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Captain james cook
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Captain james cook

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  • 1. Captain James Cook.By Daniel and Daniel.
  • 2. Captain Cook was born on 1728 27th of October.
    He’s ship was called the Endeavour.
    He died on the 14th of February 1979.
    He got stabbed in the Sandwich islands ( which is now known as the Hawaiian Islands.
    Captain Cook
  • 3. Cook set sail from England in 1768 on the Endeavour Rio De Janeiro. Then the Endeavour proceeded west to Tahiti where camp was made and the transit of Venus was measured. After the stop in Tahiti, James Cook was claimed possessions for Britain.
    The first voyage
  • 4. The royal navy promoted James Cook to Captain . The Royal Navy had a new mission for him, to find the new unknown southern land. In the 18th century, it was believed that many of the new southern land was found. Cook’s first voyage didn’t disprove claims of a huge landmass near the South Pole between New Zealand and South America.
    The second voyage.
  • 5. The navy to determine if there was a Northwest Passage, a mythical waterway which would allow sailing between Europe and Asia across the top of North America. Cook set out in July 1776 and rounded the southern tip of Africa and headed to east across the Indian Ocean. He passed between the north and south islands of New Zealand and towards the coast of North America. He sailed along the coast of what would become Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska and proceeded through the Bering Straight. His navigation of the Bering Sea was halted by the impassable arctic ice.
    The third voyage
  • 6. Captain Cook’s end
  • 7. Do you feel sorry for Captain Cook?