Pornography on the Internet
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Pornography on the Internet






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Pornography on the Internet Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Pornography On The Internet
    Ryan Gregory
    Andrew Glowacz
    April 1st, 2011
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Overview of Pornography on the Internet
    1.1 Definition of Internet Pornography
    1.2 History Of Internet Pornography
    Benefits of Online Pornography
    2.1 Technology
    2.2 Safety Issues
    Legal Issues & Downsides of Internet Pornography
    3.1 Child Pornography
    3.2 Underage Viewing
    3.3 Cons
    Interesting Facts
    Summary and Conclusion
  • 3. Overview of Internet Pornography
    Definition of Internet Pornography
    History of Internet Pornography
  • 4. Definition of Pornography
    1. Writings, pictures, films, etc designed to stimulate sexual excitement
    2. The production of such material
  • 5. Before the “World Wide Web”
    BBS – Bulletin Board System
    A computer system with software that lets a person dial-in to a local or long distance number
    Age verification fee
    Huge vaults of pornographic photos and other files
  • 6. History of Internet Pornography
    Early 1990’s
    February 1993 – The internet is made public
    March 1993 – The largest child pornography investigation in history begins
    1995 – A study is conducted that said that about 80% of internet usage is from pornography (2)
  • 7. History of Internet Pornography (cont’d)
    Late 1990’s
    1996 – The Communications Decency Act (CDA) is created (2)
    1996 – The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is created (2)
  • 8. History of Internet Pornography (cont’d)
    2001 - Entrepreneur becomes first person to appear on both “Juggs” and “Wall Street Journal”
    2004 – China attempts to ban internet pornography
    2009 – Media Streaming is improved and bandwidth costs drop
    (9) Danni Ashe
  • 9. Benefits Of Internet Pornography
    Personal Safety
  • 10. Benefits of Internet Pornography
    Online Adult Entertainment companies have been linked to creating sites, software, and organizations that protect underage children from viewing or participating in pornography
    These companies and organizations have helped create sites like NetNanny and organizations like the ASACP
  • 11. Technology
    Many items we use every day have been created due to being backed by companies that produce internet pornography
    Digitally Delivering Content
    Streaming Media
  • 12. Personal Safety
    A study performed by Anthony D’amato at North-western University shows that there is a positive correlation between violent crimes and internet pornography
    The incidence of rape in the United States has declined 85% in the past 25 years while access to pornography has become more available to teenagers and adults (3)
  • 13. Personal Safety (cont’d)
    The four US states with the lowest internet access had the highest increase of rape incidents at 53% (3)
    The four US states with the highest internet access had largest decrease in rape incidents at 27% (3)
  • 14. Personal Safety (cont’d)
    There are two main reasons why access to pornography has reduced the number of rape incidents.
    People can “get it out of their system”
    The “Victorian Effect”
  • 15. Legal Issues & Downsides of Internet Pornography
    Child Pornography
    Underage Viewing
    Other Issues
  • 16. Child Pornography
    Child Pornography is a form of abusive pornography, the only type to have shown negative effects of people
    Anyone under the age of 18 and in some countries 21 cannot participate in a pornographic film or photo shoot
    Children are forced to participate in these acts in most cases
  • 17. Underage Viewing
    Pornography must be viewed by an adult, meaning they are at least 18 (21 in some countries)
    Most pornographic websites have age verification applications, but all a person has to do is click a button or fill out a birth date which then gives access to these websites
  • 18. Legal Issues
    There are many legal issues surrounding internet pornography but it is simply to hard to censor the internet and that is why it is still so readily available today.
    Also many countries have their own laws and beliefs when it comes to internet pornography, or any types of pornography
  • 19. Legal Issues (cont’d)
    Countries like China and Saudi Arabia have had some success in filtering out pornographic sites but there is always a way around it
    In the US and UK bestiality is illegal to participate in or produce
    In the UK there is a maximum 3 year sentence for possession of “extreme pornography”
    In Indonesia, pornography is illegal to own or sell
  • 20. Other Issues
    There are essentially five categories of pornography:
    Sexually Violent Material
    Nonviolent Material depicting degradation & domination
    Nonviolent and non-degrading material
    Child Pornography
    1,2, and 5 all forms of abusive pornography
    Abusive pornography has been shown to cause social and psychological effects (4)
  • 21. Interesting Facts
    Nearly 90% of all ‘legal’ pornography is created and/or distributed from the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California (Van Nuys, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, etc) (2)
    AVN Magazine reports that online traffic increases during working hours.  As much as 70% of reported traffic occurred during hours of 8-5 on weekdays, in 2006. (2)
    It is estimated that less than 10% of E-Commerce is adult-oriented. The largest single chunk . (2)
  • 22. Summary and Conclusion
    The release of the internet made it possible for internet pornography. Now millions of people view these images each day and has become the largest chunk of E-commerce producing hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
    Internet pornography does have its downsides but the positives it has created out weigh them so greatly that I believe it has, in part made the world what it is today.
  • 23. References
  • 24. Thank You
    Are There Any Questions?