  • Everybody have fun tonight! and link to each other….
  • ! Where do I rank?!
  • PR
  • I’m going to submit my content to THE ENTIRE INTERNET!
  • More mail, please!!!!
  • Press releases and phone calls! Oh my!
  • But, now….
  • Who knows you better than your friends?
  • Google’s animals, shutting it down. Resource:Animal proof your site
  • Our new search reality
  • y u not the same? y u not be manipulated?
  • Birmingham coffee search in Birmingham
  • SEO + Social + PR = the “new” marketing
  • Search contains… • Creating relative content • Acquiring links (really, mentions), and building relationships with site owners • Technical website code or markup ( Resource:
  • Social contains… • Listening and sharing • Relationship building • Managing both (community!)
  • PR contains… • Brand storytelling (or content creation!) • Relationship building • Relationship nurturing (community!)
  • Relationships are the key to the “new” marketing.
  • Are you a trusted person? Is your story relevant?
  • How do we gain trust?
  • Authorship How Google determines (and trusts!) that you are an authority. Resource: Set up authorship
  • Become a thought leader
  • How do we create relevant stories? • Pay attention to the conversation • Participate! • Answer every question your audience has, even the ones they don’t know they have. • Be authentic
  • Because you’re an authority…. Your content is discovered. Marcus Sheridan: YouTube
  • Because your content is great… someone shares it.
  • Because they share it… you find them.
  • Because you find them and build a relationship…. they become a lifelong customer… word spreads.
  • Because word spreads… the cycle begins again.
  • This product was really good....
  • Tell your own story. Tell it well. People will share. Relationships will be built. Your product will be found.
  • Alison Groves Customer Champion, Zapier @alisongroves