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K2 Communications Pvt Ltd - Credentials and Capabilities

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  • K2 Credentials and Capabilities

    2. 2. AN INTRODUCTION<br />Established in 2003 in Bangalore<br />Offices in 6 cities<br />Reach in 45 cities including Tier II and Tier III towns<br />360O communications services <br />Deep vertical expertise in Finance, Healthcare, Retail & FMCG, IT, Telecom, Education, Real Estate & Non-profit <br />
    3. 3. K2 NETWORK ACROSS INDIA<br />Maharashtra<br />Mumbai<br />Pune<br />Nagpur<br />Nashik<br />Aurangabad<br />Kolhapur<br />Karnataka<br />Bangalore<br />Mangalore<br />Mysore<br />Hubli<br />Davangere<br />Delhi<br />New Delhi<br />Gurgaon<br />NCR<br />West Bengal<br />Kolkata<br />Tamil Nadu<br />Chennai<br />Coimbatore<br />Madurai<br />Trichy<br /><ul><li>Kerala
    4. 4. Cochin
    5. 5. Trivandrum
    6. 6. Kottayam
    7. 7. Calicut
    8. 8. Andhra Pradesh
    9. 9. Hyderabad
    10. 10. Vizag
    11. 11. Vijayawada
    12. 12. Punjab
    13. 13. Chandigarh
    14. 14. Gujarat
    15. 15. Ahmadabad
    16. 16. Surat
    17. 17. Baroda
    18. 18. Rajkot
    19. 19. Bihar
    20. 20. Patna
    21. 21. Chhattisgarh
    22. 22. Raipur
    23. 23. Goa
    24. 24. Panaji
    25. 25. Jharkandh
    26. 26. Ranchi</li></li></ul><li>WHO WE AREOUR ROOTS, OUR PRINCIPLES<br />K2 – the name has evolved from Knowledge Kingdom. Knowledge and its dissemination is critical to the success of all businesses across the globe, its the beginning and end of all communication and information.<br />K2 – is also a motif taken from the awe-inspiring mountain peaks in the Karakoram range in the Himalayas. The second highest peak in the world is far more treacherous and difficult to ascend than the Everest. And there-in lies our goal – To be second to none!<br />
    27. 27. WHO WE AREOUR STRENGTHS<br />STRATEGIC PLANNING<br />We understand business needs, develop comprehensive strategies and exceed expectations – clients like Reliance & Wipro have stuck with us for years<br />DIVERSE TEAM OF SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS<br />PR specialists across categories FMCG, Corporate, Advertising-Marketing-Branding, IT & Telecom, Finance, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Education, CSR, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Healthcare and Entertainment, etc<br />CUSTOMIZED PR SERVICES<br />Tuned to your needs: Innovative and result-oriented; time-bound and economical <br />SUPERIOR EXECUTION<br />K2 has expertise in implementing campaigns with a high rate of success<br />
    28. 28. WHO WE AREOUR SERVICES<br />PUBLIC RELATIONS<br />The best media relations team across verticals, we have built up the reputation as one of the strongest strategic planners and executioners in the industry. <br />Brand Management, Image Management, Reputation Management, Internal Communications<br />PUBLIC AFFAIRS<br />Customers, you will get with advertising. Clients, through hard selling. But between the cup and the lip is a whole mile of difference. Sometimes simply enough, for want of a good liaison office, contracts and projects worth millions are lost. Licenses and government approval take time making the competitors get away with plum assignments while you are left fiddling your fingers. So get your checklist ready. The horses need shoe nails.<br />CONTENT & EDITORIAL<br />No matter how drab the subject matter. A good writer will make it sound good. It’s all about selling skills to the right beat while targeting the right column.<br />
    29. 29. WHO WE AREDIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA <br />We have a dedicated team of digital communications experts who understand the space and the nuances of online conversations<br />We have the people, the tools and the attitude for brand building on social & professional networks <br />Corporate blogging, online reputation management and conversation tracking are an essential part of social media PR<br />Online reporting tools to track buzz that we employ: Buzzgain, Brandtology & ThoughtBuzz<br />
    30. 30. CASE STUDIES & SUCCESSESTHE WIPRO CONNECTION<br />We have been associated with Wipro as an agency of choice for 8 years now<br />We started managing the Wipro brand in 2003 – CCLG, Corporate, Finance<br />Instrumental in organizing all major announcements and press conferences for Wipro over the years<br />Launching WATIS, Mission 10x, Season Watch, Green Initiative<br />
    31. 31. CASE STUDIES & SUCCESSESTHE RELIANCE CONNECTION<br />We have been associated with Reliance communications as an agency of choice for 3 years now<br />We started managing the RCOM brand in 2008 and manage it pan-India currently<br />We have also handled Reliance BigTV, Reliance World and other brands for Reliance<br />Instrumental in the launch of Reliance 3G services in 2010<br />We have an embedded resource in Reliance for full-time servicing<br />
    32. 32. CASE STUDIES & SUCCESSESFMCG BRAND CAMPAIGNS<br />We have been associated with the Dabur brand for more than a year now and have handled some of their major brand campaigns <br />Instrumental in launching two of their signature products:<br />Dabur Real Activ Juices: ‘Snack Helathy’ campaign<br />DaburOxylife: professional facial kit <br />We service Dabur pan- India and have organized their press conferences and media receptions all over the country<br />
    33. 33. K2 LEADERSHIP TEAM<br />With over two decades of experience in the PR industry, Shiv brings a vitality to the K2 team that reflects across all the teams. Some of his keynote clientele over the years include Wipro, Reliance, Acer and TRAI. Shiv enjoys a fantastic visibility among the media all over the country and is well-known and well-respected in the communications industry.<br />Shiva Shankar DevarajCEO<br />Radha has served on the corporate communications team of Wipro for more than a decade before coming on board K2 as the President. A vivacious personality, she has the enviable reputation among the stakeholders in the PR industry. She has successfully carried the communications mantle for a wide variety of brands and has been instrumental in K2’s success over the past few months.<br />Radha Radhakrishnan President<br />
    34. 34. K2 LEADERSHIP TEAM<br />Solomon has an extensive experience in 360 degree communications. His dedication and zeal towards work is greatly admired. He worked with leading multi national firms like Clear Channel, Star Outdoor and Sujay. K2's outdoor firm is an independent profit centre and has grown leaps and bounds with his business acumen skills and network.<br />Solomon SadhuVP – HR & Communications<br />Nikhil has over 7 years of work experience in IT, Journalism and PR. He has worked with leading brands and is an expert in digital and social media marketing. He is an engineer by education, and had a Masters degree in Genetic Engineering from the US. He is a published author of two books and brings a new dimension to the K2 Intellectual property.<br />Nikhil Kumar<br />Branch Head, Bangalore<br />
    35. 35. FLAGSHIP BRANDK II OUTDOOR<br />K2 Communications DRP is our OOH advertising wing<br />K II Outdoor is headed by Mr. Solomon Sadhu and is headquartered in Bangalore<br />Our strengths: Innovation, Consistency and Reach <br />
    37. 37. CONTACT INFORMATION<br />Nikhil Kumar<br />Branch Head - Bangalore<br />K2 COMMUNICATIONS PVT LTD<br />NO. 96, 2ND MAIN ROAD, MLA LAYOUT,<br />RT NAGAR, BANGALORE – 560032<br />CELL: +91 98860 76108<br />EMAIL: NIKHIL.KUMAR@K2COMMUNICATIONS.IN<br />SKYPE: NIKHIL.KMR<br />WEBSITE: WWW.K2COMMUNICATIONS.IN<br />