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  • 1. Modernization of Stores Depot Lower Parel through Intelligent Warehousing with Automated Storage and retrieval System
    • Jogendra Yadvendu
    • Dy.CMM-II,CCG, WR
    • 09892327481
  • 2. Modernization of Carriage Stores Depot at Carriage Repair Workshop, Lower Parel, Western Railway
    • Carriage Stores Depot at Lower Parel is the biggest Stores Depot on Western Railway.
    • Annual material issues value of Rs. 600 Million.
    • Accounts for approximately 25 % of the annual issues on Western Railway.
    • Caters to Carriage Workshop & Divisional Consignees (29).
    • It stocks around 1200 stock items out of which 167 are safety, 257 are vital, 38 passenger amenity items .
    • LHB Coach is a new technology with many items being imported and limited indigenous vendors
  • 3. Major activity at Parel Workshop 36 62 LHB 15 5 0 1531 ICF POH 07-08 (estimate) 2006-07 Type Activity Refurbishment of toilets, changing the main door LHB Refurbishment of toilets, Laying of Stainless Steel Inlay, changing LP Sheet, Limpet Sheet ICF RSP
  • 4. What does modernization involve ?
    • Pragmatic mix of IW-ASRS, Drive in Pallet System, Selective Pallet System, conveyor systems etc.
    • Structurally strong building with adequate free height for vertical storage.
    • Adequate material handling equipments and transportation facilities such as platform trucks, forklifts , LMV, HMV .
    • RDBMS based IT application for purchase & Inventory management with adequate Hardware resources.
  • 5. Estimated cost of the project
    • Sanctioned in M&P Program for the year 2007-08 under plan head 42.
    • Cost: Rs. 138 Million.
    • Components involved;
    • IW-ASRS;
    • Drive in Pallet & Selective Pallet System.
    • 3 & 5 Ton Forklift
    • 5 Ton Road Crane
    • Truck 9 & 16 Ton
    • Multi-utility Vehicle
    • Platform Trucks & Others.
    • 3 Ton EOT Crane.
    Rs. 115 Million Rs. 10 Million
  • 6. Why use IW-ASRS at Parel Depot
    • Parel workshop has one of the smallest footprint to Coach POH ratio.
    • Located in the heart of Metropolitan city-Mumbai with costly land where lateral expansion is not a n option.
    • POH target of ICF, LHB increasing.
    • Area can be released for workshop modernization & expansion activities only by releasing the dead space being occupied by multifarious stores godowns.
    • This is where IW-ASRS comes into play.
    • IW-ASRS utilizes vertical storage capacity leading to efficient storage & retrieval
  • 7. Proposed site at Lower Parel
    • Central ward of Parel Depot
    • Measures 50m * 45 m
    • 50% area with mezzanine floor
    • Max. free height available 6 m.
    • Free height available in mezzanine area is 3 m.
    • Cemented flooring.
  • 8. General Specifications of IW-ASRS
    • S/R Machine:
    • Construction: Modular component design. All parts designed for 100% duty cycle. Welded steel frame. Single mast tube, strut braced. Structural steel base.
    • Drive and Idler Wheels: Flanged forged alloy steel. Case Hardened to 55 Rockwell C. Reground for concentricity. Heavy-duty pillow block bearing support.
    • Fork Extractor Mechanism:
    • • Construction: Precession fabricated steel
    • • Load Capacity: 1500 Kg.
    • • Load Support: Industrial Standard Forks
    • • Extractor Drive: Patented ball screw and rotator with variable frequency drives, industrial gear reducers, and    brake.
  • 9. Crane Rail with V-H Drives
    • Crane Rail:
    • • Floor mounted , Rail mounted .
    • Vertical & Horizontal Drives:
    • High performance sine-coded, pulse width modulated AC vector motor drives which generates an adjustable voltage/ frequency three phase output for complete speed control.
    • Automatic stall prevention and voltage boost prevents nuisance tripping during load or line side transient conditions.
    • The drives will not induce any voltage or distortion back into the utility line and maintains a displacement power factor of not less than 0.98 throughout its speed range.
  • 10. Communication & Controls
    • Communication:
    • • Infrared Modem
    • S/R Machine Controls:
    • Electrical Components : IEEE code compliance throughout. IEEE rated enclosure, sensors, and wiring. Panel-mounted diagnostic indicator lights. Panel-mounted maintenance controls.
    • Logistics and Positioning : Onboard programmable controller A-B SLC-500® communication by infrared modem. Steel code bar, optical address readers. Fine positioning, motor-mounted resolvers with 1/16'' accuracy or 1 deg. Accurate positioning on start-up.
  • 11. Rack & Pallets
    • Safeguards:
    • Front and rear aisle-obstruction detectors. Onboard and off-board emergency stops. Load and centering sensors and interlocks.
    • Rack Structure:
    • Virtually any post and beam (conventional) existing or new racks capable of safely bearing the pallet loads (pushback and flow rack). Continuity of vertical shelf distance from floor not required. Common depth dimension recommended, but differing depths can often be accommodated. Racks must be attached to the floor but no shimming is needed except with extreme floor conditions.
    • Maximum Height: 100 ft.
    • Pallets:
    • Any two or four way pallet capable of being used.
  • 12. Activities involved in ASRS
    • Civil Engineering work of site preparation
    • Leveled flooring with adequate bearing capacity
    • Adequate free height for 15-20 m for vertical storage & movement of vertical crane.
    • New light weigh roof
    • Power requirements
  • 13. Modus Operandi of execution
    • Prepare detailed sub estimate of electrical, civil & mechanical portion .
    • Obtain sanction of respective HOD.
    • Prepare STR & DPR.
    • Obtain sanction of GM.
    • Prepare material schedules for purchase components .
    • Prepare tender schedule for works portion.
    • Obtain dispensation from COFMOW.
    • Float only one works tender to take care of mechanical, civil as well as electrical work to be carried out by a single agency on a turn key basis.
    • Have provision for operation for 2 years by the contracting agency along with training to be followed by five years comprehensive AMC.
  • 14.  
  • 15. Management of stores functions during construction in central ward
    • Shift the employees to the new office building coming up under GM’s Power.
    • Shift bogie items to bogie sub stores.
    • Create sub stores in paint shop for paint items & use the released space for bogie components.
    • Create sub store in furnishing for furnishing items.
    • Use timber ward for large & costly stores.
    • Use jumbo siding for heavy, big stores.
  • 16. !
  • 21. Generation of Barcode at Purchaser’s Premises Barcode Components
    • Vendor ID
    • Item Code
    • Consignee Code
    • Order No, Date
  • 22. ADC Technologies
    • Voice systems
    • RFID
    • OCR
    • pick-to-light
    • laser scanners
    • Bar-coding
    • CCD scanners
    • hand-held batch and RF terminals
    • vehicle-mounted computers
    • wearable computers