Amdocs WonderNet joint value proposition for Telecom retail store


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A cutting edge e-signature solution that will lift your Telecom retail store to a new generation of shopper's-experience and help you sell more with less!

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  • Amdocs WonderNet joint value proposition for Telecom retail store

    1. 1. Information Security Level 2 – Sensitive© 2012 – Proprietary and Confidential Information of AmdocsAmdocs / WonderNetJoint Value PropositionYaki Grossman, CEOMay, 2012
    2. 2. WonderNet: Partner Profile WonderNet Ltd. – A leading provider of e-signature solutions to POS. Authentic Signature – Developed an advanced signatureauthentication technology, deployed globally. Product – SignX POS Server - has been integrated in numerouscustomers with up-to-date renewing service contracts. Main verticals – Telecom, Retail, Banking and Insurance. Telecom clients – Orange, Cellcom and Pelephone (Israel) Hutchison(Austria), Mobilecom (Austria)
    3. 3. Amdocs and WonderNet:Joint Retail Experience Solution - Components● Amdocs Assets● Retail Interaction Manager● POS integration● Enterprise Product Catalog● Cross-channel shopping cart● eCommerce● WonderNet Assets● E-signature: Authentic script,digitally sealed● Paperless environment● Shortening waiting time● Legally accepted documents● Unique customer experience atthe POS● Seamless integration with CRM& OM systems
    4. 4. Amdocs & WonderNet Joint SolutionFlow IllustrationCustomerinteracts withretail CSRIdentification PropositionCustomerReads & SignsVia Dual display orchestrator thecustomer can view relevant marketingmaterialCSR identifies customer throughAmdocs interfaceCustomer browses the options offeredby carrierCSR offers customer personalizedproposition – ‘fit to size’ includingmobile device and planCustomer views offer on hisindependent screenA Customer reads the offer andcontract document(s) on a personaldisplay, scrolling through thedocument using the touch screeninterface, and signing with a digitalstylus in the designated areas.
    5. 5. WonderNet Display & Sign DeviceAmdocs and WonderNet Joint SolutionHigh Level ArchitectureApproach CSR Identified Proposition Read & SignPersonalizedCampaignDisplayPropositionDisplay DocumentsAcquire SignaturesCurrent ATLCampaignCustomerIDCustomerProfilePersonalizedPropositionOrderMgmt.Dual Display OrchestratorMarketingContentRead – Sign – SealSession ManagerAmdocs Components WonderNet Component
    6. 6. Amdocs and WonderNet Joint SolutionValue PropositionReduce storeoperation costs• Reduce cost ofprinting• At least 50% isreduced.• Save paper overheadcosts –• Moving• Scanning• Filing• MailingIncrease Storerevenue andprofitability• Shorten up thosewaiting queues -handling time is shorterper each customer.• Reduce overall in-store transaction timeby applying efficienttools for CSR’s tocomplete the details ofthe sale quicker.• Do more businesswith less resources• A green storeImproved in-storecustomerexperience• Crystal clear dealing-• From offer to signedcontract process• WYSWYS © What YouSee is What You Sign!• Faster shoppingprocess• No need to signmultiple copies• Signing process isautomated• No Paper – no morepiles of printeddocuments to carry andstore. Signed copy sentby email.
    7. 7. Example:Integrated ScenarioFor Point of Sale
    8. 8. Amdocs and WonderNet - ScenarioCustomer handling at the POS 1CSRReceptionIn these moments, the LCD tablet which is laid on thedesk / counter in front of him displays the latestcompanys marketing campaign.Its Marks turn for service. Mark approaches theCSR desk and identifies himself. For a short period arecent marketing campaign is displayed on the tabletin front of him.
    9. 9. Amdocs and WonderNet - ScenarioCustomer handling at the POS 2Mark can browse the offer using the touch gesturesavailable by the tablet. A dialog with the CSR isavailable as the CSR can mirror the tablet display.Amdocs CRM system has brought up the customerprofile and generated personalized offers which aredisplayed to Mark on the tablet.CustomerIdentified
    10. 10. Amdocs and WonderNet - ScenarioCustomer handling at the POS 3Building aPersonalproposalThe CSR can simulate devices functionality andexplain and simulate different rate plans in a greatcomfort and transparency.The CSR builds together with Mark a personalproposal for him, as he maintains an open highlyinteractive dialog with Mark using screen-sharingmode.
    11. 11. Amdocs and WonderNet - ScenarioCustomer handling at the POS 4Display andsign dealdocumentsCustomerOrderRate PlanGeneralT&C’sThe moment Mark has decided what best fits hisneeds and budget, Amdocs OM module generates allthe related transaction documents which are thendisplayed to Mark on the tablet.Mark can page or scroll over the pages and reviewthe selected products and rate plan along with thegeneral terms.When done, Mark will press the [Accept] on-screenbutton, and the CSR will take control over thesession and will lead Mark, page by page wheresignatures are required.Mark signs wherever needed, using the electronicstylus attached to the tablet. Each signature isdisplayed immediately on the page (WysWys © –What you see is What you sign).When finished the CSR will ask mark weather heprefers an electronic copy of the signed documentsto be emailed to him, or rather hed like a printedcopy.
    12. 12. THANK YOU