Universal curriculum


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Universal Curriculum - a brand product of Young Digital Planet, provided to educational institutions and individual teachers on yTeach portal.

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Universal curriculum

  1. 1. Universal CurriculumFacts &FiguresYoung Digital Planet
  2. 2. Universal CurriculumUniversal Curriculum Maths & ScienceeContent - Basic Facts Ready-made, high quality, content for students and teachers from one reliable source eContent that covers Maths and Science topics in three educational levels: upper primary, lower secondary and upper secondary Media rich design Advanced feedback and reporting system Interactive whiteboard compatible SCORM — eLearning platforms compliance Flexibility for easy localisation and adaptation Textbook-independent, curriculum-related content Complete Solution Offer | 5
  3. 3. Universal CurriculumUniversal Curriculum Exploitation Models Electronic equivalent of a textbook Universal Curriculum covers full Maths & Science Curriculum at the Upper Primary (10-13 years), Lower Secondary (13-16 years) and Upper Secondary (16-19 years) stages and it can independently play the role of an interactive textbook e-Extension of a textbook As all Universal Curriculum content can be easily mapped to any curriculum or structure of a textbook, it could be an excellent extension and enrichment of the existing textbooks Resource based education support Teachers may find Universal Curriculum content to be an unlimited source of objects to support their own individual teaching methods allowing them to create custom-made educational materials Complete Solution Offer | 6
  4. 4. Universal CurriculumScope Maths Biology Chemistr Physics Science yUpper Primary(10-13 years)Lower Secondary(13-16 years)Upper Secondary(16-19 years) — curriculum coverage Complete Solution Offer | 7
  5. 5. Universal Curriculum Universal Curriculum Structure 10 subjects in three educational stagesMathematics Mathematics Mathematics Physics Physics Chemistry Chemistry Biology Biology Science Upper Lower Upper Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Secondary Secondary Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Primary 1 100 Topics Each subject consists of about 100 pairs of student’s (self-study) and teacher’s (IWB presentations) topics - 1 100 topics in total Over 30 000 Objects Each student’s and teacher’s topic consist of about 10 to 20 learning or teaching objects respectively - over 30 000 objects in total Complete Solution Offer | 8
  6. 6. Universal CurriculumDelivery Possibilities SCORM CD / DVD (third party (and other VLE) carriers) Complete Solution Offer | 9
  7. 7. Universal CurriculumLocalisationUniversal Curriculum project has been fully or partially localised into: Polish Japanese Hungarian Arabic Croatian Russian and others… Complete Solution Offer | 10
  8. 8. Universal CurriculumReferencesUniversal Curriculum has been successfullyintroduced in educational establishments in: Australia  Latvia Brazil  Malaysia Bulgaria  Netherlands Chile  New Zealand Croatia  Nigeria Denmark  Norway Estonia  Poland Finland  Portugal France  Slovakia Greece  South Africa Hungary  Spain India  Thailand Ireland  United Kingdom Italy Complete Solution Offer | 11