Unknown benefits of green tea


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Unknown benefits of green tea

  1. 1. Green Tea and Its BenefitsSummary:Green tea has remarkable good health benefits from weight loss to preventing skin cancer and and wellfeeling in general.I recomand 3to 5 cups a day for best resultsMore DetailsThe benefits of green tea are know and promoted in the asian world since centuries.Green tea is definitely an incredibly effective and potent product which has several health benefits andhave been utilized in China as a form of medicine for hundreds of years . Drinking green tea benefitshave been documented by many research organizations. Green tea has been used for long to helpremedy all problems right from headaches to depression and in many cases in the treatment of otherserious medical conditions.The benefits include reduction in the risk of getting esophageal cancer by as much as sixty percent(60%). It’s because of the compound in the green tea tends to inhibit the cancer cell growth.Consumption of green tea also results in lowered levels of cholesterol and it also tends to improve thegood cholesterol to the bad cholesterol ratio.Benefits can be noted over the medical conditions that it resolves. The consumption of green tea tendsto benefit conditions like cancer, impaired immune function, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovasculardisease, infections and high cholesterol levels. Green tea is helpful as it contains epigallocatechingallate which is an especially powerful antioxidant. This helps in killing of cancer cells and inhibits theformation of any blood clots.Green tea benefits therefore include reduced risk of developing thrombosis which can lead to strokeand heart attacks. Green tea can also prevent decaying of teeth because green tea can destroy thebacteria that are the culprit for causing dental plaque. Several skin preparations containing green tea arealso available in the market.Green tea is also effective in weight loss. Drinking of green tea causes increased metabolism of fatand this means the rate at which the calories or fat are burned increases. The epigallocatechin gallatecontents inside the green tea lead to increasing noradrenaline and this helps to increased metabolismand reduced appetite thereby contributing to weight loss.
  2. 2. The content of catechins contained in the green tea inhibits the glucose movement in the fat cells.Green tea benefits include its role like a glucose regulator. This helps in reducing the speed along theblood sugar increase following a meal. That in return prevent excess insulin spikes and this in turnreduces the possibility of fat storage.It also protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The intake of around 3 to 5 cups of green teaevery day may help people burn about 70 calories every day also it are also able to increase the normallife span of individuals. Drinking green tea can also provide protection from a number of cancers andit also can increase the amount of antioxidants within the body.The consumption of green tea is even more beneficial than the consumption of red wine also it helpsprotecting the body from heart disease. Another benefits from its consumption includes cleansing thetoxins from the body and this in return helps in resolution of diverse health problems. Green teaconsumption may also help people to feel more relaxed and energized.Drinking of 3 to 5 cups of green tea is highly beneficial to our body and healthy feelings.Published by: Ken Roberts 14th September 2012 http://greenteainweightloss.com