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Managing Boss
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Managing Boss


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How to Get your BOSS to Run Behind YOU

How to Get your BOSS to Run Behind YOU

Published in: Career, Business

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  • 1. How to Get your BOSS to Run Behind YOU
    Madan MOHAN
  • 2. Get Mindshare
    First three months in a job, do what your boss says. Deliver on time. Volunteer when he needs someone for a task. Once he forms an opinion, no one can change it.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 3. Bosses love solutions
    Bosses don`t like problems. They love solutions. So if there`s an issue, go with solutions. You’ll soon build your reputation as a solutions provider.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 4. Make things easy for your boss
    Before you leave a meeting, do a quick recap of things discussed. Shoot a mail to all participants. Follow up. Make things easy for your boss.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 5. Promise less and deliver more.
    Never promise what you can`t deliver. That`s a risk of your reputation. Promise less and deliver more.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 6. Boss is always right
    Don't argue with boss in public. Boss is always right. Talk to him tactfully in private, he`ll respect you for that. But express diverse opinions.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 7. Never try to please the boss
    Never try to please the boss. Be professional. Execute your tasks well. Let your work speak for itself. Don`t hand around his desk. Bosses actually dislike it.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 8. Ask for Help
    Seek help from your boss when you encounter a problem. They love to help. That's when they feel they are valued.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 9. Don’t ask his opinion if you don’t need one
    Don`t ask his opinion, if you don`t want one. Without wasting his time, bring the issues to focus, present your findings, state your actions, get his buy in, move on.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 10. Partner with Boss
    Never look at your boss as an enemy. He’s your partner on a journey called CAREER. Look at him positively. Connect to him. Don’t trigger his ego. Don’t argue. Lend your shoulder to the wheel.
    Madan MOHAN
  • 11. Remember his Birthday
    Don’t forget to call him early in the morning. Get a cute gift. Add a personal note on how much he means to you. He’ll never ever forget YOU.
    Madan MOHAN