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Kmm po p_ca Kmm po p_ca Document Transcript

  • CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO THE DATA ENTRY SHEETGram PoPPanchayat_c District_Na Statusode me Mandal_name Panchayat_Namep221701 Khammam Kothagudem BANGARU CHELKAp221702 Khammam Kothagudem REGALLAp221703 Khammam Kothagudem MYLARAM yp221704 Khammam Kothagudem CHATAKONDA (R) yp221705 Khammam Kothagudem LAXMIDEVIPALLE yp221706 Khammam Kothagudem KARUKONDA yp221707 Khammam Kothagudem SEETHARAMPURAMp221708 Khammam Kothagudem ANISETTIPALLIp221709 Khammam Kothagudem SINGABHUPALEM yp221710 Khammam Kothagudem SARVARAMp221711 Khammam Kothagudem CHUNCHUPALLEp221712 Khammam Kothagudem PENUBALLIMp221713 Khammam Kothagudem THREE INCLINEp221714 Khammam Kothagudem GAREEBPETAp221715 Khammam Kothagudem SUJATHANAGARp221716 Khammam Kothagudem NARSIMHANAGARp221717 Khammam Kothagudem RAGHAVAPURAM yp221718 Khammam Kothagudem PENAGADAPA yp221719 Khammam Kothagudem VENKATESH KHANI yp221720 Khammam Kothagudem SEETHAMPETA yp221721 Khammam Kothagudem RUDRAMPURp221799 Khammam Kothagudem KOTHAGUDEM MUNICIPALITY
  • No of HHs No of HHs notTotal SC Total ST Total No of not having covered underHH HH SC/ST habitations jobcards SHGs Remarks 163 224 387 3 61 93 13 606 619 11 80 151 295 1038 1333 11 298 305 77 347 424 2 65 88 15 509 524 6 71 177 0 303 303 3 16 27 0 487 487 7 66 120 37 654 691 5 104 124 287 144 431 1 73 81
  • D; CLICK HERE For further queries, please call Mr.Rijo 8008889484 Total no. Select of HHs Select Age of Caste under CA Wife of / Daughter of Education CA (SC in that of CA /ST) Habitatio n 10 11 12 sc 10th pass 46 st 5thpass 62 sc 10pass 41 sc 10pass 74 st 8thpass 48 sc 8th pass 121 sc 10pass 98 sc 5th pass 50 sc inter pass 92 st 10fali 90 st 5pass 80 st 7pass 78 sc 10pass 69 st 6pass 66 st 5pass 69 sc inter pass 95 sc 10pass 95 sc interpass 92 sc 10pass 81 sc inter 95 sc 10pass 60 sc 10pass 89 sc 10pass 100 sc 10pass 100 sc 10pass 27 sc 7pass 91 st 10pass 100 st 10pass 100 sc 7pass 97 sc 10pass 70 sc 10pass 45 SC 10 pass 114 SC 10 pass 114 SC 10 pass 80 SC 9-10th std 100 SC 9-10th std 85 SC intermediate 85 SC 9-10th std 70 SC 5-8th std 64 SC 5-8th std 70 SC 5th 90 SC 6th 93 SC 7th 56 SC 10th 103 SC 8th 91 SC 10th 121 SC 10th 82
  • ST 8th 44SC 7th 45SC 6th 90SC 10th 116SC 6th 53SC 7th 76SC 10th 83SC 10th 67SC Inter 107SC 10th 92ST NO 38SC 10th 45SC 10th 79SC 10th 80SC 10th 83ST 10 pass 75SC 10 pass 100ST 9-10th std 78SC intermediate 98SC 10 pass 109SC 10 pass 100SC 10 pass 100SC 9-10th std 84SC 5-8th std 49SC 10 pass 26ST intermediate 92SC 10 pass 84ST degree 86ST intermediate 100ST degree 61ST 10 pass 49ST 5-8th std 100ST 5-8th std 100ST 9-10th std 69ST 10 pass 66ST 5-8th std 98ST intermediate 97ST 5-8th std 100ST intermediate 99ST 10 pass 116ST 9-10th std 103ST 9-10th std 100SC intermediate 96SC intermediate 71SC 10 pass 100ST intermediate 103ST degree 118SC 10 pass 42ST 10 pass 117ST 10 pass 52SC 10 pass 100
  • SC intermediate 32SC 10 pass 100SC 5-8th std 108ST 10 pass 100ST 10 pass 106SC 5-8th std 85SC 10 pass 85SC 10 pass 93SC 10 pass 92SC intermediate 92SC 10 pass 106SC 10 pass 56SC degree 88SC intermediate 78SC 10 pass 89SC 10 pass 50SC 10 pass 115SC 10 pass 115SC 10 pass 103SC intermediate 90SC 10 pass 90ST 10 pass 118SC 10 pass 92ST 10 pass 82SC 9-10th std 107SC 9-10th std 83SC 10 pass 86SC 9-10th std 110SC 10 pass 98SC 10 pass 118SC 10 pass 124SC intermediate 80SC 10 pass 91SC 10 pass 70SC 10 pass 86SC 10 pass 86SC 10 pass 59SC 10th pass 79SC Nil 78ST 10th pass 39ST 10th fail 53SC Inter fail 82SC Inter fail 100SC 10th fail 106SC 9th( D) 83SC Inter fail 100SC 10th pass 105SC 10th pass 100SC 8th ( D) 69SC 10th pass 50SC 10 pass 96
  • SC Nil 98SC Nil 48ST 10th pass 66ST 10th pass 85ST 7thpass 49SC 10th pass 105SC Inter pass 108SC 10th pass 78SC Inter pass 112ST 10 pass 32SC intermediate 77ST 7thpass 76ST 9th pass 76ST Inter pass 78ST 10th pass 44SC 9th pass 94ST 5thpass 30SC 9th pass 83SC 10th pass 74ST 10th fail 48SC Inter fail 118 4SC 5-8th std 34SC 10 pass 91SC 9-10th std 109ST 5-8th std 54SC intermediate 68SC 10 pass 72SC intermediate 103ST 10 pass 106SC intermediate 96SC 10 pass 96SC intermediate 96ST 9-10th std 95 102SC 10 pass 115Sc 10th 108SC 10th 93SC 10th 84SC 7th 77ST 10th 75ST 7th 99ST 10th 98ST Nil 64ST 10th 49 43ST Nil 65ST 10th 100ST 10th 97ST inter 65ST 10th 96
  • ST 10th 70ST Degree 58SC 9th 100SC 10th 23ST NILL 36SC 10th 66SC 9th 92ST 10th 71SC Nill 99ST 10th 49ST 7th 95ST 10th 93ST 7th 98ST Inter 87ST Degree 81ST 10th 32ST 10th 40St 10th 93ST Inter 75ST 8th 101st 9th 15ST nilL 60st NILL 10ST 10th 75ST 10th 64SC Inter 105ST 10th 68ST 10th 15ST 10th 18ST 10th 102ST Degree 89ST Degree 13ST 10 pass 100ST 5-8th std 65ST intermediate 107ST intermediate 106SC intermediate 87ST 9-10th std 63ST 5-8th std 96ST intermediate 96ST intermediate 52ST 10 pass 96ST 5-8th std 67ST 10 pass 113ST intermediate 125ST 10 pass 63ST 10 pass 117
  • ST intermediate 99ST intermediate 100ST intermediate 88ST 10 pass 80ST intermediate 108ST intermediate 66SC 5-8th std 116SC 10 pass 111ST 5-8th std 71ST degree 121ST 10 pass 113ST intermediate 100ST 10 pass 100SC 10 pass 114ST 5-8th std 100ST 9-10th std 88SC 9-10th std 120ST degree 103SC 5-8th std 47SC 5-8th std 100ST degree 100SC 10 PASS 90SC 8 TH 98SC 10 PASS 121ST 10 pass 98ST 10 TH PASSSC INTER 100SC 10 TH PASS 100SC INTER ILFA 42SC INTER 85ST DEGREE FAIL 118SC DIPLOMA FAIL 52ST 10 TH PASS 119SC 8 TH PASS 100SC 10 pass 96ST 5-8th std 122ST 5-8th std 52SC 10 pass 97SC 10 pass 83SC 10 pass 51SC 10 TH PASS 136ST 7TH 85SC 6 TH PASS 83SC 8 TH CLASS 88SC 10 TH 62SC T.T.C 76SC INTER 69
  • ST 10 THST 10 TH 70ST 10 TH 75SC 6 PASS 92SC BSC FAIL 85SC 10 TH PASS 89SC BA BED 84SC BSC(BZC) 100SC 10TH PASS 80ST 9 TH PASS 124SC 9 TH PASS 100SC 7 TH PASS 100ST 5-8th std 86ST 10 pass 100ST 10 TH PASS 110ST 11 TH PASS 96ST 10 TH PASS 107ST 6 TH PASS 89ST 7 TH PASS 90SC 9-10th std 65SC 10 TH FAIL 70SC 10TH PASS 80SC INTER PASS 84SC 10 TH FAIL 42SC 9 TH PASS 60ST 100 TH 134ST 9 TH PASS 60SC 9 TH PASS 67SC 10 pass 100SC 10 pass 90SC INTER 62SC INTER FAIL 96SC 10 TH PASS 39SC 10 TH PASS 73SC 10 TH PASS 100SC 10 pass 106SC INTER 124SC INTER 30SC 9-10th std st-14,sc-115ST 5-8th std st-125ST 5-8th std st-109ST Nil st-101ST 9-10th std st-95ST intermediate st-127ST 9-10th std st-28ST 10 pass st-50ST intermediate st-73
  • ST 5-8th std ST-106ST 10 pass ST-102ST 5-8th std ST-80ST intermediate ST-73ST 10 pass ST-72ST 10 pass ST-67,SC-05ST 10 pass ST-139,SC-05ST 5-8th std ST-84ST 5-8th std ST-96ST 5-8th std ST-91ST 5-8th std ST-85ST 5-8th std ST-84ST 10 pass SC-34SC 5-8th std SC-120SC 9-10th std SC-80SC 5-8th std SC-86ST intermediate ST-37ST 9-10th std ST-91,SC-6ST 10 pass ST-61,SC-3SC 10 pass SC-31,ST-61SC 10 pass SC-41,ST-51ST 10 pass ST-120ST 10 pass ST-24SC 10 pass SC-31,ST-23ST 5-8th std ST-114ST 9-10th std ST-128SC 5-8th std SC-79 ST-50SC Nil SC-32,ST-22ST 5-8th std ST-18,SC-41ST 5-8th std ST-45ST 5-8th std ST-7ST 10 pass ST-93ST intermediate ST-96SC 10 pass SC-19,ST-72ST degree ST-69SC intermediateST-40,SC48ST intermediate ST-92ST 9-10th std ST-54ST 10 pass ST-150ST intermediate ST-97SC 5-8th std SC-109SC 10 pass SC-97ST Nil ST-104ST 9-10th std 69SC intermediate 103
  • ST 10 pass 190ST intermediate 110ST 10 pass 109ST 5-8th std 90SC 10 pass 86ST 10 pass 83ST 10 pass 110ST 5-8th std 100ST 5-8th std 100SC 10 passSC 10 passSC 5-8th std 100ST intermediate 115ST degree 142ST 10 pass 70ST 5-8th std 85SC 5-8th std 107ST 10 pass 75ST 5-8th std 100SC intermediate 90SC 5-8th std 85ST degree 95ST 9-10th std 90ST 5-8th std 100ST intermediate 95ST 5-8th std 100ST 5-8th std 82ST 5-8th std 87ST 9-10th std 98ST intermediate 94ST 9-10th std 100ST 9-10th std 96ST 9-10th std 86ST 9-10th std 88ST intermediate 137ST 10 pass 65ST 5-8th std 129ST 5-8th std 97SC 5-8th std 85ST 10 pass 94ST 9-10th std 80SC intermediate 80ST 5-8th std 96ST 5-8th std 131SC intermediate 90ST 5-8th std 74ST 5-8th std 105ST 5-8th std 45ST 5-8th std 100ST 5-8th std 110ST 5-8th std 90ST 9-10th std 53SC 9-10th std 84SC 5-8th std 92ST 5-8th std 75SC 10 pass 66
  • ST 5-8th std 59SC 5-8th std 146ST 9-10th std 143ST 5-8th std 92ST 10 pass 77SC 10 pass 117ST 5-8th std 61ST 9-10th std 100ST 10 pass 100SC 10 pass 115SC 5-8th std 100SC 9-10th std 77ST 5-8th std 50SC 5-8th std 69SC 5-8th std 82SC 5-8th std 100SC intermediate 81ST degree 114SC 9-10th std 72ST 5-8th std 79SC 5-8th std 29SC 9-10th std 82ST 10 pass 100ST 10 pass 100ST intermediate 100ST 10 pass 69SC 5-8th std 76ST 9-10th std 104ST 1-4th std 121ST 9-10th std 46ST intermediate 121SC 9-10th std 80SC 5-8th std 58SC 5-8th std 72SC 9-10th std 100SC 5-8th std 84ST intermediate 95SC 10 pass 67ST 5-8th std 59ST 9-10th std 100ST 10 pass 85ST 5-8th std 80SC 10 pass 80SC 5-8th std 100ST 9-10th std 103ST intermediate 100ST 9-10th std 100ST 9-10th std 100SC 5-8th std 60ST 1-4th std 70ST 10 pass 90ST 1-4th std 60
  • ST 5-8th std 50ST 10 pass 70ST 9-10th std 50ST 50ST 5-8th std 80ST 10 pass 110ST degree 120ST 9-10th std 70ST 9-10th std 70ST 5-8th std 70ST 5-8th std 70ST 9-10th std 100ST 1-4th std 102ST 5-8th std 60ST 9-10th std 70ST 5-8th std 101ST 9-10th std 50ST degree 100ST 10 pass 130ST 10 pass 87ST 10 pass 103ST 9-10th std 60ST 5-8th std 75ST 10 pass 101ST 10 pass 75ST 5-8th std 72ST degree 100ST 1-4th std 100ST 1-4th std 100ST 1-4th std 50ST 9-10th std 100ST 10 pass 100ST 5-8th std 85SC 10 pass 101SC 10 pass 100SC 10 pass 91ST 9-10th std 114ST 5-8th std 82ST 10 pass 100ST 5-8th std 100ST 10 pass 100SC intermediate 93ST 1-4th std 50SC 9-10th std 62SC 10 pass 78
  • ST intermediate 78ST 1-4th std 101ST 5-8th std 72ST 10 pass 114SC 10 pass 100ST 5-8th std 80SC 10 pass 128ST 10 pass 91ST 10 pass 50ST 1-4th std 62ST 5-8th std 60SC 5-8th std 61ST intermediate 111SC 10 pass 70SC 10 pass 68SC 10 pass 125SC 10 pass 86SC 10 pass 86SC intermediate 103SC intermediate 84SC 10 pass 84SC 10 pass 69SC degree 73 80ST 10 pass 75ST 10 pass 85SC 10 pass 52ST 10 pass 96SC 10 pass 36SC 10 pass 93 107 133SC 10 pass 107SC intermediate 72ST degree 90ST 10 pass 117ST 10 pass 68 72St 7th 93ST 9th 91ST 9th 142ST 10th 84ST 10th 116ST 6th 105ST 10th 96ST 10th 68ST 7th 80ST 10th 59ST 7th 62ST 9th 60
  • SC Degree 60St 7th 58St 10th 144Sc 10th 83Sc 10th 72St 6th 105St 6th 103St 9th 109St 5th 43ST 10th 32St 7th 57St 3rd 66St 5th 103St 10th 79St 7th 59St 7th 56St 7th 67St inter 100St 8t 107St 10th 58Sc 10th 105St 5th 133St 3rd 91St 3rd 28St 10th 137 12 12 14sc 10th 71sc 10th 83sc inter 75sc 10th 59sc 10th 54st 10th 89st Degree 103st Inter 77st 10th 80st 7th 84st 10th 62st 9th 91st 10th 112st 7th 129st 8th 92st 10th 81st 10th 56st 10th 127sc 10th 53
  • st 10th 37st 10th 102st Inter 75st nill 68st Inter 112st Inter 109st 10th 66st 10th 67st 10th 56st 9th 121st Inter 66st 10th 112st 10th 141st 10t 112sc 10t 111st 10t 91st 10t 91st 9th 76st 9th 70st 9th 70SC 10th 105ST 9th 53ST 9th 53st 10t 90SC 10t 83st 10t 119st 10t 89sc 10t 100sc 10t 57ST 9th 105ST 10th 48St 10t 48St 9th 102St Inter 42SC Degree 73SC 10th 74ST 7th 116ST 9th 75ST 9th 40ST 7th 100ST 10th 75ST 10th 74ST 9th 81ST nill 64ST nill 30ST 10th 101ST 10th 85
  • ST 10th 71ST 10th 73ST 10th 70ST 9th 135ST 10th 101S.C SSC 94S.C SSC Fail 90S.C SSC 90SC SSC 138SC SSC 145SC VII Pass 107SC SSC 87SC IX 86SC SSC 86SC IX 84SC SSC 72SC SSC 72SC VI 75SC SSC 114SC SSC 115SC SSC 115SC VII 94SC SSC 79SC SSC 75SC SSC 100SC SSC 133ST SSC 99sc 9th 117 st 10th 109 st 10th 49 st 10th 81sc 10th 80 st 7th 113 st 10th 87 st Nil 130 st inter 87 115st 10th 110st 10th 82st 10th 84sc 10th 115st 10th 66st 10th 62st 2nd 112sc inter 68sc 10th 68 82 83sc 10th 86st inter 87
  • st 10th 85sc Nil 71ST 10th 0ST 10th 0ST Intermediate 0ST Intermediate 0ST 10th 0ST 8th 100ST 8th 21ST Intermediate 0ST 5th 0ST 9th 0SC 10th 111SC 10th 53SC 10th 78SC 9th 102SC 7th 81SC 10 pass 95ST 8th 0ST 4th 0ST 7th 1SC 8th 41SC 10th 53ST 9th 0ST 7th 0ST 10th 0ST Degree 0ST Intermediate 0ST 10th 2ST 11th 0SC 7th 106ST 7th 0SC 5th 42SC 4th 18ST 10th 0SC 4th 60ST 5th 0ST 4th 0ST 5th 0ST 5th 0ST 7th 0ST 7th 0ST 7th 52ST 9th 70ST 9th 0ST 10th 62ST Degree 4
  • SC 10th 45ST 5th 0ST 9th 0ST 5th 0ST 6th 0ST 5th 57SC 10th 68SC 10th 38ST 7th 0ST 6th 58ST Intermediate 0ST 9th 1ST 7th 2ST 8th 17ST 7th 18ST 5th 0ST 10th 0ST 10th 0SC 10 pass 96SC 10 pass 98SC 10 pass 92ST 10 pass 96SC 10 pass 80SC 10 pass 69SC 10 pass 96SC 9-10th std 71SC 9-10th std 60SC 5-8th std 76SC 5-8th std 101SC 5-8th std 81SC intermediate 80SC 5-8th std 83ST 5-8th std 27SC 10 pass 85SC 10 pass 83SC 10 pass 56SC 10 pass 68SC 10 pass 60SC 10 pass 97SC intermediate 100SC 10 pass 76SC 9-10th std 66SC 5-8th std 94SC 5-8th std 93SC 5-8th std 96SC 10 pass 73ST 10 pass 71ST 5-8th std 57ST 10 pass 47ST 10 pass 92
  • ST 5-8th std 71ST 5-8th std 70ST 10 pass 103SC 9-10th std 134SC 10 pass 117ST 10 pass 106ST 10 pass 108ST 10 pass 99ST 5-8th std 58ST 1-4th std 38ST 1-4th std 36ST 5-8th std 27ST 1-4th std 54ST 1-4th std 74ST 1-4th std 79ST 1-4th std 112ST 1-4th std 16ST 1-4th std 64ST 1-4th std 27ST 10 pass 110ST 5-8th std 21ST 9-10th std 94ST 10 pass 105ST 10 pass 133ST 9-10th std 100ST intermediate 64ST 10 pass 100ST 5-8th std 54ST 10 pass 69ST 9-10th std 133ST 9-10th std 47ST 10 pass 99ST 10 pass 110ST degree 105SC 10 pass 52ST 10 pass 46SC 10 pass 73ST 1-4th std 41SC intermediate 20SC 10 pass 21SC degree 72SC 10 pass 73SC 10 pass 64ST intermediate 75SC intermediate 100SC 10 pass 97
  • SC 10 pass 80SC 5-8th std 51ST intermediate 64SC 5-8th std 50ST intermediate 56ST 10 pass 56ST 10 pass 80ST 5-8th std 50ST none 58SC 10 pass 66ST none 25SC 10 pass 37ST 10 pass 80ST 5-8th std 61SC 10 pass 83SC 10 pass 115ST 10 pass 60SC 10 pass 79ST 10 pass 82ST 10 pass 43ST 10 pass 97ST 10 pass 102ST 10 pass 98ST 10 pass 80SC 10 pass 92ST 10 pass 122ST 10 pass 113ST 10 pass 115ST 10 pass 44ST 10 pass 60ST intermediate 83ST 10 pass 123ST intermediate 122ST 10 pass 114ST intermediate 121SC 9-10th std 81ST 10 pass 79ST 10 pass 79SC degree 85SC 10 pass 143SC intermediate 131SC 10 pass 127SC 9-10th std 88SC degree 110
  • ST 10 pass 100ST intermediate 100ST 10 pass 93ST 9-10th std 68ST 10 pass 48ST 10 pass 47ST 9-10th std 69ST 5-8th std 64
  • Rijo 8008889484 Contact phone SHG name to Individual Bank VO Name to which CA Bank number of CA if which CA belong Account No. of Bank Name will report to Branch any to CA 13 14 15 16 17 18 9603363158 kalajali viswasanthi 9701614207 jyothi viswasanthi 9177322655 chamanthi suryodhaya 8897053978 navyodhaya 9866498519 sri anjanya suryodhaya 9951639532 swathi kavya 9505799198 chamanthi chandrodhaya 9704248675 sri aajanya 9849464875 geethangalli 9866869958 bavsigubava 8008672205 sri anjanya bavsigubava 9951428341 laxmi banzar bavsigubava 9603370375 haritha 9704070739 santhosi matha haritha 9538224630 marrema talli haritha 11102183 andhar bank kmm 9030107648 jesus christ snehanjalli 9652938447 sai ganesh snehanjalli 8125445011 chaitanya snehanjalli 9618651815 spurthi snehanjalli 9640620509 manisha snehanjalli 8021980830 gangabavani snehanjalli 8008555971 jyothirmaiye chaitanya 8742329151 kranthi chaitanya 9183 iob bank naidupet 8121966964 newspandhana chaitanya 9912413122 banthipuvu chaitanya 9989254642 srilaxmi vennla 9949070692 meenashi vennla 9642649958 veena vennla 8790620716 jagedhayba dharani 9989769068 gangabavani arunodhaya 9505799198 chandrodhaya 9642785160 Swayamkurshi Pragathi 62081464058 SBH Madhira 9866816139 Priyanka Pragathi 62163773836 SBH Madhira 9866273271 Ambedkar -2 Navodaya 62163738553 SBH Madhira 9502882022 Netaji Navodaya 62163740528 SBH Madhira 9391853577 Indira Navodaya 62163740992 SBH Madhira 9441250484 Gulabi Bharathamatha 62165538201 SBH Madhira 8897003249 Krupa Navachaitanya 62161984737 SBH Siripuram 8897003249 Arundhathi Navachaitanya 62164594074 SBH Madhira 9908509119 Sri Teja Triveni Sangamam 62161983926 SBH Siripuram 9010248377 Adithiya Teluguthalli 8096274983 Srirama Santhosematha 9652942883 Usha Gulabi 9666744135 Vyshnavi Gayatri 9502077836 Ayyappa Gayatri 9705910315 Amani Sriramaligswra 9676099526 Marymatha Sriramaligswra
  • 0 09949939112 Sahithipreya Rudrmmadavi9542063835 Gangotri Rudrammadavi9705903796 Srikrishna Mithri Bhuvanaswari Ramalingaswraswami Bhuvanaswari Ramalingaswraswami9652282850 Gulabi Swarnabharathi Rajivsree Swarnabharathi9985121415 Tarangini Kavare Swayamkrushi Srianjanaya9985997776 Srivenkateswara Srisairam Shambavi Sri laksmi8790893349 Sahithi Srisai9951625818 Ravithaja Srisai8978100431 Chaythanya Srisai9573196771 Jyothi Jyothi9550068883 Revathi MahaLaxmi 62062955979 SBH Kamepalli9705754614 Sindhu MahaLaxmi9618896967 Sneha Swathi9989693498 Prudhei Vijatha9640876978 Vijatha Swathi 62129775813 SBH Kamepalli9989978481 Aravenda Swathi9704267823 Vijatha Swathi 62110912738 SBH Kamepalli9505233441 VeluguNegalu Krushi9963249338 Dhiksha SwayamKrishi8008990254 Keerathana Amarutha9573442276 Chaitanya Guladi9885767125 Balaji Balaji9177721057 Shanthi Balaji9000441680 Bhadrakali Velugu9989285673 Laxmi Tirupathi Velugu9704317300 Bharathi Sai9676598951 Bhadraji Sai9948057721 Geethanjali Sai8978395214 Chaitanya Sai9704172471 Anjaneya Priyadashini9963720051 Indirammam SaiKrishna9963720051 Ramya SaiKrishna8978729940 Jyothika Priyadashini9908083076 Sri Tirumala SaiKrishna9542359127 SriTeja SaiKrishna9542359127 Vennela SaiKrishna9573239714 Keerathana Priyadashini7893388194 Keerathana Priyadashini Keerathana Priyadashini9676371263 Sumanjali SriChaitanya9441650559 Sumanjali SriChaitanya Sudha Ganesh9963387476 Sai Ganesh Sai JeevanaJyothi99596916609618542003 SriVigneswara SriChaitanya
  • Ambedkar Rajathamatha9640745169 Arundathi Anjali9000307303 BabuJagajeevanaRao Anjali9959420378 Bindu SriAnjaneya9701073401 NagaJyothi SriAnjaneya9705885114 Chandana Chamanthi9989070615 Nehru Chamanthi9010274908 Anusha Gulabi9000316524 Jhansi Vennela9963838050 Snaha Vennela9989856902 Vijetha Subhodhaya9010442736 Sarojinidevi Jyothi9948744800 Nakshatra Karunodhya9912516809 Pushpa Karunodhya9908202833 Saikiran Ushodhaya9640409352 Akshaya Ushodhaya9848069375 Barathi Pragathi9666766204 Priyanka Pragathi9705191479 Siri Pragathi9959843929 Yesaiah Indiramma9542064812 Rahulgandhi Indiramma9959593431 Merammatalli Indiramma9000317067 Merimatha Indiramma9959593431 Srikrishna Indiramma9704874382 Balayesu Mallepuvu8008272514 Ankitha Navodhaya9676381549 Laxmi Navodhaya9666095394 Meri Vishwashanthi9000401930 Indirapriyadarshini Vishwashanthi9459839722 Durga Sumanjali9959117926 Jhansirani Sumanjali9701985661 Mandaram Sumanjali9866420932 Marimatha 1 Rudrammadevi9676210887 Indirapriyadarshini Sivashankar9618842264 Sravalika Shanthisanthosham9949421391 Navyajyothi Shanthisanthosham9959952307 Barathi Shanthisanthosham9603693517 Kalyani Sri Venkateswara8978113762 Padmavati Sri Venkateswara9553991912 Vijaya Shantha9912513406 Saritha Shantha9701430031 Saayee Vijetha9949147040 Soni Prashanthi9010489961 Bhargav Ganesh9848190140 Spoorthi Sri Rama9640092937 Sirivennela Sri Rama9603919180 Annapurna Ambedkar9603919180 YS Ambedkar9705874605 Bharathi Sri Anjaneya9502863688 Suhasini Ambedkar9949391847 Saroginidevi Bhagyasri
  • 9640241281 rajamatha jeevanajyothi9347608521 roshini jeevanajyothi9505473048 Prashanthi jeevanajyothi9640020277 jeevanarekha jeevanajyothi9603015190 Surya jeevanajyothi8008576290 Sunitha Sirivennela9959124478 Vani Snehalatha9666300211 Sunitha Snehalatha9848649202 Sravanthi Velugu9603247872 star Velugu9705593006 venkatesh Sri Manikanta9912893063 Balaji Jansi9912893063 Balaji Jansi9951969039 Hanuman Jansi9553389737 Ganesh Jansi9951969028 Jayasree Suryodaya9951969028 Srikanth Suryodaya9542067032 Jai Hanuman Rajamatha9640920538 Chandamaama Rajamatha9705067207 Rajamatha9912773694 Yamini Swayamkrushi9951791865 Saibaba Gulaabhi9542160220 Prashanthi Swetha9000308307 Siri9951345123 Yuvarathna Siri9908721179 Bhuvaneswari Ganesh9989487509 Ramana Ganesh9581529594 Sravani Suryodaya9989243751 Kranthi Suryodaya9440662945 Bhanu Tejaswani9912010158 Ushakumari Tejaswani no Siri Tejaswani7702336167 Meena Sirivennela9642318712 Navyajyothi Srilaxmi9000926266 Gayatri Jeevanjyothi9550432068 Pallavi Chamanthi9989078266 Akila Chamanthi9550432068 Reshma Chamanthi9849434691 Hanuman Jyothi Sai Adersha9640671149 Akhila Adersha8790135282 Sairam Adersha Saibaba Surya teja9701336348 Srilaxmi Saisri Tirumala Gulabi9000308949 Kranthi Gulabi9849434691 Nandini Jyothi9949020183 New Group Jyothi
  • 9849786480 Vijetha Hanuman Teja Hanuman8096477214 Aswani Adersha9652720490 Chamanthi Srivenkateswara9160731173 Jyothi Adersha9849231633 Velugu Chndrodaya9502464268 Velugu Chandrodaya8897021008 New Group9618897437 Padmavathi Shanthi9502464140 New Group7702031541 Jyothi Arunodaya9704056428 Yamini Arunodaya8125437210 Sneha Arunodaya New Group9666103976 Saiteja Sri Rama9949326391 New Group9949326391 New Group New Group9573541005 Bhdradri Sri Rama9908204270 Ramakala Sri Rama9908204270 Ramakala Sri Rama9704835527 Devi Srivenkateswara9704835527 Devi Srivenkateswara9177457155 Tirumala Srivenkateswara9550153945 Manasa Srivenkateswara8719340503 Deepika Jeevana Sandaya9908504131 Devi Veera9908504131 Devi Veera9908504131 Devi Veera9493218858 New Group Venkateswara9949771266 Hanuman Veera9949771266 Hanuman Veera9542820620 Venkateswara Gulabi9490556403 Sampagi Chamanthi Saibaba Chamanthi9177519944 Narasihaswami Chamanthi9492311761 Navadeep Sangamithra9652958043 Gglabi Sangachithanya Laxmi Vikas9490556727 Chaithanya Vikas9908075413 Chandana Arunodaya9550196212 Kanakadruga Arunodaya8106996939 Venkateswara Shiridisai9010235923 Aruna Velugu9000306949 Santhosh Srichaithanya Padmavathi Ayyappa Velugu Ayyappa
  • 9502883600 Anantha Indirakranthi9542630658 Bindu Adrsha9640294302 Siri Adrsha9490367929 Malle Pedammathalli8106458560 Ajaniya Saibaba9959321658 Adavithalli Nagastharam9490372179 Kumari Sri Anjaniya9676381307 Nehuru Sri Anjaniya9441647163 Venkateswaraswami Virabadraswami9440617572 karunamaya Indira9010091440 Nirmala Mahilajyothi9440308330 Varalaxmi Sneha9705513071 Varalaxmi Navodaya9553907139 Padma Sneha Sri Sairam Sri laxminarasihaswami9989723882 Latha Sri laxminarasihaswami9603903247 Gulabi Spadna9441164046 Balaji Prathiba9701991852 Ambethkar Sri Venkateswara9000307341 Rojapuvu Ganga9701964783 Guori Bavani9701751172 DHANALAXMI 1 BHAGYALAXMI9701751172 ARUNJYOTHI BHAGYALAXMI9989191751 KRUSHI SRI SNEHA9959240125 PODUPULAXMI BADRAKALI9676807710 RAJAMMA BHADRAKALI9959007012 ARUNJYOTHI SREELAKHA9603125897 SANDHAYA SREELAKHA8106289729 MEGANA JEEVANAJYOTHI9963060372 MOTHER THERISSA CHITANYA9603532737 GULABI CHITANYA9704865853 MOTHER THERISSA CHITANYA9652488602 JYOTHI SANDYA9573879831 ARUNJYOTHI PUNYABHUMI8978604894 KRANTHI PUNYABHUMI9989567616 CHAITHNYA SANDYA LAXMI TRIVENI9989984454 CHATHNYA TRIVENI9989984454 LAXMI TRIVENI9989984454 LAXMI TRIVENI9502077683 SREELAXMI VENATESWARA9000915413 BALAGI GANAPATHI9989272158 SRI SAIBABA RAJAMATHA9573697714 SPANDHANA SRI HARI9652897815 JHANSI MARGADRSI9603377517 SANGHAVI MARGADRSI9652548522 SANGHAVI MARGADRSI
  • 9573814620 SRI SAIBABA DURGHABHAVANI9618668884 DURGHABHAVANI9912644757 DURAGHA DURGHABHAVANI9949403950 PRAGATHI KIRTHANA9640894255 SWATHI MARGADRSI9704249052 JHANSI SANGHAMETHRA9652792057 PRAGATHI KIRTHANA9963375484 BANTHI NEELIMA9948894159 NAVODAYA LAXMI9533187463 KAMILI BALAJI9640571451 SRERAKSHA CHITANYA964057115 SRERAKSHA CHITANYA9490368665 LAXMI BALAJI9490368665 LAXMI BALAJI9010168468 SRI SAIRAM BALAJI9573346526 PRAGATHI BALAJI9550841743 PRIYADRASHANI BALAJI9989940433 SAI SRI VENKAESWARA9912974895 SAI SRI VENKAESWARA CHAITHNYA NEELIMA9542134904 KARONODAYA SURYA9705615136 NAVODAYA SURYA9550431994 SRASWATHI SURYA9949347294 SEETHARAMA9550841363 PRAGATHI BALAJI9951152098 CHATYANA BALAJI9701619624 Lakshmi PS BALAJI9963270374 NAVABHARATHI PADHMASREE7893934827 LAXMI SAIBABA7893934827 CHAITHNYA SAIBABA9542821549 JYOTHI TULASI9949239341 VENNALA TULASI9908781400 MADHERTHARISA AZAD9951501058 SHAKATHI JANACHATYNA9705474770 Radhika PS JANACHATYNA9949067492 ESWARI MAMATHA9912896447 THRIVENI JYOTHI9010838642 MOUNIKA SWAYAMKRUSHI9550191310 srilaxmi bharataratna 62165963687 sbh,kineerasani9000398950 srilaxmi sneeha 0 0 nil srisai sri krishna 0 09550836563 seethadeavi navoodaya 0 09573395549 manasa suryodaya 0 09949022871 laxmi jeevanasravanthi 0 09912950636 New Group jeevanasravanthi 0 09848563017 New Group yarrasanamma 0 08897892342 New Group yarrasanama 0 0
  • 9618914492 Swayam krushi 08897889249 Sammakka Navayuga9849038968 Sai baba Amrutha9949405886 Sai baba Amrutha9492310235 Venkateswara Sai baba9573927352 Mahalaxmi Sai baba9640305950 Laxmi Peddammatalli Kanakadurga Srirama9963925715 Harika Netaji7702338614 Saraswathi Netaji9652929968 Sireesha Nandini ………… Nandini9000449217 Srirama Aadarsha8106466326 Anjali Srilaxmi 56006 Andhra bank9963007322 Mounika Jhansi9502872567 Aadarsha Indira9948358468 Abhyudaya Kanakadurga9959474136 Sneha Rudrammadevi9652996725 Shakti Seetha rama9866833701 Shiva kumari Chaitanya 47655 Andhrabank8744320527 Siri Dharani Mahatma Ghandi9248460556 Bhavani Jai Hanuman9248460556 Bhavani Jai Hanuman ………… Tulasi Mallikarjuna9553232362 Kanakadurga Balaji8106965915 Laxmidevi Sirivennela9676196170 Durgabhavani Ushakiran9502188982 Sowbhagyalaxmi Bharathamatha8008320453 Srividhya Mother Therisa Sindhuja Bharathi Sindhuja Bharathi9676359550 Sindhurapuvvu Jeevana jyothi9912050588 Sammakkatalli Shubhodaya9010250548 Alivelumangamma Ushodaya9676010294 Kiran Tulasi9908825013 Shubhodaya Pragathi9908825013 Laxmi Pragathi9010250548 Peddammatalli Ushodaya9505635416 Sairam Laxmidevi Swarna Indiramma9989754471 Vijaya Saraswathi9177281390 Devi Saraswathi ……… Vivekananda Keerthi Pallavi Vennala8008318680 Samakya Vennala
  • 9573540190 Ramyapriya Latha95732923796 New Group Santhi8008325001 Bhanu A Santhi9573295476 New Group Vennala9542303091 Aadarsa Meghana7893129182 Asdarsa Meghana9951153733 SriDhanalaxmi Gubbalamangamma Sravani Gubbalamangamma9705764562 Bramaramba Gubbalamangamma pujitha Swathi9550237890 prasanna swathi9951543763 Akshaya Swathi9000327220 New Group Ashajyothi9912829819 New Group Ashajyothi9640846069 New Group Ashajyothi9908973638 Saiprasanna Gayatrivelugu9000326628 sriVelugu Dharanivelugu9550197200 Ganapathi Gayatrivelugu9666058641 kavitha Gubbalamangamma9394581106 Sandya Dhanalaxmi9550435821 Prabhu Sailaxmmi9908403698 Laxmidurga Vasundara9963825392 Saidurga Vasundara9505730898 Sunny Vasundara9701962990 Durga Meghana9550546994 Sunny Vasundara8897016941 Jayamma Janish9618807964 Laximiprasanna Janish9177099471 Alakhya Janish7893975026 Sapndana Janish9666367016 Adhrsha Laximi durgha9705199509 Adhrsha Laximi durgha7702335941 Kanakadurgha Laximi durgha9603182659 New Group Pujitha9573546658 Kirthana Meghana9505894160 Anjali Amma9505271663 Sri ram Chandrika8897648871 Sandhya Amma9949581009 Keerthi Kokila9652250307 Sritulasi Laximi durgha7893208966 Muthamma Laximi durgha9652710725 Swathi Kokila9492293891 Pragathi Velugubharathi9603569085 Krupajyothi Jeevan jyothi9640526631 Sruthi Jeevan jyothi9542867731 Maheswari Swayamsakthi9966808223 Srimanjunatha Swayamsakthi New Group Swayamsakthi9866132550 Mahaneeyudu Srigurudattta8790220851 Jhansilaxmibai Iravendi-II9177050542 Sammakka Iravendi-I Danalaxmi Iravendi-I9705113078 Velegu Kranthi Chandrashekara Pallavi Chandrashekara9908741491 Gouri Jeevanajyothi9553083017 Swarnarekha Jeevanajyothi
  • 9550771046 Samatha Jeevanajyothi 9550835700 Anjali Krishnasagar 9059474912 Sanjana Krishnasagar 9949336097 Hema Sri Durga 31384010895 SBI Sarapaka 9848738323 Tulasi Mallemogga 9704594631 Uma Sri Sai 62027566145 SBH Burgampahad 9652250515 Naveen Prashanthi 9963660965 Shivashankar Prashanthi 9553231950 Sahithi Prashanthi 9676372796 Dharani Kranthi 9612548752 Prabhujyothi Sri Durga 9951089500 Ammulu Sri Venkateswara 9505629147 Vijayalaxmi Sri Sai 9676371877 Jyothi Sri Venkateswara 7893779164 Nandini Ganapavaram 7893779164 Spendhana Ganapavaram 9676348891 Kranthi Ibrihimpeta 9502097535 Vijayalaxmi Vepalagadda 9701816190 Saraswathi Pragathi 9603353253 Rathamma Buddagudem 9652790795 Latha Prabha 9912735633 Bhagyamma Pragathi 8978240621 Bibi phathima Anjanapuram-I 9000313941 Bindu Prabhythi 9652790743 Pujitha Anjanapuram-I 9959083734 Devi Prabhythi 9951186453 Nagamani Prabha 8978620494 Kranthi Polavaram 9949564286 Sridevi Nakiripeta 9963654709 Jyothi Marrikunta 9908961878 Mallepuvvu Dhanalaxmi 9704733594 Maruthi Veleru 7893086727 Bhagyalaxmi Veleru Rajeswari Veleru 9397947590 Mahalaxmi Venkatapuram 9550771032 Thirupatamma Venkatapuram 9550848082 Hanna Bonagiri 9701493090 Sri Venkateswara Kedareswara Sri Laxmi Buruguvai 9010069734 Pallavi Saikrishna 9949406068 Saibaba Saikrishna 9912724968 Sai Sailaxmi 9951160958 Divya Geetanjili 9951153772 Vinayaka Geetanjili 9640004389 Swarna Gowthami 9550549031 Mahalaxmi Gowthami 9959129587 Vysali Sailaxmi 9550550248 Sarojini Sailaxmi 8008207363 Jakkula Geetanjili8106784135(PP) Renuka Navaratna 9603403662 Sakshi Jyothi New Group Jyothi
  • 9010035192 Jai Sriram Jyothi New Group Balaji Saraswathi Balaji Swathi Jyothi New Group Balaji Gayatri Srilaxmi Jansilaxmi Srilaxmi9959110791 Suneetha Sneha8978228909 Indiramma Sneha Asajyothi Sneha9640492048 Yesu Sneha9951870379 Bhavana Ushodaya9705106192 Priyanka Sammakka Sarakka9010176990 Jayasri Jeevanajyothi9550225436 Harathi Sammakka Sarakka8008325307 latha Sri Anjaneya9603705569 Parvathi Sri Anjaneya9440701683 New Group Krushi9502655988 Laxmi Surya9505799087 Vijayalaxmi Surya9705276368 Suseela Sri Sairam9705276368 New Group Sri Sairam9951727958 Bharati Mahaneeyudu9603990529 Jyothi Mahalaxmi9010413510 Mother terissa Mahaneeyudu8879902761 Chaitanya Sri Sairam Sri laxmi9912260479 Sairam prasanna9676081862 Chilakamma Sairam8978260116 Santhoshimatha Sairam9440703257 Santhoshimatha Sri Sairam9492093867 Venkateswaraswa Sri Venkateswaraswami8790190061 mi Mamatha Sri Venkateswaraswami9492093867 Saikrishna Sri Venkateswaraswami New Group Vijalaxmi9948081768 Adarshjyothi Vijalaxmi Adarsha Vijalaxmi Amruthavalli Vijalaxmi9666065641 Sravani Siri9666488791 rajeswari Laxmisaraswathi Bhavani Laxmisaraswathi Umaparvathi Laxmisaraswathi9966912048 Sathyasai Laxmi ganapathi New Group Laxmi ganapathi New Group Laxmi ganapathi9948252255 Revathi Saikiranam
  • 9000401905 Padmaja Saikiranam Seetha Motherterissa9505199866 Mahalaxmi Saikiranam Padma Saikiranam9346538529 Krushi Velugu8106469115 Abhyudaya Velugu9505199662 Vandana Velugu9640846152 Bhagyalaxmi Sri Kanaka Durga Thummala Vasavi New Group Karunamaya9177467939 Sri Anjaneya Siri9550645924 Sri Anjayaneya Sri Anjanaya9010297010 Thulasi Gulabi9010915120 Thammi josap Gulabi9492364608 Mari Gulabi7893520291 Ambdker Venkateswara Swami8125433405 Balaji Balaji9959691024 Star Balaji9908567184 Radha Vennala9849783430 Lurdhu Jabelli9704325040 Merimatha Jabelli Srama Shakthi Nehru9908905614 Saraswathi Vijatha Sri Laxmi9989679223 Saadani Sri Rama9989671910 Sailaja Sri Rama9395307099 Sri Laxmi Sri Rama9396311304 Krupa Sri Rama9618646662 Spandana Srujana9000020762 Sampada Navodaya Srujana Srujana9908409432 Sadhana Krushi Krushi97033384855 Kusamanjali Jhansi Laxmibai9542403381 Ragive Ganesh7893672690 Sai Ganesh9502450391 Mandaram Jhansi Laxmibai Sri Rama Bhagtsingh Bhavani Anjali Mamatha Krishnaveni Mamatha9912090825 Savitri Sri Narasimhaswami9704451799 Sunitha Srisai9701783138 Shanthi Tirupatamma9963109572 Laxmi Navodaya9963109572 Ganesh Hanuman9963827648 Hanuman Triveni9640003581 Priyadershini Triveni9491638334 Gulabi Sankranthi Tulasi Vennela
  • 7702659205 Janaki harivilli Anjaneya harivilli9160144093 krishnaveni sathoshimatha kalyani chaithanya parimila chaithanya9959036228 ganesh srirama9502630231 janshi srirama srisai sri durga Venkatlaxmi srikrishna Priyadershini chaithanya jyothi sandya sarojini sandya divya sandya9000639672 sunitha venkateswara8978547737 sandya venkateswara madhulatha danalaxmi puja danalaxmi9441745802 mariyamma kranthi9603553530 padma kranthi gangotri teluguthalli balayesu divya9704423380 sarojini srilaxmi9704930068 sarojini srilaxmi9704930069 sarojini srilaxmi chamanthi sri chaithanya not select not select not select9010825966 rani mathar terissa9010825966 kanakamma mathar terissa9948529550 chaithanya mathar terissa9603494420 kirthana janshi radha janshi varalaxmi Anjaneya9177943119 Pedammatalli Bharathi9704368084 Laxmi Bharathi9704368087 Gulabhi Sridurga97014368087 Mandara Sridurga9704368087 Gulabhi Sridurga9704368086 Padmavathi Adarsha9703598935 Indirakranthi Sammakka Sarakka9177943119 Sannajaji Saibaba9703598935 Kagadamalle Meenakshi9705014905 Ammabhavani Meenakshi8106458506 Jeevanajyothi Meenakshi9849890529 Sneha Annamaiah9542412438 Sumanjali Shambhavi
  • 9705391074 Krupashanti Sriram9553348644 Sravani Chamanthi9603720964 Laxmidevi Tirumala9010353204 Sammakka Sarakka Chandamama9505164463 Krushi Chaitanya9553231451 Saiteja Chaitanya7893104233 Gulabhi Varalakshmi991274079 Matelugutallii Jayahanumanu9640589676 Laxmi Jayahanumanu9912265665 Priya Mallika9652858048 Priya Chaitanya9010924095 Sammakka Mallika9948747585 Sakthi Sridatta9948747585 Kooli Sridatta9603798144 Sneha Keerthi9552331366 Sruthi Nagadurga9603947410 Priya Sirivennela9603947410 Akshara Sirivennela Devi Sadhana Devi Sadhana9951968477 Gandhi Shiridisaibaba Laxmi Vennela Laxmi Pallavi Laxmi Srisai Rama Srisai8106469510 Dhanalakshmi Priyanka9948351390 Nagaraju Spandana9581385648 Srisai Pragathi9951920150 Ananthamma Divya9505671837 Eswaramma Sivaparvathi9553231434 Geetanjali Ganga9553231434 Geetanjali Ganga9603119298 Chamanthi Asha9603798306 Mahima Asha9951653813 Shanthi Laxmidevi9494041642 Kinnera Laxmidevi9666767520 Aruna Sairam9505003574 Aruna Sairam9505634409 Krushi Swyamkrushi9603374897 Santhoshimatha Swyamkrushi9010196476 Srilakshmi Kalpataruvu9912702580 Srilakshmi Kalpataruvu9705378282 Pragathi Kaveri Seetamahalaxmi Vasundara Seetamahalaxmi Vasundara9010856158 Navachaitanya Indira9603866139 Gangothri Indira
  • 88979904104 Vijayalakshmi Indira9948303188 Shanthi Srividhya Pragathi Srividhya9948868472 Shymala Bangaruteega9948868472 Maramma Bangaruteega9701695294 Sri Anjanaya Sri Jothi9652299151 Sivaji SwayamKrushi Sri rama Krushi9701695294 Sai Manhi Sri Rama Vineela Sri Rama Suvartha Pranshnthi Sri Ramudasu Srirama9177080985 Sri manjunad Ystnavi9618056633 Jothi Saibaba New group Srirama7702020087 Merimatha Krushi7702020087 Asha Krushi9573293984 Swayamkurshi New group Veerabrabamdra Swami9705638874 Srichitanya Veerabrabamdra Swami9550887849 Gangotri Chinnakasavaswami9652307325 Yasuprabhu Sri Laxmi Turupatamma New group Karunamayudu9848342870 Chitanya Karunamayudu9705055349 Prashanthi Vennala9705142087 Viswvashanthi Vennala New group Ramanjanaya Haima Indirapriyadershini7569731765 Saraswathi Swayamkrushi9573904096 Mukambhika Swayamkrushi9704503325 Master Satyasai Swarupa Satyasai Sri Laxmiteja Buvana9989899454 Srilaxmiteja Padmavathi9000308631 Balaji Kanakadurga9652412776 New group8106071013 Asha Vani9908000635 Visanthi Madarterissa9701558384 Vinodha Madarterissa9951710291 Jyothi Vani9618174031 Swathi Ushodaya9000441525 Padmini Ushodaya9849209244 Dhanalaxmi Padmavathi Sindu Vanitha Sailaja Vanitha9908149802 Sammakka Subhodayam9701472149 Krishnaveni Sudha
  • Krishnaveni Sudha9959830953 Harsha Sudha 75 9502536742 Kanakadurga 80 9640327493 Jai Hanuman 79 9441248761 Jai Hanuman 75 9989924562 Laxmitirupatamma Kanakadurga 66 9652712105 Laxmitirupatamma Kanakadurga 0 Mahalaxmi Jai Hanuman 53 Sri Anjaneyam Jai Hanuman 83 Amrutha Jai Hanuman 102 Jajipuvvu Jai Hanuman 102 9652335164 Hanuman Jai Hanuman 0 9550755896 0 Thriveni 1 9550300353 Laxmi durga Thriveni 0 9550755896 Srirama Thriveni 0 8897903213 Srilatha Amrutha 0 9550300350 Sri maruthi Sai prasanthi 0 9908606070 Meghana Amrutha 45 Bheemanaik Srive 112 9908966417 Netaji GMC Balayogi 59 9989349059 Ayyappa GMC Balayogi 16 Sri venkateswara 21 Sarojini Sravanthi 71 9618892842 Srirama Kranthi 103 9963726810 Sravani Kranthijyothi 118 9618058730 Vishnu 124 8106784946 Rani Vishnu 60 9705047009 Sammakka sarakka Shirdi balaji 98 Kanakadurga Srivenkateswara 101 Nvya Jyoti Chitanya 6 Durga Bhavani Shirdi balaji 38 9553150263 Sri Lakmi Chitanya 0 Jeevanajyothi Shirdi balaji 67 272608 Venkatesvara 100 9640649116 Swapna Srisreenivasa 0 Aswini Jeevanajyothi 72 9000209688 Sairam Triveni 84 Srianjaneya Triveni 39 Baba Vennela 49 Bhagyalaxmi Srisaibaba 69 Bhavani Triveni 70 9963692817 Srirambalaji udayasri 56 8978941271 Padmavathi udayasri 58 8897018090 Saiganesh Jayam 76 9618608157 Eswar Jayam 28 9866273813 Swapna Gulabi 85 9701946346 Vasundara Vijaya
  • 74 Saibaba Srirama 71 Karunamayudu SriVenkateswara 44 Vasantham Srirama 87 Chamanthi Navodaya 56 Balaji Ushodaya 47 Dhanalaxmi Ushodaya 0 9908230052 Gandhiji SriKrishna 0 9959168061 Swarna SriKrishna 43 8978193925 Hanumanthu 21 LaxmiTirupatamma Srikrishnarjuneya 108 8008320989 Srikrishnarjuneya 75 Arunodaya 62 9705188930 Srisai Arunodaya 51 9505969023 Mamatha Srikrishna 30 9177318502 Sairam Sairam 58 Sri Anjaneyam Sri venkateswara 77 chittithalli jayam 43 sri shiva gulabi9908168307 mallepuvvu Indira Priyadarshini 52112068615 SBH wyra9394815071 Indirapriyadarshini Indira Priyadarshini9848331296 Sirivennela Jhansi Rani9704371700 Chandana Mahila Shakthi9951846668 Priyadarshini Indira9848924285 Ambedkar Indira9440665119 Spoorthi Leela9704874436 Gulabi Sri Anjaneya9000176523 Vennela Sri Anjaneya9959594486 Keerthana Bapuji8008576856 Spandana Balaji9701206994 Anusha Krushi9849674790 Siri Krushi9000401936 Amrutha Eruvaka 63610011009738 AB wyra9963907937 Swarnanjali Vasundhara9618091771 Chamanthi Shara9573877207 Sindhu Shara Krupa Seetharamulu9666781770 Tejasri Kanakadurga9390144299 Marymatha Kanakadurga9177452982 Melamma Priyadarshini9959405237 Venkatamma Priyadarshini9618091771 mallepuvvu Shivaji9052108239 Krupa Shivaji9618840306 Sindhu Indiramma9010788707 Gulabi Indiramma9010186271 Sindhu Indiramma9676409472 Kasturi Bai Mallepuvu9618895537 Sri Krishana Sri Venkateswara - - -9542542594 Laharika Sri Venkateswara - - -9010032654 Manasa Sri Venkateswara Vennala Sri Venkateswara
  • 9177016254 Siri Anjani putra9000088873 Bagyalaxmi Anjani putra9989286986 Balagi Anjani putra9550192756 Mathertherisa Karunamaya Sri Sai baba Karunamaya Subadhra Sai Ganesh Naga Jyothi Sai Ganesh9676197031 Jyothi Sai Ganesh Laxmiprasana Padhmavathi Shanti Padhmavathi Spandana Padhmavathi Vasundara Padhmavathi Sri rama Padhmavathi Mandaram Padhmavathi Venkateswara Padhmavathi Durga Sammakka Sreeja Sammakka Sanajaji Sammakka Sri rama Sammakka Vennala Sammakka Sammakka Sai Surya Chandra Satya nila Surya Chandra lalitha Surya Chandra Sri rama Sita Rama Ayappa Sita Rama Varlaxmi Sita Rama Jayanthi Sita Rama kavitha Sita Rama Annmaiah Geenthajali Pujitha Geenthajali Sri Ramanajaneya Annpurana Sri Bhgyalaxmi Sagar Taraka Rama Sagar Deepika Sagar Sri Durga Sagar Ramani yamuna Mallika bramhaputra Rajitha bramhaputra Venkateswara Krishanveni Ramya Shabari Bhagyalaxmi Shabari Mandaram Vennala Radha mahila Vennala Sri Ram Ambedkar Sneha Ambedkar
  • Sampath Ashajyothi Ramana Ashajyothi Sneha Ashajyothi Sri Laxmi Sangamitra Mandaram Bangaru Vijayalaxmi Bangaru Anjali Bangaru Prema giri Bangaru Vennala Bangaru Pallavi Sarswathi Harith Bangaru Swajanya Sarswathi Varalaxmi Sarswathi Sai Sindhu Swarndra Bangaru tiga Manikanta Bangaru tigaSwayam Krushi Matelugu talli Nagarjuna Matelugu talli Chamanthi Matelugu talli Varalaxmi Vasantham Devi Manikanta Sai Durga Manikanta Chamanthi Manikanta Sravani Manikanta Sangamitra Vijetha Vijay Vijetha vennala Sindhu Hemanth Sindhu Raja Sindhu vennala Guthami Ganagamma Guthami Shanthi Srinivasa Sarada Srinivasa vennala Srinivasa Shanthi Srinivasa Panisri mather TherisaChatanya Jyothi mather Therisa vennala mather Therisa Lalitha Mahathma Gasndhi Sri Sai Sarojini naiudu Sai Swarnadra laxmi Swarnadra Sri Sai Swarnajayanthi Sai Ram Mahilajyothi
  • Saraswathi Sri RamanjaneyaGodavarai Sri RamanjaneyaSaraswathi Sri Ramanjaneya Tirumala Sammakka Sarakka Srilaxmi Sammakka Sarakka Ganesh Sammakka Sarakka Umadevi Sammakka Sarakka Swathi Sammakka Sarakka
  • IFSC code Remarks 19 20 SBH/0020164 SBH/0020164 SBH/0020164 SBH/0020164 SBH/0020164 SBH/0020164SBH/Y0020589 SBH/0020164SBH/Y0020589
  • No
  • habitation Not eligible"No CA identified yet""No CA identified yet"
  • kinnerasani 0
  • PalvanchaPalvancha No CA identified Yet "No CA identified yet"
  • SBHN0006113SBHY0020168
  • No CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified Yet
  • Habitation not eligibleHabitation not eligibleHabitation not eligible
  • No CA identified yetNo CA identified yetNo CA identified yet
  • - -- -
  • NO CA needed
  • No CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified Yet
  • No CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified YetNo CA identified Yet
  • Steps for filling up the CA detailsColumn Column name No. Enter the GP code here (See other 1 sheet for GP codes) 2 District 3 Mandal 4 GP 5 Habitation CA Serial no. (Start from 001 for every 6 mandal) 7 Write PoP CA Name along with surname 8 Wife of / Daughter of 9 Age of CA 10 Select Caste (SC /ST) 11 Select Education of CA Total no. of HHs under CA in that 12 Habitation 13 Contact phone number of CA if any 14 SHG name to which CA belong to 15 VO Name to which CA will report to
  • 16 Individual Bank Account No. of CA17 Bank Name18 Bank Branch19 IFSC code20 Remarks
  • Steps for filling up the CA details Filling details Some more information Open the worksheet named "GPCode" and Check through the Sample data of 6 rows already GPs for which PoP Status is "y" entered for reference Enter the GP code (eg. p010101) in the column no. 1 on If GP is NOT present in the list, seeing it from worksheet named "GPCode". On entering GP add them in a new worksheet code, District, Mandal and GP should come automatically Automatic Automatic Automatic In case no habitation, enter Enter name of the habitation which is having SC/ST families major GP name as habitation In case, more than one CA identified in the same habitation, add as many rows as there are Cas and write the same habitation name In case, a CA is handling more For every mandal, start entering the CA serial number from than one habitation, write the 001 till the last CA. same serial number in all the rows. In case, no CA has been identified for a habitation, then also count it. In case, more than one CA identified in the same habitation, Name of the CA alongwith the Surname to be entered. add as many rows as there are CAs In case, a CA is handling more than one habitation, write the same CA name in all the rows. In case, no CA has been identified for a habitation, then enter as "No CA identified yet" In case, the habitation is not having eligible no. of households, enter as "Habitation not eligible" Name of the father or husband of CA Don’t leave it blank Enter the current age of CA Don’t leave it blank Select the caste as SC or ST or others as mentioned in drop Don’t leave it blank down menu Select the education of CA as mentioned in the drop down menu (Nil, 1-4th, 5th-8th, 9-10th, 10th Pass, intermediate, Don’t leave it blank Degree, others) In case, no CA is identified, In theselected habitation, write the number of PoP households enter the number of household a PoP CA is handling. without CA name Write the 10 digit mobile number or the landline number with STD code Write the name of the SHG, to which the CA is a member. This will be linked further to the baseline information.of PoP household Write the name of the VO, to which CA will be reporting. This will be linked further for the payment process
  • Don’t enter the SHG bank a/cWrite the individual bank account no. of CA if she possesses. numberIf you find anything specific to a CA or a habitation, write yourobservation here