The ancient romans religion


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The ancient romans religion

  1. 1. The Romans didn’t have a religionbecause they believed in lots of Godsand Godesses. They had many Godsand Godesses so they are polytheistic.That means that they had more thanone God or Goddess.
  2. 2. The ancient Romans that believed inRoman Gods and Godesses didn’t reallya name have because they believed inmany Gods plus Godesses.
  3. 3. Where did the religion start? : No one knows when their Religion started. But all we know is that it started before BC.( BC stands for before Christ )
  4. 4. There are probably no believers today.Because the religion started along timeago.
  5. 5. The believers lived in Rome.
  6. 6. There are temples which are the holyplaces .There are little statues of Godsand Goddesses in houses. They are theholy objects.
  7. 7. Jupiter is the King of all the Gods and Goddesses in Rome. He Also Protected The Roman lands.
  8. 8. Jupiter’s wife Juno was worshipped by married women.
  9. 9. Venus was the goddess of love and Beauty.
  10. 10. Diana the goddess of moon and huntingguarded young girls and animals
  11. 11. Neptune god of the sea, sentearthquakes and terrible storms.
  12. 12. Apollo is the God of light and music.
  13. 13. Minerva was the Goddess of wisdom.
  14. 14. Pan was the God of the mountainside,pastures, sheep and goats.
  15. 15. Vesta was the Goddess of roman homes,her prietestesses tended a holy flame ina temple in the forum in Rome.
  16. 16. Dis (Pluto) was the God of the underworld.
  17. 17. Hadrian built a great temple to all theGods – The Pantheon. After an animalhad been sacrificed to the Gods, apriest, called the ‘haruspex’, examinedits liver. If it was diseased, bad luck wason the way. Roman people Decoratedtheir homes with magic symbols,
  18. 18. And hung good luck charms round Children’s necks They believed that they could foretell the future by observing animals, birds, insects and even the weather! For example, bees were a sign of happiness but a hooting owl foretold danger. Some of the world’s first Christians lived in Rome. But until AD313 Christianity was banned in the Roman Empire. Christians met secretly, in underground path ways called catacombs, to say prays and hold service of Worship to their God. They also used the catacombs as a burial place. Roman men and woman could ask there gods to Curse there enemies they rote there enemies names, plus curse words on metal of pottery and left them at temples. They hope that the gods would see these messengers, and harm the people named in them.
  19. 19. Made By Lucy and Sophie