7 habits of highly effective people


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7 habits of highly effective people

  1. 1. As human beings, we are responsible for our ownlives. We have the independent will to make ourown choices and decisions, and the responsibility("the ability to respond") to make the rightchoices. You have the freedom to choose your ownfate and path, so having the independent will,imagination and self-awareness to make the rightmove makes you a proactive, and not a reactive,person.
  2. 2. Mental visualization is extremely important.Covey says that all things are created twice: first,the mental conceptualization and visualizationand a second physical, actual creation. Becomingyour own creator means to plan and visualizewhat youre going to do and what youre settingout to accomplish and then go out and creating it.Identifying your personal statement and yourprinciples will help.
  3. 3. With your power of independent will, you cancreate the ending you want to have. Part of thatcomes with effective time management,starting with matters of importance. Then tasksshould be completed based on urgency afteryou deal with all the important matters. If youdeal with crises, pressing problems anddeadline-driven projects first, your life will be alot easier.
  4. 4. If you believe in a better way to accomplishgoals thats mutually beneficial to all sides,thats a win/win situation. "All parties feel goodabout the decision and feel committed to theaction plan," Covey wrote. "One personssuccess is not achieved at the expense orexclusion of the success of others." If you haveintegrity and maturity, theres no reasonwin/win situations cant happen all the time.
  5. 5. If youre a good listener and you take thetime to understand a concept, it will helpyou convey your opinions, plans and goalsto others. It starts with communication andstrong listening skills, followed bydiagnosing the situation and thencommunicating your solution to others.
  6. 6. Synergistic communication, according toCovey, is "opening your mind and heartto new possibilities, new alternatives,new options." This applies to theclassroom, the business world andwherever you could apply openness andcommunication. Its all about buildingcooperation and trust.
  7. 7. Sometimes youre working so hard on the othersix habits that you forget about re-energizing andrenewing yourself to sharpen yourself for thetasks in front of you. Some sharpeningtechniques include exercise and nutrition,reading, planning and writing, service andempathy and commitment, study and meditation
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