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Inkjet test equipment
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Inkjet test equipment


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Test equipment for inkjet applications. …

Test equipment for inkjet applications.
Drop analysis
Image quality
Inspection tools

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Innovative Ink Jet Analysis Systems for R&D and Production Presented by: Yair Kipman, President ImageXpert, Inc. Nashua, New Hampshire www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 2. Company Description • ImageXpert Inc. is a world leader in vision-based inspection systems and solutions for digital printer manufacturers, ink formulators and jetted deposition system developers. • From generalized inspection systems to more specialized systems such as JetXpert for analysis of drops-in-flight or line-scan camera systems for high speed nozzle plate inspection, companies rely on ImageXpert systems in R&D and production. • Innovative new development for ink jet markets www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 3. Presentation Outline • Interactive inspection and measurement systems for use in R&D – Drop watching and analysis of drops-in-flight (JetXpert) – Image quality of printed materials • Automated systems for use in Production – JetXpertOEM: integrated analysis of drops-in-flight – Automated ImageXpert machine vision systems for product and part inspection • Application highlights: – Printed electronics, textiles and ceramics www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 4. Machine Vision Systems • Camera-based full motion system – Non-contact – Automated 2-D and 3-D analysis – Supporting multiple cameras – Additional instrumentation (laser for 3-D) • Scanner – Works with a variety of materials – Expanded dynamic range for challenging samples – Transparency hood • ImageXpert solar for analysis of solar cells • JetXpert for analysis of drops in flight www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 5. Measurement and visualization of drops-in-flight for inkjet and other frequency-actuated dispensing systems www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 6. JetXpert System Overview • Measures drop volume, velocity, trajectory • Very small footprint (~24” max. dimension) • Single strobe event for imaging of single droplets • 125ns minimum pulse width • Second camera available for visualization of face plate wetting during firing • Motion option for automated analysis of all jets across a print head www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 7. JetXpert System Overview • Fully integrated system includes: – LED strobe, control box, and control software (GUI) – Calibrated digital camera for image capture – ImageXpert software for drop analysis www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 8. Drop Analysis Example (Single event) Analysis of drops-in-flight: • Radius (mm) • Drop-based volume (pl) • Velocity (m/s) • Trajectory (degrees) www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 9. Ligament-based volume Ligament-based volume (nl): • Calculated based on the edge points of the ligament or drop stream • The volume of the ligament or droplet stream is measured based on the rotated 2-D projection (presumption of rotational symmetry down the vertical axis) • Volume is reported in nanoliters (nl). www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 10. JetXpert options • Automation (motion) – Enables sequential step and repeat measurement along an entire print head • Face-plate wetting visualization – Second camera for visualization of face plate wetting during firing • Frequency sweep – Automatically step through a series of user-defined frequencies and assess print head performance • Ink supply system – Active gravity meniscus control: meniscus level remains constant while printing • Ink collection system • TCP communication www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 11. Motion for Print Head Tuning/Optimization • For applications that require individual nozzle accuracy such as OLED manufacturing • One axis of automated motion is used for sequential analysis of each jet on a print head • Velocity and volume are measured for each jet across a print head • Jet-drop-outs or misdirected jets can be detected • Data can be used to drive individual nozzle adjustment to achieve uniform, predictable jetting behavior across head www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 12. Face Plate Wetting Visualization • 2-camera system configuration includes – One camera for drop-in-flight analysis – Second camera for visualization of face plate wetting during firing – Easy switching between modes via user interface Image series captured with JetXpert of 5 nozzles visualized during firing, HP-45 print headTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 13. Frequency Sweep Capability • Fluids and print heads operate differently at different firing frequencies • Fluid manufacturers need to verify that their fluids behave across the range of frequencies specified by the print head manufacturer www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 14. Universal Ink Supply System • For use in R&D • Single color delivery module • Active gravity meniscus control: meniscus level remains constant while printing • Suitable for all liquid inks • Fully integrated and available as a stand-alone system or as an add-on to JetXpert systems www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 15. Ink Collection System • Designed specifically for JetXpert • Collects ink via gravity feed • Acts as virtual substrate www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 16. Ink Collection System • Designed specifically for JetXpert • Collects ink via gravity feed • Acts as virtual substrate www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 17. TCP Communication • Use JetXpert as a server and run it remotely from a Client PC via TCP/IP • The JetXpert Server listens for and responds to specific pre- defined commands from the Client PC Requires: • TCP port on Client PC • Ethernet cable to JetXpert Server • JetXpert TCP Command list Client PC T comCP/IP ma nds res pon se s JetXpert Server Con trol s I ma cu r ges ren , stat JetXpert HW t se us, t t in Camera, strobe control gs electronics, strobe www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 18. Print Quality in R&D www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 19. Text Quality Common features for assessing text quality include: • Character area • Perimeter length • Edge raggedness • Detection of breaks • Detection of fill-ins www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 20. Line Quality Common line quality features include: • Average line width • Edge raggedness • Edge sharpness • Line area • Line darkness Since line quality is dependent on orientation, both vertical and horizontal lines are usually measured www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 21. Inter-Color Bleed Inter-color bleed is the unintentional intermixing of adjacent colorants. Different color combinations often have different quality levels. Common measurements include comparisons of: • line width • edge raggedness • edge sharpness www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 22. Automated Systems for Use in Production • JetXpert OEM • Automated ImageXpert www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 23. JetXpert OEM: Integrated process control • A self-contained drop-in-flight analysis system specifically designed for integration into ink, printing, and deposition systems • Very small optical system • Customizable hardware and software – Hardware options from fully integrated stand- alone units to component kits – Software options from drop visualization through full droplet analysis • Available for high volume projects only www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 24. Automated Print Quality Analysis • Dot quality • Line quality • Text quality • Solid area • Jet health • Color bleed • Satellites • Graininess •… www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 25. Application Highlights • Printed Electronics • Ceramics • Textiles www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 26. Printed Electronics • 2-D systems can measure lead width, raggedness, spacing, and 3-D systems can measure height profile… www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 27. Ceramics and Textiles • Print process control (JetXpert) • Materials interaction • Print quality verification – Line width, edge raggedness – Inter color bleed – Dot quality – Solid area quality – Color registration – Skew/image registration • Color color color color color www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 28. Summary www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 29. Use in R&D and Production ImageXpert systems offer: • Objective, quantitative analysis necessary for competitive analysis • Flexibility, interactive tools and powerful algorithms necessary for R&D • Automation, reliability and repeatability necessary for production Research & Production Development (QA/QC) X i Benchmarking/ Competitive analysisTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 30. Support and Service • At ImageXpert, we are committed to excellent customer service and support. • We offer: – Personalized attention – Customization and applications engineering – Production line and R&D service contracts www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 31. Summary • ImageXpert’s systems can be used for a variety of ink jet and related applications and offer solutions to a variety of industries • Powerful ImageXpert image analysis software is at the core of all of our systems • Flexible hardware and software can be configured to best suit a wide range of applications • All of our systems are expandable and can be upgraded as customer needs change • ImageXpert is dedicated to providing excellent customer service www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12
  • 32. Thank you! 603-598-2500 www.jetxpert.comTuesday, April 17, 12