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Xmas quiz

  1. 1. The unbelievablydifficult Christmas vocabulary quiz By Mr Chau
  2. 2. 1. PrancerA) Santa’s shoesB) Santa’s reindeerC) Santa’s sleighD) Santa’s elf
  3. 3. B) Prancer is one of Santa’sreindeers in the song “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”.
  4. 4. 2. EggnogA) An ornament you hang on the Christmas tree with eggsB) Santa’s most famous elfC) A game with eggs you play at Christmas- timeD) A traditional Christmas drink
  5. 5. D) Eggnog is a traditionalChristmas drink made of beateneggs, milk or cream, and sugar.
  6. 6. 3. GarlandA) The land where Santa’s elves come fromB) A chain worn for celebrationC) A type of leaf you use to decorate Christmas foodD) The town where Jesus was born
  7. 7. B) A garland is a wreath, chain, or string made to beworn for celebrationor decoration, esp. one made of flowers, leaves, vines, or the like.
  8. 8. 4. MyrrhA) Something you eat by the fireplaceB) Something you smell in your roomC) Something you watch on TVD) Something you look at in the bathroom
  9. 9. B) a gum used for perfume or incense, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus
  10. 10. 5. NativityA) The birth of Jesus ChristB) The gifts the Three Wise Men gave to Jesus ChristC) The tradition of hanging stockings over a fireplaceD) A word meaning the place where a person comes from
  11. 11. A) The Nativity is the birth of Jesus Christ
  12. 12. 6. AdventA) A Japanese brand that sells winter clothesB) A type of stockingC) A sundial that only works in DecemberD) The four weeks leading up to Christmas
  13. 13. D) The four weeks leading up to Christmas
  14. 14. 7. PoinsettiaA) A Christmas dance with 10 different movesB) A red and green Christmas stockingC) The presents you put under the Christmas treeD) A Christmas plant with red leaves
  15. 15. D. A Plant. In 16th centuryMexico, legend tells of ayoung girl who was toopoor to provide a gift forthe celebration of Jesusbirthday. An angel inspiredthe child to gather weedsfrom the roadside andplace them in front of thechurch altar. Crimson"blossoms" sprouted fromthe weeds and becamebeautiful poinsettias
  16. 16. 8. HogmanayA) The night before New YearsB) A type of pig Canadians like to roast and eat for ChristmasC) Christmas puddingD) To tell your children a lie that Santa lives in the North Pole
  17. 17. A. Hogmany is the night before New Years (December 31st)
  18. 18. 9. BaubleA) An expensive Swiss cheese eaten during ChristmasB) A small decoration usually hung on the Christmas treeC) The name of Santa’s most famous elfD) One of the gifts the three wise men gave to Jesus
  19. 19. B. A small decorationusually hung on theChristmas treeDid you know?The most expensiveChristmas bauble wasmade of 18 carat whitegold and covered withover 1500 diamonds, 188red rubies, and cost acool 1 million HK dollars.(Picture on right)
  20. 20. 10. Kris Kringle A) The Austrian or German name for Santa Claus B) An Australian type of chips/crisps which you dip in Christmas pudding. C) The nickname for Rudoph’s red nose D) The name of the first of the Three Wise Men.
  21. 21. A) The Austrian or German name for Santa Claus
  22. 22. 11. Ebenezer Scrooge A) Santa’s first name B) A famous store in London, England, which sells very expensive Christmas decorations. C) The twisting movement Santa has to do to get down the chimney. D) A greedy, cold hearted book character who hated Christmas.
  23. 23. D. Ebenezer Scrooge was the main Character from “The Christmas Carol”, abook by Charles Dickens. His most famous line is “Bah, humbug!”
  24. 24. 12. SnogA) To lick dirty snowB) To kiss someoneC) To slurp eggnogD) To hit Santa’s bottom
  25. 25. B) Snog is an informal termmeaning “kiss passionately”