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  • Talking Points: Based on the White Paper, talk briefly about the impact of globalization, technological advancements, and societal changes on organizations and leadership skills. Use one example each. Elaborate on AIM’s research process and briefly mention the survey (as it will be discussed in more details later) Explain how the Seven Dimensions of GlobaLeadership model was born Briefly describe what the GL Suite is (elevator speech)
  • Talk about the issues Global Leaders considered to be key in their business environment. Mention how these issues are unique to the new market place, tied in with globalization, societal changes, and technological advancements.
  • Introduce the Model by briefly explaining what each dimension is. Or, you can talk about them in the next slide.
  • If you’ve talked about the dimensions in the previous slide, simply ask the client to read this later on. If you use this slide to talk about the dimension, here is another way to describe the dimension (to avoid reading the slide): Vista: Foresees future landscape – Sees beyond the horizon and explores the unfamiliar, while staying grounded in the present day. Innova: Ideates to innovate – Taps into team members’ creativity to consistently seek new ways to achieve competitive advantage. Adapta: Masters multiple forces – Integrates disparate changing forces to achieve business results. Diversa: Leverage differences – Attuned to people’s unique cultures and bring them together to achieve synergy. Communi: Keeps the dialogue going – Ensures external and internal stakeholders are engaged and understand each other’s concerns. Collabo: Moves from “me” to “we” – Builds and nurtures collaborative relationships in a complex, global environment. Edu: Develops next generation leaders – Identifies, cultivates, matches, and transfers talent across the organization.
  • Briefly talk about the components of GL: Assessment: Self, 360, Team Development guides Training Modules and facilitation Individual coaching All assessments are meant to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a leader or a team in terms of GlobaLeadership
  • Mention that the products target senior management and executive who deal with global challenges everyday and have direct reports / team members globally. For mid-level managers with future global responsibilities, this tool could be used to assess their readiness for global responsibilities.
  • This is more of a “read-it” slide Maybe mention example of what Philips achieved at the end of the consultation.
  • This is also more of a “read-it” slide Maybe mention some examples
  • For each process - “Assess”, “Analyze”, “Develop” – talk about what we will do and which tools will go along with the process.
  • This is also more of a “read-it” slide
  • Global leader-suite

    1. 1. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.AIM Strategies®GlobaGlobaLLeadereaderTMTMSuiteSuite
    2. 2. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.IntroductionIntroductiono Globalization, technological advancements and societalchanges have led to dramatic shifts in how organizationsinteract with their business environment.o New leadership skills are required for global leaders tomaintain a strong and secure place in the global market.o AIM has dedicated a decade to the research of newleadership skills that are important to effectively leading inthe 21stCentury.o Our survey of 50 global leaders in 2007 provided data onglobal leadership challenges and required skills.o AIM identified Seven Dimensions of GlobaLeadershipTMthatare critical to the success of leaders and teams in this newlandscape.o Our GlobaLeaderTMSuite provides tools to help identify anddevelop these skills among global leaders and teams.ResearchResearchIssueIssueResultResult
    3. 3. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.Key Issues for Global LeadersKey Issues for Global Leaders13%9%13%28%28%9% Cross Cultural CommunicationManaging &Motivating TalentCompetitive AdvantageLack of TimeConstant ChangeLimited Resources15%14%12% 21%18%20%Communication skillsRespond to ChangeStrategic thinkingVisionFlexibilityInnovationWhat is the most importantcharacteristic for globalleaders?This survey showed that Communication isthe most important skill for global leaders,closely followed by the Ability to Respondto Change; together they accounted for41% of the responses.What are your leadershipchallenges?Cross Cultural Communication andManaging and Motivating Talent togethercomprised a commanding 56% ofrespondents’ concerns.
    4. 4. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.7 Dimensions of Globa7 Dimensions of GlobaLLeadershipeadershipTMTM
    5. 5. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.7 Dimensions of Globa7 Dimensions of GlobaLLeadershipeadershipTMTMStrategy and Business - From the Present to the FutureVista-Leadership enables leaders to envision the future global business environment and theircompany’s future business opportunities while being grounded, but not stuck, in the present.Imagination at Work - From Chaos to ProcessInnova-Leadership is about seeking new ways to achieve competitive advantage by drawing onand expanding resources.Change and Transition - From Endings to New BeginningsAdapta-Leadership enables leaders to move in any direction at any time in any situation as theylearn from their experiences in the moment, and adapt accordingly.Culturally Aware, Globally Attuned - From Diversity to Cultural RelativityDiversa-Leadership helps leaders understand peoples’ cultural differences and leverage thosedifferences as business strengths.Bridges of Understanding - From Info Gathering to Info SharingCommuni-Leadership fosters open channels of communication, dialogue, and debate amonginternal and external stakeholders in multiple locations.Master Mobilizer - From Technology Driven to Relationship DrivenCollabo-Leadership is about drawing together people with unique abilities and varyingperspectives regardless of geographic location or culture, integrating their skills and creatingsynergy.People Focus - From Talent Management to Talent TransferMastering Edu-Leadership demands a bit of selflessness because leaders must be prepared todevelop their best talent, even if this means the individual’s skills are best utilized elsewhere inthe organization.VISTAINNOVAADAPTADIVERSACOMMUNICOLLABOEDU
    6. 6. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.GlobaGlobaLLeadereaderTMTMSuite:Suite: What is it?What is it?AIM®’s GlobaLeaderTM(GL) Suite:o A set of tools that helps leaders and teams align their skills sets with theincreasingly rigorous demands of the global business environment.o Identifies strengths and development areas in global leadership skills.o Provides a quantitative baseline for leaders’ and teams’ progress over time.o Helps create and implement action plans for improvements.Assessment Tools Development GuidesTraining Modules Coaching Packages
    7. 7. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.The Audience:The Audience: Who?Who?Global OrganizationsGlobal OrganizationsPotential GlobalPotential GlobalLeadersLeadersGlobal LeadersGlobal LeadersGlobal TeamsGlobal TeamsThe GL Suite has been especially developed for:
    8. 8. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.The Benefits:The Benefits: Why GL?Why GL?AIM®’s GL Suite will help you achieve these results: Enhanced GlobaLeadership™ competencies Consistent goal attainment Better relationships with diverse colleagues More versatile performance repertoire Self-correcting behavior in new environments Capacity for GlobaLeadership™ worldwideSolving the global leadership puzzle…
    9. 9. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.The Timing:The Timing: When to Engage?When to Engage?A GL analysis is called for when…o Global economic interdependence increaseso Organization is in periods of transitiono Global team dynamics needs improvemento Global competition intensifieso The need to communicate clearly across cultures, national boundaries, and timezones increaseso Virtual team effectiveness becomes critical to rolling out work producto Mergers and acquisitions are in progresso Outsourcing produces a ripple effect across the organizationo Major technological advances produce upheavals in the organizationo Rapidly changing demographics require new behaviors
    10. 10. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.AnalyzeAnalyzeThe Method:The Method: How?How?DevelopDevelopAssessAssess• Determine level of analysis• Collect data through onlinesurveys from global leadersand global teams• Analyze collected data• Identify strengths anddevelopment areas• Provide feedback reports• Interpret results with globalleaders and global teams• Create action plans• Assist in implementing actionplansToolsProcess• GL Self AssessmentTM• GL 360° AssessmentTM• GL Team AssessmentTM• GL Individualized Report• GL 360° Feedback Report• GL Team Feedback Report• GL Individual DevelopmentGuide• GL Team Development Guide
    11. 11. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.GL Product OverviewGL Product OverviewProduct GL Self AssessmentGL Self AssessmentTMTMGL 360° AssessmentGL 360° AssessmentTMTMGL Team AssessmentGL Team AssessmentTMTMObjective To help current and potential GlobalLeaders learn more about theirglobal leadership skills.To help current and potential GlobalLeaders compare their self-perceptions with what others see interms of their global leadership skills.To help global and virtual teamsevaluate their teams’ collectiveleadership capabilities by providingfeedback on the team as a whole.Time Required 15 - 20 min 15 - 20 min per participant 20 - 25 min per participantSurvey Accessibility Online, 24 / 7 Online, 24 / 7 Online, 24 / 7# of Participants 1 5 Minimum 3 MinimumParticipants Self Self, Manager(s), Peers, DirectReports, Clients, OthersTeam Members, Team LeadersOptional 360°: Clients,Collaborators, OthersFeedback Report Yes Yes YesDevelopment Guide Yes Yes YesFace-to-Face ResultsInterpretationYes Yes YesTotal Project Span 2 Weeks 1 Month 1 MonthConsulting Recommended Recommended RecommendedCoaching Recommended Recommended RecommendedTraining Recommended Recommended Recommended
    12. 12. * GlobaLeaderTMSuite - Copyright© 2000-2008 AIM Strategies®. All Rights Reserved.How Do I Get Started?How Do I Get Started?Please contact AIM Strategies® to schedule an initialconsultation:Tel: (718) 832-6767Fax: (718) 832-6660E-mail: info@aim-strategies.comWeb: www.aim-strategies.comAIM Strategies® Applied Innovative Management® is a results-driven Management Consultingfirm specializing in the areas of: Global Leadership Development, Team Facilitation, TalentRetention, Performance Management and general Culture Change Services. To requestinformation about AIM Strategies®, please click here, or see the following link: for more information about how AIM offers a personal, no-nonsense approachthrough the proprietary experiential learning methods (FOCUS™ Consulting Process, 5Ds™Consulting/Training Methodology and the ACT™ Coaching Process). AIM Strategies® provides youwith tips and techniques related to raising your innovative management IQ.