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Paper-based processes are rapidly being replaced by elect...
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Significant Offline Client


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Significant Offline Client

  1. 1. SIGNificant TM Offline Client Paper-based processes are rapidly being replaced by electronic workflows, as signing the original electronic document saves companies on labor, faxing and mailing costs. The SIGNificant Offline Client enables signing and sealing electronic documents without the need of being connected to a network. This solution is especially suited for professionals whose working conditions don’t include online connectivity on a regular basis, or for those who wish to work offline such as field agents or small businesses. The SIGNificant Suite creates an environment allowing communication between the SIGNificant Offline Client and SIGNificant Online Client, thus the signing process can start with one and continue with the other, depending on the working conditions. Benefits • No Internet Access Required – enables signing and sealing electronic documents without the need of being connected to the Internet. • Highly Flexible – enables both automation and user control, packaged in a unified interface for all purposes. • Built for Speed – accelerates work processes, raises productivity and efficiency within existing procedures. Using the SIGNificant Offline Client, the electronic document cycle will no longer be broken solely for the purpose of capturing a signature. • User Friendly Interface – characterized with simplicity and ease of use. • Cost Effective – a cost effective solution enabling electronic document handling with minimal costs. • Paper Free Process – saves money, time and trees by making your office 100% paperless! • Fully Secured Document – once the document has been signed using SIGNificant, it cannot be forged. IDEAL FOR: Insurance Agents Lawyers & Accountants Medical Teams Field Engineers Sales People Travel Agents
  2. 2. Features • On the Fly Signing and Document Design – the user can choose to sign a document instantly or define signers and signature fields according to his needs. This capability is extremely useful for last minute modifications. • Template Recognition – the SIGNificant Offline Client recognizes existing signature field indications on predefined templates automatically and assigns signers and signature fields accordingly. • Biometric Signature Authentication – when the ‘Authenticate’ box is checked, the signature is compared with the enrolled signature profile, using the organization's biometric engine when online connectivity is established. In any case the biometric data is embedded into the document for future analysis in case of a legal dispute. • Easy Navigation – the signers’ tree displays the signers and signature fields defined for the current document, enabling easy navigation between these fields. • Sealing Documents - editing or adding any kind of information will result in invaliding the digital signature. • PDF Conversion – the SIGNificant Offline Client is equipped with a printer, enabling conversions of any printable content to PDF format. • Versatile Signing Methods – using the SIGNificant Offline Client, documents can be signed either with a handwritten signature or with a personal certificate. Easy Creation and Control over Signature Flow >>> One Interface for All Purposes PROCESS: DEFINING SIGNERS & SIGNATURES FIELDS SIGN SIGNATURES INITIAL EMBEDDED DOCUMENT INTO THE DOCUMENT SIGN SIGNATURES PREDEFINED SIGN EMBEDDED TEMPLATE INTO THE DOCUMENT Simply Sign In order to sign a document, you simply open it in the SIGNificant Offline Client and either sign immediately, or design the document on the fly according to your needs before you have it signed. Next, apply your handwritten biometric signature using a signature tablet. The biometric data of your signature dynamics are embedded in the document together with a digital signature. For the digital signature either a companywide default certificate can be used or a personal one, located on a smartcard, e-token xyzmo SIGNificant HQ or any certificate store. With SIGNificant you sign electronic Haiderstraße 23 documents the same way you would on paper, allowing for a 4052 Ansfelden, Austria legally binding approval process. Tel: +43 (0) 7229 88060 Fax: +43 (0) 7229 88060-720 Your Document is Signed Mail: The document is now signed and sealed against future modifications and can be viewed and verified by any external xyzmo SIGNificant USA user using the free Adobe Reader. The signed document can be Harborside Financial Center 2500 stored on your local computer and uploaded to the company’s Plaza 5 Jersey City, NJ 07311-4035 server at a later stage. Tel: +1 (631) 680-3259 Mail: System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP™ This document is for information only and is subject to change without notice. Technical changes, misprints, Microsoft Windows Vista™ 32 bit errors excepted. All rights reserved. Microsoft Server 2003™ Terminal Server Edition For detailed information regarding the hardware requirements, please contact our presales team at: For more information, please visit our website at: