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  • 1.
  • 2. Monochrome Media’s History
    Monochrome Media was founded in 2005, it is a multi-media company based in Houston, Texas. The company’s primary purpose is to serve communities and people by uplifting self-esteems, image building and producing independent multi-media projects via still photography in art, graphic design, fashion and stage production.
    The company has provided multi-media services to major businesses, corporations and personal clientele: Sodexo, Texas Southern University Miss TSU Pageant 2008-2009, Houston Style Magazine, Magnolia Masonic Temple, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated (Texas Southern Beta Chapter), Tavis Smiley School of Communication, Strong Times, 100 Men Association Houston Chapter, IDK Productions 90.9 Radio Personality Lary “Chatta Box” Hale and have produced its own independent projects: Campus Kings Calendar Project 2006-2007, Eye Candy & Hard Body Competition (on going annual event), Beautiful People in Ugly Places (still photography art exhibit) and the Campus Kings Logo Brand (collegiate clothing company).
  • 3. Monochrome Media’s Portfolio
  • 4. Monochrome Media’s Independent Projects
    2007 Campus Kings Calendar Project
    2006 Campus Kings Calendar Project
    The Campus Kings Calendar Project was created in efforts to showcase
    mature, professional, educated and career oriented collegiate men as roles models and as valuable assets to society. The Campus Kings project was the initial production for Monochrome Media. Since introducing the production and receiving rave reviews featured in: (Houston Style Magazine and Texas Southern University’s Herald Newspaper ) the company embarked upon an interesting endeavor that still remains today.
  • 5. Monochrome Media’s Independent Projects
    Eye Candy & Hard Body Competition
    The Eye Candy & Hard Body Competition was created in 2008 as an open model call for scouting male and female students for the Campus Kings & Queens calendar and it turned out to be an exciting event for the students at Texas Southern University. So we continued the venue and we are now on our 3rd year.
    Since inception, the competition has grown and the students both male and female look forward to the occasion yearly.
  • 6.
    2008 Annual Eye Candy & Hard Body Competition
    Video References to the
    Eye Candy & Hard Body Competitions
  • 7. Facebook | Videos of You:
    Continued Video References to the
    Eye Candy & Hard Body Competition
    Log on to your Facebook Account and search Yael Keys and go videos of Yael Keys or go to yaelkeys and then go to videos of yael keys
  • 8. To this day, the Campus Kings project is in full effect just as
    if it were its beginning. Although, we have revised our product format to include a collegiate clothing line, we will still continue to serve communities and people whole-heartedly. The Campus Kings motto: leadership, scholarship and community service. Though, Campus Kings is not an organization, we pride ourselves with a humanitarian spirit!
  • 9. The Shield of Excellence in Education
    The logo shield was inspired by collegiate men and created basically, to associate
    and identify male students as leaders, role models, career oriented, educated men and
    as valuable assets to society. The title Campus Kings has been trademarked for purposes to
    brand clothing and other tangible goods to promote the brand.
  • 10. The Campus Kings logo shield and logo title will be presented in
    an array of colors that will surly appeal to Greek-letter fraternities
    as well as represent school colors.
  • 11. The Campus Kings logo shield will be placed on: t-shirts, caps, jackets,
    ties etc. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Campus Kings scholarship fund
    that will be based on need to assist male students in college and male students
    willing to attend college.
    Also spokes models retained from marketing campaigns to promote the brand will act voluntarily as community servants whenever needed. We expect the brand
    to stand as a positive representation of want a educated man truly should be representative of, to use their education to provide social good for society.
    The clothing and goods will be sold directly to the customer from its creator Yael Keys. Yael is a freelance photographer and the owner of Monochrome Media. She founded the company while in college as an undergraduate student at Texas Southern University. While working at the Texas Southern’s Wellness Center, she noticed a need to expose the collegiate African American men in a positive light. Her efforts were solely to offset negative images of them and show them in a positive, yet attractive manner. And she ended up with a 12-month calendar filled with young, mature, professional, career oriented men. And since her efforts have gone beyond the intended purpose.
  • 12. Currently, Yael is attending graduate school at Texas Southern University and working as a freelance photographer for her parent company Monochrome Media. Meanwhile, she continues to pursue her passion via still photography in positive image building for company’s, communitiesand people.