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How to Use Social Media to Tell Your Brand Story, by Kim Garst
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How to Use Social Media to Tell Your Brand Story, by Kim Garst


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Kim Garst …

Kim Garst
Y'all Connect Presented by Alabama Power
June 13, 2014
Birmingham, Alabama

Social media can dramatically impact a brand’s image positively and negatively. Nearly 2 billion people use it not only as a source of news and information, but also as a resource to compare, shop, follow and evaluate brands.

The major difference between the old and new forms of brand messaging is that the consumer controls the message. That does not mean that the corporation does not have control over its online image: If it instead takes a positive, proactive and strategically balanced approach to crafting and consistently delivering high-quality, engaging content (brand storytelling), it can enhance its overall brand appeal.

Kim will discuss brand storytelling using social media and provide listeners with detailed, actionable steps they can follow to develop a comprehensive social media content strategy.

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  • 1. The Art of Storytelling in Today’s Social World Presented by Kim Garst
  • 2. What is the PROBLEM And How Do You Fix It?
  • 3. Marke&ng  has   shi-ed!  We  have  to   STOP  marke&ng  like   it’s  2004!  
  • 4. Marketers  have  spent  MILLIONS  on…   Billboards   TV   Radio  Ads   Direct  Mail   Print   NO  LONGER  WORKS!  
  • 5. Many  businesses  are  struggling  to  get  the   aOen&on  of  the  their  customers.  
  • 6. Can  you  name  the  last  &me…   ü Picked  up  the  phone  and  called  a   number  on  a  billboard   ü Didn’t  fast  forward  through  a   commercial   ü Rushed  out  to  your  mailbox  with   enthusiasm  to  see  the  latest  direct  sales   piece  
  • 7. What  wins…billboards  or  
  • 8. Cell  phones?  
  • 9. What  do  you  do  if  your  ROI  today  from  TV,   Billboards  or  Direct  Mail  is  in  the  toilet?  
  • 10. As  MARKETERS  we  have  to  become   STORYTELLERS  
  • 11. @1997  Mick  Stevens  from  The  Cartoon  Bank  
  • 12. Success  =  PULL  Marke&ng  
  • 13. Storytelling  is  how  we   showcase  how  we   SERVE  our  customers.     VALUE   VALUE   VALUE     ASK  FOR  THE  SALE    
  • 14. Stories  are  to   lead  prospects   down  the  path   to  a  PURCHASE.  
  • 15. First  things  first…you  goOa  have  their   ATTENTION!  
  • 16. We  have  tech  gadget  ADD!  
  • 17. There  are  lots   of   choices!  
  • 18. How  do  we  stand  out  in  a  crowded   marketplace?  
  • 19. We  have  to  lead  with  VALUE   without  the  expecta&on  of  reward.  
  • 20. People’s  &me  and   aOen&on  are   VALUABLE  and   should  be  highly   prized!    
  • 21. Many  marketers  treat  social  media  as   their  personal  broadcast  system.  
  • 22. Social  media  is  like  a  huge  cocktail   party…two-­‐way  conversa&ons!  
  • 23. Are  you  talking  about  yourself  ALL  THE   TIME?  
  • 24. I  hope  the   answer  is   NO  J  
  • 25. The  key  to  success  is…  
  • 26. Learn  how   to  story  tell   on  each   social   plaborm.    
  • 27. Those  who  don’t  will  drop  by  the   wayside.  
  • 28. Many  well  funded  businesses  with   smart  people  at  the  helm  have  refused   to  market  like  it’s  2014.  
  • 29. How  do  you  do  it  and  where  do  you   start?  
  • 30. Visual  Storytelling  
  • 31. Visual content is processed 60,000x faster by the brain than text.  
  • 32. 40% of people engage more with visual content than text.  
  • 33. Photos on Facebook get more likes, comments and shares than text, video or links.  
  • 34. Articles with photos get 94% more views.  
  • 35. 1.  Use  imagery  to  showcase  your   brand  
  • 36. 2.  Personalize  for     individual  plaForms  
  • 37. 3.  Show  Your  Brand’s  AUTHENTIC   Human  Side!!  
  • 38. People  connect  with  people,  not   logos.  
  • 39. #thesweatlife  
  • 40. 4.  Tell  the  Story  
  • 41. 5.  Be  SHAREABLE  
  • 42. #bestsummermoment  
  • 43. 6.  Be  USEFUL  
  • 44. Whole  Foods  gets   15x  the  value   from  Pinterest   that  they  do  on   Facebook  and   TwiWer   combined.  
  • 45.   
  • 46.